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    Adley, a man of pedigree, a disciple of Pat Casey, from humble Oregon Roots, and by the way, a pretty good ball player. Baltimore, you have been blessed. Embrace him. Oregon's gift to Baltimore.
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    Not specifically quoting him, but this is the review that sits on 2080 Baseball as of 6/3 with Nick and Burke Granger as co-authors: (https://2080baseball.com/2019/06/2019-mlb-draft-positional-previews-middle-infielders/)
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    I’d like to think that we can all agree that he has 80 hair.
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    A Delmarva home game with a Rodriguez/Rutschman battery might be an irresistible road trip.
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    Wow and hit it off David Wells too, how about that?
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    Look at the prospect list from last year. It's very pitcher heavy. Outside of Mountcastle, Hays and Diaz, we may not have a regular position player in the system (Too early to tell with Hall) not sold on McKenna/Bannon. But when you look at the pitching, we've got prospects at every level. Add in the fact that this draft is reportedly historically bad for pitching and I'm fine with the position heavy approach. also, let's not forget on July 1st we will hear about our international prospects which could be pitching heavy.
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    This is clearly proof positive that the O's plan on moving Adley to another position.
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    You always need catchers at your various affiliates.
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    Every single one of these picks so far can play defense.
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    My OH sources say it’s Zach Watson, CF, LSU
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    Lefthanded. Did not sign out of High School as a Stanford commit. Cape Cod League experience. Some power. Some swing and miss. https://www.mlb.com/video/2019-draft-kyle-stowers-of-c2520575883 Luke says:
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    Severino should get a full 1 WAR for tonight's game.
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    I don't know how they calculate WPA, but my eyes tell me Severino won that game nearly single-handedly.
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    Our bullpen bends but doesn’t break.
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    Why did we draft AR again? 😉
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    o In Bundy's last outing, he threw 89 pitches over 7 Innings Pitched. In today's outing, he threw 96 pitches over 5 - PLUS Innings Pitched. Bundy ceded 3 Free Passes (2 Walks and 1 Hit Batsmen) over 5 - PLUS Innings Pitched today. Over his last 4 starts combined, Bundy has 7 Walks and 24 Strikeouts over 23.33 Innings Pitched. 15 OUTS: ) 4 Strikeouts, 4 Flyouts, 2 Groundouts, 2 Popouts, 2 Lineouts, 1 Foulout DYLAN MATTHEW BUNDY ))))))) (FINAL NUMBERS) IP:ll5 - PLUS H:llll 6 )(1 Home Run, 1 Double, 4 Singles) R:lllll 3 BB:ll2 ) * SO:ll4 Pitches: ll)96 )(59)Strikes, )37)Balls) 2019 ERA: ))4.64 )) 64.00 IP (33 ER)  2019 WHIP: ))1.266 )) 64.00 IP (81 H/BB) 2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )).232 ) (58 for 238) * )) Bundy also had 1 Hit Batsmen. PITCHES BY INNING ************************* 19 ll(11 lllStrikes, l8 llBalls) 19 ll(10 llStrikes, ll9 llBalls) 23 lll(16 llStrikes, ll7 llBalls) 22 lll(13 llStrikes, ll9 ll;Balls) 12 lll(81 llStrikes, ll4 llBalls) 11 lll(11 llStrikes, ll0 lllBalls) ) ** ** )) Bundy did not record any outs before departing in the 6th inning. o
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    Hanser continues to be the Answer To the Question that Nobody Asked!
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    Combination of pressure from prospects, good performances from others who can play first-base / DH against either handed-pitching, a day when the supposedly weaker hitters (Severino, Martin, Alberto, Smith Jr.) are killing the ball, what we can presume to be his well-rested and injury-overcome condition according to Davis himself, the future-looking perspective generated by the draft, on and on....
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    Not to mention somebody out there said "worst crop of starting pitcher prospects in 30 years". If it's that bad, draft from strength.
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    Better yet, how does Pedro Severino affect Sisco? 😉
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    Me too. Almost as much as a grand slam. With a grand slam, there's a sense of...well, that sucked, but the bases are clear and let's just get out of here. And the pitcher can go from the full windup. A bases loaded double...that sucked but there's STILL a runner in scoring position. The pressure doesn't really let up.
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    I've seen some hand-wringing over the lack of pitchers in the top picks. But seems we're already well stocked with pitching talent at AA and A... So a good time to grab some position players.
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    It was weird. The ball definitely looked like it was going out, off the bat. Then it suddenly slowed down a whole lot, then carried more.
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    Alberto Bunt Singled, Mancini walked.
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    I screamed, “come on Dwight! hit it out” and he did it!
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    Shouldn't he have at least 10 at bats first? So we can get a good idea of his future in the majors.
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    He gets hit by an extraordinary number of pitches - about equal to the number of times he walks. I gotta know more about Sig's algorithm.
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    Marlins went college Seniors all the way through round 10, so Fitterer will be getting paid. Like the Mets, the Marlins essentially have a 3-man draft (at least through the first ten rounds)
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    The pitcher's mound is in the middle of the field.
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    Another catcher? Sweet! So the guy has a plus arm with that name right?
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    My dudes Peyton Burdick, Dalquist, Lipcius, Dasan Brown just went. Burdick and Lipcius are guys no one else had in their top 100, but teams must have liked.
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    that is an easy looking arm. I like that. His mechanics could be cleaned up a little, but he's still throwing easy gas.
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    Thanks for the context. I didn't hear the interview but that makes much more sense.
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    Sure. I don't hate it but liked others more. I'm no expert and I'm sure there are $ and other things going on. Trust the FO.
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    Well, the Astros picked a college catcher that has never hit before this year...
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    Straight to MLB. He is better than everyone except Mancini right now!
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    17 college catchers have been drafted in the top 10 picks in the June draft: - The best are Thurman Munson and Buster Posey, in the 40s in WAR - After that it's Terry Kennedy, John Stearns, Matt Wieters around 20 - Mike Zunino, Kyle Schwarber, Dan Wilson, Rick Cerone, and Jason Castro are below that, some still active - Joey Bart and Zack Collins haven't made the majors yet - Danny Goodwin, Jeff Clement, Eric Munson, Tony Sanchez, and Robbie Wine crashed and burned - Goodwin is the only college catcher to go 1:1 - Wieters is the only college catcher the O's have taken in the top 10 picks 57 high school shortstops have been drafted in the top 10 picks in the June draft: - ARod, Chipper, Yount, Jeter, Sheffield - Jay Bell, Justin Upton, Manny - Lindor, Correa, Cuddyer, Melvin Upton - Rick Manning, Shawon Dunston - 15 of them never played in the majors, a handful might still be in the minors - 13 had/have careers of 0 or fewer WAR, including Luis Montanez, Scott Moore - Nine had careers of 1-9 WAR - HS Shortstops at 1:1 are ARod, Chipper, Justin Upton, Correa, Dunston, Beckham, Tim Foli, Matt Bush, and Royce Lewis - The O's have taken two HS shortstops in the top 10 picks, Junior Kennedy (1968) and Manny I don't know that any of that is hugely indicative of a way to go, but it generally supports the idea that the college catcher has a higher floor. About 1/3 of college catchers in the top 10 picks had no MLB value, compared to 29 of 57 high school shortstops.
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    Been at least one O every week so far. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/top-mlb-prospects-hot-sheet-52019/
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    I talked with a scout who has seen him a bunch, he said he needs a change in his approach at the plate, but he's seen him turn around a 97 MPH fastball and has better overall tools than Sucre. Sucre gets the advantage in handling a pitching staff, but after hearing this, I'd have say I agree, Severino is a 6-year younger Sucre. For a team looking to the future, it makes some sense.
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    Got shelled again in Bowie. Appears we got absolutely nothing in trading off Machado, Gausman and Britton. DD will have a hard time ever getting an MLB job once again.
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