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    Here’s to warm sunshine and joyful days ahead! Go Os!!
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    I read the incredible volume one of the Mark Lewisohn Beatles bio when it came out, but on a whim, I started rereading the updated '68 Hunter Davies book this month. By chance yesterday, I ended the chapter that's when they are preparing to leave England for the U.S. Last night the girls and I watched the Complete Beatles Ed Sullivan Show performances DVD (commercials and other guests included). I got to see The Ed Sullivan Theatre in '93 and '94 at the start of David Letterman's run there (was at two tapings). It felt like at the time the most important and relevant place in my life (as a musician) that I'd ever visited.
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    I'd like to be a pirate A pirate's life for me All my friends are pirates and they sail the BBC I got a Jolly Roger It's a black and white and vast So get our your skull and crossbones and run it up your mast
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    I’d see it as a way of making frequent, mid-inning pitcher substitutions somewhat less appealing for managers, in addition to speeding up the game in and of itself. Basically, it might go a significant way toward doing what the proposed three-batter-minimum would accomplish.
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    Well, if McCartney had listened to his father, it would have been "yes" because "yeah, yeah, yeah" was too "American." ✌️ Yesterday was exactly 55 years since the Sullivan show, and "She Loves You"
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    Another milestone. Here's to many more, Mike. Happy birthday!!!
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    Hear hear! May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be forever at your back! Hang on for the ride!
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    Oh, I am going to miss Joe. Probably caught a 100 games a year on radio. TV sound down. Radio up. Go ahead, Joe. Don’t know what I’ll do now, with at least a 3-5 rebuild ahead. Joe made the last half of the 14 year rebuild bearable. This is just as bad as when Jon Miller was let go, and Mel and Brother Lowh. Oh, no. Don’t forget Brooksie. In their stead, we get Hunter, Cerone and Bordo. Not saying the circumstances are the same. If this is Joe’s choice, he know’s the grind ahead, and he is due for a rest. I traveled at least 2 nights a week for 11 months a year for 16 years. Bus rides, taxi rides, bag drags, airport hassles, motels, no home cooked meals, getting in at 5AM after a 16 hour day including all of the above. I loved my job, too, but when my employer said I could retire, I did so with a smile. I hope he saved a penny or two along the way and finances are not a concern. I remember Cerone. Don’t know how he got the job. A dyed in the wool Yankee. Always talking about them. Thankfully gone after a year. Ken Levine. Another personality that was in over his head as a talking head. I heard a story that Jon Miller was not impressed and basically said,”I have to go to the can.”and left Levine holding the mike for 45 minutes. Thankfully gone after a year, too. Baltimore has been fortunate in having a stellar quartet of pbp announcers on radio in their 65 year MLB history. Ernie Harwell, Chuck, Jon Miller and Joe. Very fortunate.
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    I dunno man, I'm having a lot of fun. For the first time there's a real plan to be a first class organization that is, well, organized. It's freeing. There's no specter of false "competition". We can track all the new cool stuff that is implemented all year. There's structure, there's the promise of collaboration, analytics, fresh coaches out of college ball, a new manager and just seeing a new face in Buck's place is interesting. Some really interesting prospects to follow who will arrive this year. It's a good time!
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    To the shock of everyone, the Orioles are expected to be lousy. Their projected record is 57-105. The Tigers have the next lousiest projected record at 67-95. Here is the team page. Here is the main page.
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    Right on! May the next 60 be as good as the first 60!
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    Happy birthday! 60 used to seem old until I got to 40. Now it doesn't seems so bad.
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    I tackled this myself last week (before the Karns signing): https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/02/06/spring-training-nears-many-orioles-roster-spots-accounted/ I'm surprised Trezza doesn't list Paul Fry among the expected relievers, or even among the candidates fighting for a spot. Fry was pretty much the setup man for Givens in August and September last year. I think he's close to a lock. Also I'd put Hess way ahead of Yefry Ramirez for the fifth starter's spot. And I don't see Austin Hays making the Opening Day roster, although he could be up early in the season.
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    Well deserved! Happy Birthday Weams! Woohoo!
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    Late to the party, but Happy Birthday Weams and many happy returns of the day!
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    Now that all the thanks are done and you've replied to the thread. Happy birthday!
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    I don’t wanna be a pirate. My new friend. Welcome to America. 60 is the new 40. Thanks to all of you. And especially my wife.
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    Happy Birthday. Thanks for everything you do.
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    Big happy birthday, weams! 60 is only a number.
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    Just learned that 3 out of the top 4 players in ML history from a defensive WAR perspective are Orioles. #2 Belanger #3 Brooks #4 Cal https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/WAR_def_career.shtml
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    o WEAMS 60 WEAMS 60 WEAMS 60 o
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    Ah, the big Six-Oh, huh? Welcome to the club! And many happy returns!
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    Happy birthday Michael. Thanks for keeping this place running smoothly.
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    Happy Birthday, Michael! Thanks for everything.
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    Happy birthday, weams! Thanks for all you do!
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    Beat me to it! And I was just gonna post the Zepp version. Never heard that one!
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    Many happy returns of the day!
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    Angel is a native Spanish speaker. He was born in Colombia and didn't speak English until he was nine.
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    Decrease in effectiveness would be a feature of this rule change, not a bug, in my opinion.
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    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/sunday-notes-the-orioles-newest-pitcher-evokes-emerson-lake-palmer/ A short piece on Karns.
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    Actually, that is exactly the song that was in my mind when I made that point. I personally think that’s a very good song but it’s not their best by a wide margin but the same example applies to countless other songs that are drivel.
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    Kim Walker-Smith has a powerful voice!
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    If they offered it, they won’t walk away from it. As irritating as it would be if the Yankees get Manny, it’s really going to be irritating to see them getting him at a relative bargain.
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    The one upside might be that Hunter is more tolerable on the radio. A Hunter game on MASN is always a huge buzzkill.
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    I mute the tv. He’s awful. And people think he’s awful across all age groups too. Not sure why he keeps getting airtime. I get the homer thing but he has zero credibility. Hopefully he just does player announcing and that’s it. I can tolerate Bordick but Hunter gets the mute or turn the channel from me.
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    This chat is interesting, I followed Alberto with the Rangers, and he was an offensive black hole.The Rangers defense in general was bad enough that you can’t really laud Alberto. The quotes from fellow Rangers could easily be just teammate encouragement and “good press” The main thing to consider is that Martin and Jackson are rule five picks, and very important pieces of the team, in some capacity( depth, trade throw-in, daily regular) It is highly likely that they will both make the team, unless one of them is just awful in spring training. It looks like the guys with options will go down and the guys without actions will stay up( makes me sad for Steve Wilkerson. I’m a fan.) Remember the goal is not necessarily fielding the best players, but building a strong and deep system and organization.
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    This is going to be tough. So much Hunter. Praying that McDonald goes full time.
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    Looking for something else on youboob that I have a copy of, I clicked on this video for two obvious reasons... She has a tremendous voice! Not my kind of music but what a talent! Natalia Tsarikova.
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