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    No, not really. "The book" (like the one Buck followed) says you only use your closer in a tie game at home. Because on the road you might score and have a lead and "need" the closer later. So Hyde went against the traditional play. But he did it with a guy who threw 30 pitches yesterday and has a record of not being great in the 2nd of back to back days.
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    I think that’s a pretty good criterion for judging success of a player. Amazingly, Jonathan Schoop didn’t meet it. Mark Trumbo did. It would be interesting to gather some data on how many players do.
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    KC got nothing for Diekman. I expect we'll get a couple 18 y.o. lottery tickets for Givens. I'll be surprised if anyone else gets traded.
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    We've accomplished something we couldn't last year: win a season series against an American League opponent. We are 4-1 vs the Angels with 1 game left. We lost the season series to every AL team last year, only beating Atlanta (2-1) and the Mets (3-1).
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    He was just overpowering Hudson Valley. Worked quick, attacked the plate (wasn't missing by a lot when he did miss), and generated a lot of "right at the fielder" contact when they DID hit the ball. Didn't throw any type of breaking ball much, just attacked with the fastball.
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    It's almost like he's saying that there's a correlation between having overflowing resources that you can dedicate to being consistently really good and winning the World Series. Someone should study that.
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    As far as the players you believe could be dealt, what sort of prospect return (value) would you expect? We pretty much discuss this in all the separate threads about the individual players, but I wanted a thread that would make it easier to compare potential compensation for each of our guys. Trey Mancini--- Michael Givens--- Jonathan Villar--- Renato Nunez--- John Means--- Dylan Bundy--- Paul Fry--- Hanser Alberto---
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    I just want to share this picture of Stoman's dad Earl, a NY city detective.
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    Sunday's Summaries: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/07/28/minor-league-game-summaries-7-28-2019/
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    Nice job, and a chance to get through 6. https://
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    MLB for sure, and maybe Fox & the NHL Network as well. His tags on his Twitter page indicate: @MLBNetwork, @NHLNetwork, @FOXSports, @MLBNetworkRadio, MLB.com
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    The most amazing thing about Villar's double is that he didn't try to stretch it into a triple and make the 3rd out at 3rd. He actually showed a little bit of sense on the basepaths, that might be a first. Calhoun was playing way over towards CF and had a long way to go to get it... but it still wasn't worth the risk.
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    This is the same club that bid against itself for the current Davis contract and who kept trotting out Ubaldo Jimenez. I wouldn't use them as an example.
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    That's usually because the ones that can hit aren't backups.
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    From the MLB rules glossary (italics emphasis mine): Win (W) Definition A pitcher receives a win when he is the pitcher of record when his team takes the lead for good -- with a couple rare exceptions. First, a starting pitcher must pitch at least five innings (in a traditional game of nine innings or longer) to qualify for the win. If he does not, the official scorer awards the win to the most effective relief pitcher. There is also a rarely used clause where an official scorer can deem a relief pitcher's appearance "brief and ineffective." (For example, if a reliever relinquished a one-run lead by allowing three runs, but was still in line for a win after his team scored four runs in the following inning -- that may qualify.) If that's the case, the scorer can award the win to a pitcher who followed that "brief and ineffective" pitcher. Which relief pitcher earns the win specifically is also up to the judgment of the official scorer.
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    Diekmann is 32, Givens is 29. Not a huge difference but significant because 29 is still a prime year and 32 is declining. Plus, Givens became a pitcher late so there’s much less mileage on his arm. Roll Tide’s estimates are wildly hopeful, but Givens will bring a bit more than Diekman did.
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    IMO it is very unlikely we get a legit top 100 guy for Mancini. 1B, DH, poor OF defense types are not valued like that anymore. I'd like love to be wrong though.
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    I listed below what I would accept as the GM.... by lottery pick I mean a 17-19 year old international player. Trey Mancini--- A top 100, a organizational top 20, a top 20-30, and a lottery pick Michael Givens--- Organization top 10, a top 20-30, and a lottery pick Jonathan Villar -- a top 20-30, a 25-27 year old AAA guy, and a lottery pick Renato Nunez--- 2 Organizational top 15-30, 2 lottery picks John Means--- Don't want to trade him ...2 tip 100, a top 15-30, and a lottery ticket Dylan Bundy--- Organizational 10-20, a top 20-30, and a Lottery pick Paul Fry--- A top 20-30, and 2 lottery picks Hanser Alberto --- don't want to trade him! Top 100, Organizational to 10-20, and 2 lottery picks
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    He have that special sound off the bat?
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    I'm just curious... who did you find? Did you see that the HOF wants Stevie's hat and glove for an exhibit? https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-stevie-wilkerson-cooperstown-20190728-a5gxkolgjva2bcmhkjimclg75m-story.html
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    4-5 yesterday with a double.
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    Great stuff! Thank you.
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    o (vs. ANGELS, 7/28) Givens was wild in the 9th inning tonight ........ but he also had to essentially get 4 outs when the umpire failed to make an obvious out-of-the-baseline call on Matt Thaiss, and he struck Mike Trout out with the potential tying run at 3rd base and less than 2 outs. o
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    o Say what you want about Givens' overall performance ........ he had to get 4 OUTS that inning, including a Strikeout of Mike Trout. o
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    Alberto is pretty hilarious out there.
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    That guy was a mile out of the base path.
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    I'm not complaining....I was being sarcastic as noted by the rolls eyes. I was pointing that out for the give him away to cut payroll and if they don't trade hm he will surely be not offered arbitration crowd
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    Here's Saturday's Summary: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/07/27/minor-league-game-summaries-7-27-2019/
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    Bullpen 49 ER, 94.1 IP, 4.68 ERA Prior to 6/28 216 ER, 322 IP, 6.04 ERA Bullpen ERA 1.36 lower over the last 23 games Overall 105 ER, 209.1 IP, 4.51 ERA Prior 456 ER, 705.2 IP, 5.82 ERA ERA 1.31 lower
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    o This is mildly reminiscent from years back, when somebody asserted that Matt Wieters was highly overrated, and an average at best catcher ........ and then proposed that we trade him for a top-of-the-rotation starter. o
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    When you aren't the Dodger, Yankees, Red Sox it doesn't make sense to sign high priced (and usually average) free agents when rebuilding your organization. Invest all that $$$ into player development instead and build a team that will be capable of winning every year. It's not really that hard to understand if you take a few minutes to think about it.
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    Sure, it just doesn’t make any sense to me to try to be “mediocre” unless you are achieving that with young talent. If Trey Mancini was a rookie and 24 year old I would not want him moved. Not wasting resources on that is better than throwing money and prospects away.
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    Mancini’s perspective: “I think a huge tip of the cap goes to the previous regime and all the talent that was in the organization before this year,” Mancini said. “And on other side, obviously the new regime is drafting guys they really like - athletic guys that can play multiple positions. It seems like on the pitching front Chris Holt (coordinator, minor league pitching), from what I have heard in talking to a few guys, he is the real deal and getting the best out of a lot of guys. Seems likes we’re very lucky to have him in our organization.”
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    Admit it, you just don't like that he uses two L's in his name. I'm the same way with all those Steven's who don't spell it the correct way (Stephen).
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    Guess not having interns to take advantage of anymore has old Steve cranky. What a clown.
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    He does lead the IL in hits... by 8, and he's got 19 homers and 23 doubles. If you were him and 22 years old... would you think there's a problem with your offense?
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    Goes both ways. Arrieta comes to mind.
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    Let’s go ahead and promote the Tobasaurus. 3-5 today. After almost 100 AB at Aberdeen hitting .385 and OPSing .921.
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    Dodger Stadium is fantastic. And and an awesome experience. Food is great at the park. Sight lines perfect. Great weather. Good team.
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    Came up on a playlist. Man! I listened to this... this whole album! When I was 14, 15, 16 years old, like a thousand times! Literally. Every night on my regular rotation for like 3,4 years.
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    More like this, particularly Gary
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