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    I'm done. I will say this this. You all giving me more down votes then you gave him for his veiled racist comment is sad. If you look at his other recent posts too, 90% of them are confrontational. Not argumentative, confrontational.There's no place on this board (or in life) for that kind of hate.
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    I think people forget DD was the original wonderboy GM. He did a great job in Montreal acquiring talent through trades and internationally and did the same thing when he got to Boston. If he's left to do his thing, I have no doubt he'll get talent on this team. He was a scout and player development guy for many years before becoming a GM.
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    Duuuuude. I think basically everyone here jumped on the guy’s face for being a dummy. No need to drag politics into it.
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    How appropriate that Britton's O's career ends with him sitting in the bullpen in a situation he would likely be pitching. They should bring in Ubaldo to pitch the 9th tonight.
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    Those Pedro Martinez trades worked out ok.
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    Why would you negative rep me for stating a fact? You're right - he's been decent at the plate - .338 OBP is solid. Just because it would have been one of the best OBP for any Orioles players shouldn't get us too excited, the O's are THAT bad. But, he's been pretty bad on defense. We have enough corner infielders like that - and more in the minors, like Mountcastle.
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    Ryan is very strong, and likely to get a little bigger as most men do. My son has worked out with him on occasion with a personal trainer. Ryan is a beast in the gym. There is something to what you speak of. Pitchers, like Blaine Knight, who are thin are often projected to get bigger and stronger. And yes, they can add some velo, but it isn’t usually much. It’s my understanding they need to get a bit bigger and stronger to help them have endurance through the long season and maintain their velo deeper. As far as Ryan, it is not a strength issue. It is mechanical issues and flexibility to me. Ryan used to throw with an awkward short arm motion and he would seemingly decelerate his arm just before release. His follow through was not good at all. So, mechanically, it was poor. The Orioles have tried to help him change his mechanics, but that is easier said than done. Some guys just cannot do it with any success.
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    Burn it down! Burn it down! I hope the Orioles make some bold moves. It could speed up the rebuild in a mighty way.
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    Can't not like this from that report:
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    If Carroll can get to BWI by the time this Rain Delay is over he could go for the save. 😛
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    https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=carrol000cod Carroll has pretty good AAA numbers. Lots of Ks. Looks like he is closing. 25
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    He came in when Drury left, HBP.
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    If you can get a package around Hiura for Schoop, you do it.
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    I heard from my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate that Parker Bridwell hated the O's.
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    The Astros had one of the worst farm systems in the league when they began their rebuild. In 2010 they were 29th in few publications right now we will probally be in the middle of the pack at the end of the year with the Machado move and the Britton move. We also have more quality pieces to trade if we want to in order to speed up the process if they move Gausman and Schoop. We may not have a Bedard but we have lot more depth talent wise we can trade then that team had. A lot will depend on how they draft in the next year or so with the top picks. They go Witt it takes him awhile to help but they go with the catcher from Oregon State it speeds things up. Do they move Gausman and Schoop in trades and if they do what type of return do the go after. Right now it appears they are going to build on the young pitching that is in A ball and some of the bats in AA with Mountcastle, Diaz and Brannon. They also have Aiken at AA. My guess is based on the Machado move they trying to build that group as the nucleus. The Britton trade will clear that up some as well. Do they go with guys closer to ready or maybe guys ready in 2020.
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    This is really my point, although it doesn't feel like we get killed every night....we just manage to always lose. Last night we had 11 hits to the Red Sox 7, but we lost because we are just a really unclutch baseball team. On Friday we came back on Toronto just enough to tie the game but of course we had to ultimately lose it. I think there have only been 4 teams in the modern era to lose 115 or more games. We would be the 5th. That is unfathomable. Our winning percentage would land us about 10th all time. This is NOT one of the worst rosters in the last 120 years of baseball. I don't care how much we may have overachieved in previous years. Nothing excuses underachievement to this level.
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    o (vs. RED SOX, 7/24) Andrew Cashner, who wasn't even pitching tonight, spontaneously threw his arms up in the air in a victorious expression and triumphantly swung his fist forward after Jonathan Schoop's 2-run home run tonight gave the Orioles a one-run lead early in tonight's game. https://www.mlb.com/video/schoops-2-run-homer/c-2303816083 When I see a seemingly inconsequential gesture like this from a player on a team with a record of 29-72, and whom are playing in a stadium that is 3/4 empty, it tells me that these guys care about winning and don't like to lose ........ regardless of the fact that almost nobody else has cared about their W-L record since early May. o
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    Rogers may have been one the Yankees would have left exposed to the Rule 5 draft due to their numbers, but I don't believe that Tate and Carroll would have. They'd have found a way to get them on the 40-man, IMO.
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    That's fair, but I can do without the confusion and without a clear role in an established hierarchy, I remain more than a little nervous about his ability to cause trouble. Seriously, he needs to have some identifiable accountablity.
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    nj.com on Carroll from June 7th. Cody Carroll Age: 25 Position: RHP Mitchell said he sees Carroll as a potential set-up man in the majors — and in the near future. In fact, Mitchell said, he believes Carroll could help in the majors right now. “They’re all big-leaguers in the making,” Mitchell said. “This kid has got an arm like you wouldn’t believe. When he’s throwing strikes and he’s throwing the slider for strikes, he dominates. He really does. We’ve seen him dominate hitters. What happens is, his command has gotten better and he just throws up in the zone, and you get swings there. He throws down in the zone, he gets a lot of takes for strikes because he gets on your really quick. Along with his slider, which is improving a ton, his stuff is electric. It really is. You could see him being a guy that can go up there, even now, and pitch well for them. They’re not going to rush him … he closes for us most of the time. He probably won’t close up there but he can be a guy that can set-up (Aroldis Chapman). He’s not too far off, for sure.”
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    Which means they'll have 6 years of control (I believe). No problem with that...I still say we shoot for 2021 as the "getting better" year, then movin' on up...just like the Jeffersons!
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    There is still time for the Red Sox or Astros to top the Yankees offer. Not feeling good about this if the reports are accurate.
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    Should not trade Britton to the Yankees unless we're getting a steal. Not liking this at all. Tate's not garbage but we should do better. Come on Astros.
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    It depresses me to hear that the headliner is the 9th best player in the Yankees’ system. It may be 20 years before we compete with them.
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    A lot of mights in there. Just remember. The Calvary was supposed to lead our team back to contention...
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    That's a better return than we got for Manny. Don't think ZB will fetch that much unfortunately. Maybe Lux and Puig.
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    I would probably be fine with something like Abreu and Drury. Probably prefer what would likely come from Houston though.
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    Has Chris Davis been mentioned? He had that inning in Boston...
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    Ha! Keith Law: There is no “in the lead” in trade talks. Those rumors are unverifiable nonsense. Either you get the player or you don’t.
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    Wait it was actually specifically toward a poster here? That's great, lol.
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    But, we are rebuilding. He is a free agent after 2021. I don't think he's a bad ballplayer, I just would rather take a chance on younger players.
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    Yes. I like how the O's are wrong for actually not giving Britton away. This guy is a joke. The Machado deal let's us know that DD is not being blocked by Peter. If it were the Yanks he would be saying how shrewd Cashman is.
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    A rebuilding team should absolutely move on, and cold blooded businessmen could make that move and not look back. I’m not that guy though. It may be tricky but I hope they figure out a way to keep him. Heck right now the Orioles keep flanking him with infielders on each side. Even if you call up Stewart and Mullins I still see room for Jones another couple years. But that means moving Mancini back to first, which means tough swallows on Davis and Trumbo. Thats all not impossible but also not probable either.
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    I agree with a full rebuild and if Bundy or gausman gets traded, that pretty much guarantees back to back number 1 picks. I just can't stand to watch Beckham anymore. He is arbitration eligible next yesr, any chance he gets released?
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    Na. I disagree. this team has played well over their heads for years. There has been a lot right here.
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    Rodgers is blocked at SS and 3B and would have to stick at 2B to see the field. If the Rockies want Gausman, the ask should be Rodgers. If the Rockies don’t want to part with Rodgers, the Orioles should feel no pressure to trade Gausman to the Rockies. Yes, the Bedard trade is widely seen as an overpay, but it’s hard to use prior trades/overall prospect rankings as a barameter for future trades. If the Rockies value Gausman as much as they are rumored to value him and they feel like he can be a top of the rotation starter (which they’ve been lacking for a while), the Orioles should try to get Rodgers. If the Rockies aren’t willing to part with him (or a package of comparable value), the Orioles should move on to the next suitor (even if that doesn’t come until the offseason/next trade deadline).
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    He's has a 3ish ERA and a <4 FIP in one of the most HR friendly park in the minors. I've only watched a couple of starts, but I haven't seen anything other than him needing to adjust to guys taking more close pitches. Just needs to be more aggressive early in counts. He's been much better than Akin at the level last year.
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    I'm not seeing him express rage. You're the only one raging. And anyone who uses the terms "triggered snowflakes" is a narrow minded, thin skinned joke.
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    I voted disappointing. Read Tate ceiling is a fourth starter and could end up as a bullpen piece. Would have kept pitching Britton until trade deadline and saw if offers increased.
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