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    Buck's teams was the best in the AL for five years. I know people like to kick the dude, he was far from perfect, but he was a good manager.
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    1) Are you a fan of anyone? 2) If you do a search on your posts that include the word Davis you get 471 results.
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    Hard to find many reasons to actually watch this team. I understand the reasons here... but my dear lord you wanna talk about cringeworthy. This is about as abysmal a 25 man roster as is humanly possible.
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    To San Fran for a minor league relief pitcher. The Giants seem to want anyone who has ever worn an Oriole uniform on their team. Seems like a dubious strategy to me. Yaz wasn't going to get playing time in Norfolk with Stewart, Hays [before he got hurt], and Santander down there, possibly Diaz too. And at his age, after doing OK in AAA last year, going down to Bowie didn't make sense (plus he would have to battle Diaz and McKenna for PT there). Trading him is probably best for him.
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    Lol. Meanwhile, wildcard has him as the early favorite to win AL MVP.
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    Signed with the Diamondbacks last month and is in minor league camp now. Smith with 3-3 today with 2 home runs and a single. Based on the the way Elias and Hyde are doing things, he will be sent to the minors after the game.
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    I don’t agree at all. Obviously AAA is loaded with older guys who have played in the majors, either for a long period of time or short stints. Perhaps development is not such a big thing with those guys. But for a lot of younger players, facing those players poses challenges that are different from facing the players their own age who have talent but not experience. I think there’s often a lot to be gained from playing in AAA that you don’t get from AA ball. I may be in the minority here but generally I like to see some AAA success before sending players to the majors.
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    The analytics guys pick players who don't slide head first to get an advantage. Then wait for the inevitable undervaluing of head-first sliders and pick them up at a bargain, even when you consider the injury risk.
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    I have to say I was okay knowing that the O's would be bad this year. I was however excited to watch the young guys battle with the hopes that we can at least have a little excitement about the future. Watching this group though really doesn't interest me in the least. I will start paying attention again when they actually have a player on the team that may be here 3 years from now.
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    Nice work on finding all this info and all, but I just don't see it playing out exactly like this. Especially if there are injuries at the ML level that force moves. It COULD play out like this, but it's awfully hard as a GM to just plan out your moves like this. I still maintain that Elias has development in mind more than service time. A full reset for the prospects that were definitely rushed. A more thorough evaluation and instruction in the minors using their proprietary analytics, and then reassess.
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    And we've had three straight WALKOFF wins on OD. Can't happen this year as we open on the road, maybe next week in the he opener.
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    They aren't the same person?
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    Simple question: How long does he last? Stake your claim!! [2019-2020]
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    Hopefully there’s at least one pleasant surprise player on the O’s in 2019. Who’ve you got? I think I’ll go with Rio Ruiz. He won’t make anyone forget Manny, but I say he’ll play solid D and put up a .750ish OPS.
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    Mine was a lame rant and only for joke worthy value of which it was minimal. I hereby retract my rant and jump full on the Brandon Hyde player development shuttle. Let's go O's! ⚾
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    More than half as many hits as strikeouts. Example 200 K's and 101 Hits
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    Sorry to hear that Trumbo is still hurt, but now we can put Mancini in his best position...DH. EDIT: I had said "Great!" in this post initially, but I don't wish anyone to be injured.
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    is the texas league an "easier" version of AA? Because Diaz was pretty dominant there. I understand the logistics argument, but would they hold him back in AA even though he dominated an equivalent league before the trade?
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    This isn't true. I've snatched up Opening Day seats from the team most years even through the recent winning stretch. They always have seats come available that they were holding back for potential new season ticket sales. Always. This year they have more than other years of course (I grabbed section 10, 12 rows off the field from the O's website), but it has been a very very long time since there were no seats made available to the general public for opening day.
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    Yes. There is. There is a very specific reason why the Orioles should have the worst team. But of course you know this.
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    You drop a guy when you conclude he’s playing so badly that he’s hurting the team compared to any random minor leaguer you might call up and that he’s unlikely to improve. The paycheck is irrelevant except maybe makes the burden of proof on “unlikely to improve” a little higher. Let’s say you buy a really nice 10 pound roast and pay $100 for it for a big family meal. But you leave it in the refrigerator too long and it goes off-color and smells really bad. Are you going to eat that roast just because you paid $100 for it, or are you going to throw it away and eat something else? The only difference between the roast and Chris Davis is that we’re hoping he miraculously regains color and starts smelling better.
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    Chris Davis's 3 spring training homeruns of 2019 will never be erased.
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    If he wants the optimum lineup on opening day, then there’s no excuse for Mancini in left. There is also no excuse for Davis starting. I don’t know whether Smith has a better arm than Rickard, But they should be in left and right field, Davis should be on the bench, Mancini should be at first, and I guess Nunez can be DH. That’s making some serious lemonade. But it is absolutely unforgivable to have Mancini in left. There is no justification whatsoever.
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    I was thinking this morning...I might actually have to study the roster prior to the Home Opener to quote Major League..."Who the hell are these guys?"
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    I wonder if there is anything written on the knob of that bat...
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    That is how I read this exchange (below). Perhaps that is not how you meant it, but that is how it came across, at least by my read.
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    He slid head first to protect his ankle. He’ll slide sideways after the IL stint. Book it.
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    Yeah but diehard O's negativists have to expect months, right? I kid. I kid! Whatever, good news for Austin. Here are some well-wishes from his friends and fans:
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    Whew. My cautious optimism has paid off!
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    You play for the future by developing a continuing supply of talent in the minors. PA's failure wasn't $$$$ spent, it was thinking of the farm as an inconvenience of being an owner. I think MLB/Union has to rethink the service time position. In baseball years, life is short....one year can have a huge impact on a player's baseball income.
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    If Martin plays solid defense I don't think he will be benched for his lack of offense. I could see Villar backing up Martin at SS with Jackson playing 2B.
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    I think that applies to DJ Stewart as well.
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    Is Severino going to learn the pitchers by catching bullpens? I think he gets thrown right into the fire. I expect a 50/50 split between the catchers.
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    In other words, last year was worse than 1988, but at least Buck saved us from
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    Maybe we can get some calls like Duke did yesterday to help us out...........😀
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    Thanks so much sir! I am going to my first home opener in years! And taking my parents who I don't think have ever gone. Looking forward to it. There will be some orange.
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    It's why he is the only person I have on my "ignore" list on this site.
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    Who, if not Alberto, is DFA for Sucre? I should mention that, for those who like Spring stats and bemoan how Sisco was sent down, that Severino also had a pretty good Spring. He slashed .429/.500/.619 with four doubles. https://www.mlb.com/player/pedro-severino-600474?stats=career-s-hitting-mlb&year=2019
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    On par for you. They keep tickets back for season ticket sales and release them later on. You act like they have had OD tickets for sale for months now.
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    Great pick up and he has Natitude!:) I am shocked people don’t see potential in him. I’d definitely keep him! Definitely dont DFA him over a bunch of other lackluster pieces.
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    It was a typo, I’m an old man and I’m not wearing my glasses… Good heavens, that’s actually pretty much true. At least I haven’t lost my teeth yet...
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    Zoellner is probably ordering a Can_of_corn jersey right now.
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    Keep in mind this should be what you predict will happen, not what you WANT to happen.
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