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    I don't trust anyone.
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    Just an interesting fact, he’s seen 81 pitches in Aberdeen (GCL pitch numbers are incorrect). He’s swung and missed just twice. He saw 30 pitches in 4 PAs last night without a whiff, he picks up spin and has the quickness and bat control to foul off quality pitches.
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    Hit a dinger tonight! Delmarva this guy now.
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    I think 1-1 is a pipe dream. Although the Tigers just took 2 of 3 from the Angels, prior to that they had a 12-51 (.190 winning percentage) run. Plus they just trade Castellanos and Shane Greene. I don't see how we can pick up (lose?) any ground on them at this point. I hope we finish strong and in a tie for the second worst record with Kansas City and pick at 1-2. Specifically looking for Stewart to come up and succeed, Santander to maintain his recent run of success and to see Mountcastle and Hays come up in September and have a little MLB success. Even if we end up with the third pick I wouldn't be upset as long as it was accompanied by quality production from players that could be part of our future. If we end up with the third pick because Chris Davis hits 7 home runs to win meaningless games in September I would be a little annoyed.
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    My guess is, the team will be busier in the winter than they were at the trade deadline. I don't expect the 40 man to look like that.
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    Except they have Lowther ranked at #9 with a 45 FV and his fastball sits at 88-90. I don't understand how Fangraphs can have them ranked so far apart unless they are leaning heavily on Lowther's status as a second round pick.
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    Interesting look at perhaps the worst regular season day in Orioles history: August 21, 2007 Page one: .
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    Some brief notes on some Aberdeen relievers. Malachi Emond - throws a fastball that's either a cutter or has significant natural cut, 88-90mph, nifty little late breaking splitter and a below average slider. Long arm action, never going to sniff average command. I'd be curious if he could develop a 4S fastball that was a bit harder, but most likely an org guy. Shelton Perkins - 89-90 fastball with a wicked slider, plus pitch. Some deception in the delivery but I can't see that velocity working on a fairly straight fastball. Also throws a changeup, but it isn't good. Will need to add velocity or develop enough command of the slider that he can pitch off it if he's going to be more than an org guy. Kade Strowd - 90-93mph fastball, commands it well, more of a starter look, has a fringy slider and change. Command should make him interesting in the lower minors at least. Will need to develop the secondaries, not ready to call him more than an org guy yet.
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    Scott is exactly the kind of guy we'd try to get if he was with another organization. I think he was brought up a little too early, but he has a lot of potential. He got an eight-out save tonight for Norfolk and his ERA is down around 3.00 there. I think he can help us next year, especially if we lose Fry or Bleir. I think Elias is too smart to let him get away.
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    He missed it! Still he got the hot dog.
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    Nothing wrong with soft stuff. Was listening to this earlier today.
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    Thanks man. Good times!
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    Yup,very real unfortunately. Ok,now back to something less depressing. The Orioles?
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    Pulp fiction. Mia Wallace's pilot was Fox Force Five.
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    Bichette, Biggio, Guerrero: Canadian team trying hard to prove it's really part of baseball tradition.
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    Me too, and it's been 17 years. First thing I do whenever I retire....
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    Playing 2B. Was slightly to the SS side of 2B. Hit a looping line drive to straight short. Hanser 2 steps and a laid out dive hauled it in.
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    I trust Elias. I don't know if I fully trust the Angelos brothers just yet but I'm willing to give it a few years. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to learn much with the quiet deadline. The approach to prospects seems deliberate to a fault which I think is probably the right move, but we'll learn more about that in these last two months. On the other hand so many guys are once again playing out of position, Davis is still here, and there's still lots of work to be done with analytics and technology upgrades. I'm thrilled with the international effort thus far. Thrilled. I love the staff he's put in place with Hyde, Holt, the young coaches in the minors, Sig, Perez, demoting Brady, etc.
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    Grow the 3's. Buy the 1's.
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    Well...it probably doesn’t hurt...but still as recently as 2015, the Royals had a 113 million payroll and the Mets had a 101 million payroll and they were both in the World Series ...the Dodgers and Yankees spent more in payroll than both of these combined that year and did not make it.
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    Sounds like a full time gig too. As opposed to an in season one.
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    I am very on board with the plan. However, having a good plan isn’t enough; you have to do a good job of carrying out the plan. E.g., planning to build through the draft is great, but you’d sure better make good draft picks and take the steps to develop them right. And honestly, it’s going to take a couple years to have any real idea if the plan is being well executed or not. I plan to be a patient fan when it comes to judging that.
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    Nothing about yesterday's deadline makes me want to re-evaluate Elias in any way. You don't do deals just to do deals.
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    Are you an X Files fan?
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    Beating the Red Sox back to back games by 13-0.....oh, never mind...I got nothing!
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    Agree 100%. I'm glad he isn't rushing into panic-driven trades just to say he did something. His plan obviously doesn't include making rash decisions. He is steadily making moves that will right the ship, IMO.
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    Then changed his name and found the special juice in Boston.
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    I see no reason to hold onto Wynns.
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    Peterson has had a very good year at Norfolk. To me, the question is why have him and Stevie Wilkerson both on the 25-man roster. But with Ruiz sent down Peterson makes some sense. I don’t really get Rondón. I don’t think anyone in the front office is down on Stewart. But he didn’t play that well in his short stint before his injury, and he’s only hitting .220 since his return to Norfolk (albeit with lots of walks and power). He’ll get another chance eventually.
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    I was a big Tommy Davis fan because he seemingly came out of nowhere but then I realized that he was actually a really great young player for the Dodgers in the early 60's before a broken ankle kind of sidetracked his career. Check out his baseball ref stats.
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    1-- Interested to see the continued development of the starting pitching. Is Wojo real? How many innings with Bundy pitch? Will Means come back and how many innings will he pitch? Who will be brought up from AAA or AA. 2-- Santander. Is he real? Is there a ML starter there? Same with the catchers. 3-- Richie Martin. Will he adjust? I know many folks have given up on him. I have not.
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    The Orioles have to give DJ Stewart a real shot. It's really strange to me that they haven't, especially with Smith Jr. hurt now.
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    Just keep evaluating what we've got and bring up players when they're ready for the big leagues. We've tried a bunch of guys this season and learned a lot about them. We may have even found a few guys who can hold down positions - at least adequately - until the next core comes along. Also, Hyde and Elias have learned a lot about the coaches and are probably close to deciding which ones they need to replace (if any). So, I have no complaints about the season so far. This is what we signed up for. I would like to see Stewart get an opportunity to play consistently for a couple of months. That's it for me.
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    Incomplete. I think he would've liked to move some combination of Givens, Villar, Alberto, Nunez, or Mancini, but only in the right deal for prospects of value. Seems that he didn't get the offers he wanted, so he decided to stay put rather than give them away and take less. For a young GM, I can imagine that wasn't easy to do, so I'll give him credit for that. All of those guys still have team control left, so he can always look to move some of them over the winter.
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    There's now a French's Mustard ice cream! https://gothamist.com/2019/07/31/free_mustard_ice_cream.php?utm_source=WNYC+%2B+Gothamist&utm_campaign=8f956f1d79-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65dbec786b-8f956f1d79-85719789&mc_cid=8f956f1d79&mc_eid=7d93764f04
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    I get to watch the game with you all live tonight. We have a VERY special visitor coming to tour the plant where I work today. Us 2nd shifters have the option of coming in early to see him (8am... ugh!) and then taking the night off. I'm taking it.
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    He only made one trade, but I think it was a coup for him to get Elio Prado and another prospect for Andrew Cashner, so on that basis I would give him a B. The only other player that would have brought back real prospects in a trade is Trey Mancini. It's hard to know whether Elias should have pulled the trigger without knowing what was offered, but consider this: the most similar player to Trey who was actually traded at the deadline is Nick Castellanos. Both are 27 year old corner outfielders with strong offense and limited defense. Trey is more valuable in principle because he comes with extra years of team control, but the Cubs were probably more interested in what they could get this season out of a corner outfield bat than what they could get in future seasons--they can always go sign a corner outfield bat in the offseason. So the package the Cubs gave up for Castellanos is a floor for what the O's could have gotten for Mancini, but it's not clear that the Cubs would have been willing to give up that much more for Mancini. As it is, I think the Cubs' package for Castellanos was pretty weak--two college pitchers who were drafted high, but who haven't pitched that well in pro ball. Neither were regarded as top 10 prospects in the Cubs organization, and the Cubs don't have a great farm system at the moment. So I'm inclined to think that Elias made the right call not trading Trey Mancini.
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    It’s become pretty obvious that metrics powered teams have determined the risk of trading their prospects #3 -#7 is acceptable but will not deal their very top guys. Astros just did it. Dodgers have the past few years. This is the new normal. Will be interesting to see if this changes.
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    It would not have been much. And evidently he has a fan contingent here...That loves his style of play. A fan favorite as it were. The masses will come out to watch he and Trey and Givens give it their August Sept all.
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    One thing about the trade deadline - when a team like the Braves acquire 3 new relievers for prospects in a 24 hour period, it usually means they have to DFA someone with some talent. Well, Luis Gohara literally got DFA'd on his 23rd birthday today. He's a former very highly touted prospect who's had arm problems/miseries. Internet Dr. Ruz hasn't exemined his arm, but it seems to me this is the kind of situation the O's should jump on ASAP.
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    Have you seen Straily pitch?
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    I am sure our young, 35 year old first time GM, learned a lot this deadline. He was not golfing.
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    It shouldn’t be politics. It should be objective analysis of scientific facts. But I guess we’re on Krypton now.
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    I agree that Rondon backups on SS if Villar is traded. But next season he could be the starting SS if Elias decides he wants Martin to develop at AAA. He has range at SS.
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    Are you mad about not giving the Norfolk IF's a shot at the 25-man or something? None of them are prospects. You're overreacting big time here. This team needs to collect as many people that can play SS as possible. Plus, uh, someone has to play infield at Norfolk if Villar/Alberto are traded. You can't just call two guys up, especially if you're development plans call for leaving some of them in Bowie.
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    I think he went golfing.
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