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    I think you are missing his point. No matter how much a team has allotted in international spending, it isn't really money that they are given, it is the ability to spend said amount of money if they choose to do so. The money that is spent comes out of the team's own budget, which they can choose to spend in another way, if they wish. They can spend their own money however they want, but they cannot spend any more of it on international free agency than what their cap allows them to.
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    The Camden Depot guy has tweeted that he has heardwe have someone for president, that he doesn't know who it is but it's not Colletti, and that they may be working the GM issue now, with the aim for a press conference announcing the President and GM, and that it probably will happen before the World Series is over.
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    It's tough to comprehend how anyone who has spent any amount of time around Boston fans (especially the kind that aren't from Boston), could root for the Red Sox in the world series. I hope Manny hits 5 bombs in Fenway Park and grabs his crotch towards the stands for each and every one.
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    That would be incredibly dumb. Gaston is not a six million dollar prospect. Heck, Mesa was not really a six million dollar prospect. The slot can only be used for international free agents, but the money is money from the Orioles budget. Don't make things worse by flushing several million dollars down the toilet. The Orioles routinely blow cash in three million dollar increments on bad ideas. They should value Gaston appropriately to his real potential, maybe overpay a LITTLE if necessary, but those are real dollars that can be used to expand scouting, analytics, etc. Don't flush them down the toilet.
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    Not really surprising here. Let's face it, the Orioles are a tough sell to anyone, but almost an impossible sell over Miami to a couple of young Cubans. I talked with a scout who was down there for the showcase and he felt all three were good players. The only surprise was that he said the younger Mesa was "not that far away" from the older brother talent wise. I guess there is hope the Orioles can still sign Gaston.
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    Here is the tweet I mentioned: https://twitter.com/CamdenDepot/status/1054006893729980416
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    Both of them are quite capable of stupid decisions and despite their considerable advantages financially, they often too fall into different big market traps...often of their own creation. Our task is to build another winning team, not worry about the MFYs and Red Sox...
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    Tweet translated: And to the Orioles:
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    He might "settle" for a two year deal because no one offers him a three year deal.
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    Pretty sure every Orioles fan is at some varying degree of crotchety these days.
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    I think it will really depend on who the next manager is. Buck liked Wynns. Buck didn't like Sisco much. If Buck was still here, I could see this scenario. With a new manager, there could be any of the following: 1. Veteran catcher on a MiLB deal with Spring Training invite, with Sisco, Wynns, and Cervenka in camp to battle for the backup. 2. Wynns and Sisco, with Cervenka in camp. Wynns and Sisco split time during the season with either Audrey Perez or a AAAA or low cost veteran in Norfolk to mentor Cervenka and be an emergency backup incase of injury in Baltimore. 3. Joseph comes back and is the starter until July. Wynns, Sisco and Cervenka splitting time in Norfolk and one wins the backup job in Baltimore. Joseph leaves in July (either sent down or released) and one comes up. September, the other comes up. 4. Sisco or Wynns gets traded.
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    It all starts with liking yourself Corn....and then you will be able to like others. 😎
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    o Babe Ruth's (step) daughter is still alive, at 102 years-old. Her name is Julia Ruth Stevens. 19 years ago in October of 1999, she stated that she would like to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees in that year's ALCS to "break the curse" ........ I remember reading about it on the front page of the NY Daily News. I just looked it up on the internet, and sure enough, I found the article !!! ) Churchwell-Legotti said she couldn't understand why Ruth's daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, is rooting for the Red Sox to beat the Yanks this year. Stevens told the Daily News last week that she wanted the Red Sox to win the World Series this year to put an end to talk of the "Curse of the Bambino," which supposedly has kept the Bosox from winning a World Series since they traded Ruth to the Yanks 80 years ago. The Babe Backs N.Y. - Psychic Spirit Hovers Over Yanks (By Ruth Bashinsky and Bill Egbert) http://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/babe-backs-n-y-psychic-spirit-hovers-yanks-article-1.852766 o
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    How would signing Gaston change the grade on the Gausman trade? They will not need the 2.5m in slot money they got from the Braves. They already had enough to sign Gaston. I already gave the Gausman deal a F and I still think its a F.
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    ...or if Brady dead lifts in an empty weight room and no one is around...
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    Two of the OH favorite Orioles will be at this event. It is for a good cause. https://www.ppf.org/bbb2
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    So I stepped away from this thread for awhile...how can we be close to hiring a GM when I haven't heard a single rumor linking the team to anyone. And there is NO WAY I'm hiring a 25 year old. That's a completely ridiculous notion and I have a very hard time believing that person would be respected by other more seasoned GMs. I'm not saying that we need to hire a old curmudgeon, but 25? C'mon folks. Be realistic!
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    The money is not MLB's money. The "pool" is just a cap on what you can spend on international FAs. If you don't spend it on international FAs, you (meaning the GM/personnel decision maker) either use it for something else or you give it back to the team's owners.
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    McKenna had 2 triples Saturday. Good to see him using his speed. Glendale finally won a game, now 1-9,
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    He will be 28 in December. He started 89 games in 2017 and 69 last year. He showed something good on offense and defense. He is as ready as he ever will be. What he needs is an opportunity. Then if they sign Caleb as the backup I think they are covered at catcher.
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    So, you are happy with his 42 games this past season, to anoint him the daily starter? I saw good things, but not sure is ready, at least probably for the backup role.
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    Austin Wynns started 89 games in AA in 2017. He drew out 38% of stealer and had a 998 fielding percentage. He hit for a .377 OBP and a .796 OPS that season. If the can increase the workload by 15% he is over 100 games started. Last season he had a 1.020 OPS vs lefties at AAA and a 844 OPS vs righties with the O's. So he has shown something with the bat at each level, AA thur the majors. If he begins ST as the O's starting catcher I would be fine with that.
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    Winning the World Series just enabled Red Sox fans to behave like entitled monsters.
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    While that is true, nothing really about the 2019 Orioles is about free agent signings. It is about front office and organizational signings, which happen now, November, and then tidy up in the beginning of December. Maybe the front office will need a year to get its feet under them to make major changes in executive and organizational personnel, but you kind of want to secure your must haves as soon as you can. IF they have a president in place, they may be doing that. However, I doubt it because executives on other teams need permission to be asked on them and that tends to get out there. You can hide interviews with people who are not with other organizations, but really how many can there be out there? Eventually, you need to go to the well.
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    Yeah. No one will tell me who it is, but they all think it is done. That being said, it has not raised in certainty to the level where a reporter will say it out loud. It may simply be an echo of a very active person. Kind of like how Duquette bluffed a whole lot of people in the industry that he had a contract in hand, which was remarkable.
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    I have no idea who anyone's contact is, but I'd be very leery of any reports of inside information on this situation. From what I've heard the silence and lack of people in on this is out of character with the Orioles. Again, I'm not disparaging any reports, just that we should take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt until the dust settles.
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    I think they wanted to get O'day 's $20 million off the books.Once Atlanta took the contract,the prospects coming back were greatly reduced . They had to at least play it as getting international money to use this year..As Meoli from the Sun has said many times of the Gausman trade that getting rid of the O'Day contract was a major reason for the trade
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    Let’s hope the Angelos boys have been communicating with Colletti strictly for industry intel and recommendations, rather than to discuss the President or GM job. It would be a colossal mistake to hire him, as he’s the opposite of what the Orioles need. I would rather have kept DD than hire Colletti.
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    Sounds like Colletti is in the serious runnng for the role according to Carafado. I don't love the selection if that's it but I guess we could do worse. MLB rumors Cafardo: Ned Colletti, Orioles Have Had "Consistent Contact" By Connor Byrne | October 20, 2018 at 8:27pm CDT
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    I’m curious how you know the difference between a slumping player and a player who lacks the fundamentals to play in the majors. Because I’ve seen Stewart on stretches of great baseball. Do you think that more time in the minors will help Caleb Joseph? What about Schoop? Schoop was awful for a lot of 2018. What do you think Adam Jones could glean from a AAA demotion? He wasn’t amazing to finish the year. Why is DJ Stewart unworthy of time in the majors because he happened to have been hitting poorly for a period of time in Norfolk? Don’t worry, the questions are rhetorical. I know the answers and I promise you DJ Stewart is going to get his promotion in spite of a two month slump because it’s not his fundamentals that are the problem— 25 year old college players have nothing to gain from extra seasoning. He is what he will be. That will include slumps. He will be a somewhat flawed baseball player with flashes of brilliance. He’s not blocking anyone.
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    I think I was pretty clear that Jones should be cut some slack for his initial numbers in RF. But there’s no affirmative evidence that he’ll be good out there based on the limited data available, so we’ll have to see.
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    It's very curious that the rumors say the next GM will have more power and leeway than Dan was given. My guess is there was so much bad blood with all involved, the boys are deciding to wipe the slate clean.
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    He would get elbow tightness from carrying the cup of coffee...
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    I don't know why people are so interested in when we'll be good again and putting a timeframe on it. It'll happen when it happens. Could be next year (probably not) or 5 years from now. No way to tell. It'll happen when it happens.
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    I think the players on the next O's winning team have not been born yet.
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    I thnk Buck retires to a part time gig somewhere, and by his choosing. I dont see much of a market for Adam, and it wont not surprise me to see him retire out. Ryan, might make a roster somewhere as a cheap and capable utility infielder, heck, he could even come back here, since they need 25 players and most spots are sitting open with question marks. Yes, I know, bring in the youngsters and throw them to the wind, but there are only so many of them.
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