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    I wish I could be embarrassed like Davis. Make $160m to totally stink at my job. Oh the humanity. The Orioles are the ones that should be embarrassed. They gave Davis that huge deal 1 year removed from a sub .200 BA and a sub .100 OPS+. His collapse was predictable. And they ignored the warning signs.
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    Ok, I'm finally going to write my piece on DD, Brady and Buck and what's been going on behind the scenes.
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    Out of curiosity, where was this? Whenever I wear my Orioles hat in public, nobody ever says anything.
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    It's simple. Peter isn't letting Dan go to a competitor without compensation because he's under contract. Peter isn't going to trust Dan because he tried to go to a competitor. You just need to be in the right frame of mind and it makes sense.
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    At this point I would not mind if Tommy John replaced Tillman.
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    But Kurkjian added that former "Baseball Tonight" colleague (and current Orioles manager) Buck Showalter subscribed to Hamilton's theory. He said he has two rules when it comes to evaluating young players: never draft an 18-year-old with a full beard and never draft anyone with blue eyes because they "can't see as well." The quote from the linked article.
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    http://www.espn.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=kurkjian_tim&id=5422772 "Never draft an 18-year-old with a full beard. It means he is fully developed, and won't grow any more. I remember when we drafted Derek Jeter, he didn't even have to shave. I thought, 'We've got something here.'"
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    In 2017 the O's RFers were Seth Smith and others. Smith cost $7M and had a 108 OPS+. Markakis cost $11M and had a 96 OPS+. In 2016 RF was mostly Mark Trumbo, who had a 122 OPS+ and cost $9M. Markakis cost $11M and had a 100 OPS+. In 2015 the combination of Oriole RFers OPS'd .767. Travis Snider cost $2M, the others some spare change. Markakis OPS'd .746 and cost $11M. That was the point. I think Nick is a great guy and I'd be fine with him on the team in the right role. But without particularly trying hard the Orioles certainly have gotten better production for less money and less long term commitment out of RF than the Braves have over the past three years.
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    There has been some things going on in the minors that might go unnoticed, but can still be...Interesting/insightful. DL Hall is not with the team right now due to a family thing.[/b] Zac Lowther was re-assigned to Aberdeen from Delmarva. The same thing happened last year with someone (name escapes me) and it turned out to be a sick family member, so there is that possibility. Christian Binford and Jordan Kipper are both on the DL in Bowie. Binford for a toe and Kipper for shoulder inflammation, so the rotation will be a little...Rocky. Stuart Levy was sent from Frederick to Aberdeen. With Yojhan Quevedo being activated off the DL (broken hand, he was a minor league signing in December) and Levy not hitting at all (.079 so far), this might be a way to give him time. He is coming off ankle surgery this off season after playing all of last year with torn ligaments and was still recovering during the Spring, or he would of been in camp. He is highly thought of, so he isn't really going anywhere. Wilson Garcia was acquired in a trade from the Philadelphia Phillies (well, Williamsport Crosscutters.) With Alex Murphy going down with a torn ACL, Frederick needed a full time first baseman. Nothing has been said what was given up, so no clue if it was a player or "International Money." Elvis Araujo joins Frederick after being signed in February. Did not pitch last season after electing free agency from the Marlins minor leagues in January of 2017. Has MLB experience with the Phillies in 2015 and 2016. Christian Turnipseed was added to the Frederick roster and is listed as being on the DL. He is recovering from a torn labrum that he had surgery on during the off season. Glad he is added to a roster as he continues to rehab. If things go well, could see him late in the season. Wishing the best. Chris Shaw was also added to the Delmarva roster and put on the DL. Not sure what injury Shaw has, as he missed a large chunk of last season too. Jayson Aquino was added to the Bowie roster from Norfolk and will make a start soon (possibly on the 6th.)
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    The days of dumpster diving for rule five players needs to end.
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    Bleier should have been in.
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    It wasn't a game. It was when the Colts drafted Elway with the number one pick and he refused to play in Baltimore and threatened to play minor league baseball for the Yankees so we had no choice to trade him. A chance to revive the franchise was gone and 3 years later the team was gone.
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    Since Kevin started putting his hands over his head: 4 starts 28.2 innings 20 hits 5 runs 5 earned 6 walks 24 strikeouts 4 home runs 1.57 ERA 0.91 WHIP
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    I wrote this yesterday (Saturday, May 5) after thinking about how the Orioles got into the mess they’re in and looking at some of the posts in the thread “Who’s most to blame for this mess?” Unlike the forthcoming piece from Tony, these thoughts reflect public information that I’ve seen over the last few years, my own inferences from that information, and a boatload of speculation. In trying to understand the current plight of the Orioles, I think it’s important to bear in mind a few things about Peter Angelos that I've been saying for years and that, to the best of my memory, nobody has contradicted. First, the man is all about ego, the power and wealth he has accumulated in his rise from humble origins, and his own intellectual superiority on matters that include running a baseball team. Second, Angelos’ only goal has been, and as far as I can tell remains, an Orioles World Series. During the current decade, that goal and his advanced age have pushed him to a short-term, immediate-gratification approach to the Orioles. Third, he believes, with some justification, that the rest of MLB is out to screw him and keep the Orioles from succeeding, and would like to see him removed from their club. I think Angelos viewed the Toronto thing as running deeper than Duquette’s perceived perfidy. It was about a rival MLB team trying to take from him something the Orioles owned and had agreed to pay good money for: Dan Duquette's services and loyalty. And then hearing from the “gentlemen” in the MLB power structure that under their unwritten rules he was supposed to give up his property for nothing. Angelos had been resourceful in finding Dan Duquette and rescuing him from exile, and now the Jays wanted to ignore his legal rights and take that away from him. Angelos was determined that wasn’t going to happen. So it didn't. I'm not sure the Toronto thing doomed the relationship between Angelos and Duquette. But I believe the rift intensified because of a more meaningful gulf that could not be, and has not been, bridged, involving the future of the Orioles. I believe that by 2016, and maybe well before, Duquette recognized that the Orioles team that had broken the fourteen-year losing streak was stagnating. Its key players were in decline, were heading into their decline phase or likely would soon depart for free agency, and with only a few minor leaguers ready to contribute, the team would have to trade some veterans and sign some complementary free agents in order to get younger, a process that would be likely to weaken the team while its trade acquisitions and own minor league prospects matured. Whatever you think about Dan Duquette, his personality, his interest in the Toronto job or his trades, the guy does know something about the basics of putting together a team – Toronto certainly thought so -- including the likely timing of the erosion of players' skills. It is impossible for me to believe that Duquette supported the Davis contract, or signing Trumbo after Davis had been signed, or retaining O’Day, Britton and others, or that he didn't advise Angelos to try to extend or trade Manny). Duquette must have advised Angelos of the need to refresh the team’s personnel, and warned him of the perils of standing still while key parts of the team aged or departed. By the 2017 trade deadline -- and, I would guess, well before then, Duquette could see that the Orioles no longer could compete against their younger and stronger division rivals. He must have pressed for trades of some of the team's veterans for prospects as one way to build strength for the future. It’s also clear what Angelos’ reaction was: the hell with Duquette. I gave the guy a chance when I hired him, he tried to leave, and now the ingrate wants to build a young team that may be able to compete in a few years, and may help him when he tries to leverage the Orioles’ success into another job in 2018. But it’s not going to give Peter Angelos that victory parade in Baltimore. Angelos didn’t have to look far to find some veteran baseball guys in the organization who presented him with a different point of view: keep that 2014-16 team together, pick up a few established players to support them, bring Gausman and Bundy along, and keep vying for the post-season without interruption. There's still a chance to win with this group if we hold on to our core of sluggers -- Brady and Buck said so. (Why they said so remains unknown: did they really believe this team could remain in contention for a few more years without an overhaul, or were they just telling Angelos what they knew or sensed he wanted to hear?) Last year, Angelos gave Duquette permission to explore deadline trades (I think it was to "entertain offers") of a few specified veterans. But I said at the time, and remain convinced, that it was a charade, that Angelos wasn't interested in obtaining prospects and never would have signed off on a trade for anyone who wasn't ready to step immediately and help the Orioles’ push for the post-season. What good would it do Peter Angelos to get a couple of kids who might help the team in a few years -- if they panned out and didn't get hurt? He wanted to see results right away. And nothing has changed, other than the signing of free agents to shore up the starting pitching over the next few years. No veterans have been traded, no prospects brought in other than the Rule 5 and other scrap-heap players. The Orioles have stayed the course. I don't know what Peter Angelos's or physical or mental condition is. I infer that one of two things is going on. He may still be calling the shots. If that's the case, he probably recognizes that his World Series dream, his hope of not being remembered in the annals of baseball as a dismal failure, is dead. And that's sad, I guess. But what does an 89-year-old do when he realizes his dream won't come true? This one does nothing. So this miserable team will stay intact for a while -- until the All-Star break, the trade deadline, October, a year from now. Who knows? Angelos seemingly doesn't care -- and maybe doesn’t even understand, that the trade value of his assets is declining. There's a second possibility. It may be that Peter Angelos no longer is making even the big decisions about the direction of the team, and that those matters are in the hands of his sons. If they are the point of inaction, there occur to me at least two reasons why that might be happening. They may be as ignorant about baseball as their father, and really think there is some to holding on to the core of this team – though it’s not even clear what the core is, with Machado and Schoop approaching free agency and the other veteran position players performing so poorly. Or they may have inherited their father's cowardice, and simply lack the guts to go against his wishes and do what is obviously the right thing for the franchise. I hope I’m wrong about where things stand, and that there is some positive movement right away. Like tomorrow. But I don’t see anything that leads me to believe that’s the case.
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    I saw changes. Committing to his swing earlier. Swinging with less authority. He was striking out less in the early going as a result of this approach but all weak contact. There is not much a player can do to make up for loss of bat speed and completely changing his swing/path to the ball at this point in his career is not realistic. I don't see any evidence that Chris Davis has an overinflated opinion of himself. He is just a once productive big leaguer who is finished.
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    I wore an Orioles hat today when I was shopping at Lowes. No one really ever says anything. I've been wearing an Orioles hat since I was a child so, I'm definitely not stopping now. Everyone can know what team I support and there has been a lot of bad years, but the good years are fun and I look forward to the great years ahead...even if I might be in a senior citizen facility by the time they get here. The only time I have had anyone even make a joke about the Orioles being bad was at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. Even then, they used it as an opening to talk about baseball in general, not denigrate the O's. They were Pirates fans so I think they just were glad to talk to someone else who followed baseball. That's another reason I love wearing my Orioles hat. I'm supporting my team, but it also invites people who care about baseball, to come talk about baseball. Ultimately, people can say what they want when I am wearing an O's hat. I'm not actually the team so, if they are wearing an Astros hat, for instance, contrary to how they might feel about themselves, THEY (the individual) are not a champion, but they are someone who likes a champion. I like the Orioles and I hope to one day be someone who likes the reigning champions.
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    I wear a O's shirt or O's polo, hat etc at least 5-6 times a month. Have never heard anything negative. If a nats fan ever gives you crap just remind them their logo is walgreens and they have to listen to Carpenter and FP.
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    Heads need to start rolling because of the trash lineup the Orioles fielded today. How the hell are you supposed to score runs when seven of the nine hitters in your lineup are hitting below .210? How the hell are you supposed to score runs when your outfield is Jace Peterson, Craig Gentry and Anthony Santander? How the hell are you supposed to score runs when Craig Gentry and Jace Peterson are hitting leadoff and second? How the hell are you supposed to score runs when Chris Davis is your cleanup hitter? And despite having a crap lineup, you still somehow manage to have Pedro Alvarez playing third base? Everyone in the organization who is responsible for this trash lineup needs to go. Buck Showalter, for filling out this lineup card. Dan Duquette (and Buck Showalter and Brady Anderson), for signing Chris Davis to a ridiculous contract then not signing enough quality depth in the high minors and on the bench to have reasonable options to plug in when your starters get injured. Scott Coolbaugh, for not knowing how to teach a good hitting approach, and for not knowing how to help a hitter get out of a slump. Some of the hitters can go too, starting with Craig Gentry. If he can't play a decent center field, what is the point of having him around?
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    It's easier to look smart with good players.
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    This team hasn’t been the same since Trumbo got mad at being pied. SMH
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    The only deal I could actually see happening at all is the Cardinals deal with Machado and Brach, because no one, not even Mike Trout or Ohtani, is going to net that much value for a half-season rental. And whoever gets Machado has to know that he is a zero loyalty type guy and will only sign with the team willing to pay him the most, regardless of how much fun he has from May to November with the team he signs on with for the rest of 2018. But throwing in Brach helps a bit, especially if he's an upgrade for some other team. Oh, and Machado isn't worth as much as Trout or Ohtani, by the way. He might be in the top ten most valuable players in baseball, but I'd say he's not top 5. Maybe number 7 or 8. There are limits to the number and quantity of players you can get back for a rental on a guy like that. I really think we have to trade Gausman, Bundy, Britton, Schoop - go for bust and try to get as many young talented prospects as possible. Just completely cash out all MLB talent in the entire organization, resign ourselves to 3-5 seasons of awful, and hope a rejuvenated farm and new management brings us back to winning in the early 2020s. Once we're done with our makeover, our A, AA and AAA teams should all have extremely low average ages. Anyone who's been given many years to find it, and hasn't, should be sent home. The teams should be completely stacked to the brim with kids in the 18-25 range, all of whom show promise, and even 25 is pushing it. If you roll the dice that many times (the number of players on each of our farm teams combined) you're going to probably wind up with somewhere around 5 to 8 legitimate MLB position players and 1 to 3 good to great starters. They won't be ready to actually play in the bigs for a few years, but they'll get there - give 'em time. What you should be able to come away with is a solid core of reasonably young and talented players all in their prime together at some point between 2022 and 2024. So I would expect 2022-2025 to look something like 2012-2015 in terms of contention, and we can roll the dice again in the postseason to see if they can get deeper or actually win it all.
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    I think him batting Davis cleanup today was his way of daring them to fire him.
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    The Os are now 12-45 in their last 57 games. If tgat doesnt get Buck fired I have no hope til the end of the season.
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    That makes sense but operationally it's just ridiculous.
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    o Not including the 2 base-runners who were caught stealing, 80% of the outs that Cobb recorded (12 out of 16) came via the Groundout and the Strikeout. Cobb continues his (somewhat) impersonation of Tommy John when he pitched for the Yankees in the late 70's and early 80's. 18 OUTS: ) 7 Groundouts, 5 Strikeouts, 3 Flyouts, 2 Caught Stealing, 1 Fouout ALEXANDER MILLER COBB )))))))) (vs. ATHLETICS, 5/06) IP:llll6 H:lllll 5 ) l(2 Doubles, 3 Singles) R:llll 2 ER:lll1 BB:lll1 SO:lll5 Pitches: l) 103 )(63 )Strikes, )40)Balls) 2018 ERA: l) 7.61 ) 23.67 IP (20 ER) 2018 WHIP: l) 2.028 ) 23.67 IP (48 H/BB) 2018 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l) .382 )l (42 for 110) PITCHES BY INNING ******************* 91 lll(51 llStrikes, lll41 lllBalls) 15 lll(91 llStrikes, lll61 lllBalls) 16 lll(81 llStrikes, lll81 lllBalls) 20 lll(15 llStrikes, lll51 lllBalls) 20 lll(14 llStrikes, llll61 lllBalls) 23 lll(12 llStrikes, ll11 lllllBalls) o
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    You didn’t like him hacking at ball 4 on a 3-0 count?
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    Wonder if any of those 10 kids went to FanFest?
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    I'm shocked, Davis watches strike three go by.
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    Doesn't Cobb knew that when we score in the top half of an inning, the home team is supposed to score in the bottom half?
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    Pedro continues to hit!
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    Lineup construction is the least of our worries.
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    He said if Araujo is a better option then anyone in your minor leagues then you need to fix your minor league system. He has a point.
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    I think the most important thing for LA is that it doesn't move the Luxury Tax needle an inch either.
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    As I have said this lineup would look like the fifth inning in Sarasota.
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    Heres a short video of the great athletes who have supported us. Some names before you look at this video: Jim Brown, John Wooden, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jerry West, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Terry Bradshaw, Vin Scully, Howie Long, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Montana, CAL RIPKEN JR., George Foreman, Andre Agassi, Hank Aaron, and many more...check this out:https://vimeo.com/154390364
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    I was ectatic when they traded for him in 96 or 97. Wow, I can't remember which year it was. I'm getting old haha.
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    Davis is white. If you never sat along the first-base line in Memorial Stadium you have no idea what Eddie had to put up with. Plenty of racist O's fans gave Frank a hard time, too, when he became manager (one couple I know refused to use their season tickets the entire time Frank was the manager). Racist behavior wasn't exclusive to Baltimore, I'm sure. But you just can't compare how Davis and Eddie are treated by fans without bringing up the obvious factor of skin color.
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    Didn't he delay surgery on his neck until he signed his deal with the Braves? Didn't he have an issue with a Ganglion Cyst near his wrist that he refused to get operated on when he was with the O's? That doesn't sound very team first to me.
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    Sometimes we do things that only hurt ourselves. Same as I think you missed a 0 behind that 10% chance you will be on tomorrow
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    You still have the TV on? Really?
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    You may ask yourself WTF is THIS?????
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    I got a. Bunch of down votes for suggesting Buck should be fired. Why shouldn't he be down voted for abandoning the team to become a Nationals fan? Not that I would down vote anyone. Seems childish.
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    Great point. Thanks man...
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    o (vs. ATHLETICS, May 5th, 2018) This was not a complete-game shutout, but Gausman did throw 9 shutout innings, so I'm giving him an honorable mention. o
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    I did root for the Bullets and still to this day root for the Wizards...if Baltimore had replaced an NBA team, I probably would have shifted over. But I was a huge Wes Unseld fan and it kept my interest. I also rooted for the Clippers but not the Capitals. And the Bays...lol.
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    Exceptional athlete? Compared to the average human, sure. Compared to the average major leaguer, I would not say so at all.
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    Everywhere I go people were pointing at my hat and saying things like "worst team in baseball" or "them birds are cooked". Some people just pointed to my hat and shook their heads. It's just embarrassing and depressing. So I'm back to wearing my camo ballcap now. Go ahead call me a fair weather fan. Should I save my O's ballcap for a few years hoping they will get better? Or should I just flush it down the toilet?
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