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    Make it out to the Yard this Saturday 7pm vs the Rays with other OH members Tony and the OH have set up tickets in section 8 for $20, the normal ticket price for this section being that is an Elite game is $73! Plus first 30,000 fans 15 & over get this sweet O's Hawaiian shirt, can't find a better deal all season OH ticket link use promo code: hangout
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    I thought Cedric Mullins could hit .270 to .280 and hold down CF full time. I thought Cashner would be terrible like last year. He is good enough that he'll be traded by July 31st. Very pleasant surprise.
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    So my phone died in the 4th. My summary ... Wells and Lowther each looked good in their respective innings. Lowther threw harder, touching 94 on the stadium gun. Neither pitcher gave up any hard hit balls. There were some balls tagged off of other pitchers. McCoy's double in the first was really tagged, and he made a couple of plays at short. Bannon had a nice line drive to the left center gap and legged it into a double. All in all I thought the Bowie contingent represented themselves well. Personally I'm more excited by the pitchers than the middle infielders ...
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    Gunnar will be making his pro debut tomorrow per Steve Melewski on twitter.
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    Just remember some streets are closed . Also Light Rail going south is stopping at North Avenue and you have to take a bus to Camden Yards. Also near the stadium it smelled pretty bad the last two days. Worse on Saturday is two games at different times. So you will people coming and going to the game. Crews were dealing with a new underground water leak near a giant hole in the road in downtown Baltimore on Thursday as they readied for an expected surge of rainwater threatening to set back repairs. CSX crews noticed water dripping overnight in a tunnel that runs beneath Howard Street, alongside the collapsed road, and discovered a broken main about two blocks north of the sinkhole, near Howard and Baltimore streets. While work is ongoing, several blocks of Howard and Pratt streets remain closed, and all traffic on northbound Interstate 395 is being diverted into Conway Street. Light Rail service is suspended between Camden Station and North Avenue, with a free shuttle service running between the stations, the Maryland Transit Administration said. City officials said there is still no estimate for when the work will be completed, with crews waiting until Thursday’s rain passes before tackling repairs to a 36-inch stormwater drain that was also damaged Monday. “We’re very well aware that over the next couple of weekends that there are some very high-profile events in Baltimore,” Raymond said. “We desperately want to provide whatever relief we can to traffic, but safety is going to be of paramount importance. We’re not going to rush into areas where repairs are dangerous or wouldn’t be able to be done fully.” https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-sinkhole-update-20190711-ytsdvf6zlnhynfzj3e6ijyixqu-story.html
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    Ah. Wjciechowski. Got it.
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    I think the best value we may have gotten for Schoop will be what we get in return for Villar. Either way, Elias wasn't going to offer Schoop arbitration if he was still on the team so the alternative was losing Schoop this offseason for nothing. Saying that, I agree that Ortiz has not looked like a contributor though i'd like to see him in a relief role and see how it looks before counting him out. Also, Carmona would be better off playing everyday in a place like Bluefield. I haven't heard a lot of great things about him, but he's still young and his still physically pretty weak overall. This is where not having that Appy league team hurts development. Just not enough PAs to go around.
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    Having done it for half a season, I'm not sure what a wow offer would even be. While you can always listen I cant imagine there will be any offer coming that I'd be happy with. So at this point, no.
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    Basically if the pitcher or catcher drops a ball or makes an errant throw, the batter is allowed to take off and steal first base. . I think its not something that will catch on https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27168526/stealing-first-gets-tryout-atlantic-league
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    I’ve been wrong about so many things they are too numerous to count: - I thought the Cobb signing was good. - In May 2017, I thought Bundy was becoming an ace. - I thought the O’s made the right choice by allowing Markakis, Cruz and Miller to go and prioritizing JJ Hardy (on the assumption that the O’s really couldn’t afford to keep more than one of them). - I thought Austin Hays would be a solid major leaguer by now. - After the 2016 season, I was in favor of trying to lock up Chris Tillman. I think I’ll stop there.
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    By this logic, they've already gotten that one decent year out of Davis on this contract (he put up a 3.3 WAR in 2016). It just came at the front, rather than the end, of the deal. So no more need to hold on to him when odds aren't great that he'll ever be a positive value major leaguer ever again.
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    I think he is a lost cause.
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    I get that, I’m not really saying they are in the top 1% or something, just countering that basically the entire OH says “Come on, it’s a sunk cost!” Just to say I think that they probably understand that just fine, but $70M is a lot of money to throw away. It’s easy for me and you to throw away that money, doesn’t really matter to us. If Davis can put up 1.5 WAR in the next few years (maybe a reasonable hope) they might feel like they got something out of it, even if it’s not actually meaningful to the team.
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    I was never really on that wagon.
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    Thankfully for everyone else I have some Polkadot Stingray to listen to.
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    Ownership wants to be involved in decisions over $20 million or so it seems, I'm OK with that. If the rumors I heard were true about Peter's wife pushing to re-sign him, then there is no way he is gone at this point. With everything else Elias has been allowed to do that were in direct defiance of decrees from Peter, I'll take how this is operating right now 100% of the time.
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    He's having a terrible year.
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    I am already going and I will try to stop by. Will there be name tags?
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    Already got mine and I'll be there. Hope we can see more folks than we did at the last couple Hangout Nights!
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    It's a slurve really by movement IMO, but he calls it a slider. The telegraphing part, I haven't noticed that, but I'll check it out.
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    I agree. I don’t necessarily think MLB should reverse course, but that move definitely took some novelty appeal away from the All Star Game.
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    I really like how Stewart Hustles and I just like how he approaches/plays the game. Hopefully he can find significant playing time in the second half and he starts to put it all together. I belief he could be a solid contributor for years to come.
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    I know Stewart is rehabbing an injury right now, but it would be beyond stupid to not give this guy regular ABs in LF/RF for 40-50 games and see what we have. He’ll be 26 in November. This is why Davis needs to go. We don’t need Mountcastle and Hays up here to push him off the roster. CF is a mess. Obviously. But we need to see what we have and this is what we should roll with in the 2nd half, LF/RF: A rotation of Smith, Stewart, and Santander. 1B: Mancini DH: Nunez, Sisco If we don’t use these remaining ABs to find out what we have in Smith, Sisco, Santander, and Stewart, than this season is more frustrating than the losses. Why? Because we answered nothing. In more than 50% off a season all we’ve answered beyond this year is that we have AR, the 1st pick next year, Means, and Mancini.
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    I am a bastard. Will try to go to the first game on Saturday. But always a bastard ,anyhow,
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    You can also bring in your own food and beverages. Concessions are generally not open for GCL games.
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    So while the view point is not necessarily the best, I'm going to use Kuechel as a comparison (since we've have a thread making the comparison). He signed 1 yr 13 mill, and not for a full season. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/12/mlbtr-poll-how-much-will-dallas-keuchel-earn-in-free-agency.html The poll here had 65% of people thinking he'd get 4-5 yrs at an average around ~20 million. I get that this team is going to be bad, but to really develop guys, we need to have some competent pitchers going. With 5.5 years of control left, you'd be looking at 110 mill in value (which is assuming a lot at this point, obviously). I doubt anyone if willing to offer even half of that value. Way to many variables after 0.5 seasons for someone to offer something most of us would be excited about. July 2020 or July 2021 if he is still pitching this way and we are still overall looking like 2-3 years out, I would imagine you'd be in good position to find a team that will offer value that would make sense for us to consider a move. Again, Kuechel may not be the best comparison whether money/talent/experience. However, we are unlikely to even sign Cobb (I'm talking about the healthy version we thought would help, clearly not the broken one we got)/Cashner level deals in FA, so the value to this team may even be higher. Losing is one thing and young guys can push through to a point. If pitching is even worse (losing Cashner/Bundy/Means would put even more strain on a bad bullpen) then I think you stunt some of the development of both positional talent trying to hit 5 run homers and relievers trying to strike out the side on 1 pitch (I think trying too hard at times is part of why Givens has looked bad this year and why there was a improvement in Brach after he left). I do think there is 0% reason to keep Cashner this year and likely a good reason to trade Bundy this year. If you do all 3 (or even Cashner/Means) I think you crush the morale that this team has right now. That includes fans. Losing is one thing, but having Santander, Stewart, Sisco, Means and other young guys makes it tolerable, at least for me. We need pitching and his cost/control is something that would be extremely hard to lose.
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    Seriously why can't anyone spell "Sisco" correctly? Does 90% of the OH work in the IT profession?
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    Why is this in the Orioles minors section? Let's make sure we stay on subject. If you wanna talk about potential trades and players to be received, then please keep this in Orioles talk and explain more about what you are talking about.
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    It really didn't make any sense. Not that it mattered in the big game of things, but just would have been weird to see him starting out there.
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    Why would we have needed to ask for patience with Mancini? He succeeded rather quickly. But, it’s always hard to characterize what “people on the board” think. There have always been people who think Trey Mancini is great, and others who think he’s a flash in the pan. Personally, I think he’s a very solid hitter who’s probably destined for a 7-10 year major league career, but who’s never going to be a star player. Somewhere between Mitch Moreland and Aubrey Huff, but right-handed.
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    I recall when Ball Four came out, yes that book blew the lid off the old system which treated MLB players like they were a higher level ,with only admirable qualities. It was shocking for people to read that Mickey Mantle drank too much and mused that he would die young like other in his family, or that a famous Yankee like Whitey Ford scuffed baseballs. It was a very interesting book, dragged a bit in parts but still a groundbreaker. I recall it ended with him saying that he'd never give the game up , that he spent his life gripping a baseball but it ended baseball was gripping him and would never let go. RIP Jim Bouton.
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    Xavier Moore is the second pitcher I believe.
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    Just go all in. Wear a plaid shirt, docksiders, cargo pants, and walk right up to that 22-year-old athlete and ask him for his autograph. Then post it on Facebook with the rest of us olds.
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    Just looking thru this old bumped thread. The late, great olehippi knew what he was talking about! Jeff Beck was/is amazing. I saw him live and he blew my mind.
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    I’d trade anyone on the current team for value in 2021+. Means has half a season of success. I don’t think we’d get an offer we’d like until after next year. He’s in a different boat than Mancini for me.
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    On a more serious note, I don't believe Rutschman's assignment has anything to do with a desire to have him play at each venue for local PR, ticket sales purposes. The GCL team is owned by the Orioles and I'm not even sure if they charge for attendance.
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    It's already gotten to a point where it feels weird to be so invested in athletes that are 10-15 years younger than me. Now you had to go ahead and just make it weirder, didn't you, Drungo?
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    I think the team next year needs to show signs of growth, 65-70 wins. Bad performance shouldn’t be acceptable after this year, for no other reason than to set the tone. Hopefully Davis will be gone.
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    Downtown streets in Nashville are all open and running smoothly Just sayin
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