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    Be very afraid . Tigers came back from a 6-0 deficit against the Yankees. Granted it was against Cortes,but this guy did defeat the Aztec Empire. 36 year old Edwin Jackson looks like he might fit in nicely in next years Oriole rotation. 9.76 ERA with 93 hits and 20 homers in 59 innings. As Bordick reminds us,you always need a veteran presence. He would fit in nicely with Wojo,Gojo and Dojo. Dojo can teach the young guys.
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    They are only 2 1/2 games ahead of us now with 4 games between us left. They must be sweating bullets.
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    Bicep soreness, per Roch. “The soreness has cropped up on occasion for at least the past month and Harvey alerted pitching coach Doug Brocail.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/updating-harvey-wojciechowski-lowther-and-more.html That seems to rule out the 33-pitch inning as the cause.
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    That actually wasn't my question actually. I just wanted you to define when you think a team is tanking. I agree that there is not one single player, manager or coach in that locker room is trying to lose on purpose. I'm 100% on board with how Elias has gone about this season.
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    Mike Bordick said he saw John Means in the parking lot after the game last night. Bordick asked "Aren't you staying to watch the Dodgers celebrate their division win." Means response "Give us three years." John focused on 2022.
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    o In the first 6 innings of Means' last outing, he retired 18 out of the 19 batters that he faced ........ in tonight's outing, he retired 15 out of the first 17 batters that he faced in the first 5 innings. In his last 5 outings combined, he has a 2.53 ERA and an 0.781 WHIP with 3 Walks and 25 Strikeouts over 32.00 Innings Pitched. 19 OUTS: ) 6 Strikeouts, 4 Groundouts, 3 Popouts, 3 Flyouts, 2 Lineouts, 1 Foulout JOHN ALAN MEANS )))))) (vs. DODGERS, 9/11) IP:l.6.33 H:llll 4 )l (1 Home Run, 1 Double, 2 Singles) R:lllll 2 BB:ll1 SO:ll6 Pitches: )l 87) (53 )Strikes, )34 )Balls) 2019 ERA: ))3.47 )) 137.33 IP (53 ER)  2019 WHIP: ))1.114 )) 137.33 IP (153 H/BB) 2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )).229 ) (120 for 523) PITCHES BY INNING ************************* 17 ll(11 llStrikes, lll6 lllBalls) 51 lll(31 llStrikes, ll2 lllBalls) 16 lll(81 lllStrikes, ll8 lllBalls) 10 lll(71 lllStrikes, ll3 lllBalls) 11 lll(71 lllStrikes, ll4 lllBalls) 23 lll(14 lllStrikes, ll9 lllBalls) 51 llll(31 lllStrikes, ll2 lllBalls) ) * * )) Means recorded 1 out before departing in the 7th inning. o
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    Klimek strikes out Rashad Crawford to end it and the series is knotted up at 1 game apiece.
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    Good start tonight, knocked Severino out after 3 and 2/3rds. Baysox up 5-1 through 5 and a half. Sedlock through 5 innings has allowed 1 run on 4 hits, no walks and 2 strikeouts over 83 pitches. Sedlock is finished and Tayler Scott is out to pitch the bottom of the 6th. Mullins 2-2 with a walk and two runs scored. Diaz 2-3 with a triple, an RBI and a run scored. McKenna 1-2 with a triple and a run scored. Nichting 2-2 with a double and a run scored
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    Oddity: This will be the first year since 2011 that the Red Sox didn't finish first or last.
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    I would shut him down. Just dumb to have him pitch through or after any kind of bicep discomfort at this point. Declare victory for this year in his development and work on strength, rehab as needed and offseason conditioning.
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    Palmer three times exceeded 90, each time in extra innings. His highest was a 93, in a 12 inning 4 hit shutout in 1974. In regulation 9 innings, he twice reached 90, in 1975 (2-hit shutout, 8 K’s) and 1982 (1-hit shutout, 7 K’s). He never reached really astronomical scores because he never had a ton of strikeouts.
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    This is the fewest amount of games I've watched on TV, or attended in person in almost twenty years. My cable provider dumped MASN in July and I didn't bother to switch to FIOS. In fact, I cancelled cable all together. I've only attended two road games, and two spring training games this season. The only game I'm attending in person in Baltimore this year is the last game of the season. Sitting through the 14 year losing streak and watching most of that was it for me. I'm not doing it again. I'll tune back in when they start trying to win again.
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    And you speak for all Orioles fans everywhere? Some of us are excited the organization finally has a plan. The execution of that plan will be hard to watch at times. I’m interested in the end result.
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    Why? They're not going to be a winning team next year, either. I really don't care who's doing the pitching. The end result will be the same: the Orioles won't be in the playoffs. Winning 70 games means nothing to me.
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    How many games I watch start to finish are next to none, but I do check in on a few games a week.
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    Baseball > No baseball I watch as much as I can, whether in person or through other ways.
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    I watch as many games as possible. I usually get up at 0200, so I'm not able to watch the full game. I do check MLB once I'm up to see how they faired... usually one of the first things I do.
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    Just a thought in reality, the L A Dodgers have scored 7 or more runs in 52 games. Is that to say that there have been 52 other in game pitchers that are tanking??
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    I suppose I meant more from a front office perspective; Elias could control how well this team does by not hiring players, not hiring good players, not promoting certain players, thereby affecting how many wins this team has. Can anyone truly tell if this team is bad because we’re going about a serious rebuild or are the Orioles designed to chase the #1 draft pick? Some people would argue you should attempt to win a World Series every year and to do anything to the contrary is to lose on purpose (aka “tank”). Others would say an organized approach to winning a future World Series isn’t “tanking”, just “rebuilding”. I’m not convinced the Orioles are chasing the #1 draft pick.
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    I've diverted some of my baseball to MiLB playoff games of late. Bowie, of course, and the Amarillo Sod Puppies, who are playing for the Texas League crown in their inaugural season, and Round Rock, who have made it to the PCL finals.
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    Even with this year's poor performances Blach has a MLB ERA of 4.99 and a FIP of 4.42. Not all that many 2019 Orioles who can say they have a better record.
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    What is “that area?” And what were the circumstances? I’ve walked from Camden Yards to the lot at Penn and Pratt Streets many times after games and never felt the slightest bit unsafe, because there were plenty of other people out on the streets then. Not sure I’d want to make that same walk at 2 a.m. or in the middle of the offseason when fewer people are around. (And I’m not saying I wouldn’t, just that the calculus would be different.) I don’t know if there are issues with that route to the bus station after games.
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    From the same scout who did the report on Cedric Mullins I posted previously Ryan Ripken Preston Palmeiro
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    I hope the O's don't trade for 16 year old players. I hope Elias is focused on getting players that will help the team in 2022/23. That are 3 or 4 years away not the 6 or so years it takes to develop a 16 year old. How can a team have a roster crunch with a 110 loss team? You put together a very good development program that makes minor league players too value to lose. I think Elias has done that already and the rest of the league knows it from the playoffish teams at Bowie, Delmarva, Aberdeen and the GCL. So other teams will be likely to select players from the O's in the Rule 5 draft if they are exposed. So it may not be only players like Mountcastle, Akin, Diaz, McKenna, Sedlock and Kremer that the O's will want to protect. It may also be players like Fenter, Alvarado and Jimenez. It used to be that the O's would only protect players that they thought some team might pick and keep all season. If a player got selected back then who cared if they were picked as long as the O's thought they would get him back. But now with a player development program that can improve players effectively they probably don't want to lose that development time when a player is picked. If Fenter is taken at 23 years old then they could lose 4 to 5 months of development time including ST and a few months of the season. Another team could mess him up and delay him from becoming a productive major league player. But since the O's have confidence in their development processes they probably know that can take Fenter through A+ and AA next year and have him in the majors by sometime in 2021. The crunch comes from needing 25-35 players for the major league roster plus wanting to keep the O's developing players that would be exposed to the Rule 5 draft plus wanting a player or two for the Rule 5 draft where the O's might pick second. Then add the players that the O's analytics staff are tracking from other teams that may be let go over the winter that the O's want to acquire. There is a lot going one in the Elias system with player development and tracking of players throughout the league is my guess.
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    A 33 pitch inning seems fairly low for 2019 Orioles, honestly.
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    Baumann struggled a bit last night, throwing 91 pitches in 3.2 innings. He was a bit fortunate to escape with only two runs allowed. In the first inning, he had runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out but was able to strike out the next two batters and leave the runners stranded. In the fourth inning, he left with two outs and the bases loaded, but Muckenhirn was able to get the third out and strand the runners.
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    Hate it when this happens! I fear a shutdown after MRI results.
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    Kind of messed up that Betances is pitching in the AA playoffs.
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    Trenton, NJ – The Trenton Thunder came back from a 2-0 first inning deficit to defeat the Bowie Baysox 6-2 in game one of the Eastern League Championship Series on Tuesday night. The Baysox struck early, scoring two runs in the top of the first inning against MLB-rehabber Jordan Montgomery. Cedric Mullins led off the game with a walk and moved to second on a single from Anderson Feliz. Mullins then stole third, and later scored when Montgomery made an arrant pickoff throw to first base. Yusniel Diaz then doubled, scoring Feliz and giving Bowie a 2-0 advantage. The Baysox held that lead until the bottom of the third inning when Kyle Holder drove in Hoy Jun Park with a two-out RBI single. The next batter was Brandon Wagner, who tied the game with an RBI singe of his own. The game remained tied until the bottom of the fifth. In that frame, Brandon Wagner walked with one out. Angel Aguilar then looped a single down the right field line. Yusniel Diaz slipped and fell trying to corral the ball, allowing Wagner to score from first and give the Thunder a 3-2 lead. The Thunder broke the game open in the sixth inning, scoring three times. With two on and one out, Kellin Deglan hit a two-run triple to make it 5-2 Trenton. Kyle Holder followed with a sacrifice fly, extending the lead to 6-2. After Montgomery allowed the two runs in the first inning, Trenton did not allow a run for the rest of the game. Game two of the Eastern League Championship Series is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday night in Trenton. Cody Sedlock will start for the Baysox, opposing MLB-rehabber Luis Severino who will get the ball for the Thunder. Tickets are on sale for the Eastern League Championship Series games at Prince George’s Stadium. Single-game tickets for game three and playoff strips are available at Baysox.com. ...
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    o In the dry humor department, you have 2 very strong allies in Malike and myself. o
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    Yelich out for the rest of the season after taking a ball off his knee cap.
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    I love seeing them completely miserable. Most expensive team in the game, IIRC, not gonna make the playoffs.
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    Never glad to see someone lose a job, but, I like dynamic change. This is part of the plan and I support it.
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    🤣 Lamar had so much time against the Dolphins defense that it was absurd. If you cant see that its not worth having a conversation based on Homerism that is baseless. I'd bet that quite a few top college teams could make the Dolphins look bad. But, its not worth arguing since it can't be proven. 1) This is what I said in the game thread " Miami might not win a game this season. With that said, we have a reason to be optimistic. " And yes it was against a team that is going to lose double digit games. 2) Don't put words in my mouth! I'm far from sold on LJ. But, I think he has a chance! If he's not in the league in two years it will be due to injuries. Last season he turned over the ball +/- 2 times per game. Yesterday he had no pressure. We will have a very good idea where Lamar is on 11/04 after he has played against KC, New England, and the Seattle.
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    Thanks. I thought Mora had mentioned the team didnt even have a complex there, this was when the news of Elias hiring was made public and Mora was exicted as he knew they would get into the market there for real.
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    We will never know. But I like to think Dempsey comes up big in the most important games.
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    All of these personnel changes raised my curiosity about pension plans. From the MLB Pension Plan: http://www.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/bhb/eng/mlb-0f0-pension-print.pdf "You are eligible to participate in the Pension Plan if you were a member of the Pension Plan on March 31, 2012, or if you are a player with one day of credited service with a Major League club during a championship season after that date. If you work as a coach, a trainer, an assistant trainer/physical therapist, or a manager after that date, you are eligible to participate in the Pension Plan if a club designates you to participate in the Pension Plan....." Apparently, non-uniformed personnel (other than trainers and physical therapists) are eligible for a pension plan for/in which less than 500 individuals are eligible and/or participate. So what about scouts, player oversight coordinators and front office employees? https://www.brightscope.com/form-5500/basic-info/230063/St-Louis-Cardinals-Lp/13917507/Major-League-Baseball-Pension-Plan-For-Non-Uniformed-Personnel/2017/ For non-playing personnel, it's an insider's game -- mostly year-to-year job security, skimpy pay, and non-standardized performance measurement. I guess it really is "For Love of the Game"
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    More guys like Eller, Ramsey, and Robbie Aviles I'd expect.
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    The whole damn starting pitching staff needs to go with the exception of Means. Just start fresh and hope that Cobb comes back decently. Maybe keep Bundy since he isn’t worth anything in a trade and he’d be hard to cut. Brooks, Wojo, and whatever other random awful players have been thrown out there just need to go.
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    I will say this about Ryan Ripken, he has gotten the most out of his ability. As Luke said earlier, both are org guys.
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    An unlikely thing happening doesn’t make other unlikely things more likely. Yaz is a good story, but if guys like him turn into regulars with any frequency, you could build a lineup from MiLB free agents. That’s obviously not the case.
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    Yaz in the minors at the same ages was much better than Ripken and solidly better than Palmeiro.
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    I always liked reading Lucky Jim's posts. Haven't seen him on in a long time, unless he's under another name now.
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    I'm know as various things in various places but it has only been the one name here.
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    Not safe to walk anywhere in Baltimore after dark... people can flame out but that is my opinion and almost everyone I know.
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