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    Always a beacon of Optimism.
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    As much as we are all craving some news and some hirings, I’m not necessarily going to criticize the Angelos family for not being communicative right now. The team made a statement when the season ended and there’s not much to say beyond that until someone has been hired. I just hope they’re busy behind the curtain and not just sitting around waiting for the World Series to end.
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    Really - who cares whether it’s a firing or a non-renewal. Effectively it’s the same thing in this case.
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    Look at my post history, I'm not a negative guy. I give the benefit of the doubt. I don't think Angelos is cheap, I do think he's a bad owner but I don't hate him as some do. i can acknowledge the Orioles pitching development is not the best but can recognize Wade Miley's luck driven ERA is not worth getting upset about. I generally just don't post negative stuff, sports are a fun escape, if it's not fun I don't watch. I definitely don't get upset...with all that said. I have no hope for this team. They had a key opportunity to jump-start a rebuild of their farm system and they've totally botched it. No Mesa(s), No Gaston which in turn makes the Gausman trade look horrible. You could squint, look at the international slot money and convince yourself if they signed the Mesa(s), Gaston, and maybe Bonilla it would be worth it. They didn't\haven't but the cherry on top is sending 750k to the Phillies for Zoellner. Why? Gausman's context neutral\peripherals, age, and control should have fetched someone(s) of significance from a stacked farm system. The Machado trade was fine considering he was a pending free agent. Though how they let it get to that point is beyond me. The Schoop trade looks fine but I don't think Ortiz is a future SP Britton trade is okay. How do the Orioles compete moving forward? The Blue Jays farm system is stacked. The Rays have a limited payroll but have an extremely cheap and talented roster. The Yankees and Red Sox not only can outspend everyone but they have over the last 5-7 years placed a greater emphasis on analytics and player development. The Orioles...have a middling farm system even after the fire sale. While I do think it may be better than it is given credit for. It's not even close to the Blue Jays, Rays, or Yankees. Player development is questionable at best. Their analytics department seems antiquated from the outside looking in. Regardless of who the owner is, I'm a bit concerned about payroll moving forward. Quite frankly attendance was pretty garbage when they were contending, now it just looks sad. Closing in on the end of the WS and no GM or manager -- aside from that why did they even let Duquette trade anyone that wasn't a pending free agent if their intentions were to fire him. I've watched them botch the handling of a generational\HOF talent, put a historically bad team on the field, they are not smarter, better at developing talent, nor can they outspend their competition.... I have no hope for this team...I think this team will be bad for a very long time...I do hope I'm wrong. Oh...and Chris Davis...enough said.
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    Fan base hasn't eroded the way you think. Of course your post really isn't about fans of losing teams. I mean, most teams have casual fans that only come when they win. Those guys/gals are gone for at least a little while. Then you have the kinda fans that like say they are fans when things go well and like to complain when they do not. These two pieces make up a fairly significant part of any team base. It's gonna be awhile until things are exciting and we get to hear the line "aint the beer cold" on a consistent basis. Of course until then the real fans will be here to debate what could and should be done or what could or should have been done. I can't lie, I think you are a knowledgeable fan. But in fairness your posts have been negative all the way back to 2010 when we were still in the dark ages. This franchise has it's issues and I and many others have beat on em with you. But from 2010 when you joined till now the Orioles played their best baseball in a generation. You seemed to not enjoy any of that...and your posting history from the end of 11 is gone and restarts in 13. My point is if there is never anything at all that you like...maybe the Orioles are not for you. No, one here really thinks that if you were the owner you would stay. Why would you? You don't like Baltimore and you don't seem to particularly like the Orioles. Of course it's a free country and all, and I really don't intend to sound rude. Why perhaps next year we can catch a game together. We can sit together and chat about the future of Baltimore Baseball. And if you don't like the company....I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of alternative opportunities. Chin up. It's gonna get better.
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    I swear the second he made that catch in front of the standings board I was like, "Good grief!" The Orioles embarrassing record this year is why a clearing of the house was in order. My biggest issue, why wasn't it done earlier in the season? If you weren't sure that Duquette was your guy, why was he allowed to architect the trades at the trading deadline? If Buck wasn't your guy anymore, why allow him to continue to manage a club that was clearly awful? I'm not saying a new manager would or wouldn't have lit a spark, but could it have been any worse? 47-115.. Just let that settle in and think to yourself, how bad do you have to be to only win 47 games in a season? After thinking about that, think about why ownership has been non existence in the press even after they dismissed their baseball operations folks? Who in the world would allow their team to sink to this level and not even publicly come out and say, "We're working this. We are looking for a qualified candidate for baseball operations that will rebuild this franchise back to being winner once again?" What have we gotten, nothing, zilch, not nary a comment and it's not only sad, but quite honestly it's embarrassing for the Angelos family. The Orioles franchise is a joke around baseball and we as fans get to take the brunt of that because we actually care about out team. We have been given absolutely nothing. To me, the silence is deafening. By that I mean the dysfunction within ownership is at an all-time high. Maybe the Angelos brothers will announce a prime President candidate who will announce a GM and manager and we'll start to feel better, but the lack of addressing this entire situation goes beyond embarrassing, but to the point of bordering on incompetence. I'm not trying to be dramatic here, but this is the lowest of the lows for my as a fan of Orioles baseball because I literally have no idea where the brothers are, who they are interviewing, and honestly, what there plans are for the future of this franchise. It certainly appears so far that the apples did no fall far from the tree and that's very disappointing.
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    Nothing is going on. Literally. Signed some teenagers from the DR and Cuba.
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    Also, finally someone other than me timed him home to first. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/eric-longenhagen-chat-10-25-18/ 2:52 AngelusNovus: Ryan McKenna a 45? 2:52 Eric A Longenhagen: Yes, with some helium. legit 8 runner
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    I’m torn If you swap Nick for Trumbo in 2016, we don’t make the playoffs. We needed all of those Trumbo homers. He was barely “worth” the contract and that was with him turning into iron man in Atlanta. I’d look at it like this, 2015- We’re a better team than what we trotted out in RF. Plus we’d have Davies. 2016- We needed all those Trumbo homers. Maybe we don’t sign Gallardo because we have Davies. 2017- Nick was better than Trumbo. 2018- We won like 12 games, does it really matter???? You can make the argument that we also traded away Davies, Brault, and Tarpley to fill RF. If we have Davies then we don’t sign Gallardo. We get the pick we lost for Gallardo. Not torn. We should’ve kept Nick and Cruz. Instead we paid O’day, Gallardo, Trumbo, Davis, Cobb, and Cashner.
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    Here is some video of McKenna absolutely raking. He's 4th in the AFL in OPS with a 1.113 currently and has 4 doubles and 3 triples in just 9 games.
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    I just voted that we would not resign Nick. Feels good to be right.
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    NYY - International Scouts = 33 BOS - International Scouts = 28 TOR - International Scouts = 15 BAL - International Scouts = 3 (Apparently, per jsbearr, does not include associate scouts (bird dogs?) (Does not include Directors/Assistant Directors)
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    A competent owner of an MLB franchise (and John and Lou Angelos appear to be acting as the owners, though I have my suspicions that their father somehow is continuing to contribute to screwing things up) should understood the importance of not having the position of the organization's top baseball person vacant for a significant amount of time. And a competent owner who intends to change the direction of a team should understand the only-slightly-more-subtle disadvantages of having that spot occupied by a lame duck who is not going to be around for the rebuild, or by promoting a holdover employee to serve in that position on an interim basis. One of the reasons for avoiding a vacancy, or keeping it as brief as possible, wasn't obvious to me. Much of the baseball calendar is predictable: trade deadlines, amateur draft, signing period for international free agents, winter meetings. But some things pop up independent of that calendar. A trade opportunity, or a shot at a significant international signing, might come up unexpectedly, and the time to act may be short. You really want to have the leader of your front office, your future decision-maker, in place in case something like that comes up. A competent owner would have seen by the end of 2017 that this team was going to have to undergo a rebuild of some sort. (I hope we're in agreement that the term "competent owner" does not include Peter Angelos.) I'm not clear when John and Lou Angelos acquired the power to make decisions on the direction of the Orioles, but some time no later than, say, June of this year, they should have been planning for the team's future, meaning a rebuild of some kind. At that point the Angeloses had a few options: They could have decided to stick with Duquette for a few years, either by renewing his contract or by promoting him and bringing in a new GM to serve under him, and staying out of his or their way. They could have fired Duquette and replaced him in mid-season, before the heavy trading of their few valuable assets began. Or they could have decided not to renew Duquette and started identifying potential replacements, so that the process could be concluded and a new leadership team in place promptly after the season ended. (Slight digression: if the Angeloses want to keep control of the team after their father's death, in looking toward gaining approval for a transfer they would be wise to have been consulting, and following suggestions by, Mighty Manfred and other MLB officers. Maybe they've done that.) It looks like the Angeloses did none of these things. Instead, they appear to have deferred the decision on Duquette almost to the expiration of his contractle and to be moving slowly as well as belatedly in bringing in new leadership. I don't know that to be the case, but that's the way it looks. I find that disappointing, to put it mildly, for four reasons. First, it's just sound management to avoid, or minimize the duration of, a vacancy in leadership and uncertainty about future leadership. We'll never know whether the Orioles might have signed one or more of the Three Amigos if they had a President and/or GM in place, but it sure wouldn't have hurt to have had someone who could tell them and their people, "I'm going to be running this team for the next few years. I'm going to build a winner, and here's how I see _______ fitting in." Second, there's an awful lot of of work for a person coming from outside the organization. Front office, scouting, playing and coaching/instructing personnel to evaluate and make hiring/firing/promotion/salary decisions on. Planning for the 40-man roster and whom to non-tender. Organizational elements to study and retain, alter or discard. Budgets to prepare. An analytics group to augment, orient and expand. I just assume that all those decisions will be made better, and improvement will come sooner, if there's more time to make them. Third, according to everything I've read, one of Peter Angelos's many shortcomings was a chronic inability to make prompt decisions. When his sons seem to display the same inability, as well as to continue Peter's frustrating unwillingness to talk to the media or directly to the team's fans about what is going on, that fuels my fears that the new bosses may turn out to be the same as the old boss in important and destructive ways. (A related but separate point. One of the Orioles' problems in recent years has been the lack of clarity, to other teams with which they might make deals and to their own disillusioned fans, as to who was in charge -- Peter? Duquette? Brady? Brady and Buck? Peter and John? Brady and Peter? That situation has changed, but it remains as murky as ever. Part of the problem is the consistent suggestion that John and Lou are in control. How does that work if they disagree? That division of authority won't fly under the MLB Constitution and practices, and MLB reportedly has told the Angeloses to vest final authority in a single person.) Fourth, and I hadn't realized this until this week, I retain enough optimism that I look to the signing of a President (and, to a lesser extent, a GM) for reassurance that the Angeloses are honest and credible when they say the new hire(s) will have full authority for the rebuild, without their meddling, and that the Orioles are going to invest significantly more resources in international free agents, scouting and analytics. I believe the Angeloses are telling candidates that, but I have concerns, to put it mildly, that those candidates will take their word for it. Given the Orioles' history, and John and Lou's lack of a track record of spending on those things or deferring to baseball experts (other than complicity in and silence about their father's quarter-century of meddling), why should they? I'm hoping, maybe naively, for the hiring of a President and/or GM with a sterling reputation, who should have other current or near-term options to run an MLB team, as a sign that the Angeloses have convinced at least one or two discerning people that they intend to, and are likely to, live up to the promises of non-interference and investment in international talent, scouting and analytics. On the other hand, the slow progress that's being made makes me concerned that some very strong candidates aren't buying those promises, or that they're being made half-heartedly. Not a good sign. I hope I'm wrong about almost all of this. Maybe there will be a great hire(s) announced tomorrow (a World Series travel day), and he or she will start re-making the Orioles right away. And maybe Chris Davis will make a big comeback in 2019.
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    Forgive my ignorance, I haven’t been reading many threads here. It is obvious that the Orioles are moving very slowly this off-season. Is this just the way Angelos brothers are moving, or is this an indication that more is happening? Specifically, is all of this and indication of an ownership change? The lack of explanation for what is happening, as far as I have seen at least, is suspicious to me. Is there any “news” about this either way?
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    I saw him play a couple of times with Norfolk in Durham. If I’m not mistaken, the April ‘09 game was Wieters’ first for Norfolk.
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    The real statement was accruing the most International money, and whiffing on the big 3 that were left.
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    Anyone else remember when the O's had Justin Turner?
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    This doesn't bother me at all. Now if they go into the second week of November without naming some folks that will change my mind.
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    They are not crazy at all. You have to think that the people they are interviewing are asking those type of questions. If it were me, I would ask for an update on Peter's health. Would be have tempted to say if Pete is still breathing I am not interested, or at least at a minimum you need everything including roles/responsibilities, the limits on your decision making before I signed on with the O's.
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    You combine Miami and Tampa attendance, and they still don't make the top 20. As long as there is baseball in Florida, baseball in Baltimore is safe.
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    An update from what front office? The one that know one even knows who's running it. Other teams that are run a hell of alot better than the Orioles aren't this secretive when it comes to news. After a horrible season and a ton of questionable trades, I don't think it's entitlement to want some answers as to the direction of this franchise.
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    Any statements that even remotely suggest passion, vision, course, commitment to the fanbase/customer from the Princes. But, who knows, maybe the "Vatican selecting a new Pope" marketing strategy might work....I will thus be forced to wait for the white smoke from the Warehouse and will keep my powder dry....lol.
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    Eh, I think you can measure each free agent separately and each has their own level of risk (which of course is non-zero). That said, the Orioles are not a team with a substantial amount of room for error when it comes to free agents. They have to be more cautious than say the Yankees or Red Sox, or the Dodgers or a handful of other teams. Being wrong on Cruz would be crippling. This is exactly why signing Trumbo and Davis were bad moves as well. Cruz had only once prior to 2014 played at least 150 games and in 2014 put up arguably his best statistical season, at age 34. It's not out of the question to think that signing a guy out to his 38th birthday has a higher chance of ending in disaster. That it didn't is pure luck, and Seattle should thank its lucky stars. The problem coming out of 2014 was that the team had no infrastructure for long term success. I see no reason why "going for it" in 2015 would have ended any other way than it did. It's hard to accept, but the window closed after 2014, managing the aftermath was crucial, and obviously whoever was in charge didn't manage that task right. There's this myth that if only they had gone all in after 2014 they'd have won something. The team went wire to wire in 1997, and went all in for 1998. How did that turn out? When the window closes, it closes. The best you can do is begin a new window.
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    Pretty much agree. The Orioles under Duquette were well known for seemingly intentional leaks. He'd say one thing, they'd do another. Or he'd say one thing, Angelos would do another, perhaps. Roch has been pretty straightforward in saying they are intentionally giving the press nothing, and conducting a lot of business outside of Baltimore. If true, we can debate on whether or not that's good or bad, but it's seems to be how they're operating at the moment. MLB itself has attempted to get something out of the brothers due to the lack of information. They just don't talk to the press, period. If there was true incompetence at play, the press would know and there'd be rumors aplenty. It's hard to say. I find it somewhat intriguing how they're going about it. We'll see if they truly have no idea what's going on, or if it's a new era of tight-lipped competence. Obviously, track record would have you lean one way.
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    So...a guy approaching his mid 30s, with a history of injury (and positive PED tests) was a good bet for a big contract? I mean come on. The only way anyone would have known he was going to play like he did in Seattle was if they had a crystal ball. The O's cannot afford to bet on players like Cruz with anything more than a one year flyer deal.
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    It doesn't matter what a new owner (or the current owner) of the Orioles wants to do. The MLB owners will not, at least for the next decade or so, permit the Orioles to move. MLB wants to expand to 32 teams. At least to us outsiders, right now the most attractive expansion cities -- the ones that should bring to MLB's owners the highest expansion team entry fees -- appear to be Portland and Nashville. What is holding up expansion (and has for years) are the messy situations in Tampa and Oakland. Each of those teams will stay if it can get a decent ballpark built; at some point, if either or both can't, MLB will support that team's relocation and blame it on the state/county/city governments' failure to help them get a decent place to play. Until those situations get worked out, any other team that wants to move will have to wait in line, and by the time it gets reached -- around ten years from now, I would think -- a lot of owners will still be reluctant to permit MLB to abandon a decent-sized city with a long baseball history and a great stadium, especially if it appears that the team's lousy attendance and revenues are in large part the result of fielding a lousy time for most of the past three decades. By then, it's very likely Nashville will have been taken.
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    You thought I'd post Marvin Gaye....
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    For the love of god just let the kids play. No more replacement level type signings/players like Gentry, Valencia, and Alvarez. It's bad enough that we still have Trumbo and Davis on the roster.
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    https://bizfluent.com/info-12110530-much-salary-major-league-baseball-scout-make.html "National Salary Averages The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median salary of $31,460 for professional coaches and scouts in the United States, based on 2016 data. The 25th to 75th percentile pay range is $20,860 to $49,110 a year. The 10th percentile salary is $18,120 and the 90th percentile figure is $71,940. These figures take into account both full-time and part-time positions." https://www.salaryexpert.com/salary/job/baseball-scout/united-states https://www.quora.com/How-much-is-a-MLB-scout-paid-on-average
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    Oh, I agree with you, I am just trying to answer OP's question with a possible path. Some reputable places have compared Diaz to Lorenzo Cain. Not AJ or Markakis, but a different kind of player. I like the idea of building around guys who can catch the ball.
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    ..and it would be even better if his mom sells sea shells by the sea shore ; )
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    To the surprise of nobody, the O’s got no Gold Glove nominations in 2018. I believe it’s the first time since Rawlings started announcing three nominees per position that we failed to have at least one. Nick Markakis was a nominee in RF in the NL.
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    I think he has been told to get serious about his conditioning by two other organizations for years.
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    That offseason was the worst in Orioles history. The failure to add absolutely anything to a division, ALDS winning team is the biggest fail in Orioles management history, imho. I was in favor of retaining Nick and Nelson Cruz even at four years for both. But the larger problem for me was not improving the team at all that winter when our window was open widest. I would love to have seen Nick and Adam finish their careers as Orioles...we are losing anyway, so it would at least be good as a fan to have them as Orioles.
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    Don't worry, the Orioles are the most likely team to buck the trend!
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    o I like these often-maligned uniforms. I'm not sure that they are necessarily my favorite, but I like 'em. o
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    >implying that Davis and Trumbo never get picked on
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    I think there is a huge difference between 17 and 19.
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    Probably not many, but two were 17 and the Cuban OF’er is 18, so younger that Álvarez or Urrutia.
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    RF and OBP have been a joke for the Orioles since he left. They had no replacement plan and he was a fan favorite. Typical.
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    This is an exchange I’ve been thinking about for years, and decided I would dredge up once Nick Markakis completed his contract with the Braves. Nick ended up being valued at 6.7 rWAR, 5.6 fWAR in his four years with the Braves. By Fangraphs’ methodology, he was worth $46.1 mm, compared to the $44 mm he was paid. I was not in favor of giving Nick a four-year deal, but in hindsight, I wish we’d matched the Braves’ offer. Yes, he did play 155 games a year — in fact, he played 156, 158, 160 and 162. Would I have preferred that to the merry-go-round we witnessed in RF the last four years? You’re damned right I would!
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    One thing to remember, without saying how useful this approach is, the Orioles do a whole lot of scouting with associate scouts. My understanding is their use of associate scouts is a bit heavier than other teams. I would assume this will change, but generally makes sense if your international program is more about finding failures in other organizations than actually going out and working relationships. For instance, I am aware of four scouts who are not listed here who are associate scouts who get paid a couple grand a month to funnel players towards guys like Koo and others. During MacPhail's time, people I know in the DR and Venezuela said that the Orioles appeared to often lack representation at any local event. Now, they have one or two guys at everything. They simply never make big plays on the players.
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    TBF - men were MEN back in the day and this was the norm, IMO! 😇 (Is that "politically" incorrect? If so I own it and apologize, but I was kidding).
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    Actually, when you look at Nick's performance in Atlanta and what the Orioles got out of right field, neither are impressive. Nick's OPS+ in Atlanta was 105 and when you use things like Baseball References Wins Above Average to compare WAA by position neither the Braves or Orioles had anything to crow about over the last four years. Was Nick better than what the Orioles ran out there, on average? Yes. But Nick's value was below average over for a RF over those four years. I think the hard truth is that the Orioles should have found a better right fielder than Nick, not resigned Nick. edit: Link: https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/team_compare.cgi?request=1&year=2018&lg=MLB Clicking back through the years of Nick's deal is interesting.
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