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    So, not the greatest of starts to the home cooking for the Baysox. The Senators used 3 pitchers to combine for the no hitter, falling an error, a hit batter, and a couple of walks short of a perfect game. Harrisburg started off with one of their top prospects, Erick Fedde and the Baysox went downhill from there. Seats were first row behind home plate, right behind the right handed batters box. The Baysox starter, Marcos Molina, got in trouble early but didn't get help. The first pitch of the game was lined into left for a single, while the second batter hit a grounder to Cael Brockmeyer, who was playing at first instead of Preston Palmeiro. He didn't get his glove down and the ball glanced off the heel of his shoe and into right, for an error. A single loaded the bases and a sacrifice fly to right got the first run on the board. Molina calmed down and got a double play to end the inning. The other run came in the fourth. After 2 ground outs, there was a single to left where T.J. Nichting had it get by for an error, getting the runner to second. A walk put runners on first and second, when Molina threw a pitch in the dirt. Cervenka was able to get a piece of it, but the ball rolled to his left and behind him. He got to it quickly as the runners were moving and had a chance at 3rd, but he held onto the ball. In that situation, the catcher has to make the throw, as he would of had him, or, at the very worst, been a close play. But Cervenka has a strong arm and the runner wasn't that fast and didn't have a great jump. The next batter singled to center, for the second (and last) run. Molina pitched around a lot, getting deep in counts. His defense let him down. Harrisburg was making good contact, but mainly right at players. The radar gun wasn't showing on the board tonight, so not sure his speed. It didn't seem that great, but his off speed stuff had enough life to avoid the sweet spot on the bat. He had Kieboom reaching for one that hit off the end of the bat for a fly to right that was pretty good. Molina ended up going 7 innings. Brian Gonzalez picked up the last 2 innings and shut down the Senators. Only 1 hit and 1 strike out, but worked quickly, throwing 19 strikes on 33 pitches. Nothing was hard hit against him. There were only 2 real highlights on defense... Rylan Bannon played 3rd base and had 2 really good plays. There was a hard hit ball towards the line and he was able to backhand it and throw across the diamond for the out. It was the type of ball that usually gets up the line for extra bases, especially against minor leaguers. The next one was a slow chopper to 3rd that he charged, schooped, and threw out the runner. Again, another really good play, similar to the one Wilkerson made against the Braves last year in extras. On another note, the middle of the infield was Sean Miller at short and Chris Clare at 2nd. They combined for 2 double plays (Clare-Miller-Brockmeyer), with Clare giving some good feeds and Miller really making some great turns. Miller also showed some good range at short and a good arm. Clare didn't have much work at 2nd, but I remember his range from Frederick. They bounce both of them back and forth, but they are a good combo in Bowie right now and should be fun to watch. As for the batting, the weather screwed them a bit. Clare, Cervenka, and Rifaela all had very deep shots that would be home runs in another few weeks. The weather was really cold and the wind was blowing in a bit. Cervenka had a strike out looking on a pitch that was low and inside (out of the zone.) Everyone else was kept off balance by Fedde. He was on another level. The other 2 pitchers were able to mix things up a bit too, but the Baysox looked a bit more comfortable against them, making good contact but right at the Senators. The ump was all over the place though, calling a lot of pitches that were low and inside strikes on the Baysox, then calling them as balls on the Senators. Not good at all. Brockmeyer got on base by being grazed by a pitch on his elbow guard and stole second. Kieboom should of had him by a mile but spiked the ball infront of second, allowing Brockmeyer to be safe. Horrible, horrible jump and horrible speed. Super lucky he wasn't out and wasn't hurt on his awkward feet first slide. If nothing else, atleast I got to see history. First no hitter I saw in person.
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    Learning experience. 24 year old Phillips with a 94-95 fastball with movement and a good slider put in a spot that means something. He threw the ball well. Good night for the young O's. 25 year old Hess pitched well. 26 year Fry looks good. 26 year old Smith pops a two run homer. 25 year old Nunez hit a two run homer. Its early in the season. This experience should pay off later in the season. It about more than one game. 23 year old Diaz triples for Bowie. 844 OPS. 24 year old Akin goes 6 and give up 2 runs at AAA. 25 year old Stewart hit atwo run homer at AAA. Now has a 1.077 OPS.
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    Bowie was "no hit" by Harrisburg, not Richmond.
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    Im retiring next year and promised my self to get to more games, so hope we start showing signs for improvement by then.
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    The state rests your Honor!
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    Orioles have the worst run differential in baseball. If they keep it up things will sort themselves out.
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    I was at work and someone posted the video of Severino getting hit on the game thread. Watching that I don’t know how anyone with the team thought it was ok to let him take 1B. Elias needs to have a talk with the coaching staff and not let this happen again.
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    I went to almost every Ironbirds home game last year and JC is definitely someone to watch who can hit for average and power. He's a leader on the field and a very athletic first basemen. In high school, he mainly played third base. When he got to college, they had him switch to catcher. After attending Florida International, the O's moved him to first base, so he's quite versatile. BTW - couldn't be a nicer guy as well, great attitude. Unfortunately, for JC, when he was drafted the O's went with Seamus Curran and Ryan Ripken to man first base at Aberdeen (in 2017), so he had to play in the GCL. Last year, he was promoted to Aberdeen and tore it up - winning the club MVP award. He was old for the league (23 yo), but that's not his fault. You can only do your best where they put you...and he did. Thankfully, the new regime realized his potential and leapfrogged him right to Frederick, where he's already hit two homers in the first five games. I expect his power to show through this year (especially playing half his games at Nymeo field). More and more people are starting to pay attention to this previously underrated gem. Just my $.02.
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    I wasn't sure whether a new thread should be started or the old one edited to remove the reference to 2018. However, since I'm doing most of the talking about Knight on this board, I figured I might as well be the one to start a current Minors thread for him. His MiLB page and stats are here: http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=t548&player_id=667421#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL. The OH's prospect write-up is here: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/11/06/blaine-knight-rhp-2018-9-prospect/ So far this year he's had two starts. He gave up 2 ER in 5.2 IP during his first start. Last night he gave up 0 runs in 5 IP with 6 Ks. For those not aware, this kid absolutely balled out in college. Here's a BA write-up from July last year and some quotes. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/blaine-knight-could-advance-quickly/
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    Trust the process. Dylan Bundy: I was pretty hard on him in other threads, but truth be told there are some silver linings to be found. Firstly, it was his best start of the season just by virtue of him going 5 innings. Secondly, he struck out 8, so something is working, and that something is the slider and change. I have hope that he will continue to get better. Josh Lucas: The latest Orioles long reliever did a fine job, putting up 2 scoreless and only allowing 1 hit and 1 walk. Chipping away at that team bullpen ERA! Jimmy Yacabonis: Inherited a mess and got out of it. The Yac is certainly doing his part in the early going. I haven't been a big believer in him the last couple years, but he's getting it done so far despite a lack of K's. Approaching "Bullpen Stalwart" status. Dwight Smith Jr.: BOOOOOM. A 430-or-so foot bomb out into the DEEP right field seats. Goodness. The highlight is worth a watch if only because the child who was given the home run ball nearly threw it back onto the field out of pure instinct. Dwight also added an RBI double. The only hole in his game so far has been a lack of XBH early on so hopefully this trend continues. Chris Davis: Continues to sting the ball, including one shot that had an expected BA of .650. At some point he will get a hit and I'm sure it will have an expected batting average of a buck twenty-five. Orioles fans in attendance continue to support Chris because, honestly, what else is there to do? IMO, his ABs are now must-see ABs. It's fascinating, if nothing else. The Comeback: Another decent comeback attempt in this one, and the O's have shown that despite their lackluster lineup they can actually put together some ABs and score some runs. Hopefully they can keep doing that and the bullpen can sort itself out a little bit. For now, it's nice to know they have some fight in 'em. Mini 🌈s: 2 more walks for Ruiz (.302 OBP despite a .194 BA), RBI groundout for Mullins, a hit apiece for Nunez and VIllar, another sliding catch in RF for Mancini. The Road: The O's have been better on the road to start the season - perhaps it continues in Boston? That'd be fun.
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    Chris is the only hitter in game who, like a pitcher, hits his spots. I feel so bad for him.
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    I’m not a statistician but I think his batting splits are .000 against RHP and LHP. You should probably verify this yourself just to be sure. 😜
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    Yeah, it's worse than trying to hide a rule 5 guy. He's a rule 6 guy.
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    There was no one nothing to see The night is useless and so are we Cause everybody knows The fabric of folly is fallen apart at the seams And I've been lookin' for a good time But the pleasures are seldom and few
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    This is a guy who has rarely ever been called on to bunt in his career. He probably has practiced it as little as anyone on the team. And it's not like but tonight is necessarily easy. It is a skill that needs practice like anything else. We've heard about the extra BP he is taking. Should he take time away from that to practice bunting? To what end? He's slow. He won't make a living bunting g for a hit. Doing it won't help him actually hit better. And if you think he is a national object of ridicule now, how bad would it be if he tried to bunt for a hit and popped up to the pitcher? I don't see the upside. Unless you really believe in mojo.
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    How about the kids of Wayne Tolleson. We had at least one for a time. I remember when Wayne was an up-and-comer.
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    Love getting detailed reports like this. Thanks!
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    I am an old timer on this board. But two years ago the Oriole fanatic, watch every game of the year thing stopped. But it somehow it came back this spring. I saw on Face Book a walk through the stadium and sit in the seat day. I only intended to go and walk through the dug out and stand on the field. But something happened. I ignored all the sales attempts and left and went outside and sat in my truck. I tried to text my wife I was leaving but it would not go through for the life of me. I sat in the truck for ten minutes then taking the refusal of text to work as a sign. I walked back into the Stadium and picked out a seat and got the Sunday package. The first actual season ticket package I ever bought in my life (48 years). And this season of all season. The bug is back. So beware. Gurgi is going to harass all you people some more with insane comments and cries for the Gods of Baseball to give a true Kangaroo Court. Glad to be back. Maybe I will see some of you at the games. I will be at the end of section 30 in far back seat because I am too fat to sit comfortably in normal seats. Go O's.
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    Happily for me, I’m omnivorous. It’s very rare that I don’t like a meal. Plus I only eat a bowl of soup for lunch most days, so by the time dinner arrives they could put dog food in front of me and I’d eat it!
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    The team still shows spunk. I like how it battled back.
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    Khris Davis has now hit 16 home runs since Chris Davis last got a hit...
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    His home run call on Smith's bomb yesterday was great!
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    That 3rd strike was a perfect pitch. Low, outside, at the knees.
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    I don't mind him either. As long as I don't have to listen to him. Seems like every game I've watched that he is doing, he is shown shoving food into his mouth. The looks on Palmer are priceless.
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    Still in third place in the AL East. 9 teams have a worse record then the Orioles.
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    Well it wasn't under the Friday night lights so he was probably not as "amped" ... 😨
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    Good to see Blaine Knight pitch well. And Doran Turchin’s development may be fun to watch. @Luke-OH pointed out his tools last summer. If Turchin and Nick Vespi develop into legit prospects, Tony will have to up Luke’s pay. lol
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    There was also the line drive off his shin that ended his fine 2009 season--the one where people thought he could have been RoY.
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    Guilty as charged. But in my defense, there was not much on social media to read and I was bored and checked in anyway.
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    Knight pitched well, they won, are 5-1 on the season.
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    Pretty sure Bergy hurt his shoulder airing it out for a photo shoot on the "Calvary" and was never the same after.
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    Maybe he doesn't have to throw a switch and figure it out and just stop walking batters. Rk Player BB9 ERA+ IP From To Age G GS SHO GF W L SV BB SO ERA FIP 1 Mitch Williams 7.08 111 691.1 1986 1997 21-32 619 3 0 419 45 58 192 544 660 3.65 4.44 2 Carlos Marmol 6.16 121 577.0 2006 2014 23-31 519 13 0 259 23 35 117 395 744 3.57 3.95 3 Scott Sauerbeck 5.66 118 386.1 1999 2006 27-34 471 0 0 98 20 17 5 243 389 3.82 4.17 4 Matt Mantei 5.58 110 322.2 1995 2005 21-31 315 0 0 196 14 18 93 200 396 4.07 3.92 5 Rod Scurry 5.35 117 460.2 1980 1988 24-32 332 7 0 145 19 32 39 274 431 3.24 3.63 6 Mark Littell 5.14 114 532.0 1973 1982 20-29 316 19 0 181 32 31 56 304 466 3.32 3.33 7 J.C. Romero 5.10 110 661.1 1999 2012 23-36 680 22 0 128 34 28 7 375 526 4.16 4.53 8 Eric Plunk 5.06 112 1151.0 1986 1999 22-35 714 41 0 234 72 58 35 647 1081 3.82 4.21 9 Jim Kern 5.04 116 793.1 1974 1986 25-37 416 14 0 254 53 57 88 444 651 3.32 3.40 10 Scott Williamson 5.00 136 439.1 1999 2007 23-31 344 10 0 137 28 28 55 244 510 3.36 3.56 11 AJ Ramos 4.92 126 366.0 2012 2018 25-31 374 0 0 197 17 18 99 200 426 3.07 3.41 12 Jeff Nelson 4.91 133 784.2 1992 2006 25-39 798 0 0 237 48 45 33 428 829 3.41 3.73 13 Jake Diekman 4.84 111 317.2 2012 2019 25-32 372 0 0 75 14 15 7 171 390 3.77 3.30 14 Mike MacDougal 4.84 112 394.0 2001 2012 24-35 407 3 0 209 18 23 71 212 325 4.00 4.06 15 Sam McDowell 4.74 112 2492.1 1961 1975 18-32 425 346 23 39 141 134 14 1312 2453 3.17 3.06 16 Sammy Stewart 4.72 111 956.2 1978 1987 23-32 359 25 1 181 59 48 45 502 586 3.59 4.17 17 Paul Shuey 4.70 120 530.0 1994 2007 23-36 476 0 0 156 45 28 23 277 556 3.87 3.70 18 Nolan Ryan 4.67 112 5386.0 1966 1993 19-46 807 773 61 13 324 292 3 2795 5714 3.19 2.97 19 Armando Benitez 4.66 140 779.0 1994 2008 21-35 762 0 0 527 40 47 289 403 946 3.13 3.86 20 Doug Sisk 4.59 113 523.1 1982 1991 24-33 332 0 0 161 22 20 33 267 195 3.27 4.04 21 Tippy Martinez 4.59 112 834.0 1974 1988 24-38 546 2 0 320 55 42 115 425 632 3.45 3.57 22 Curt Leskanic 4.57 116 712.2 1993 2004 25-36 603 11 0 244 50 34 55 362 641 4.36 4.36 23 Ricky Bottalico 4.52 110 628.2 1994 2005 24-35 562 0 0 301 33 42 116 316 575 3.99 4.37 24 Rob Dibble 4.49 129 477.0 1988 1995 24-31 385 0 0 204 27 25 89 238 645 2.98 2.43 25 Fernando Rodney 4.45 111 891.1 2002 2019 25-42 903 0 0 579 48 67 325 441 899 3.76 3.75 26 B.J. Ryan 4.43 133 536.2 1999 2009 23-33 560 0 0 249 21 28 117 264 625 3.37 3.33 27 Ted Abernathy 4.43 129 913.2 1960 1972 27-39 610 0 0 400 55 47 149 450 618 2.80 3.45 28 Gregg Olson 4.42 123 672.0 1988 2001 21-34 622 0 0 447 40 39 217 330 588 3.46 3.64 There's a number of well-regarded Orioles on that list. Anyone else remember Tippy walking almost as many as Tanner Scott has in his career? Or Sammy Stewart? Or BJ Ryan? Or Gregg Olson? Most of those guys didn't have anything close to 12 K/9.
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    Good article on Thomas up on ESPN right now. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26491252/all-pro-thomas-rule-retiring-seattle Interesting behind-the-scenes look at what FA looked like for him. He was about to agree to a 1 year $12M contract with the Chiefs when we swooped in and gave him the big multiyear deal. So either we will look amazing or terrible for blowing away that offer, I predict.
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    It's not desperate. He is simply setting the goal posts so that he can judge the rebuild entirely on where the team is today. It's as honest and meaningful as judging open heart surgery by screaming "you're killing him", on the opening cut because, well, blood.
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    Well also ownership should be presented on Eutaw Street before every game for public flogging.
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    The Orioles were really good at the stinking without rebuilding.
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    Not enough posters have OP on /ignore?
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    Is it really common for owners to be vocal and in the public eye? Even some of the more recognizable owners, like Robert Kraft, basically just show up to collect their trophies. In baseball the GM and head coaching positions are the two that are expected to interact with the public. Your anger just seems misidirected because you're expecting ownership to do something that isn't typically done.
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    Posts like this make me think some posters literally want to have the worst owners possible.
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    This team has has looked really bad for the better part of a week. Time for some action. If the owners aren't going to fire Elias, and maybe Hyde too -- or at least put them on a short leash -- they should call a press conference to explain why they're being so damn patient. Oh, yeah, and they should trade Chris Davis.
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    Well, this thread wasted 5 minutes of my life. The worst part is, I knew it would...and I opened it anyway.
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    I like the owners where they are: silent and in background. They hired their people. Now let them do their job, is my attitude .
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    I don't know why anyone bothers responding to the OP. He's shown time and time again that he makes posts only to elicit some type of negative response. He's a pure internet troll in every sense of the word.
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    The team is supposed to be a disgrace. The Astros didn't get to where they were by fake contending
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    Well I for one saw the owners showing reverence to Frank Robinson's family and friends on Saturday. It's Sunday. So it's been a day since I've seen them action and not word. If someone thinks they can post their way to better ownership, well, that's a hoot. As they say here in Ponchatoula.
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    I would not be surprised if Grenier gets more of the playing time at SS while he's in Delmarva. I also would not be surprised of he's promoted as soon as he shows he's hitting well there since Frederick has an org guy (McCoy) starting at SS and would probably like to see both Grenier and Hall both playing everyday at SS.
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    This seems like worry for the sake of worry. You could use this logic to justify any negative prediction.
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