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    A friend and I (along with 651 other fans -- not sure if this includes the 30 or so scouts in attendance) were at the Peoria Sports Complex to watch the AFL season opener between the Peoria Javelinas and the O's Glendale Desert Dogs. Apparently, many of the players on the field left their position skills with their minor league teams when those seasons ended about 5 weeks ago. Many of the misplays were not recorded as errors because the Official Scorer made copious use of his/her Little League judgement in evaluating the difficulty of the play and the skill level of the player making the futile attempt to effectively field and/or accurately throw the ball. Outfielders were apparently unaware that the Arizona sun shines through from the background of a clear blue sky. Infielders were frequently forgetful of the exact location of first base when attempting to throw batters out. Especially egregious feats were performed by Yankee prospect SS Thairo Estrada and White Sox prospect CF Luis Robert. Zack Burdi (CWS) made an abbreviated appearance -- 21 pitches to garner 2 outs. He yielded 1 hard hit ball and 3 unearned runs while topping out with mostly fastballs @ 95mph. Two O's made appearances for Glendale. Steve Wilkerson batted lead off and played 3B the entire game. He was his usual efficient self in the field, handling a couple of unchallenging plays competently. At the plate he displayed his expected patience and strike zone awareness, walking 3 times. The switch hitter faced both left handed and right handed pitchers during the course of the game. His two outs were recorded against right handers -- a chopper to 1B and a swinging miss on a high 3rd strike fastball. Left hander Tyler Erwin pitched the 7th inning. He sets up on the extreme 1B side of the rubber and delivers from the stretch. He tucks his glove under his chin, ala Zach Britton, to take the sign and pauses in an extremely closed stance before his 3/4 cross-body delivery. I don't believe he touched 90mph on his fastball and his slider/cutter was around 86mph. A line drive single to center was the only hard hit ball that he allowed. Another hit, a weakly hit ground ball skidded between short and 3rd. One pop fly out to left and a weak grounder to short accounted for 2 outs and he got the 3rd out on a swinging strikeout with his down and away slider/cutter. He fell behind most of the hitters that he faced and threw 11 of 20 pitches for strikes.
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    For those who want to play GM, I am presenting the current projected opening day team payroll (ODP) for the start of the 2019 season. I'm dealing only with the "active" roster, but the O's will have pay obligations for all players on the 40 man roster. I'll try to keep this up to date through opening day (all help appreciated). This list represents the Active Roster as of the date of this post. Salaries are displayed as rounded to the nearest $10k, but the total is accurate to 2 decimal places. Projections for those under contract are from the Cots Baseball Prospectus Compensation Website. The 2019 MLB minimum salary is $555,000. I provide this information so that we can make accurate and useful comparisons to the opening day payrolls of the Orioles in previous years, other MLB teams and the totals for Major League Baseball. As with virtually all team opening day payroll tabulations on the web, my total payroll figure does not reflect any deductions for deferred salaries or additions for set-asides for deferrals from previous years (as required by Article XVI of the CBA). So, please, let's dispense with the squabbling over the "accounting" for salary deferrals. I have noted the 2019 contract deferrals in the right-most column of the below chart. Status PLAYER POS 2019 SALARY DEFERRED ($ Million) ($ Million) C Jesus Sucre C $0.85 P Pedro Severino C $0.56 P Austin Wynns (IL 10) C $0.56 C Chris Davis 1B/DH $23.00 $6.00 P Renato Núñez DH/1B/3B $0.56 A Jonathan Villar 2B $4.83 P Richie Martin SS $0.56 P Rio Ruiz 3B $0.56 P Trey Mancini OF/DH/1B $0.58 P Cedric Mullins OF $0.56 P Dwight Smith Jr. OF $0.56 P Joey Rickard OF $0.57 C Mark Trumbo (IL 60) DH/1B $13.50 $1.50 P Drew Jackson UT $0.56 P Hanser Alberto UT $0.58 A Dylan Bundy SP $2.80 C Andrew Cashner SP $9.50 $1.50 C Alex Cobb (IL 10) SP $14.00 $4.50 P David Hess SP $0.56 P Mike Wright Jr. SP $0.57 A Mychal Givens RP $2.15 P Richard Bleier RP $0.57 P Paul Fry RP $0.56 P Miguel Castro RP $0.57 C Nate Karns RP $0.80 P Jimmy Yacabonis RP $0.56 P John Means RP $0.56 P Pedro Araujo RP $0.56 Total $82.12 $13.50 A = Arbitration Settlement C = Contract P = Pre-Arbitration
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    Because not every player can learn and develop in the major leagues. For instance, hitters with a particular flaw, get into games where literally every pitcher can and will exploit that flaw. In the minor leagues they can work on that, adjust and fix their hitting technique to address that problem. So the idea that a free agent is always blocking development is a non starter. Your other mistake is thinking that a player who is available at a reasonable price in free agency will not develop value. Rebuilding teams often target players who will be able to be traded if they are performing. If they are not, their contracts arent prohibitive and they can be sat. For instance, the Royals signing of Moustakas this past year (a player without much market) netted them prospects from the Brewers. Cameron maybin, Wilson Ramos, leonys Martin, lance Lynn, zach Duke, Johnny venters, jaokim soria, seung-hwan oh, Nate Eovaldi and Steve Pearce were all players on 1 or 2 year deals who were able to net return value in trades. The Ray's, who in any other division in the league probably had a chance at the playoffs, took 2 year chances on injured players Eovaldi and Ramos and got value back, staying competitive and building their system, despite paying those players for a year of injury time. If the Ray's and Blue Jay's (who had multiple players on the above list) did this to effect (despite the Blue Jay's having a far stronger system than the Orioles will be next year) then doesn't show the need for the Orioles to explore that path of talent acquisition or risk falling behind their direct competitors?
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    If the money isn't important to the Mesa brothers why are the Marlins trading for more?
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    They used to be for me. Until Red Sox fans realised they had a team. I do agree...Go Astros
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    I would be willing to speculate, that if DD gets hired elsewhere in baseball, he will find success.
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    The Yanks are sort of like rain in Oregon. On the rare winter day that you see the sun, you smile and enjoy the moment. Otherwise the rain just is. It is elemental. It exists. It usually makes you wet, cold, and miserable. You push on. The Red Sox, on the other hand, are just an annoying baseball team with annoying fans. I actively wish for their demise, shame, and humiliation.
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    Add to that what Roch reported today http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/10/wondering-how-orioles-approach-rebuild-as-they-continue-interviews.html
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    The RS-NYY series was fun from both a baseball-fan perspective and a NYY-hater perspective, both of which work for me. The NYYs' early exit from post-season play is likely to fuel an off-season spending spree that starts with, but goes well beyond, starting pitchers.
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    If Craig Gentry is hired as player-manager, Joey is screwed.
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    The only thing sadder is this entire international draft dollar system used in MLB....I have never seen such an incoherent, made up for no reason, arbitrary bunch of nonsense in any professional sport.
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    How sad that there is 170 pages of posts about a guy who we won't even get.
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    I hate the Sox more than the Yankees. Way more.
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    Outside of an MLB-forced sale, I have exactly zero hope. Not that V2 is the next Trout necessarily, but he was a sign of a change in direction and now he's gone, there's no one left, and there is nothing except an inept Brady Anderson in the warehouse. I can't do another 14 years of excrement.
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    Or two of them. Let them spend the most on their choice and take the other two.
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    I dislike the Yankees the most. I dislike the Red Sox fans equally to the NYers.
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    The Yankees still have everyone beat in the bandwagon department as far as I can see. Glad they lost. And unless they get some pitching, they’re run is going to be similar to the O’s run of the past few years.
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    Andy was the PBO (President of Baseball Ops). His unofficial title was SVP (Sweater Vest President) 😎
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    https://www.mlb.com/news/2018-19-international-signing-bonus-pools/c-269965184 "Teams are allowed to trade as much of their international pool money as they would like, but can only acquire 75 percent of a team's initial pool amount. Additionally, signing bonuses of $10,000 or less do not count toward a club's bonus pool, and foreign professional players who are at least 25 and have played as in a foreign league for at least six season are also exempt."
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    Nobody says, "no" to Gaston No one's slick as Gaston No one's quick as Gaston No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston For there's no man in town half as manly Perfect, a pure paragon You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on
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    I don't know that there's any evidence that defense, speed and on base percentage lend themselves to sustained success any more than other strategies. Obviously having wall-to-wall on base monsters and great pitching is the best strategy of all the strategies, but that's very difficult in today's baseball and a reasonable budget. The best way to sustain success is to have a solid pipeline of young talent of any/all types, avoid risky (read: most) free agents, and to be dispassionate about letting many of your older, more expensive players go.
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    He's probably going to spend 2019 in the minors. Assuming the O's don't play service time games that gives the O's until 2025 to produce a winning team for him to play on. They can also trade him at any point during the process. If he's a 1.5-2 win guy than flip him after his arb one season and you will get back more than 6M in value.
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    I realize that on a competitive team yes. What good is a 1.5-2 win player when your team is likely to be the worst in baseball during his tenure? I'd rather they sign high ceiling kids who aren't ML ready, that way you can develop a bed of talent that is ready to compete together. I didn't call anyone a moron, sorry for triggering you. I will now put a trigger warning before I say anything that might offend the masses. I would argue that your logic of they must have him, while he basically contributes on a losing team is as bad a logic.
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    Wasn't that back in 1982 at a frat party?
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    DEVELOP BETTER PLAYERS (there, fixed that for ya)
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    Webb and Matusz weren't traded with International slots they were traded with draft picks. May 23, 2016: Brian Matusz Traded by the Baltimore Orioles with 2016 competitive balance round B pick to the Atlanta Braves for Brandon Barker (minors) and Trevor Belicek (minors). April 9, 2015: Ryan Webb Traded by the Baltimore Orioles with Brian Ward (minors) and 2015 competitive balance round B pick to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Chris O'Brien (minors) and Ben Rowen.
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    Do you read the internet? There was an issue in Cleveland with Houston players and the fans. You know, there are assholes, everywhere.
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    So where are all those people who were telling me that trading the 750K in slots away wasn't a big deal since they still had more money than everyone else?
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    Let the GM decide, but theoretically, I dont like the idea of not bringing in free agents. If the deals are short it should never hurt, and if they become tradable commodities then you get added value to your rebuilding effort. Not bringing in free agents to fill this role elongates the rebuilding process to the point where the system (drafting and player development) has to provide all the value, and frankly that's just as stupid as not participating in the international prospect market.
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    My rebuilding strategy is to sign Houston's Assistant GM for Player Acquisition, Mike Elias and let him do his thing.
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    The Athletic - https://theathletic.com/579405/2018/10/10/the-worst-team-i-ever-covered-mlb-writers-on-a-reggie-jacksons-threats-a-super-soaker-full-of-bleach-and-mr-f-cking-popularity/
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    Why not speculate right now? 😉 Take hold - be bold! 😇
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    If only someone hires DD as their GM in the next few days we are in business.
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    So Britton gave up two homers in the post season. Clearly not back to 2016 form Be interesting what offers are made to him this offseason
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    Not using analytics is the intellectual equivalent to not running out ground balls.
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    I don't see Peterson keeping his 40 man roster spot. If he wants to sign a AAA contract with an invite to ST, I can see that happening. Right now I think 2nd base is a open competition in ST. Wilkerson and Valera from the 40 man roster. Peterson and Corban Joseph from the AAA roster. And whoever the new GM brings in. Villar at SS.
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    I was really expecting something to evolve by today. I was wrong. Looks like it will drag on at least until after the WS, maybe winter meetings. Two ways to look at it, Miami has time to make moves or Os have time to make moves. -I would be shocked at this point if both Mesas go as a package -VMjr is probably going to get just as much as Gaston even though a couple months ago it looked like $500k would be plenty -Gaston may very well just get that $2mm One thing I find interesting was after the workout, the Marlins had uniforms in lockers with each players name. Only Gaston put his on. The Mesas are playing their hands tight. With a grain of salt of course.
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    He should of paid more attention to "short right field porch" in New York.
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    I hate LaRussa with a passion like the burning of a million suns. As an officer of the court (an attorney) he stood by while his employees broke the law on a continuing basis. As a manipulator of bullpens, he is personally responsible for the pace of play issues. And, I think he kicked a puppy once.
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    o Wilt Chamberlain and Westley Unseld are the only players ever to win the MVP and the Rookie of the Year award ever. Spencer Haywood did just that as a 20 year-old in the 1969-70 season, but for the rival ABA's Denver Rockets ........ that doesn't begin to tell the incredible journey of the man who successfully sued the NBA in the Supreme Court. Spencer Haywood: Denver's Forgotten Star (By Nicki Jhabvala) http://extras.denverpost.com/spencer-haywood/index.html o
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    Baltimore isn’t getting them lol. I wouldn’t come to Baltimore either. AJ gets criticized and called racist names for defending black civilians against police brutality? Not exactly the fan base I would want to play for either. Give me Miami. Plus, we have no GM and Brady out there in an undefined role: hope the org is sold and they start from scratch.
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