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    First game I have watched in months and they win 1-0. Coincidence, I think not, lol
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    "I don't call them fans, I call them friends" - Brooks on tonight's broadcast. It was indeed John Angelos who reached out to him to be an adviser to the team.
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    Honestly, good. If we can get two of those names and Franco OR three of those names for just Manny let someone else overpay for Zach.
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    That is beyond ridiculous. Do what's best for the Franchise.
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    The Red Sox radio announcer I listened to last night thinks the O's could get a haul for Britton because of the need for relievers for contenders. He said Britton is back to the old Britton. He said they may get almost as much as they would get for Machado. He said the O's are going to get a haul this trade deadline for their future. Very encouraging.
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    I’m excited. Getting a couple very solid prospects or a handful of good ones could really help boost our farm. Our offense may suck for a while, but I actually think we could piece together a decent rotation next season with what we currently have plus a prospect or two.
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    I getting more optimistic by the day. The bidding war seems to be heating up. Now we just have to cross our fingers that they will actually trade him.
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    Because MASN is the actual asset here that can make money, not the O's itself. Also, it will be a very complicated sale, as Frobby quotes Crasnick as saying.
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    On this date 50 years ago, Earl Weaver debuts as Oriole skipper!
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    Cubs only had one player on the team that game from the three bad years that got a major league at bat during the regular season they won the World Series. They also just got one top 3 pick during that time, other was a 4 and 9th pick.
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    In my part of NC and parts east, we natives rarely pronounce a name or town ending in “ton” as ton or tun. It’s “n”. Clinton NC is CLINT-n Btw, we like to add a P or T where there isn’t one. Benson NC is BENT-sun  Clemson SC is CLEMP-sun 
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    o OK, the cherry bomb has been removed from the gas tank. o
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    Fox graphics suck on my tiny TV. I can't hardly read ANYTHING except the score. I have Gameday open just to tell what inning it is.
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    To be fair, that was Pete's stance. Tony and the national media seem to think he's out of the picture. Pretty sure someone on here said John Angelos had an interview a couple years back having the opposite sentiment as his dad.
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    "Narrowing our focus" "35 yard line" "Finalists" ""Sources" God in Heaven, make it stop!!!
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    If I had to bet I'd say at least one or two more teams will jump back in.
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    I think ownership wants Manny to play in the all star game. If the right offer comes through I make the trade ASAP. Don't wait for something bad to happen.
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    What about our new third, I mean first, round draft pick?
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    Cleveland, by the trade dealine, along with a relief pitcher. Return a MiL infielder or two.
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    They’d give up Bieber for Syndergaard or DeGrom, I can practically guarantee it.
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    I'd take a flyer on JP too. He was a top 3 prospect at one point and is super young. You do know guys like that can still put it together, right? Nothing wrong with getting a young mlber with upside that carries a lot of risk back in a deal. If JP figures it out he'd be the best piece we could get back from most anyone.
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    It’s reasonable to ask for Nolan Jones for Givens. You could ask for Mejia or Bieber for Givens, but I don’t think the Indians even consider that. You have to remember, unless the player is the best player of the type (reliever, starter, etc) on the market, the Indians could use Mejia or Bieber to get a better player from another team.
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    Definitely true, and I know CLE is one of the organizations that has taken on the analytics side of the game to the fullest. Hence why they probably are big on Givens.
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    Probably be packaged with Jones. Givens could bring back some nice pieces. The Orioles have proven they can develop relievers so no need to hold onto him
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    As usual, the Orioles are being short sighted. What else is new?
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    Yep. I think Machado and Britton are going in the same deal for 5 players. 3 for Manny. 2 for Zach.
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    Agreed. Like I said, it was only one game but I saw Enyel pitch in Pawtucket against the Paw Sox and he looked amazing. If I remember correctly he was hitting 96 with his fastball. Enyel and Medina, plus Haseley, plus another throw in, would be great. Might cost both Britton and Manny though.
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    Read a report that Buck does not want to manage anymore. Wants to be in the front office.Trying to find the article but cant right now.
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    o (JULY 13th) In 7 outings so far this season, Fry has thrown ....... 99 Pitches ) (74 ) Strikes, ) 23 ) Balls) 76% )of his pitches have been for Strikes. o
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    Wrong. The teams want to get Manny. There are bunch competing. Your logic is flawed. It's like saying in the off-season Manny won't get a big contract because teams know if he doesn't sign with an MLB team his only option is Japan.
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    Man there are some people who are going to be disappointed with the actual return. Not getting a teams top prospect doesn't necessarily make whatever trade they make a failure. But based on some recent comments I feel a lot of people will see it that way.
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    Can he crack top 25 lists with his bat only?
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    The problem is we still have to shoehorn Trumbo and Mancini into some OF games, and then you have Mountcastle whose bat will be ready in a year but who may be forced to the OF as well. And McKenna might be ready by 2020. All that plus Mullins, Stewart and Hays. I agree not all will pan out (or move as quickly as we hope), but I just don’t want them blocked, and I don’t see Adam being happy playing part time while the young guys take their lumps.
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    I skimmed this thread so I hope I didn't miss anything, my understanding is Grayson Rodriguez was banned from the Hangout after 1 inning? I sort of write off whatever these dudes do in their shortened first professional season. As long as they don't put on the Freshman 15, I'm more interested in how they perform after getting some true major league experience. It's probably a mammoth transition to go from HS ball to true professional baseball.
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    I feel exactly the opposite. It's going to be disappointing if they don't get traded.
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    Apparently, yes. It means having a catch, hitting off a tee, some base running drills, and stuff like that.
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    Can only do so much when your arms are pinned behind your back by the owner for the past few years. Duquette got an offer of Moran+ for Britton last year. There was a report of a Manny deal this past off-season that DD came to him with. Pete doesn't allow for him to participate in the IFA market. DD has his faults but let's not act like we're in this position because of him. It's because of an 89 year old owner who meddles in baseball operations. Just gotta keep the fingers crossed that he is really out of the picture like most indicate.
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    I believe "light baseball activity" translates to frequently grabbing your crotch and chewing tobacco.
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    Hey, thanks. There was some kind of investment opportunity discussed, too.
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    Holy invasion of privacy Batman. Then again you are running a business and I guess an IP is your security camera. I really don't have any problem with it, its just suprising to see you display it out there like you have. I mean its not like when I walk into the bank they have a guy there showing me the security footage. Though I guess in my analogy the security footage would be like you showing us a list of users and IP's which you haven't done. It's just as a lawyer I am amazed at the questions that the internet raises on a daily basis. I really have just one question. What user(s) have the IP "Warehouse.Orioles"
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    Meh, you’re not going to convince the natives differently so there’s no point in arguing. I’m a Dodger fan but have been a lurker since the day the Bedard deal broke and somebody here had a good scoop. The locals get really dug in. Last year it was “Chapman++” literally hundreds of times for Britton. We know how well that went. Now they hang onto every shred of a positive word from Callie. Fans on this site want other teams to bail the team out from a miserable front office. Educated FO’s won’t do that. But the more you push the more dug in they get. So I just try to pepper them with humor once in a while. They are Oriole fans. There’s not much to look forward to until the Angelos family sells.
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