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    Surhoff comes off like the grumpy Old Guard of scouts as portrayed in the Moneyball film. I've always liked Surhoff, but I found it humorous. As a younger fan who's never rooted for a championship caliber O's team, I've grown to lament the endless pumping up and promotion of the great teams and players of Baltimore's distant past, with post-prime Cal being the only one I have any personal memories of. I'm mostly jealous that there are no moments that are seen worthy of celebration that feel like I can call my own. Only exception would be the streak, which barely feels like a baseball accomplishment to me as time goes by. What I'm trying to get at is.. the Oriole way died a long time ago, and it feels way past due to me for the franchise to start anew and stop clutching so tightly to a past that almost feels like a taunt to those of us who can hardly imagine such a successful baseball club. I get that these promotions are the only thing that gets the aging Orioles fanbase to come out these days given the on field product... And I do think that the club's history is important and worth celebrating ... But it feels so refreshing to see this regime come in and show a commitment to doing things a completely new way. I'm ready for my own Oriole Way.
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    Jon Shepherd in Camden Depot insinuates in a Tweet that Surhoff has expressed "old-school" opposition to analytics dating back to when Duquette first started an anlytics department. And in the Athletic article today, when asked if he thought he would be able to complexities of advanced, analytical approach to baseball, Surhoff said: "Well, I"m not Bill Gates. But I think I can pick up on stuff, when it comes to baseball, fairly quickly". His choice of Bill Gates, a "computer guy" with no connection to baseball, probably gives an indication of his attitude towards some of the things that Elias is doing. Bottom line is when someone is fired, they often can tell their side of the story to garner sympathy. The team that fires them, however, often can't comment on a personnel decision for legal reasons, or they won't because even though Surhoff is criticizing them for the firing, they are too polite to publicly list what they believe Surhoff's shortcomings are. So you will only ever hear one side of the story. The other interesting thing is, the two players they quote in the article to defend Surhoff (Mancini and Hays) both note how they first disliked Surhoff the first year they worked with him, but they grew to appreciate the advice and guidance he gave. Basically his two biggest character witnesses led with the fact that they initially didn't like him before they move on to defend him.
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    The impression I get is that Surhoff had the kind of ambiguous consultancy job title that organizations typically get rid of first doing a re-org. Could be wrong, but I'm not too familiar with that job title. Regardless, I am sad that he's getting the boot. Surhoff is someone who clearly loves the Orioles organization and whose heart will always be in Baltimore. I'll never forget his emotional press conference upon being traded to the Braves. Men like Surhoff are few and far between for a franchise with the O's recent history.
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    I have been to all of the above and they were all amazing. For food, Italy wins, hands down. The highway rest stops there have better food than most high end American restaurants. Even the McDonalds there are good.
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    Based on the number of cars parked at the light rail station I think we will have a pretty good crowd tonight (compared to other games this year).
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    BJ is definitely Old School. But his toughness and dedication were exemplary. I ran into him years ago in a Timonium workout center. He wasn't interested at all in chatting with people or even smiling perfunctorily, but he did a lot as a player for the Orioles and a lot philanthropically for Baltimore. I haven't read the article and probably won't, but I'm glad he had a chance to express himself--and move on. He made some pretty good salaries for the time in his prime and I hope he's managed the wealth well. I feel for him and wish him great blessings in the future.
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    I have a hard time criticizing Elias for how he handles minor league player instruction in view of the O's minor league teams performance this season.
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    Lots of prospects get traded by contenders for veterans. It means the contender wants immediate help, and they have to pay to get it. And sometimes it happens twice to a guy. Doesn't always mean that the team is giving up, just that you have to spend something to get something. And sometimes it happens to a guy twice. Red Sox traded Anthony Rizzo to acquire Adrian Gonzalez. Then Padres traded Rizzo to Cubs. Good Gonzalez went from the Phillies to the White Sox for Nick Swisher, then from the White Sox to the A's, then from the A's to the Nat's before making the majors and having a good career in Washington. Ignoring the fact that he is now sitting in a prison cell, Felipe Vazquez was traded twice while a prospect before becoming a good pitcher for the Pirates. Just because you are used as "value" by a contender to pick up a veteran doesn't mean they have given up on you, just that they value the present need at the moment as more urgent. Tate was traded for two quality veterans (Carlos Beltran and Zach Britton).
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    Shedrak. It's Vulcan. On his mother's side.
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    Sat in LF for several years on a Sunday season ticket plan, about 10 rows back. First time my wife saw Brady out there, she said “that guy has a cute butt!” Five minutes later another couple sat down behind us and the woman immediately said “that guy’s got a cute butt!” The ladies definitely liked the view from LF that year.
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    . “But our main focus and main goal is finding the best coaches and the best scouts and having an elite player-development apparatus. This, in my judgment and the judgment of objective measurements, has not been an area of particular excellence in recent years.” That’s about all that need said.
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    Don’t want to derail a thread about Surhoff’s comments, but.....no. Winning the AL East and one playoff series is not as good as winning a World Series or an AL pennant. Winning 96 regular season games is not as good as winning 109, 108, 102, 101, and 98 and going to the World Series in each of those seasons. I enjoyed 2014 plenty, especially after going 17 years without an AL East title. I’m glad I experienced that again, and it was very satisfying. But not as satisfying as those others.
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    While I agree with most of what you say, I do take exception to using the word humorous there. It's never humorous to see someone of Surhoff's stature to get fired and feel disrespected in the process. I don't know whether or not Elias should have handled things better, but things like that can and should be done with some apathy for the people getting the axe. I'm also seeing things from a different lense than you - seeing that I remember fondly the O's teams going back to the late 60's. Surhoff isn't the distant past form my pov.
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    Let's not get Philip all riled up again...
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    The fact that they were swept by the Royals is really irrelevant. I was in Memorial Stadium in 1969 watching the only game the Os won as the best team perhaps in history was beaten and swept by the Mets and that same dynasty of a team was also beaten by the Pirates in 1971. Were they not championship caliber? Of course not. Or other seasons...1973 and 1974 winning division titles but then losing in playoffs to the As both years or in 1980 where we win 100 games but no playoffs at all because only division winners at the time went to the postseason and we were 3 games behind the Yankees and went home...same way in 1982 after losing the last game of the season to the Brewers. 2012 to 2014 had great Orioles players and performances...as good as many teams of the past...If you don’t think 2014 was just about as good a season as you will see as an Orioles fan , you may not be happy with whatever Elias and company come up with. Winning a World Series is not the only definition of a great season or team.
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    Bluesman's epitaph: Di'nt Wake Up This Mo'nin'
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    2014 was as good a season as any of the distant past and they were certainly championship caliber in 2012 and 2014. Winning the AL East by 12 games won’t happen very often in the lives of all Orioles fans. And the Delmon ALCS bases loaded double was as epic a moment as any in Oriole history...maybe the loudest I have ever heard an Oriole crowd ever since I first started going to games in 1965. Zach Britton, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, JJ Hardy....great Orioles all. Yes, hopefully we will have more winning seasons and I am supportive of ME getting changes in place, but let’s not forget to give thanks for the very recent past too.
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    I disagree but that's not a big deal. We look at how it should be done differently. I don't think it has anything to do with "loyal to the old king". I think it's all about folks who will execute the way Elias envisions, whether they were there previously or not. Surhoff seems pretty confident about how he does things. I doubt he's interesting in being told a different way. And I understand that you don't agree.
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    CELEBRATE good times! C'mon!
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    Why is your "TAKE" on ALL Orioles transactions, that the Orioles only acquire players that other teams don't want anymore but all the other 29 teams make trades between themselves as being even up trades???
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    It's September 21, and there's a game tonight. Duh...
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    Yikes! Sorry. I meant to upvote your comment. I thought it was very funny. I corrected my vote. 👍
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    Kremer and Wells had almost identical lines: 2 shutout innings each, allowing 2 hits without a walk. Kremer struck out 3, Wells 4. Meanwhile Bannon, playing 3B, went 2 for 4 with a run scored. McCoy, playing 2B, went 1 for 4 with a double. He also reached on an error. Luis Garcia, Nats’ prospect who played a full year of AA at 19 this season, had played SS all three games for the Saguaros. He’s a top 100 prospect and it seems like he’s going to get a lot of playing time despite the surplus of infielders on the roster.
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    O's would be picking fourth?
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    o This was the 7th time in his last 10 outings in which Brooks has gone at least 5 innings. 21 OUTS: ) 8 Groundouts, 5 Flyouts, 4 Strikeouts, 2 Popouts, 2 Lineouts AARON LEE BROOKS ))))))) (vs. MARINERS, 9/20) IP:lll7 H:llll 1 )) (1 Double) R:llll. 1 BB:ll1 SO:ll.4 Pitches: )l 83) (53)Strikes, )30 )Balls) 2019 ERA: )l 5.75 )l) 108.00 IP (69 ER) 2019 WHIP: )l 1.398 )l ) 108.00 IP (151 H/BB) 2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )l .274 )) (118 for 431) PITCHES BY INNING ******************* 12 l.(61 llStrikes, ll6 l.Balls) 14 lll(91 llStrikes, ll5 llBalls) 17 lll(12 llStrikes, lll5 llBalls) 91 lll(71 llStrikes, lll2 llBalls) 11 lll(61 llStrikes, lll.5 llBalls) 91 lll(61 llStrikes, llll3 llBalls) 11 llll(71 llStrikes, llll4 llBalls) o
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    This has been an excellent outing by Brooks.
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    Chris Davis 2 for 2! Maybe the meeting with Elias fixed him!?!?!
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    Great play Hanser! (Solid scoop by Davis too).
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    If the bullpen pitches less innings it is safe to assume that the less skilled pitchers will be used less frequently. This should lead to better results overall.
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    I don't mean to discount the difficulty of the Hays catch at all but..... I think the more difficult catches are those hit into the outfield gaps where the fielder is on a full sprint diving away from the infield or catching over his shoulder. For a lot of the homerun robbing catches, including Hays', the fielder has some time to get to the warning track and drift back toward then fence and then it's just a matter of timing his leap. These diving or over-the-shoulder type catches are made while on a full sprint and usually with the ball tailing one way or the other and the fielders back is to the plate. Those impress me more.
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    The organization is probably just praying he does something stupid off the field that allows them to void his contract. Only real hope.
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    o It's definitely not a good idea to park in Minnesota when going to a game in Baltimore. o
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    o This was the 6th time in his last 9 outings in which Brooks has gone at least 5 innings. 16 OUTS: ) 6 Groundouts (Including 1 Double Play), 4 Flyouts, 3 Lineouts, 1 Foulout, 1 Thrown Out at Home Plate AARON LEE BROOKS ))))))) (vs. TIGERS, 9/13) IP:lll5.33 H:llll 7 )) (2 Doubles, 5 Singles) R:llll. 1 BB:ll3 SO:lll0 Pitches: )l 82) (49)Strikes, )33 )Balls) 2019 ERA: )l 6.06 )l) 101.00 IP (68 ER) 2019 WHIP: )l 1.475 )l ) 101.00 IP (149 H/BB) 2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )l .287 )) (117 for 408) PITCHES BY INNING ******************* 23 ll(91 llStrikes, l14 llllBalls) 91 ll(71 llStrikes, lll21 lllBalls) 12 lll(81 llStrikes, lll41 llBalls) 91 lll(71 llStrikes, lll.21 llBalls) 91 lll(71 llStrikes, llll21 llBalls) 81 lll(51 llStrikes, lll.31 llBalls) ) * * )) Brooks recorded 1 out before departing in the 6th inning. o
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    There are crimes in big cities and rural america every day, sadly. This is not close to OPACY or was a baseball game remotely the cause of her demise.
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    What is “that area?” And what were the circumstances? I’ve walked from Camden Yards to the lot at Penn and Pratt Streets many times after games and never felt the slightest bit unsafe, because there were plenty of other people out on the streets then. Not sure I’d want to make that same walk at 2 a.m. or in the middle of the offseason when fewer people are around. (And I’m not saying I wouldn’t, just that the calculus would be different.) I don’t know if there are issues with that route to the bus station after games.
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    You're probably right (in some unprovable or un-disprovable way), but I just want to point out that the 2003-2005 teams had a lot of "over-achievers" that remain mysteries, such as Luis Matos, David Newhan, Brian Roberts, and Brook Fordyce, and officially-accused supposed users like Jay Gibbons. 2004 is also when stars like Miguel Tejada and his B12 attaché case, Rafael Palmeiro and his index finger of Denial, and Javy Lopez arrived on the scene. It was also when Jeff Conine and B.J. Surhoff put up remarkable stats for supposedly declining players in their late 30s. Exactly when it is appropriate to throw shade on players when they perform surprisingly well is something I've never spent much time thinking about. I think because I'm ignorant about the substances involved and the details of recent athletic training, but also because it became an important part of thinking about baseball long after my rich childhood tutelage in the mid-1960s, when I felt utter confidence in the truth of the achievements, unique skill sets, shortcomings, and declines of players ranging from Boog, Brooks, and Aparicio to Norm Siebern and Sam Bowens. Players like Charlie Lau and Stu Miller led me to think that cleverness, experience, and practice could be just as important as formidable strength, reflexes, and speed. What I saw on the field and read in the Sunday paper stat lists (Was it Sunday?) was simply a direct expression of their talents, insight, and condition (one always assumed high levels of effort). That mindset--actually an ideology--I've never really moved outside of despite the abundant evidence of PED-usage in later decades of players. I'm so far away from the real story and evidence I can't see the point of trying to formulate and judge them. And the curious thing is that I think I disliked players like A-Rod, Ortiz, and Clemens (to give a few examples) anyway, long before the scandals made the headlines. Of course, if I were to be miraculously given a God's list of whose performance was significantly attributable to PEDs, I'm sure there would be a lot of players on it that I have enjoyed following. At which point, I would realize that it's ultimately the Game that intrigues me (it's the only Game I'm still a fan of after an adolescence of following all of the major U.S. sports)--an actualization of complexly interacting topographies, rules, and principles through which the players move like shadows projected on the cave wall described by Plato. I would take refuge in baseball's Ideal Form.
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    Not safe to walk anywhere in Baltimore after dark... people can flame out but that is my opinion and almost everyone I know.
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    Is it safe to walk from Oriole Park to bus station at 2110 Haines Street after a night game? If not, is there taxi service available at the stadium? I'd hate to use a taxi, Uber, Lyft - it seems like it's a short one mile walk. Would appreciate some advice. Thank you.
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