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    My oblique reference to John Bale was because he was traded for Jayson Werth. O's first round pick in '97, was a top 50 prospect in all of baseball in 2000. The O's traded him for that mediocre LOOGY because his power was never going to develop and he wasn't a very good defensive catcher. His power developed about 15 minutes later.
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    I think the key to the series will be Bowie's strong bullpen. The pen has been lights out of late and features a number of good arms. Here are the ones who I think have a good shot to at least get a cup of coffee. Zach Muckenhirn - 93-96 lefty, solid slider, can go multiple innings, has allowed 1 earned run in his last 15 IP. Christian Alvarado - 93-96 righty, curve can flash above average but has been firm at times, solid command, no earned runs in his last 13.1 IP. Steven Klimek - 93-94 righty, legit plus curveball, developing slider, has allowed 1 earned run in his last 19.1 IP.
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    Back to the MASN dispute. No more trolling of Baltimore, Peter Angelos, Common Men and Women, or fellow posters in general. This is not a thread about elitism or quality of education or work place financial compensation.
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    Tonight's pitching matchup for game 1 of the Baysox-Senators series is Michael Baumann vs. Kyle McGowin. Baumann has had a very good run with the Baysox after a less impressive (statistically) half-season at Frederick. In 13 games (11 starts) over 70 innings, Baumann has worked to a 2.44 ERA, and a 0.943 WHIP. Kyle McGowin is not really a prospect at this point, as he will be 28 in November and has had several cups of coffee in the Majors that have not gone very well. McGowin started the season at AAA and was twice called up to the Majors where he struggled before being demoted to Harrisburg. He was later called up to the Majors for another two games directly from Harrisburg. The Nationals AAA affiliate is in Fresno and the PCL (already a hitter's league) has gone completely crazy with the Major League ball, so many teams are avoiding sending their better pitchers to PCL. Presumably that is why McGowin was demoted, as he had the best ERA on the Fresno team. In his 6 starts with Harrisburg, McGowin has a 2.51 ERA over 32 and a third innings. He didn't allow a run over 3 of his last 4 starts of the season, so I am expecting a pitcher's duel. Harrisburg only has two of the Nationals top 30 prospects in shortstop Luis Garcia, their consensus #2 prospect and a back end top-100 prospect overall, and Tres Berrera, a catcher who is their #18 prospect per MLB Pipeline. Garcia is a 19-year-old glove-first shortstop who has a .617 OPS as one of the youngest players in the Eastern League. Barrera is a glove-first catcher who has hit to a .249/.323/.381 clip in this, his age 24 season. Harrisburg's offense is fairly anemic, as their only hitters with an OPS above .770 have all be promoted to either Fresno or the Majors. Their most successful remaining hitters are Nick Banks, Dante Bichette, Jr., and Ian Sagdal. They have hit to OPS' of .769, .750 and .740 respectively. I think the Baysox are definitely favored in the series, as second half champs tend to be. The Baysox second half record was 10.5 games better than the Senators. But anything can happen in a five-game series, and Harrisburg does have homefield advantage, so the pressure is on the Baysox to win both games at home. Looking forward to the series, it will likely all come down to pitching, and though the Baysox don't necessarily have the edge in this game, they should in the remaining games.
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    Maybe it's different with lawyers, but as an engineer I can tell you that about three weeks after you're hired the only time anyone cares where you went to school is when it provides an opportunity to make fun of your school's football team. Never once in 26 years as an engineer have I heard someone say something like "we're not relying on Joe's engineering acumen, he only went to UMBC." Not even once.
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    This post was so wrong on so many levels. Here’s a list of who started for Aberdeen: Kevin Magee, 15 starts, 2.04 ERA Ryan Conroy,15 starts, 2.64 ERA Leonardo Rodriguez, 13 starts, 2.65 ERA Jake Lyons, 7 starts, 2.87 ERA Dan Hammer, 6 starts, 1.29 ERA Dallas Litscher, 6 starts, 2.23 ERA (promoted to Delmarva) Adam Stauffer, 5 starts, 1.07 ERA (promoted to Delmarva) Houston Roth, 4 starts, 1.42 ERA Marcos Molina, 2 starts, 4.50 ERA James Ryan, 1 start, 1.04 ERA Kade Strowd, 1 start, 0.00 ERA. Murphy, Rios and Zebron, mentioned in the OP, weren’t even on the Aberdeen roster, while McLarty and Gillispie pitched strictly in relief. Strowd made one start but pitched primarily in relief. I didn’t even mention Conroy, Lyons or Stauffer. Overall, the Aberdeen staff did a great job, easily having the best ERA in the NY-Penn League. It will be fascinating to see who gets the call for Delmarva’s rotation next year.
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    The MASN dispute. Here’s something relevant: last week MASN filed a brief seeking to clarify a small point about how to calculate the overdue sum on which interest is now due. In the course of making the argument, MASN disclosed that it paid the Nats $41.8 mm in profit distributions during 2012-16. It went on to say that it couldn’t have made these payments if rights fees were set at the levels awarded by the panel. This figure is interesting because the Nats only owned 13-17% of MASN from 2012-16, so this implies that the Orioles share of the profits (if the O’s had won the arbitration) would have been about $236.9 mm, in addition to the $197.6 mm in rights fees they received. So, a total of $434.5 mm over 5 years. Instead, they’ll receive $296.8 mm in rights fees (equal to the Nats) and about $68.3 mm in profits, for a total of about $365.1 mm. Still a nice chunk of change from their TV network.
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    Great ref site thanks. I scrolled through some of the other teams. Guess, I was out of wrack for expecting more from a 2nd rounder. Thanks
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    Look, I am not going to pretend that University of Baltimore Law School is just as good as Harvard or that the average abilities of their students is the same. That would be silly. What I am going to say is that there’s no reason that a really top notch lawyer couldn’t emerge from a school like that. Heck, Chief Justice Warren Burger graduated from the St. Paul College of Law. The other point, and I keep coming back to it, is that it doesn’t take a legal genius to spot the contractual issues we’ve been discussing here.
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    And, just because there’s no concensus now doesn’t mean that there won’t be in June of next year.
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    You want the #1 pick, you just don't know it. If there's no consensus, that gives the #1 team even more leverage to negotiate an under-slot deal with multiple players, which leaves even more slot money available later in the draft. It's a big advantage to draft higher no matter the players you're picking from.
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    Speaking of WAR, Hanser has a higher one than Macnini.
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    That would be one of the weirder batting titles of all time. I think he trumps Bill Mueller ('03), at least on par with Freddy Sanchez ('06), further out of nowhere than Carney Lansford ('81). Norm Cash might have the most what-the-heck title, when he hit .361 the only year of a 17-year-career that he hit .300. Debs Garms was kind of an old Hanser Alberto, kind of a utility guy who hit .355 at the age of 33 with a PA total that wouldn't even qualify today. Also, has anyone since 1900 even won a batting title with less than 15 walks? I kind of doubt it. Alberto currently has 13. Drungo-ism of the day: In 1890, the year of the Players League disruption, Louisville's Chicken Wolf* hit .363 and won the American Association batting title. He had been in the league for eight years prior, had never hit over .300 before, and would be out of baseball in a little over a year. That's a weird batting title. * Given name William Van Winkle Wolf.
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    Mark Grace had more hits in the 90s than anyone else. Let's keep coming up with decade trivia leaders and watch Drungo go insane.
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    Please don't let your petty facts get in the way of my fantasy story. Thanks.
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    o For the season, Davis has 33 Walks, 3 Hit-by-Pitches, ans 3 Sacrifice Flies. So it is possible that you have watched an entire Davis Plate Appearance without necessarily having watched an entire Davis At-Bat. o
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    My friend who has some knowledge of the situation, once told me the Orioles are more profitable with the Nationals and the MASN deal then they would be if the Nationals were not here I thought he was kidding but not that sure now. Based on the Orioles basically getting mist of the profits from a major market team TV revenue. I guess as the percentage the Orioles own of MASN goes down ,perhaps not as much.
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    I thought it was the human element exemplified best by poor umpiring.
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    I was thinking Justin Turner.
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    Damn! You required us to go back on topic and since then we've gone nearly 45 minutes without any posts. What was the topic again?
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    Top 5 OPSes at age 38, ever: 1. Bonds, 1.278, 2003 2. Williams, 1.257, 1957 3. Cobb, 1.066, 1925 4. Cruz, 1.034, 2019 5. Ruth, 1.023, 1933 Four inner circle HOFers (including one who was drinking straight plutonium), and a guy who signed a 1/8 deal with Dan Duquette.
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    Troll feeding is highly contagious, but it is treatable.
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    The paper shingle on the wall behind the person's desk, is meaningless to if they know how to do their job. Some of the skaters who went to Ivy league schools thanks to Daddy's money and into Daddy's firm, in a made up position, can't hold a stick compared to somebody that earned their degree, studied and worked their arse off for it.
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    They were both selected as the 20th pick in round 1.
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    It's fun to be a contrarian and point out the times when the #3 pick did as well as or better than the #1. But odds are the #1 is going be the better player. You always want to pick higher. It's like asking if you'd rather have 1000 free lottery tickets or 200. Sometimes the winner will be in the 200, but you'd never willingly pick that ahead of time.
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    Of course the other side of that is the 2018 Dodgers, whose run differential was that of a 102-win team and they won 92. Or last year's O's and Nats, who were each eight games worse than their run differential would suggest. Or the '14 A's, who should have been a nearly 100-win team but didn't make the playoffs. The '06 Indians outscored the opposition by 88 runs and finished under .500. The Orioles could overachieve, but it's about as likely that they underachieve.
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    Peterson has spent significant time in AAA in four different seasons. He was 4th, 8th, 19th, and 5th on his AAA teams in OPS. I think he's a solid AAA player. I see a AAAA label being saved for the odd case where someone crushes AAA but flames out every time he's promoted to the majors. Peterson hits in the majors like you'd expect from his minor league resume.
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    I just found this from Callis. I was looking to see if he had posted this around the time he did the college Top 15, but somehow missed it.
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    From the 1965 to 2012 draft its about a 9 WAR deference over a career in terms of the average and about 10 WAR difference over a career in terms of the median value. From 1990 to 2012 its about 16 and 12.5 respectively.
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    o Givens himself owes you a greenie for this. o
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    The bullpen has been pitching better. Givens has been his old self since May. The rest of the ERAs are trying to creep below 5. Rotation wise Bundy has came on lately. Means isn’t a fluke. Wojo won’t kill you as a rotation member. There’s some hope next year that Means, Bundy, Cobb, Wojo, Akin won’t be as bad as the SP this year. Lineup wise we’re looking alright. Sisco/Severino cooled off, but that was to be expected. We just have home at 3B and CF for next year. It’s looking like Ruiz and Wilkerson against RHP at the moment.
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    They aren’t the same type of player, Grenier doesn’t need to hit as much as Peterson to have a similar role, because his 2B defense is better and he can play SS. But that said, Peterson had a 122wRC+ in A ball at 22. Grenier had a 125wRC+ in A ball at 22 (82 games) before getting promoted. I agree that Grenier isn’t a good prospect and disappointing for his draft position, but it’s overboard to say he won’t get out of AA.
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    Came across this today while going through old videotapes, and recorded it off the TV. Really enjoyed hearing about Roy and about Garrett Olson and just being taken back to a time when we had not much to go on but hope for an improved farm system and our camaraderie here on the Hangout. Still pretty cool, right?
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    With the regular season over, I count 22 double digit strikeout games for our MiL starters this year. The season high was 12, accomplished by Michael Baumann while with Frederick and Ryan Conroy in his debut start for Aberdeen. Starters who accomplished the feat more than once: Rodriguez 4 Baumann 3 Hall, Peralta, Wilson, Magee 2
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    It sucks, it really does, I hate losing. so far, for me, its not as bad as the 14 years of hell, when this team had no direction and no game plan. So far, I am going to ride the Elias boat, and see if he is allowed to work/repeat his magic here.
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    CoC, as argumentative as you are, you are not a troll, and you can engage in a conversation and I recall changing my own opinion a few times, based on your posts.
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    Cal wants to know if they played every inning of those games?
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    Amazon released Roy's book today on kindle, two days ahead of the paperback release. I just finished reading it, and what follows is my initial impression. If you've read Roy's stories here, you know, no one can tell a story like he can himself. Roy's book is from the heart. The stories may be short, anywhere from 1-5 pages, but they are plentiful, dozens and dozens and dozens of them. Many are amusing; many, as expected, are touching. What else would you expect from the man who still gets greeted with "Don't make me cry, Roy" everywhere he goes, even by Sir Paul McCartney. Along with his 40 year career as a sports journalist, Roy is also an entertainer. Roy's book goes back and forth across the broad spectrum of both worlds. You know all the names, but I guarantee you will learn a lot of things you didn't know about all of them. Who knew Richard Nixon and Mike Tyson had something in common, and it ties back to Roy's father. From Muhammad Ali, on to Ray Charles, Jerry Lewis, Robert Klein, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Andrea Jaeger, Sugar Ray Leonard and Frank Sinatra, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Mercury Morris and Jim Kiick....90 stories in all, with his very good friend Bill Walton writing the introduction. The book opens and closes with memorable chapters about Brooks Robinson. Roy's book is the kind where you can open it up at any point and be entertained, be surprised, and be inspired by some of the life lessons. Continued success, Roy. The book is a hit.
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    What? I think the team and players play to win every day. I think the FO hopes are irrelevant. They won't be involved in on field results
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    It's not out of the question that Hanser can have a really hot September and win a batting title. I know, I know, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WARWARWARWARWARWARWARWARWARWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR but whatever.
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    Agreed, let's see what he can do. Not like we've got a bunch of Cy Young contenders blocking his way in the rotation....call him up and give him 2-3 starts.
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    All right, thank you very much. This is going to be increasingly interesting as December approaches, so I nominate you to be in charge of all rule five queries. This includes locating interesting guys from deep farm systems who might be left off the 40 man because of a roster crunch and not because of a lack of ability. I would imagine that will be the case in Houston and in New York at least.
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    Here is the Fangraphs page that lists all the Rule 5 eligible years (and options remaining!). Fangraphs added that the day after I wrote my post linked above, which I actually made by looking at minor league rosters and draft dates, not knowing about RosterResource, the site that Fangraphs integrated into their site. It will be much either to keep track of these things in the future with that Fangraphs link.
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    UMBC is a way above UB.
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    He went to U of B a third tier Law School even now even with his money put into it. Basically if you can read and write you can get in. You can look at his law firms site. They have a ton of attorneys and they are personal injury firm. If you want to identify money making with being great than Chris Davis is a great baseball player,
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