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    Davis Cites Message Board As Retirement Reason The Athletic August 13th, 2019 9:40 AM Ken Rosenthal NEW YORK, NY - First baseman, Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles has announced his retirement this morning. Davis, the much maligned slugger of the Orioles signed a seven year, $161 million dollar contract as a free agent to stay with the Orioles before the 2016 season. Davis lead the league in home runs in 2013 and 2015 but since signing the deal his skills have eroded and has been a point of contention for Orioles fans. When reached early this morning for comment, Davis was clearly emotional about the decision he made after the Orioles were swept in a doubleheader yesterday by the division leading New York Yankees. "I know my performance hasn't been great, I know that I've been struggling. But what really pushed me into this decision was that I was up late on my laptop and looking at OriolesHangout.com and there was this post made by this guy, Ace King. And he was asking me to retire. And at that moment, I just knew what I had to do. It all of a sudden became very clear to me. He was right, I just needed to retire. So that's what really factored into my decision last night." Davis' retirement is effective immediately, General Manager Mike Elias confirmed. Trey Mancini will be taking over first base duties for the rest of the season and the Orioles will look to make a roster move later on today.
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    Since you whined last time I won't neg rep you but once again, they have a place for rants and it isn't Orioles Talk.
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    Yep, so many posters are failing to adjust for league context. 16th in OPS in the International League is .964, but my guess is that if he posts an .850 OPS with Norfolk next year (good for 54th in the league this year), everyone will say he has taken a huge step forward. Likewise, I expect everyone to be wildly disappointed with our vaunted AA pitchers as they have ERAs in the high 3s and 4s (at least!) in Norfolk next year.
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    Much of whatever success I had in life started in Miami, my home town, but more specifically it really started for me in during spring training for the Baltimore Orioles. As some might know on this page, I was the Orioles bat boy in Miami in the early 70’s. I’m going to tell you a story now that, to me, shows that dreams really do come true if you are lucky like I was. On the first day as an Oriole bat boy(I was about 14 or 15 years old), I had NO clue at what I was doing. I knew nothing about a major league clubhouse, how to wash sanitary socks, or clean the grimy uniforms and take care of the gear and bats.The players and coaches mocked me. Brooks Robinson himself used to ask me to get “some left handed bats”..and I scurried around the clubhouse looking for something that didnt exist. I had no idea or concept of baseball equipment or the job I was supposed to do. One kid who DID, was a younger kid than I was. He was probably 12 or 13. His name was Rudy Arias Jr. Rudy Sr. was a pitcher for the White Sox in the late 50’s and even pitched in the World Series, but junior was, to me, at the time, a colleague and fellow clubhouse boy. He knew I was over my head, that I was really just there to hang with the players….which was not cool . But he put up with me. Rudy and I and one or two other kids worked hard in the clubhouse, but deep down, those guys knew I didnt work as hard as they did. They would come in at about 8 am and not leave till will after 11 pm. Me? I was a clubhouse comedian. I entertained the Oriole players, Brooks and Frank and Boog and Palmer…and of course, Earl Weaver was my boss, who knew I was the worst bat boy ever..but he sortve liked that I entertained the troops…so he put up with me. Rudy Jr. was all business. Even as a kid, he was organized and had a great work ethic and he helped the players get what they needed. Me? Not so much. I was just this goofy kid with a dream to somehow find a way in baseball, or broadcasting, though I had no clue what. Rudy was a real athlete. He was a catcher and he was an outstanding defensive player with skills. I took his hat one day….by accident. And I never got to return it to its rightful owner. As clubhouse kids we cherished our hats, and I had his. Under the bill it said in black ink…Rudy Arias. Years passed. I was fortunate enough to make my way in broadcasting, starting in Miami, and then moving to LA were I have been for 42 years next week. I lost track of Rudy. I didnt realize that, like his major league dad, Rudy also had a brief career. He played with Seattle, until he was hit in the face by a ball…which effectively ended his career. I somehow never followed Rudy’s major league career..but I knew I had his batboy hat. I would cover the Orioles for many years, both in Miami and as a sportscaster in LA. One day on the field in Anaheim, a familiar face walked up to me. He was wearing an Orioles uniform. “Hey Roy”, he said. ‘Its me. Rudy Arias. We used to be batboys together as kids”. This hit me emotionally. I had no idea that Rudy was now the assistant batting coach and bullpen catcher for the Orioles! In a way, both of our dreams came true. He ended up as a bullpen catcher for some 16 years with the Orioles, and before that, he landed a job with the Yankees, and when they won the World Series in 95’…Rudy Arias, the kid I knew about 45 years before..got a World Series ring! I knew that the Orioles were coming back to Anaheim and Rudy was still a respected member of their coaching staff. I went to get the hat. Rudy’s hat. I went onto the field, saw Rudy and motioned him over. “I’ve waited almost 50 years to give you something that was yours”, I said. “Its your hat, you wore when you were batboy.” Rudy and I got emotional in that moment. Here we were, adults now, with long, exciting and productive careers. I though Rudy was going to lose it. Me too. I swallowed hard and gave him the hat. Rudy Arias saw his dream come true. Today he is 62 years old. He’s been married for 37 years. He has two grown kids. He was recently voted into Miami High School’s Hall of Fame and is currently coaching at his college alma mater…Miami Dade South. I’m so happy for this guy. And I’m happy too that I gave him his hat back. Its funny about life, isn’t it? You never know the paths you will take. I am grateful for all that has happened to me, in part because I was that batboy way back on 1970. And I’m so happy for Rudy Arias, who worked his way to success in baseball. And I’m proud to say Rudy became a U.S. citizen in 2012. Life has had its twists and turns for both of us….but baseball brought us together..and Rudy got his hat back.
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    The Ironbirds' first no-hitter in team history and caught by Adley Rutschman. Hopefully the first of many exciting games in his career! Toby Welk 4 for 5, a single short of a cycle.
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    Slight correction. A tax on investment income only over a certain amount per year. I forget the exact number since I have not lived there for quite a number of years. But it is pretty generous, before a person incurs any state income tax.
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    Cashner is doing great things for the Sox.
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    Look at teams that leave cities. It’s about stadiums. I never recall a team leaving a city with a quality stadium in place. Chargers, Rams and Raiders recently in the NFl. The Athletics and Rays have stadium issues. OPACY is getting a little older but is holding up well.
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    I'm a bit more optimistic than you, but even if the rest of the guys outside of Hall and Rodriguez become No.4 starters at best, I still think it puts the staff in an okay position. While I don't think Means will be the guy we saw in the first half over his career, I do think he's got a shot to settle in as a sold mid-rotation option and if two guys (Kremer, Baumann, etc) can establish themselves as solid No.4 types, that's an okay back-end of the rotation. Of course, the problem is that puts a lot of pressure on Hall and Rodriguez to both be No.2 type starters and the likelihood of both doing so becomes slim. As for the position players, I tend to agree. Rutschman is the only one that seems to have much of a chance to become a star. I am bullish enough of Diaz, Hays and Mountcastle to believe they each have a good chance to become viable big league options, but all three are flawed. This system does really need another top end arm and a couple top end bats to get really, truly excited. But, at least there's progress.
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    Sixteenth in the league in OPS despite being two years younger than average (only one younger player ahead of him). He's had a quiet year but it's been pretty good.
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    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/reds-release-david-hernandez.html Wish he had been a lifelong Oriole
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    Long article in The Athletic, which is worth a read. Only excerpts are allowed, so here are a few: https://theathletic.com/1130731/2019/08/12/you-set-me-up-i-couldnt-win-an-oral-history-of-the-1994-mlb-strike-from-both-sides-of-the-bargaining-table/ ESPN also has a story: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27161035/oh-my-god-how-do-oral-history-1994-mlb-strike
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    Now if a 6 Turned out to be 9
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    So, basically from the first inning on?
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    At this point of the season new Oriole pitchers look more like they are computer generated out of a video game.
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    Alberto is 3rd in the AL in Batting Avg. And only 2 points behind second. But you know, now days Batting Avg is an old fashioned stat anymore that is meaningless... 1. LeMahieu • NYY .338 2. Brantley • HOU .323 3. Alberto • BAL .321
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    Adley is on MASN at 6:30 tonight to discuss - perhaps we hear a bit more.
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    Tuesday's Scores: DSL Orioles 1 won 10-6 at the DSL Reds BOX SCORE DSL Orioles 2 won 7-6 in 10 innings over DSL Nationals BOX SCORE
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    o I was a bastard yesterday. I'm an OK guy again today. BALTIMORE O RIOLES )))))) (vs. YANKEES, 8/13) Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS Trey Mancini - DH Anthony Santander - RF Renato Nunez -1B Jace Ryan "J.R." Peterson - LF Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B Chance Sisco - C Steve Wilkerson - CF Rio Ruiz - 3B John Alan Means - LHP )) (8-7, 3.36 ERA) OPPOSING PITCHER Domingo German Polanco - RHP )) (15-2, 4.05 ERA) ) * * )) Leads the Major League in Wins (15) and Winning Percentage (.882) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
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    ...and now I know who the Uncle Tupelo song "Acuff-Rose" is actually about! Speaking of Uncle Tupelo, how 'bout the Nashville Moonshiners? Kinda has a nice ring to it.
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    The Orioles were 26th in revenue last year behind the Pirates and just ahead of the Royals. There's absolutely zero chance they're going to make any splurge signings especially while Davis is still under contract. Plus I believe the Angelos family lost their ass when they went "all-in" from 2013-2017 which is why they've been so cheap the last couple years. They're trying to make up for the loss in operating income from the Buck-Duquette era.
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    The great Drew Jackson is putting up a .658 OPS in the PCL.
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    Welk is hitting .350 in Aberdeen. Would it really be a surprise if he pushes his way up to Frederick next year? I wouldn't be surprised if he started at Frederick.
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    I noted a lot of posters have talked about the money Davis would have to walk away from and that being very unlikely and I agree completely. But, I also would bet that deep down Davis believes he can get back to where he was, that even this length of struggles is not enough to convince him he is truly done. Every bit of contact, every driven ball, even every weak single I bet he is telling himself, that is it, I am close now. I don't see anything changing with this for quite a while yet.
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    From what I've seen he's got pretty good first step quickness, decent hands and a solid average 3B arm, but his accuracy can be a problem at times. I've got to go back and watch more of his defense on video to give a full analysis.
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    o "I can't believe this. You can fire half the management, and nothing changes !!!" Gordon Gekko, 1987 o
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    I doubt the rumors have any weight. The orioles are bad, so attendance is low. The crowds do show up when the team is good. No city is trying to woo the orioles, and outside of Montreal; every new spot either just built a AAA park (meaning no public funds) or have a smaller market compared to Baltimore
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    Yea, Stuart Sternberg seems like a real sweetheart of an owner.
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    Chris Davis didn't make the mistake. He is under no obligations to help the Orioles fix theirs. The cries should be for the Orioles to end the embarrassment, not Chris Davis.
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    He is athletic, solid seeker game, very good at catching the snitch. Competes well against higher end competition such as Draco Malfoy. Trained with Viktor Krum in the offseason... Plays well with Ron Weasley as keeper.
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    Either let him sit or let him go. Playing him is the worst option.
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    I’ll say this for him. He was never shy about complaining about their lack of International presence. Rosenthal for years kept talking about the disconnect between Dan and Buck but the local media always downplayed it.
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    Doesn't he forfeit the remaining money if he retires? So no chance. I could stand being embarrassingly bad at my job for 70 million...
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    Just watched Keegan Akin's outing yesterday at AAA. 93-94 and showed a good change and slider after the 1st inning. Best I've seen him throw this year. The mix gives me more hope that he can stick as a starter more than earlier this year.
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    I'm not real bullish on our position guys pretty much anywhere. I've wavered on pitching. A skeptic would say we have a lot of #4/5 starter to middle relief types of arms after our top 2. The optimist sees so many of those arms that we think a couple will exceed the current back of the rotation expectation. Baumann might be that guy. Kremer might be that guy. Neither is certain by any Means* though. *pun intended
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    I would like to see an outfield of Mountcastle (LF) - Hays (CF) - Santander (RF) - Stewart (4th OF'er) with Mancini at 1B for the rest of the season. No reason for any of them to be in Norfolk at this point. At least two of the three guys on the grass would be real outfielders. Mancini would be playing his best position and if he's here next year, that's where he should be playing. Play Nunez at 3B for the rest of the year and make a decision on the guy's defense. If you're going to roster Davis for the rest of the year, let him have a few at bats against righties at DH. If this year is about development and evaluation, let's develop and evaluate.
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    I don't know if Ynoa has any options left. Could be Evan Phillips or another bullpen guy
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    Fun fact: fourteen teams have hit 5 or more HR's this year at OPACY (hint - none are the O's): @TonySoprano
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    You know, a GM could use something like this if wanted to get owner approval to make a change.
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    The failed scoop catch on Villar’s bad throw cannot be the proximate cause of this dust up. Davis makes that catch more often than not, and has bailed out his fellow infielders a hundred times over the years when they’ve yacked a throw to first. But no manager can expect the first baseman to make that play and blame him if he doesn’t. There has to be more to this than meets the eye.
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    Tut tut! Is this the part where I get on my old man porch and say "BUT THE FASTBALL LOOKED STRAIGHT I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!"
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    Despite striking out in 45% of his plate appearances for the month. .360 BABIP for the month. But, we’ll take it!
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    The Cardinals found guys like this in the draft a lot when Mike & Sig were there. They would scrape stats from all levels of college baseball, go scout the players based off the stats, and then draft some guys that fit their STOUT model that they created. Guys like Matt Adams, Trevor Rosenthal & Jaime Garcia come to mind in particular. All 3 were taken after the 20th round and went on to become productive major leaguers.
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