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    You're pulse was 2 bpm off from a PEDed up Lance Armstrong? I call total BS
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    Saw a report of the breakdown: 2019 $20mm signing bonus, $10mm salary 2020-2028 $26mm annual salary 2029-2031 $22mm annual salary No opt-outs No deferred payments Full no trade clause
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    12/22/17 C Wilkin Grullon (18, DO) 12/28/17 RHP Miguel Tejada (17, DO) 1/5/18 LHP Edinson Lopez (19, DO) That's about all I came up with for last season.
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    I’m 61 and still waiting for my prime to arrive.
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    The entire team sucked last year, so I wouldn't look at his 2018 WAR as his new norm. Im not ready to write Jones off, as a COF. He did have a 2.6 WAR in 2017. I think he signs a 1 year deal with option, to play somewhere and prove he can still play.
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    I realize Spring Training just started and a lot could happen between now and the start of the season, including waiver additions/injuries but I thought it would be a fun exercise to make some predictions now and see how close we come. Here is mine: Catcher (2): Sisco, Wynns Infielders (7) Davis, Villar, Martin, Ruiz, Nunez, Escobar (IF/OF), Jackson (IF/OF) Outfielders (4) Stewart, Mullins, Rickard, Mancini I listed Mancini as an OF but I think he probably plays more DH and 1B. Jackson and Escobar could get occasional OF starts. Trumbo starts on the DL. Starting pitchers (5): Cobb, Bundy, Cashner, Hess, Rogers Relievers (7): Givens, Castro, Fry, Aruajo, Yacabonis, Ramirez, Scott Edited: Forgot that Aruajo has to stay on the roster for 45 days, so that bumps Brandon Kline to Triple A. Lot of guys are in the mix for the bullpen, but this my best guess. Bubble guys for me are Kline, Cody Carroll, Evan Phillips, and Donnie Hart. I'm guessing Karns and Bleier start out on the DL, but their statuses are really up in the air so they could easily bump some of the guys I have listed for the 25 man.
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    Gio's peripherals are pretty bad. He usually gives up a lot of baserunners - particularly in a weak NL East. K rate has been declining. It would be interesting to see if our FO believes something is there, but on the surface I expect our FO would avoid a pitcher with these credentials.
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    Did you happen to play football for Notre Dame in the mid 70’s?
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    It always annoys me when I hear about someone giving 150%, which is impossible. The scale only goes to 100. And nobody really does even that all the time.
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    He’s in a much different position than Villar. Anyway, I didn’t see the play in question, but it’s pretty normal not to run full speed to home if you can see that they’re not going to be able to throw you out. And Villar might not have anticipated that Diaz would try for 3B, which is an ill-advised thing to do with two outs unless you’re sure you can make it.
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    That last comment about not being a serious offer is what rubs fans the wrong way. The dude is set for life at 26 either way. How dare the Nats insult him with such a joke offer. I can't stand Heyman.
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    That's cool, I hope you're right. If the Orioles are better, our youngsters are contributing.
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    Best tweet I've seen yet regarding the Harper signing. https://twitter.com/DanMullen_ESPN/status/1101227970734231554?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1101227970734231554&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.espn.com%2F
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    A refreshing Maryland brewed beer with a hint of citrus and pine?
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    He wont last the 13 without becoming an albatross. Bad contract.
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    Yacabonis was really slingin’ heat. Has he always been able to throw this hard? He might be able to nail down a rotation spot after all.
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    Agreed. Was hoping the new regime would at least give him a look as a starter. Guess it is not to be.
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    It's been two years. Two. I think part of the issue is that players and agents haven't adapted to the changes that are taking place. That doesn't prove the system is "broken".
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    It’s working out OK in the end for the guys at the top of the food chain. Not so well for the 30+ middle class guys. But maybe they were overdue for a course correction.
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    Somebody is playing for our DSL team. They’re not cloning those players, so they must have signed them. Just taking a look at the players 19 and under on our DSL roster last year, I count 9 players who weren’t on the 2017 roster, 7 of whom were in their first year of pro ball (the other two had previously played for other teams). There probably are some age 20+ guys as well.
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    I watched his BP the other day and it wasn't even good. He looked like a AAA guy with a little strength pop.
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    Phillies announcers on Villar in the first inning, "He's still fighting for a starting position which is surprising given the Orioles depth chart." Do they even do any research? I hate lazy announcers. Even for a spring training game, do a little pregame work.
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    It is and we're to the point now that most teams are going away from a set closer. I was prepping for my annual fantasy draft this weekend and counted about 10 actual bonafide closers on MLB teams. Everyone else seems to be going the committee route. It's to the point where we had to change one of the categories in our league from just saves to saves+holds. All that said this conversation doesn't really pertain to the Orioles since they don't have a lock down reliever like Hader or Miller on their roster.
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    I'm all for bullpen innovation, but one of the reasons that a closer is saved for the ninth and not used in other leveraged situations is this: Say your starter is is cruising in a 2-0 game into the seventh. Then he let's a guy get on base, you feel he's tiring and you get a guy loose. Is it the closer or another reliever? Now as the reliever gets warm, runners are on the corners and the go ahead batter is up. You'd love to have your Rivera, Hoffman, Kimbrel, Jansen, etc in for this situation. So choosing your closer turns out great. Now let's say you got your closer up, but this time your starter rolls a double play and gets out of the seventh harmlessly. You either bring in your closer for the eighth, have him not come in, or warm him up again for the ninth if the score is close. Over 162 games you don't want your bullpen up and down multiple times a game. Point is, your highest leverage situation may only be known in hindsight. I agree with Moose in his hypothetical about the eighth. I wouldn't use my closer in a three run game unless he needs to get work in. And I'd never do it if he pitched the day before. If I was Hyde, I'd try to convert some of these fringe starters into 2-3 inning effort guys and recreate my roster that way.
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    I was like...wow, pretty sure Kevin Brown is an unfriendly douche, I hope he gets to work with Hunter.
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    Man wakes up from 30 year coma, discovers baseball's use of "closer". 😂
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    Both roles are very important. Some guys just cant handle the pressure of the "closer" tag/role.
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    Haven't seen much closer talk. I'm more of a fan of using your best reliever for the 2-3-4 batters in the 8th inning instead of the 5-6-7 guys in the 9th.
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    Harper might be a little bit - as Philadelphia and SF could be potential landing spots for him.
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    They're on the first page of this thread. Two from Venezuela.
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    And that doesn't change the fact that I am hoping he does.
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    Was that sarcasm?
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    Not disagreeing with your point at all, but Wright was a 3rd rounder. So, pretty high, even if not as high as Sisco's 2nd round selection.
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    Just a thought, but I honestly think Vlad Jr. could wind up generating more WAR than our top 3 hitters combined. I do think Toronto has more talent in both their lineup and starting rotation than we do.
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    Neither are Austin Wynns, Caleb Joseph and last but least Andrew Susac. It probably wasn't great for a rookie's confidence to send him to AAA from one of the worst teams in MLB history.
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    Guy couldn't even stick with the O's.
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    Davis does have some value to the Orioles this year. He’s going to play a key role in The Orioles getting the number one pick in 2020.
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    Yep, I think it's best for Wright to stick with these pitches. Enough with the 2seamer and the meh cutter.
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    Well, they've got some good players coming. They have a solid farm.
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    I have never been a huge Manny fan because of his attitude. His attitude has always rubbed me the wrong way. The Orioles are better off without Manny if you ask me.
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    Wait a minute... Is your argument that the Orioles should have paid more for Tejada to signal to the fan base they're serious players?
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    Uh, average salaries are still down year over year at a time when profits are growing. The system ain't fixed.
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    And it is possible that the O's evaluation of the value of that seventh year of team control varies from yours.
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