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    Perseverance paid off. I'm so VERY happy for Harvey. Naturally, we all hope this leads to a nice career with us.
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    Good for Hunter...coming up now can be a reward motivator for him given all the struggles he has had...But how wonderful for him, his dad, Bryan, his family...hope he does well!
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    To directly answer your question about Herb: he isn’t replacing Kremer in the Bowie rotation. He’s already in the Bowie rotation, sporting a 2.25 ERA in four starts after being demoted to Bowie when Zimmermann was promoted to Norfolk. It’s Sedlock who is taking Kremer’s spot, after pitching mostly relief and artificially short starts since his promotion to Bowie on July 17. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how he rises to the challenge. He did a nice job yesterday, 1 run in 5 IP. He should get three more starts before the season ends. Like I said, it’s a balance. Kremer has pitched well enough to earn a promotion and has a lot of AA innings under his belt. Getting him a head start on being ready to move up to the majors next year makes sense. Sedlock has pitched very well this year, is behind schedule due largely to injuries and it benefits him to be in Bowie’s rotation. Does the switch from Kremer to Sedlock hurt Bowie’s playoff chances? Yes, marginally. In this case, the developmental benefits seem to outweigh that. The balance might be different if another set of players were involved. Good luck to Kremer and Sedlock down the stretch.
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    His name has come up on this thread a few times, but it's worth pointing out again that 17 year old shortstop Erison Placencia has been crazy consistent this season. Batted .364 in July. Batted .366 in August. His OBP has improved as he's drawing more walks, but as Luke has pointed out, DSL has lots of walks. It's better to show some patience with young, wild pitchers, but it's not a clear indicator of great plate discipline. In his last 10 games, he's walked 11 times and struck out just 3 times. I'm more impressed with his low K-rate, though, that probably coincides with his underwhelming power. He's been a single hitter this summer. Great having all of these young guys to follow in the DSL for what seems like the first time.
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    2-4 today with a double and his fourth home run of the season. .353/.403/.514. Gotta think he could help out at Delmarva where JC Encarnacion and Ryne Ogren are holding down third base.
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    Friday's Summary: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/08/17/minor-league-game-summaries-8-16-2019-2/
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    Nice for JJ...hope Orioles can have him work with our shortstops...he would be a big help for someone like Martin. https://fox6now.com/2019/08/11/really-special-jj-hardy-trevor-hoffman-rickie-weeks-inducted-into-brewers-wall-of-fame/
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    Fantastic debut. Closer potential.
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    He looked great tonight. I hope this is just the beginning for him.
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    o This was Harvey's career Major League debut. His 1st career MLB Strikeout came on a 99-MPH Fastball. His 2nd career MLB Strikeout came on a 98-MPH Fastball. 3 OUTS: ) 2 Strikeouts, 1 Groundout HUNTER LUKE HARVEY )))))) (vs. RED SOX, 8/17) IP:lll1 H:lllll 0 R:lllll 0 BB:lll1 SO:lll2 Pitches: )l 21 ) (14 )Strikes, )7 )Balls) 2019 ERA: )l 0.00 )l 1.00 IP (0 ER) 2019 WHIP: )l 1.000 )l 1.00 P (1 H/BB) 2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )l .000 )l (0 for 3) PITCHES BY INNING ******************* 21 ll(14 llStrikes, lll7 lllBalls) o
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    That was awesome. Touched 100!
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    Royals/Rangers in '17, Rangers win 1-0 in 13. https://www.mlb.com/news/rangers-walk-off-in-13-innings-against-royals-c225508510
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    Bad base running. You never go to 3rd on a ground ball to left side of the infield like that.
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    NC to Boston not Baltimore.
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    Congratulations to the kid for making it all the way back. He can still be a useful player even if he never pitches as a starter. I would absolutely settle for another Zach Britton!
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    Actually, Harvey already spent a couple of days in an Orioles uniform, on April 9-10, 2018. He just didn’t get into a game before being optioned back down.
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    I can't afford the cello street musicians. I throw down a few coins and they come at me with their endpins.
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    Carl Yastrzemski renamed as little Yaz and Mike Yastrzemski now called Big Yaz. I never thought he would be more than a AAAA player. Good for him. I don't think SF should plan their rebuild around him, but just enjoy an amazing story.
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    o TONY-OH agrees ........ o
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    o BALTIMORE O RIOLES )))))) (vs. RED SOX, 8/17) Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 3B Trey Mancini - 1B Anthony Santander - RF Renato Nunez - DH Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - 2B Pedro Severino De Leon - C Demetrius Jerome Stewart - LF Steve Wilkerson - CF Richie Martin - SS Randall Asher Wojciechowski - RHP )) (2-5, 4.84 ERA) OPPOSING PITCHER Eduardo Jose Rodriguez Hernandez - LHP )) (13-5, 4.31 ERA) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
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    I think his SP chances have sailed. He's a RP with Closer potential moving forward. With as many injuries as he's had my thought was anything we get out of him now is gravy...
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    Very cool! Also cool that TJ Mac, former Oriole Rule 5'er got to serve it up! And this, the accolades are endless, a leadoff Giant record! Clickbait?
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    In my opinion (which probably means less than nothing), he found out how to be healthy. He was tearing up Frederick and Bowie back when he was still on "prospect status," before injuries hit him, including a "core muscle" injury that cost him part of a season and he didn't get to catch up at that time. Now he gets regular playing time (after being in part time roles after injuries) and can finally get on a roll, like 90% of all players do (just not THAT hot of a roll.)
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    He won't pitch anymore once he's sent down (if he's sent down). He'll reach his limit with the O's and be shut down until the spring.
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    Sure, much appreciated. Vespi's line wasn't too shabby either!
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    Exciting move! Kid has real arm talent.
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    Position player-wise says Joe:
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    This is also the first time in several years that Yaz is actually healthy. Combine that with the new baseballs and you have this.
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    Does it seem to anyone else that we face Eduardo half the time we face the Sux?
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    I know all that. I was just trying to throw gas on the fire. Or gas on the dying embers... I knew I shoulda used an emoji...
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    The superball effective every batter. The steroids only effected those that took them.
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    The average major league player now hits 22 homers per 600 PAs. In 1976 that number was 9. In 1945 it was 6. In 1907 it was 2. It was 17 the year Bonds hit 73 homers. We're almost 30% higher than the height of the steroid era.
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    He’s got something in him, that’s for sure! Of course, Grandpa Yaz had played 6 years in the majors without ever hitting more than 20 homers, and suddenly hit 44 in 1967, at age 27. So I guess sudden power surges are a family trait.
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    This has gotten ridiculous. The most homers little Yaz ever had in a full minor league season was 15. Now he’s got 16 in 70 games for the Giants? That’s crazy.
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    Why can't it be both? To finance the play AND to get rid of Babe Ruth's antics at the same time. It's win-win.
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    That’s an excellent point. Those balls screw everything up. I don’t know why we don’t just use the same balls everywhere.
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    Make a run for the DSL championship.
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    Sorry, I had to run off for an obligation so I wasn't able to respond. I actually do like the sound of the cello. My joke was a reference to something in my own life. I was in High School in the music room, and I wasn't paying attention so I tripped over a chair. The momentum took me and my knee straight into a cello's endpin (which was uncapped). The guy sitting near me laughed and I laughed. Then I realized how big the wound was and it started to hurt. I then stopped laughing. Eventually I got to the school's nurse, but ultimately I had to go to the hospital and get stitches. Ever since then it's been a running joke in the family that I "hate" cellos.
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    I didn't realize how dumb my post was until just now. Next time I check the stats first!!!
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    Out of 33 pitchers with 120 innings this season, Bundy ranks 28 in ERA and 21 in WHIP.
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    By my count, as of today, the GCL Orioles have had 11 games effected by rain, including today (Friday).
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    Apparently it was a 1919 play that was later adapted to music as No, No Nannette. “A popular myth holds that the show was financed by selling baseball's Boston Red Sox superstar Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees, resulting in the "Curse of the Bambino."[1]However, it was My Lady Friends, rather than No, No, Nanette, that was directly financed by the Ruth sale.“ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No,_No,_Nanette?wprov=sfti1 “Neither the lore, nor the debunking of it, entirely tells the story. As Leigh Montville wrote in The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth, the production No, No, Nanette had originated as a non-musical stage play called My Lady Friends, which opened on Broadway in December 1919.[12]That play had, indeed, been financed as a direct result of the Ruth deal.[13]Various researchers, including Montville and Shaughnessy, have pointed out that Frazee had close ties to the Yankees owners, and that many of the player deals, as well as the mortgage deal for Fenway Park itself, had to do with financing his plays.[12]” Montville, Leigh (2006). The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth. Random House. pp. 161–164. Shaughnessy 1990, p. 33 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_the_Bambino?wprov=sfti1
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    With the uptick in offense, he's actually dropped about 10 points in wRC+. He's hit to a 88 wRC+ playing a position that averages 110. He's replacement level. He may have even more trouble finding a job this offseason.
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    "Not true! I made millions and millions from my bonus. Just more fake news from liberal media. SAD."
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    Can we stop the nonsense that Christian kids aren't likely to use steroids. It's balderdash. I really like The Athletic and I reread it, but there's an undertone, maybe from Jordan or Connolly (or both) that because he was a straight edge Christian kid, they didn't think he was capable of such. Bullcrap.
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    Beckham is under control for what, 2 or 3 more years? JJ isn't coming back next year unless it's as a coach. You assertion is illogical and that's not even getting into the statistical aspect of why this is a terrible idea.
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