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    It's amazing that some people don't like Hyde because he's being honest and will not allow his integrity be challenged. the thing i like about Hyde is that he hasn't really singled one guy out unless he was asked about that one player. His comments about a lack of talent is 100% correct. This isn't spring training anymore, these players have had 4-5 months to show what they can and can't do and unfortunately, many have shown they don't have the consistent major league ability.
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    Guess you consider people that didn't go to college at all "deplorables." This may be your worst take ever.
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    Lew Ford won't let @LA2 post a photo on the OH.
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    I don’t want to insert myself into this spat, but as one of the most frequent posters here (maybe the most frequent), I just want to say that I’d never judge a poster by the frequency of their posts. There are some folks who very rarely post, but when they do, always have something valuable to say. And there are others who post multiple times a day and yet contribute very little. So, I do hope that any infrequent posters like owknows won’t think their thoughts on the Orioles aren’t welcomed.
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    For the people who like to taste some wine before the fisticuffs in the dugout. Camden Vineyards comes to the Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball™. Enjoy a pregame wine tasting in the bullpen picnic area featuring 20 wines from 11 different countries, along with light fare. Plus, each guest will receive a Camden Vineyards outdoor wine glass. Bottles of wine and Orioles decanters will be available for purchase during the event. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/tickets/specials?partnerId=ed-14253461-1159668133#camden-vineyards
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    This was the argument early on, and I would have agreed that he was not blocking anyone. You can still make that argument I guess with Stewart back on the IL, but I'd rather have Ruiz in the lineup than Davis, under the admittedly small chance Ruiz could actually develop more and help the team in the future. If it were me, I'd run this lineup out as often as possible: 1B. Mancini/Nunez 2B: Villar/Alberto SS: Martin/Alberto 3B: Nunez/Alberto C - Severino/Sisco LF: Stewart once he comes back but I would bring up Mason Williams (Replace Peterson with Mason) and give him a look in the meantime CF: Wilkerson RF: Santander DH: Mancini/Nunez/Stewart
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    Cases in point for high risk, high reward high schoolers: Eddie Murray, 3rd round 1973, Zack Britton, 3rd round 2006. In fact, our top 5 3rd round picks by WAR, and 8 of our top 10, were high schoolers. We’ve picked a high schooler 33 times in that spot, and 12 of them (36%) made the majors. We’ve picked a college guy 21 times and 8 made the majors (38%), but the top college producer was Chris Ray (3.1 rWAR, 6th on the list of O’s third rounders).
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    By recalling Ruiz within 16 days the O's did not burn Ruiz's last option. That could keep him on the 40 man roster for next season. He is good defensively and if he can be called up and sent down next season any time they want that probably has value to the team.
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    Speaking of this, I noticed it’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen a post from Redskins Rick, who posted here almost daily for years. I don’t think there was any incident on the board that would have caused him to stop posting or get suspended, so I’m hoping that he hasn’t encountered some serious health problem (or worse).
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    I have to say this about Hyde and Davis and the ugly confrontation... In no way do I think that it wasn't Davis' ineptitude and maybe nonchalance that was the (valid) reason for the whole episode. I'm not letting him off the hook at all. Hyde said in the presser that (paraphrasing) "We had words back and forth, and it got heated." In the short MASN video you can see a split second where Hyde points his finger at Davis, moves his whole body towards Davis saying something, emphasizing a point. That's when Davis erupts, and that's when Hyde goes down the tunnel. No matter whether Hyde was in the right calling him out for who knows what... Hyde let the situation get out of control. Let his emotions get the better of him. And that's in the middle of a game. That's not manager-ly, if you know what I mean. A rookie mistake even. I'd second guess that. WE will NEVER know exactly what was said or what it was about, but it clouds my view of Hyde at least 10%. Still a big supporter but a little more wary than I was Tuesday.
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    Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Colts, and Baltimore Bullets.
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    I actually kind of like the Yacabonis/Eshelman pairing. Yacabonis throws 94-95 and ideally gets through the tougher part of the lineup. Then Eshelman gets the bottom third before then facing the rest of lineup who has to adjust to facing a junkballer. Also I think they should start using openers the way Tampa does. They need to find a way to get some better starts because they have no one to bring up and need to get through the season. Wojo usually can get through the lineup once without too much damage so I would do the following. 1) John Means 2) Dylan Bundy 3) Yacabonis/Eshelman : Hard Thrower followed by soft tosser 4) Richard Bleier/ Wojo: Lefty softosser followed by harder throwing righty 5) Yacabonis/Ty Blach: Righty followed by a lefty It would be kind of outside the box but they need to find a way to not have the pitching get lit up every night
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    Maybe Hyde reminded him he was the only thing Davis managed to hit all night.
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    So both Elias, Davis, Hyde all say a variation of how their real regret was that this fight took place in the dugout in front of cameras “Sorry that it happened right out in the dugout in the middle of a game and in front of cameras. That’s not where you want these things to take place” Mike Elias in SOR column today So, I gotta say...Where DO you want an enraged, belligerent argument between two men to take place? Thank God this happened in the dugout in front of cameras...if this had not taken place in the dugout, in front of cameras, and where others were present right there and able to hold back an enraged Davis...who knows what might have happened.
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    DUTCH scouts in the house tonight. Left field upper deck.
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    Emergency run to the GNC for more power bars. Crush was hankering for some.
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    Otter was talking about that game today. Frank brought in Williamson instead. After the game, Otter went into the manager's office and asked why he wasn't pitching that game. When he left the office, Al Jackson, the pitching coach told him, "You can't do that." 😉
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    I disagree completely with this assessment. The team loses 2/3 of its games — is Hyde supposed to pretend he doesn’t know we’re outmanned most nights? And I don’t see him as a hothead at all. To me, he’s had the patience of Job. He keeps things positive almost all the time but also is honest about the reality of our current situation. It’s a good balance. And Buck got pretty snippy in some of his pressers. Love the guy, but let’s not pretend he didn’t have any bad moments.
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    And apparently it also comes with a real lack of humility. Chris Davis is like that guy from high school who graduated three years ago, but still hangs out in the parking lot and thinks he's hot sh*t. Class of 2016...his last somewhat productive season.
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    It’s probably useful, but I don’t know enough about it to make any assessments using it. I see people on Twitter all the time who obviously don’t know anything about it, quoting the numbers from PG as a reason for liking the player. Is it game data or BP or off a tee. What are the correlations between these values and exit velocity production or swing and miss? I’m sure someone has figured out what’s important and what’s noise and can use it to target players, but I’m definitely not one of those people.
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    I feel like the helmet is the true victim in this embarrassing fiasco and I think we're all grossly ignoring its feeling and its health. Was the helmet placed in the concussion protocol? Did Chris Davis give a heartfelt apology to the helmet? Will Davis and the helmet be attending couples counseling? Those are the questions that I want answered.
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    Let's be clear, this is not a DFA offense by itself. His play on the field is why he should be DFA'd. This event should hopefully help that happen sooner than later, but I doubt that will happen as ownership has shown no willingness to allow Elias to release him.
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    I get all my info directly from Chris Davis.
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    Orioles (including minor leagues) and Ravens. Terps basketball and football to a lesser degree. Only follow big events for other sports and NBA not at all.
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    O's, Ravens, UMD - before the Big 10 switcheroo, Penguins. I've never liked the DC teams, mainly because once the Colts left the Skins were on TV despite better national games every week. Turned toward the Pens in the late-80's, but the kids picked them 5 years ago as our home team as I tried to get them interested in sports other than just baseball and football. Completely ruled out Caps as a choice in that vote, referring to them as chokers. You can thank me for jinxing myself and propelling them into a Stanley Cup. NBA is unwatchable, imo. They have outdone themselves by playing less and less defense each year.
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    Man some people are just determined to defend Davis.
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    For Immediate Release: August 8, 2019 P-NATS PILE IT ON LATE KEYS OFFENSE HELD IN CHECK, DROP RUBBER MATCH FREDERICK, MD – A late surge from the Potomac Nationals (27-20, 57-57) sunk the Frederick Keys (17-28, 46-68) as they dropped an 8-2 rubber match on Thursday night at Nymeo Field. The Keys trailed 3-2 up until the eighth inning when the P-Nats piled on five runs. Jakson Reetz hit a two-run home run in the eighth and Potomac got three more in the ninth. The Keys offense was held to just the two runs they scored in the first inning. The P-Nats benefitted early after a couple of miscues from Frederick. DL Hall hit Cole Freeman, who reached second after a passed ball to put himself in scoring position. Hall then struck out Aldrem Corredor, but Freeman stole third base and came in to score on a throwing error. Hall then walked Reetz and gave up a two-run shot to KJ Harrison to make it 3-0 P-Nats. The Keys came storming back in the bottom of the inning. Back-to-back doubles from Zach Jarrett and Cadyn Grenier put the Keys on the board and Jomar Reyes made it a one-run game with an RBI single. Frederick then stranded a pair of runners on, squandering their best opportunity of the night. Nick Raquet (9-8) was dominant after that for Potomac. The Keys mustered just one hit against him in the final five innings of his outing. Raquet allowed two runs on four hits and struck out three over six frames. Hall (4-5) had a solid outing after the first as well. The southpaw got help in the third inning from Robbie Thorburn, who had two great defensive plays in left-field. Hall took over after that and struck out the final three of four batters he faced. An error kept Hall from finishing the sixth inning as he was pulled after throwing 99 pitches. He was responsible for three runs on three hits, walked three batters and struck out five over 5.2 innings. Zach Matson came in relief of Hall and pitched well despite giving up the two-run shot to Reetz. The P-Nats got another home run from Omar Meregildo and tallied two more runs in the ninth off Reed Hayes. The Keys offense was held in check in the final eight innings. They had just four total baserunners over that stretch. The Keys welcome in the Down East Wood Ducks for a three-game series starting on Friday, August 9. RHP Ofelky Peralta (0-2, 8.44) takes the mound for Frederick against RHP Tim Brennan (4-0, 2.25) for Potomac. First pitch is scheduled for 7:00pm with pregame coverage starting at 6:45pm on the Tune In app and frederickkeys.com. The Frederick Keys are the Advanced-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, and play their home games at Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium. Following the 2018 season, the Keys were named the winner of the Carolina League’s Complete Franchise Award. This goes to a team in the league which demonstrates franchise stability and significant contributions to its community and the league. In 2019, the team will host the Carolina League All-Star Classic presented by Visit Frederick. For more information about the Frederick Keys please contact Geoff Arnold by phone at (301)-815-9915 or by emailing at GArnold@FrederickKeys.com. www.FrederickKeys.com-
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    From Thursday: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/08/09/minor-league-game-summaries-8-8-2019/
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    Huge Baltimore Colts and Baltimore Ravens fan, and season ticket holder for the latter for the 24th year in a row (split a plan with others so I go to 3-5 games per year). I will root for Maryland Terps in any sport as long as they are not playing VIrginia Tech. I follow their basketball team fairly closely, watch most of their games and like to see them win. (But I don't refer to them as "we" like a certain other Hokie alumni poster /traitor on this message board). Really loved them when I was a kid (Buck WIlliams / Albert King era). Football I'll root for them if I am watching the game but I can't name more than 4 or 5 guys on their team (and they have two transfers from VT) so I can't claim true fandom. I got into the Blast in the great heyday of the mid 80s (Cooper as coach, Stamenkovic, Stankovic, etc), but haven't watched or attended a game in more than a decade. I haven't been able to generate any interest for the Brigade. As much of a football fan as I am, the Arena game just doesn't hold my interest. Went to some Skippers/Clipjack games as a kid, if we got a hockey team I'd probabaly follow it and go to a few games. The one team that plays in the state of Maryland that I can't abide at all and actively dislike is the Landover Redskins. I enjoyed the hell out of UMBC, which is about 3.5 miles from my house, beating UVa in the NCAA tournament.
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    “Is this heaven?” ”No, it’s Iowa.” The movie is a bore until Costner tracks down James Earl Jones, and then it’s a great movie for the final hour or so. And I’ll never forget the James Earl Jones monologue about how great baseball is blaring over the Memorial Stadium loudspeakers right after the final game played there ended, and right before Brooks loped out of the dugout in full uniform.
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    Orioles, Redskins, Virginia Cavaliers!!!
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    Somebody on mlbtraderumors wrote that Hyde was never in any danger because if Davis has swung at him he would have missed. Another guy wrote that most umpires punch Davis out at least once or twice a night. Wish I could take credit for these but I can't. 😁
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    The main reason players are dumped has primarily to do with the limits of the Forty Man Roster and the limits placed on the Twenty-Five. You need players that are able to be optioned, you need players to fill spots for those on the IL, you need players to be protected from the Rule 5.. You act as if the roster on every team has no limits... You act as if all players that are placed on waivers are not wanted by the waiving team when thay may be trying to get them through waivers to be able to get them OFF the Forty bu kept i their system. Using your logic, every player passed over in the first round of the amateur draft were unwanted by all thirty teams.
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    I think a lot of people are seeing results and assuming things like practice habits, work ethic, etc, when the vast amount of anecdotal evidence suggests that 1)Davis is a really good guy 2) Davis is a good teammate, results aside 3) Davis works really hard. The fact is the results just arent there for him, and it's unfortunate to see a downfall like that. But demonizing the guy and his character because of results is just not a fair process. My first hope would be for him to get even half way back to what he was, and absent that for him to walk away from the game to go find something that he can exact more joy from. But I am not going to use this incident as a reason to perform some sort of character assassination as so many are doing.
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    Unfortunately, it seems a lack of "Hangout quality awareness" is rife and growing this year. It seems too many people don't understand what a "rebuild" is or even what the approach is here and are too used to the way things used to be. Just DFA everyone after a week and bring "someone" else up from a system that has no one to bring up. I wasn't sure I would like Hyde early on, but he's growing on me. I appreciate that he is outspoken and won't blow smoke up anyone's ass. For what he has to work with and deal with, I think he has done well in the role and I'm glad to have him. That could change at some point of course, but right now? I think he's the right guy for the job. The real test will come when we see how he manages a good team.
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    Davis has no room for error on anything. In competitive athletics, what you can get away with is directly tied to how much you are able to help the team on the field. If you suck on the field, you better be a great teammate, hard-worker, humble, plus makeup guy. Davis has shown at least a couple instances of not being those things while being pretty much the worst player at the MLB level. I think a private or public reprimand is necessary. Yeah, there are lines a manager shouldn't cross (insulting family, etc), but for me everything else is free game in this situation. If I had to guess, it was something to the effect of "you have no heart, you've given up, if you aren't going to try, go home" kind of stuff with some expletives thrown in.
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    Being judgmental of others is the surest sign of "weak character."
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    I have to watch again, but live, it looked more like he got a cleat caught or tripped, THEN slipped when attempting to get his feet set. The issue of him staying in was weird. Hyde mentioned today that Stewart was alert, conscious, and made a joke about he always sees the coach when injured. But when he started shielding his eyes from the light and holding his head after that...He should of been out.
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    fWAR is garbage. See Ubaldo Jimenez’s fWAR with the O’s for proof.
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    I really like the kids cheer free on 2 levels. It exposes kids to baseball when they might not otherwise. Shows them how fun the park is and if they go to a couple games exposes them to how great the game is. On the second hand it puts their parents butts in the seats (affordably.) That increases attendance. Every little bit helps.
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    Just got in his 1st game here in Norfolk. 14p/11 strikes - fastball 94-99, most 97-99. Breaking balls in the 80s. 2 pop outs/ 1 weak grounder.
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    Really, the biggest apology Davis owes to Hyde isn't for that incident in the dugout. First, it's for making it impossible for him to really manage the team - though ownership certainly shares that blame. Second, it's for being a constant distraction in having to answer questions about why he's playing Davis and having to come up with ways to soften criticism about Davis' terrible play. Davis is a distraction the entire roster and the entire coaching staff has to deal with. If Davis is willing to keep taking absurd amounts of money to play for the O's while realizing the problems and distractions his presence causes, he deserves all the negative comments we give him. One thing I think all ex O's that had any success as an O enjoy in retirement - are the functions that show appreciation for them. Davis led the league twice in homers, but if he goes to any of these functions after he retires, he's going to be the one guy who gets boos. Hopefully he's not even invited I wouldn't be saying this if I thought Davis was putting all his effort in trying to make himself a better player. If he had, he'd be altering what he does and hitting to the opposite field - he hasn't. If he had, he'd be hustling his arse off on defense. Instead, he's let his once very good defense turn into a major weakness - with an occasional exception when the spirit moves him. Honestly, the best thing for him and everyone else would be for him to retire right now and never again represent the O's in anything.
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    Baseball - O's Hockey - NY Rangers Basketball - NY Knicks Football - Cleveland Browns College - The Ohio State University Premier - Liverpool
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