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    Complete game shutout for Hanifee today. Only 91 pitches (65 strikes). 9 IP, 5 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 4 K’s. ERA down to 4.40
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    I thought Cashner was an excellent teammate, and pitched pretty well this year. Overall, we got the value we paid for. Hope he loses a bunch of 1-0 games for Boston.
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    Hawaiian Shirt, MD Flag Jersey, Brooks bobblehead. Fireworks, movie nights, singer in the CF bar. They're trying...
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    I can't respect a man who tweets like a teenage girl.
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    Haha. Two guys making a combined 1M, verses another making 23M a year through 2022. Can you see a difference?
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    For reference, Billy Rowell put up an 876 OPS in Aberdeen at 17.
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    For reference, both of these guys are hitting better than Schoop did at 17 in the DSL.
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    They didn't get rid of his salary. They ended up paying half of it plus his signing bonuses due in coming years. Also if you can't find anyone better than Felix Pie in return you just keep him. The trade deadline isn't near anyway.
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    This is a funny place. We all go crazy on J2 when Elias signs a bunch of guys just like this. And then we trade an average ML starter for two guys that are just like J2 types and...all of a sudden it's a big letdown.
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    I'm guessing it'll be more individualized than that. It'll be creating a curriculum of sorts for each player as far as how they could provide value at the major league level and how best to get them there. For some players it might be very little in game, but weighted ball and offseason velocity program. Others it may be tweaking pitches to get desired action to complement their strengths or adding a new pitch. Others it may be game strategy, how to attack hitters with their arsenal. Command work with offspeed stuff, etc etc.
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    Oh, so THAT's why I see Weams walking around with a lanyard around his neck.
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    Who knows how either of these guys will turn out, but I'd much rather take two 17 year olds who we can develop than a few 23 year old AA players who won't progress much further than where they are, we got enough of those at last years deadline. Look at what KC just got for Bailey, I'll take our return over that any day.
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    I'd bet on givens as next to go too. He's got control through 2022 and has solid strike out numbers. Keep an eye on the yankees who might lose chapman to FA. I have a hunch Mancini goes because it would be selling high which is smart but not for the return some people expect
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    Lowther lost a no-hitter with one out in the seventh today. He had eight strikeouts and no walks. Flaa gave up two runs after Lowther gave up a two-out hit. The Baysox are up 4-2 after 7.
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    you are correct - I could have sworn I heard it was Mississippi River. Thanks.
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    I think because you're not a Plus Member, and over 500 posts.
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    Much better on television than on radio. On radio he does what seemingly every single color guy for the Orioles is doing, talking over the action. Dave Johnson might be the biggest offender. I can’t believe no one tells them you have to keep your points short and give breaks to the play by play personnel so he can update the action. It makes listening to games now very frustrating. But Ben on television is a natural.
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    The first "steal of first" in the history of baseball, and it was the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs that pulled it off:
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    Altuve played on three 100+ loss teams in Houston. He played 35 games at AA and 0 games in AAA before reaching the majors as a 21 year old. This season would be more palatable to me if the team was more aggressive in their promotion of position players.
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    Lake wOBACON, where all of the pitchers are above average.
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    For him this season, he’s actually hitting well worse as a lefty (.497 OPS) than as a righty (.654 OPS). He’s actually hit lefties better this year than he typically has, it’s just that he hasn’t hit a lick on his traditionally stronger side. Either way, he’s totally out of whack, so I hope he can work his way out of it.
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    Cashner cleared waivers last year and no one came calling. Everyone had a shot at this guy in free agency two years ago. ^For those who said we should have waited for a better offer.
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    I've noticed the Mancini slump. I'm waiting to see how pronounced it gets before I start making But he didn't hurt his knee this time comments. A week is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
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    I'd get rid of anyone if you told me it would include getting rid of Davis.
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    I'm fine with the trade, I just don't think much value exists in comparing DSL stats of 17 year olds.
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    Ok, I just watched his interview and his reaction to being traded. I enjoyed watching him this year. That CH has made him more effective. But man, is he gone yet? When asked about going to the Red Sox he gave the usual, “There’s so much history,” pablum and then named David Ortiz as one of his favorite Red Sox players. Get the hell out of Baltimore, Cashner.
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    Great turnout. Thanks to all who came over to chat with us. Fun night. Good ballpark experience.
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    Problem is, you can't just throw the towel in on the games and not play. Someone has to pitch. it stretches an already thin pitching staff to trade Cashner since he's been a lock to pitch 5-6 innings during most of his starts. And Bundy is now on the DL. Cashner was one I was on the fence about trading of all of the people on the roster, especially with only one trade deadline this year.
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    Makes sense to me. The Red Sox gave the O's a list to choose from, the O's took these two guys and Romero didn't want the O's to pick these two guys.
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    Plus let’s face it... if we go through this miserable season and don’t get the #1 pick next year then it was a waste. Also, how many players from our last two drafts and international signing periods, would you rather have over these guys? Especially Prado. This is a long rebuild. The goal is to win in 2022+. Not to win 70 games.
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    I am glad you are not Koby Perez.
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    Exactly. Give me more of the high ceiling guys we got last year like Encarnacion or Carmona. Not guys like Phillips and Rogers, that will just clog up the 40 man.
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    That’s interesting. They only save $1.68 million. Not exactly a salary dump - Elias must like the players they got back.
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    Two Venezuelan seventeen year old prospects...hmm...gotta figure Koby Perez was big in the decision making...hopefully they will be stars in 2023-24.
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    According to soxprospects.com, Romero was signed for $275K last J2 and Prado was signed for $85K last J2.
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    He is having a slump. Let's see if he can make the necessary adjustments to get out of it. No reason to have a quick trigger to jettison him.
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    No player is untradeable but the Orioles would have to be blown away by an offer to trade Mancini.
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    This team has become a joke. I wish they would just move and we could replace them with an MLS team at this point.
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    For two 17 year olds? Come on. At a certain point Elias just need to be fired.
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