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    The Orioles will be interested in free agents this winter but only after the markets sets itself and we only have the leftovers to dig through? I for one am shocked and don't think I've ever seen such a strategy employed in the history of this franchise! This changes everything!
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    If Susac starts Opening Day, I nominate @Can_of_corn to write my eulogy because I am gonna either have a stroke or make the beer vendors very rich and my liver very unhappy.
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    One day, and that day may never come, I may call upon him to do a service for me...
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    Stealing this for future use
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    Updated 4/11 Orioles Depth Chart 2017-18 Tracker Hope you all don't mind if I do this again. I had fun with it last year. Here's what I got so far: ADDITIONS: Acquisitions: 3B Rio Ruiz - 12/10 Claimed off waivers from ATL SS/2B Richie Martin - 12/13 Selected by BAL in the Rule5 draft from OAK C Jesus Sucre - 2/1 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/25 Contract selected RP Nate Karns - 2/7 Signed to MLB contract (1/$800K) SS Hanser Alberto - 1/11 Claimed from NYY -- 2/19 DFA'd; claimed by SFG -- 3/1 Claimed from SFG OF Dwight Smith Jr. - 3/8 Traded for int'l slot money to TOR C Pedro Severino - 3/23 Claimed off waivers from WAS SP Dan Straily - 4/5 Signed to MLB contract (1/$575K) OF Christopher Bostick - 11/14 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA SS Zach Vincej - 11/18 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA RP Josh Lucas - 11/28 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA SS Sean Miller - 12/19 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA C Carlos Perez - 1/7 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA 3B/SS Jack Reinheimer - 1/28 Claimed off waivers from TEX -- 2/7 DFA'd; outrighted -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA RP Taylor Grover - 12/13 Selected by BAL in the AAA phase of the Rule5 draft from CIN -- 3/30 Assigned to AA C Cael Brockmeyer - 1/7 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AA SP Tyler Herb - 3/23 Traded from SFG for OF Mike Yasztremski -- 3/30 Assigned to AA 3B Jesmuel Valentin - 4/11 Signed to MiLB contract, assigned to AA 2B Yeltsin Gudino - 3/28 Traded from TOR -- 3/30 Assigned to A+ RP Jalen Miller - 3/8 Signed to MiLB contract-- 3/30 Assigned to A RP David Lebron - 2/24 Traded for int'l slot money to TEX -- 3/30 Assigned to Extended ST RP Xavier Moore - 3/3 Traded for int'l slot money to MIN -- 3/30 Assigned to Extended ST C Lenin Rodriguez - 3/19 Traded for int'l slot money to PHI -- 3/30 Assigned to Extended ST C Samy Apolinar - 3/20 Signed to MiLB contract (bolded players are currently on the Orioles' 40-man roster) Re-signed Players: RP Gabriel Ynoa - 10/31 Outrighted, re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA RP Sean Gilmartin - 10/31 Outrighted, elected FA -- 11/2 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA 3B/LF Jace Peterson - 10/31 Outrighted, elected FA -- 11/20 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AAA SP Christian Alvarado - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AA SP/RP Chris Lee - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AA C Martin Cervenka - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AA 3B/2B Anderson Feliz - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to AA RP Francisco Jimenez - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to A+ 1B Ryan Ripken - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to A+ C Daniel Fajardo - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 3/30 Assigned to A International: OF Isaac Bellony (16, DO, $220,000) - 8/20 Signed to MiLB contract SS Moises Ramírez (16, DO, $225,000) - 8/20 Signed to MiLB contract OF J'Rudjeanon Isenia (16, NED, $125,000) - 8/20 Signed to MiLB contract OF Damien Valdez (16, DO, $200,000) - 8/20 Signed to MiLB contract RP Carlos del Rosario (19, DO) - 8/28 Signed to MiLB contract RP Kelvin LaRoche (19, DO) - 10/25 Signed to MiLB contract OF Kevin Infante (18, CUB) - 10/25 Signed to MiLB contract OF Angel Gomez (17, VEN) - 10/25 Signed to MiLB contract SS Gilbert Machado (17, VEN) - 10/25 Signed to MiLB contract RP Hector Lopez (18, PAN) - 12/7 Signed to MiLB contract C Lians Beato (18, DO) - 12/25 Signed to MiLB contract RP Alexander Ayala (17, CUB) - 1/5 Signed to MiLB contract RP Oscar Pierret - (18, DO) - 2/17 Signed to MiLB contract RP Jordany Vasquez - (18, DO) - 2/17 Signed to MiLB contract RP Yan Lara - (19, DO) - 2/17 Signed to MiLB contract RP Jesus Chavez - (18, DO) - 2/21 Signed to MiLB contract RP Enmanuel Gutierrez - (17, VEN) - 3/6 Signed to MiLB contract RP Juan de los Santos - (16, DO) - 3/7 Signed to MiLB contract RP Eduard Monroy - (17, VEN) - 3/12 Signed to MiLB contract IF Michael Mantecon - (17, CUB, $30,000) - 3/25 Signed to MiLB contract RP Joel Benitez - (19, DO) - 4/7 Signed to MiLB contract OF Stiven Acevedo - (16, DO) - 4/8 Signed to MiLB contract C Deiby Ramirez - (26, DO) - 4/8 Signed to MiLB contract Internal Movement: CL Brandon Kline - 10/30 Contract selected SP Dillon Tate - 11/20 Contract selected 2B/SS Drew Jackson - 12/13 Selected by PHI in the Rule5 draft from LAD, traded to BAL -- 4/6 DFA'd returned to LAD OF Mark Trumbo - 3/25 Placed on 60DL RP Matt Wotherspoon - 4/4 Contract selected -- 4/6 DFA'd; outrighted RP Pedro Araujo - 4/3 Returned Rule 5 pick to CHC; traded back to BAL for int'l slot money 3B Steve Wilkerson - 3/23 DFA'd -- 3/30 Outrighted to AAA IF Engelb Vielma - 11/20 DFA'd; outrighted -- 3/30 Assigned to Extended ST (visa issues) OF Trey Whitley - 1/25 Placed on restricted list SP Willie Rios - 3/1 Placed on restricted list (bolded players are currently on the Orioles' 40-man roster) SUBTRACTIONS: Free Agents: RP Eddie Gamboa - 11/2 Elected FA C Audry Perez - 11/2 Elected FA C Steel Russell - 11/2 Elected FA 2B Sharlon Schoop - 11/2 Elected FA LF/CF D'Arby Myers - 11/2 Elected FA OF L.J. Hoes (DNP) - 11/2 Elected FA Losses: RP Alex Katz - 10/18 Released -- 11/8 Signed to MiLB contract with CWS SP Ryan O'Rourke - 11/2 Elected FA -- 11/15 Signed to MiLB contract with NYM DH Pedro Alvarez - 6/19 Outrighted -- 10/9 Elected FA -- 12/3 Signed to MiLB contract with MIA RP Jeffeson Medina - 11/16 Signed to MiLB contract -- 12/13 Selected by TEX in Rule 5 draft 2B Corban Joseph - 10/31 Outrighted, re-signed to MiLB contract -- 12/13 Selected by OAK in Rule 5 draft OF Randolph Gassaway - 12/13 Selected by PIT in Rule 5 draft 1B Wilson Garcia - 9/26 Re-signed to MiLB contract -- 12/13 Selected by CLE in Rule 5 draft 1B/3B Aderlin Rodriguez - 11/2 Elected FA -- 12/22 Signed to MiLB contract with SDP RP Ryan Meisinger - 12/10 DFA'd, claimed by STL -- 12/21 DFA'd; outrighted to Memphis IF Breyvic Valera - 1/4 DFA'd; traded to SFG SS/2B Tim Beckham - 11/30 Non-tendered -- 1/10 Signed by SEA (1/$1.75M) SS Erick Salcedo - 11/2 Elected FA -- 1/15 Signed to MiLB contract with LAA SS/2B Luis Sardinas - 7/6 Outrighted -- 10/2 Elected FA -- 1/23 Signed to MiLB contract with WAS RP Austin Brice - 1/4 Claimed off waivers from LAA -- 1/28 DFA'd; claimed by MIA SS/2B Adrian Marin - 11/2 Elected FA -- 1/30 Signed with Winnipeg of IND American Association OF John Andreoli - 10/31 DFA'd; claimed by SEA -- 1/10 Claimed by TEX -- 1/29 Claimed by SFG -- 2/5 Outrighted C Caleb Joseph - 11/30 Non-tendered -- 2/13 Signed by ARI (split 1/$1.1M) RF/LF Craig Gentry - 8/31 DFA'd and released -- 2/15 Signed to MiLB contract by SFG RP Andrew Faulkner - 11/2 Elected FA -- 2/16 Signed to MiLB contract by LAD RP Elvis Araujo - 7/26 Released -- 2/18 Signed to MiLB contract by MIA SP Tim Melville - 11/2 Elected FA -- 3/1 Signed with Long Island of IND Atlantic League RP Donnie Hart - 3/1 DFA'd; claimed by LAD RP Josh Osich - 2/19 Claimed off waivers from SFG -- 3/8 DFA'd; claimed by CWS CF Adam Jones - 11/2 Elected FA -- 3/10 Signed by ARI (1/$3M) SS Alcides Escobar - 2/16 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/20 Released -- 3/22 Signed to MiLB contract with CWS C Armando Araiza - 11/2 Elected FA -- 3/21 Signed with Diablos Rojas of the Mexican League 2B/SS Ruben Tejada - 11/2 Elected FA -- 3/23 Signed to MiLB contract by NYM OF Mike Yasztremski - 3/23 Traded to SFG for SP Tyler Herb OF Eric Young, Jr. - 2/11 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/22 Released -- 3/27 Signed MiLB contract with SEA C Andrew Susac - 1/11 DFA'd; outrighted -- 4/2 Traded to KCR for cash SP Michael Kelly - 11/2 Elected FA -- 4/3 Signed with Southern MD of IND Atlantic League CL Jhan Marinez - 10/3 Elected FA -- 4/4 Signed with Diablos Rojas of Mexican League 1B Garabez Rosa - 11/2 Elected FA -- 4/4 Signed with Leones of Mexican League OF Dariel Alvarez - 11/2 Elected FA -- 4/4 Signed with Toros of Mexican League RP Omar Bencomo - 1/17 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/20 Released -- 4/4 Signed with Tecolotes of Mexican League (bolded players currently on another team's 40-man roster) Released: RP Jeff Ferrell - 3/31 Released; DNP in 2018 RP Perci Garner - 6/6 Released; DNP in 2018 RP Jayson Aquino - 6/19 Released 3B/RF Danny Valencia - 8/10 DFA'd and released SP Lucas Humpal - 10/18 Released SP/RP Manuel Dominguez- 10/18 Released RP Matt Trowbridge - 10/18 Released RP Jose Diaz- 10/18 Released RP Christian Turnipseed - 10/18 Released; DNP in 2018 RP Mike Burke - 10/18 Released RP Nick Vichio - 10/18 Released RP Alirio Negrette - 10/18 Released; DNP in 2018 RP Patrick Baker - 10/18 Released; DNP in 2018 2B Milton Ramos- 10/18 Released LF Max Hogan - 10/18 Released DH Jaime Estrada - 10/18 Released OF Natanael Delgado - 10/19 Released IF Cam Kneeland - 11/5 Released C Carlos Mendez - 1/16 Released C Welbin Bautista - 1/16 Released 2B Tyler Coolbaugh - 1/16 Released C Chris Shaw - 1/16 Released 2B Frank Crinella - 1/16 Released C/1B Pat Leyland - 1/26 Released OF Markel Jones - 3/14 Released RP Bo Schultz - 1/11 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/20 Released 1B Guiyuan Xu - 3/25 Released RP D.J. Snelten - 3/25 Released C Joel Polanco - 3/27 Released RP Matt Grimes - 3/28 Released RP Gregory Infante - 1/7 Signed to MiLB contract -- 3/31 Released Retired: RP Kory Groves - 9/21 Retired 3B Drew Dosch - 1/3 Retired RP James Teague - 1/28 Retired 1B Jared Gates - 1/28 Retired C Brydan Arredondo - 2/7 Retired RP Max Knutson - 2/13 Retired
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    I wanted to share the news that my daughter (my only child) is pregnant! She's been trying for many years, so, I'm so extremely happy for her and her husband. 😃
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    MLB Network Set for Extensive Winter Meetings Coverage From Las Vegas, Starting This Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET MLB General Managers Alex Anthopoulos, Rick Hahn, Dayton Moore & Mike Rizzo Join MLB Network’s Brian Kenny & Dan O’Dowd for Business of Baseball Roundtable CohnReznick to Serve as Presenting Sponsor for All Winter Meetings Coverage Across MLB Media December 3, 2018 – MLB Network will produce extensive coverage of the 2018 Baseball Winter Meetings in Las Vegas later this week, with insiders Peter Gammons, Jon Heyman, Ken Rosenthal, Joel Sherman and Tom Verducci reporting live across more than 45 hours of on-site programming. For the first time, coverage of the Winter Meetings across all of MLB’s media platforms will be presented by the advisory, assurance, and tax firm CohnReznick. As part of the collaboration, MLB Network will produce a new series, Business of Baseball, which will explore the strategic issues franchises tackle on and off the field, such as enhancing the fan experience or leveraging data and analytics. The series will begin with MLB’s first-ever GM roundtable conversation with Alex Anthopoulos (Atlanta Braves), Rick Hahn (Chicago White Sox), Dayton Moore (Kansas City Royals) and Mike Rizzo (Washington Nationals), moderated by MLB Network host Brian Kenny and analyst and former GM Dan O’Dowd. Excerpts from the discussion will be featured across MLB Network programming this week, followed by a one-hour show on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET. “Baseball is more than a game, it’s a business built on a foundation of strategy and leadership. That is why we are proud to support this unique content, taking fans behind the scenes to understand the business side of America’s pastime,” said Frank Longobardi, CEO of CohnReznick. Interviews with club managers and general managers, insights into club strategy, and player analysis from MLB Network’s Mark DeRosa, Kevin Millar, Dan Plesac and Harold Reynolds will be featured across programming and social content from Las Vegas, beginning with MLB Tonight on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Each of MLB Network’s offseason studio shows will air live on-site from Monday, Dec. 10 through Thursday, Dec. 13, beginning with Hot Stove at 9:00 a.m. ET, followed by High Heat with Christopher Russo, MLB Now, Intentional Talk and MLB Tonight. In exclusive social-first content produced each day, MLB Network’s on-air personalities will also offer their takes on player trades and signings, and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Winter Meetings, including the PBEO Job Fair and the Baseball Trade Show. MLB Network’s coverage will also feature the Today’s Game Era election results announcement from the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday, Dec. 9 during MLB Tonight. Harold Baines, Albert Belle, Joe Carter, Will Clark, Orel Hershiser, Davey Johnson, Charlie Manuel, Lou Piniella, Lee Smith and George Steinbrenner were named last month as the candidates for the Today’s Game Era Committee’s consideration for the Class of 2019. MLB Network’s complete programming schedule and a link to its authenticated live stream are available at www.MLBNetwork.com.
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    @Tony-OH, I'm wondering, how many solid major leaguers we can expect from the top ten... based on your experience from past years' top tens?
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    He'll be our opening day catcher.
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    Could you bring that one over to the "Get Rid of Brady" threads please?
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    I like his curveball. Interested to see how he does. The fact that he seemed to adjust is promising and pretty much what he's done at every level, no? Ceiling is a Bud Norris good year.
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    Would it have helped if I'd used a larger font or bold for Sisco?
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    It's a promotional world, run by the '47 Franchise. They absolutely want to see the Orioles continue to win 47 games a year. Why they even have it on the hat I'm wearing right now. I'n what world did a company know how many wins my team would have and be able to put em on the hat I bought before the season even started????? I'm telling ya...the '47 Franchise is what world Susac is starting over Sisco, Wynns or anyone else in Baltimore. And for the record....yeah, it's a Boston based company. 👽
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    Not going to lie, skipping Fanfest because he was basically holding out over a long term deal only be traded and DFA'd by the team that acquired him the following off season is quite a fall. Saying that, If Schoop could be gotten for a 1yr $3mil, I'd sign him for 2B.
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    In what world is Susac starting over Sisco or Wynns in Baltimore?
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    I agree with this. There's really no need for a veteran catcher. At some point you have to see what you have in Sisco and Wynns. No point in bringing in a veteran to take away at bats from those two guys.
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    I guess he won't have the opportunity to skip the Brewer's FanFest...
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    Fixed that! 😇 But wondering if he got slower as he leaned or as he aged or a combination or neither or nor??? Personally, I hate the (in no particular order) wrinkles, age spots, hanging flesh, turkey waddle neck, extra hair in weird places that you can hardly see, and oh yeah the eyesight. Thank god for MJ or I'd be worried about losing hair also.
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    That would depend on the Phillies' thoughts on Hernandez and Franco...and Machado's willingness to play third. Machado would be an upgrade on Franco and Segura's played 2B and could slide over in place of Hernandez.
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    I've also seen them assist with the transition of helping a player go from his batting gloves to his baserunning gloves. Sometimes even when the guy hits a double and is standing over 90 feet away! That should probably be left to true professionals.
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    If you want a cheap veteran presence with acceptable defense and a light bat, then just keep Caleb Joseph. I don't necessarily agree with Roch that the O's "need" to bring in a veteran catcher. They absolutely don't. It might be a good idea, but I'm pretty confident in Wynns out there man. He looks every bit the part of a catcher in control out there. I'd just as soon roll with him.
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    There's not much else to talk about in terms of 2019 roster construction. Folks have to say something. lol MSK
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    You don't include O'Day in the Gausman trade if you are expecting to run a 100M payroll the following year.
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    Haha. Yeah, it's amazing how broad the description can be for developers. I would bet that if someone knows all these programming languages, their HTML and CSS doesn't look pretty. I'm sure they can write it, but presentation and accessibility is another story. This would be my dream job, but I'm on the Front-End and not quite up to speed on all of those languages.
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    I remember when Pudge Rodriguez and Barry Bonds and David ORtiz got "Lean."
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    I noticed Davis was leaner as the season progressed, but if so I think it was probably an attempt to lose bulk on purpose. Pretending to be the Hulk has obviously not worked the past few years.
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    The Brewers GM straight up said that it was a bad move on his part. I like Schoop, but I'd pass. Low OBP, he's the type of guy we're trying to get away from.
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    Especially if, as some here suggest, his muscles aren't as "toned".
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    So does the MLB team currently based out of Baltimore................................
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    Some players earn rings. Like Dave McNally for example who some on this board believe Brady Anderson was as good a player as. Who pitched a complete game shutout against Don Drysdale in 1966 to win a sweep of the World Series. Who hit a home run in the 1969 World Series in game 5. Who hit a grand slam and pitched a complete game win in game 3 in the 1970 World Series win. Who pitched a 3 hitter and another complete game win in the 1971 World Series. Who won 15 games in a row to start the season and fuel the 1969 AL championship team. While I agree that rings are certainly team efforts, Dave McNally was out on that mound by himself pitching complete game shutouts and hitting grand slams in the World Series ...pretty daggone individual efforts right there. But, sure, some players don’t earn rings.
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    I wonder if tanking will ever become accepted enough for there to be "tanking specialist" managers who hop from tank to tank, assisting with player development and scouting before being unloaded as the team becomes competitive. At the very least, the league should be smart enough not to look down on managers who struggle with an obviously non-competitive team.
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    I heard some of it. Updated version of letting the market percolate. Not in on big guys. See what's left. Seems like the only logical approach to me. Should be lots happening next week.
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    Your plan might be fine. I don't have a plan, I'm leaving it to Elias.
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    Well then, I was wrong. But it sounded good to me!
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    o ONE YEAR LATER (December 1st, 2018) The Knights lost Archie Griffin Award winner McKenzie Milton for the season last week in the season finale against South Florida. Subsequently, they needed a big game from 2nd-string Freshman QB Darriel Mack, Jr. in today's AAC Championship game against Memphis State ........ and got one. Knights Win Back-to-Back AAC Championships, Now at 25-0 (By Joseph Klawe-Genao) http://knightnews.com/2018/12/ucf-knights-back-to-back-american-conference-champions-now-at-25-0/ o
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    There’s an echo chamber on here about Brady Anderson ... I don’t think any of it’s warranted. I’m not sure where anyone gets it that Brady is the root of all evil and is ruining this franchise.
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    I kinda said it before. But we need to accept - at least the possibility- that Brady isn't as bad as we think he is. If Elias sees value...well, maybe there's value.
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    It is speculation. Our own biases determine that Brady must go to prove Elias is in control. But it is almost bizarre to think that Elias agreed to take this job without crossing the Brady and Davis questions in order to flesh out just how much control he would have. Elias and the Angelosons have stated that he will have full control. If he exercises that to include Brady then it becomes his responsibility to utilize him and he does so knowing that to some, he would be seen as keeping Brady because he has too. By the same token, firing him to prove his power, would be somewhat insecure. I'm fine trusting him to do what is best either way. The early evidence certainly suggests he wants his own people and I personally wonder if Brady can ever really be that to anyone in Baltimore. But I am not the one making that call and I feel pretty comfortable saying I don't think it was preordained by the Angelosons. I think we will see the answer very well over time.
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    Yup,Brady is like the son-in law that the ownership tells to keep on when they get a new guy in charge.He is family.He came here for the challenge and trying to put an organization together from top to bottom. Guy loves a challenge.
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    Mejdal needs time to code the algorithm to calculate Elias' odds of success with Brady in the picture. That's my theory.
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    Yeah....no. If we're all aboard the Elias train and Elias sees value in Brady, we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. If Elias is reading OH and is like "Yup, these dorks on a message board want Brady gone, I'm letting him go Friday," then...Elias is a dunce. And we know Elias is not a dunce. And if Elias IS reading this....hey man, hit me up. I'll start off at the lowest rungs of the organization and work my way up. Seriously, just gimme a shot.
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    Well, maybe we're wrong and Brady is actually a competent guy and Elias sees value in him? It's possible. And then if he keeps Brady on, do we give Elias the benefit of the doubt or is that strike one against him? Waiting for Frobby to tell us how bored he is of this
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    12/1 Elias calls Brady, goes to voicemail 12/2 Elias texts Brady 12/3 Brady texts Lou Angelos; Brady returns Mike's call 12/4 Elias and Brady meet for coffee, Brady orders kale juice
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    As with most scouting directors, you really can't make an assessment until about 5 or 6 years after their last draft.
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