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    Your sweeping statements about about police are absurd and I'm embarrassed for you. The people who are out of control in Baltimore and Chicago are the drug dealers and gangs, but yeah, say it's all the cops. Do us all a favor and next time you need us, don't call us. Take your chances and feel safe with the good citizens of Baltimore to help you out in times of need.
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    First off, I didn't say "it's all the cops" nor did I make "sweeping statements" about anyone. I provided links to the things I was referring to. You're creating strawmen in an emotional tirade and attacking them. Nice that you would reinforce my feelings about it all by saying "don't call us next time you need us" in the midst of your rage as if you would choose not to help someone based on a difference of opinion or viewpoint with that person. All of that sounds far more embarrassing for you if you really believe that and all over a bunch of things I never even said. Sounds exactly why I don't trust the police as much as I should. Anyway, since someone eluded to a thread being locked for talking about Baltimore City (which I was not aware of), so I will cease discussion on the topic now. I blame the Mesas for taking their time signing with someone.
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    You, along with a few others are missing the point. Regardless of how you feel about the riots, and we won't get into politics here, what can't be denied is how the reputation of the city was hurt by them. Whether you or others feels less safe, the reputation of the city is that it's an unsafe place. How many other major sports teams had games cancelled, moved, or played with no fans due to security concerns near there stadium due to rioting or as you called it, civil unrest? Now, more and more people are limiting their Baltimore City time because of being harassed by homeless, squeegee kids, or mobs of teenagers who have randomly attacked strangers. By the very nature of your statement, I agree with you that violence against normal law abiding citizens is the exception rather than the rule. The problem is the perception and reputation of the city is hurting. I wish it wasn't so because as I've said multiple times, I consider Baltimore my city. I love my city and want it to be a safe, prosperous place for not only visitors, but for all Baltimoreans and surrounding Baltimore area suburbanites to visit often. But it's going to take a change in city leadership to really make a difference.
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    That's nice and everything but what's his time to the plate?
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    https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/tht-annual-2018/the-state-of-scouting/ by Eric Longenhagen This article raised my curiosity about the O's scouting organization and personnel. I reviewed the 2018 Orioles Media where all of their scouts are pictured with their titles and assignments. I had thought that the personnel and the characteristics of the scouting organization were set by the Scouting Directors -- in the O's case, on the professional side, Patrick Di Gregory and on the amateur side Gary Rajsich. I'm now uncertain about that assumption given Steve Melewski's response to my inquiry regarding the recent hiring of professional scouts Rich Amaral and Doug Witt. Rich Amaral was hired after the June draft but before the non-waiver trade deadline and will be used in a hybrid role, with focus on amateur and professional special assignments, and will serve as basestealing instructor. Doug Witt also will be used in multiple roles, with an emphasis on pro scouting. Steve "guessed" that Amaral and Witt were hired by Dan Duquette. The 2018 Orioles Media Guide lists the following personnel as scouting related: Professional Administration Patrick Di Gregory - Director, Professional Scouting & Special Projects Bill Wilkes - Coordinator, Advance Scouting Ben Sussman-Hyde - Video Coaching/Advance Scouting Assistant Major League Scouts Dave Engle Jim Howard John Stockstill Professional Scouts Dave Machemer Justin Prinstein Ron Schueler International Scouts Joel Bradley - Latin America Calvin Maduro - Latin America Ji-Young Koo - Pacific Rim That's 6 scouts on the professional side plus the 2 recent hires and 3 on the international side. Amateur Administration Director, Scouting - Gary Rajsich Special Assistant to the EVP, Scouting - Danny Hass Special Assistant to the EVP, Scouting - Matt Hass Director, Pacific Rim Operations - Mike Snyder Assistant Director, Scouting - Brad Ciolek Scouting Administrator - Hendrik Herz Amateur scouting is apparently organized geographically. Area Supervisors David Blume - West Coast Jim Richardson - Lower Midwest Ernie Jacobs - Upper Midwest Kirk Frederiksson - East Coast Special Assignments Wayne Britton Area Scouts (see if you can guess which 2 are probably already gone) Dean Albany - Mid-Atlantic & Cross Checker Kelvin Colon - South Florida, Central Florida, Puerto Rico Adrian Dorsey - Kentucky, Ohio, Tennesee, West Virginia Thom Dreier - Southern Texas Dana Duquette - New England, New Jersey, New York Dan Durst - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin John Gillette - Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming Ken Guthrie - North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas David Jennings - Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Northwest Florida Arthur McConnehead - Georgia, Northern Florida, Central Florida Rich Morales - North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia Mark Ralston - Southern California Nathan Showalter - Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia Scott Thomas - Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, The Dakotas Brandon Verley - Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Western Canada Scott Walter - Central California, Hawaii Apparently no area scout coverage for Northern California, Northern Texas, Alaska, and Eastern Canada. That's 21 amateur scouts. Checked the media guides for the AL East's # of scouts: BAL - Professional = 8; International = 3 Amateur = 21 NYY - Professional = 18; International = 33 Amateur = 25 BOS - Professional = 13; International = 28 Amateur = 32 TOR - Professional = 13; International = 15 Amateur = 32 TBR - Professional = ??; International = ?? Amateur = ??
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    I just...don't care. I've read this thread, looked at names and...I just don't care. I expect the worst from this franchise pretty much all the time. "Moose, you're so negative!" Well, tell me why I should be any other way with this franchise under Angelos. It's very rare that they get anything right. So while hiring a president is a big deal, I expect them to get it wrong. And if they make a good hire, I'll be pleasantly surprised. It'd be a step in the right direction. But to use a football analogy, if the Orioles DO make a good, interesting hire for this role, I look at it as making a 2 yard gain on a 3rd and 25 play after holding calls and false starts have knocked them back out of scoring range.
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    My guess: 1) Adam Jones (Obviously) 2) Caleb Joseph 3) Andrew Susac 4) Engelb Vielma 5) Corban Joseph 6) Jace Peterson 7) John Andreoli 8)Mike Wright 9) Sean Gilmartin 10) Donnie Hart Keep in mind that: A) Mark Trumbo, Richard Bleier, Austin Hays, Pedro Aruajo will have to be added back from the 60-day-DL B) Martin Cervenka, Branden Kline, and Dillon Tate will almost certainly be added to the 40-man to be protected from the Rule V Draft C) Other candidates to be added to the 40-man to be protected from the Rule V Draft: Jay Flaa, Chris Lee, Gabriel Ynoa, Mike Yaztremski, Luis Gonzalez D) How many outside additions be made?
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    With recent comments from Gausman, Britton, and Brach and of course the growing interest in analytics based decision making--all post season teams are using it with success--it should be asked if the Orioles are already behind the curve and perhaps should be interested in the next new approach to winning. When Duq and Buck began the defense/HR/strong pen strategy, they were capitalizing on a modified "moneyball" team building effort. HRs, defense, and good bullpens were undervalued. The Os and the Royals were both on the cutting edge of this strategy and both had success, with the Royals doing it just a bit better. Everyone then jumped on board, the result being the drive for more and more HRs, shortening games to five or less innings, openers, defense analytics, etc. The Os fell behind because they did not use the "science" of the process and also made some bad personal decisions, including not participating in the salary jump for players that were now hot commodities because of the new direction of the game. The top teams now not only use analytics, but the a similar approach to players as the Os and Royals just a few years ago. Yankees, Sox, Dodgers, Brewers, Astros, all fit this mold. So what is the change that could beat this approach? There is one, I think, that is undervalued. Yelich is proving that with the Brewers: contact (bat control), speed, and defense with occasional pop but not the 40-50 HR guy that dominated a few years ago. Even Kakes is a nice example of a contact guy taking control of a game. This is makes the Brewers the most unique team offensively in the remaining four. They are on the cutting edge in contrast to the 3 HR mold of the other teams, perhaps the Sox excluded. The Os need more Boggs, Bretts, Baines, and Hendersons, and fewer mashers. With more Ks, contact players would change the game and mitigate the increasing number of strikeouts and the impact that is having on games. So would contact, as it would make the "shift" irrelevant. You open the entire field for play, put pressure on the defense, and with speed manufacture runs. You won't be able to erase large leads so it is also necessary to have good defense (where analytics can help) and have pitchers who are countering the trend for more power (Ks), but perhaps the new GM should think about the next trend and not going with the sheep in the current trend. It looked like Duq was moving in this direction before he was let go. He was on to something. To be successful, the Os need to set a trend like they did a few years back and not be part of the current trend and get left behind. Speed, contact, defense. The new "moneyball." Thoughts?
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    Then flip 'am for international slot money!
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    I hope the infatuation with rule V picks is over.
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    I don't understand releasing Wilkerson or Santander, along with releasing Gilmartin over Hart.
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    Picking nits, I know, but it's actually 51.7% of 2018's opening day payroll, not down 51.7%. It would be down 48.3%. Not a big deal and doesn't change your overall point.
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    Why the insistence that he was fired? The Orioles opted to not negotiate a renewal. That’s not a firing. They paid him through the end of his contract and did not renew him. Did they fire Adam Jones? Actually firing Duquette in the last month of his long term contract would have been universally (and rightly) blasted as vindictive and petty. I’ve never been a DD fan, but this bothers me.
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    How is someone who's contract is over fired?
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    John and Lou Angelos have some important tasks ahead of them. Picking the right person(s) to lead the Orioles initial steps out of the abyss in which their father left the team -- and even deciding whether there will be one or two senior hires running things -- are critical decisions. It would be nice if those decisions were made by a leader with knowledge of how a well run MLB front office operates, a track record of success in running a business (including hiring and managing senior executives), a willingness to take advantage of the superior baseball knowledge and experience of others on the current management team, sound judgment into how candidates would perform in the daunting task ahead, and an established reputation for credibility when promises are made about non-interference with the President/GM. And while it's easy to say that more needs to be spent on international free agents, building an international presence, building up scouting possibilities, and improving the team's analytical capacity, it's another thing to decide how much of the team's limited financial resources should be devoted to each of these critical needs after Peter Angelos starved funding of each for years, or decades. John and Lou Angelos have to be better at making decisions that can lead to building a winning baseball team than their father was. It's hard to imagine who wouldn't be. They appear to lack their father's arrogance, pig-headedness, short-sightedness, selfishness and inability to get along with anyone who didn't suck up to him sufficiently, and I'm assuming that they do lack those traits. That doesn't mean they're up to the challenge of making decisions that will put this wreck of a franchise back on the road. I'm hopeful, but I see no reason to be confident, that they're up to the task. We'll see. Maybe by Thanksgiving, maybe by the end of the year. Spring training?
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    I was waiting for McCoy to show up so I could read that all four shortstops in the lower levels are really 2Bs.
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    Starters: (10) Cobb, Bundy, Cashner, Hess, Ramirez, Ortiz, Rogers, Means, Harvey, Tate Relievers:(13) Givens, Fry, Bleier, Castro, Gilmartin, Araujo, Kline, Phillips, Flaa, Yacabonis, Carroll, Scott, Meisinger Catchers: (3) Wynns, Sisco, Cervenka Infielders: (6) Davis, Villar, Nunez, Wilkerson, Valera Outfielders: (6) Mullins, Mancini, Rickard, Stewart, Hays, Santander DH: (1) Trumbo Rule 5: (1) Total 40 After the AFL is over I would make a decision between Flaa vs Caleb Joseph. Coming off the 40 man roster: (11 or 12 ) Hart, Wright, Ynoa, Susac, Beckham, Corban Joseph, Peterson, Vielma, Andreoli, Jones and possibly Caleb Joseph
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    My Orioles PTSD doesn't agree. From here on out, I'm from MIssouri - The Show Me State.
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    I admire the optimism, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'd be super impressed if they'd $#*!can Brady, that'd be a good starting point. But as long as Brady can fail upwards in this dumpster fire of an organization, I'm not getting my hopes up.
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    I just love how everyone has given up on resigning Manny. Just because something has 415,000,000 to one odds, doesn't mean you give up! 😋
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    Not sure I like this idea. If they hire someone like Cherrington to be the President, I am fine with that. If they hire someone like Colletti I would not be very encouraged. Why would a young up and coming GM want to work in that environment?
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    That’s so disappointing. I’ve been thinking of him as Jay Flay ever since we drafted him. Much more poetic.
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    Four top 10 teams lost today, and three others played unranked teams and barely won. #2 UGa -- beaten down at LSU #5 Notre Dame -- trailed by 11 in the 2nd half, took the lead for good with 5 minutes left at home vs Pitt #6 West Virginia -- got stomped at Iowa State #7 Washington lost in OT at Oregon after missing the game winning field goal at the end of regulation #8 Penn State lost at home to Michigan State #9 Texas -- held off Baylor on the last play of the game #10 UCF -- trailed much of the game by more than one score, came back to win 31-30 over Memphis #16 Miami and #24 Auburn also got beat by unranked teams.
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    I'd release and resign him for less than what he would make if we go to arbitration, but I'd teach him how to play outfield and make him super utility. Then trade him if this pushes his value up.
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    He didn't run all out on that 3 run home run he hit the other night.
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    Can we lock this thread and pretend that the Rasmus signing never happened. I'm talking Men in Black, hold the pen up to everyone's eyes and erase it from our memory.
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    Buck. Colby walked out halfway thru dinner.
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    Terrible list, how can they leave off Zoellner and expect to be taken seriously?
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    Interesting discussion on the broadcast. Apparently Miley pinpoints a game vs Tampa in July 2017 when he went to his rarely used cutter and struck out Longoria with it. He said after that he began using his cutter more and more, up to the point where it is his predominant pitch this year, and he credits that with his turnaround.
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    Buck had dinner with him once and they really hit it off.
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    I kinda feel like we shouldn’t be angry at a dude that quits when the whole time we’re like “please quit” Like if Chris Davis quit I feel he should get some sort of medal.
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    Adam Jones. Player - Manager, Three years 12 Million.
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    Gives me hope that the incoming person would in fact be able to fire Brady.
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    Yeah. Just offer all of it to Victor Victor and really mess their deal up.
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    Any talk you hear about VVM not being that good is sour grapes from O's fans who are butthurt after slowly realizing that the Marlins are gonna get him.
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    Ravens attendance is also down despite the team being pretty competitive. There are more empty seats in that the stadium the past two years than I've seen in a while and I've gone to just about every game since 2005. The truth is that ticket/concession prices are too high, people's wages aren't rising with the costs associated with attending sporting events and watching the games at home or at a bar are much cheaper and more convenient. Plus Baltimore is a relatively small city. Despite the "booming" economy, most people don't have enough money to fit constantly attending sporting events into their budgets. Especially those with families.
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    No, this is a different topic. Read the post.
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    Here's the problem. While I have nothing remotely resembling inside information, logic tells me that under the current system, teams' pursuit and signing of the top international free agents is a bit like recruiting big-time college basketball or football, or teams signing promising U.S. players before the amateur draft was instituted. Teams will often have similar amounts to spend on a player, but even where are there differences in the money, part of the task is to convince the players -- the good ones, anyway, who have other options -- that they should want to join your organization. I'm sure the Mesas and Gaston know all about the attractions pf Miami for a Cuban emigre and were shown them first-hand by the Marlins. I'm confident that Jeter and/or others have told them or their agents about their plans to build a contending team, and it wouldn't surprise me if, as part of their pitch, they described Baltimore as an unwelcoming, dangerous place. The Orioles are obviously are at a big disadvantage relative to Miami in selling their city to Cuban or other Latin players. They also have put themselves in a box by committing resources to try to sign international free agents at a time when they have no GM or manager to present plans for the team's future. But have they even tried? Did the Orioles do anything to try to sell these guys on playing in Baltimore or on the team's future? Did they invite them for a visit? Was there anyone in the delegation that went to Miami who could do that effectively? It sounds like the Orioles went into the workout and negotiations assuming that throwing the biggest pile of money at the Mesas would be enough (and, probably, also assuming that the Marlins' slot amount was frozen). If that's the case, it's just one more reason to shake your head in frustration at this team's consistent managerial ineptness and poor -- or non-existent -- planning. Being an Orioles fan is good for the neck muscles.
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    This thread is too damn funny. We kicked DD to the curb, because he couldnt get the job done, and most posters were elated he was gone. Now, they bring up all these names as good candidates. Seriously? La Russa? He is old and very old school. I thought we needed a fresh young analytic mind?
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    Baltimore city deserves the reputation it has. There have even been instances of corrupt cops robbing law-abiding citizens and drug dealers alike. Most of the nasty stuff is in West Baltimore, but it's bad enough to give the whole city a bad reputation. It doesn't help that much of the city is populated with dilapidated, boarded up buildings and row houses with spray paint all over them. More and more people don't trust the police and that reaches far outside Baltimore and this state. I'm not a criminal and have never had more than a speeding ticket and I don't trust the cops either. They are out of control especially in places like Baltimore and Chicago. I read this long, but interesting article from last year about the state of Baltimore city and not much has changed. If it was just the riots as an isolated incident, I don't think it would be a big problem. For Baltimore city, it just piles on top of everything else. A few places aside, BC is a dump that brings a higher chance of being involved in a crime than almost anywhere else in the country. That's just the facts. Baltimore city has had this reputation for as long as I can remember. It's not a new thing. Being harassed by homeless people for money is unsettling especially when they walk right up to your car as soon as you park. I've seen people smoking crack in broad daylight in Fells Point just walking around like it's nothing. He was offering some to others as well and there was a police SUV about 20 yards away as well. I stopped going down there years ago. Almost everyone I knew from down there had been a victim of a violent crime or robbery at least once and these were just normal people. It's been terrible down there for a long time. The city deserves the bad rep it gets, all of it IMO.
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