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    I'm starting a much needed vacation today and won't be around much but wanted to say a few things. First, let me thanks everyone for their thoughts, words of gratitude, and ideas. Just wanted to clear up a few things. I had full season credentials to Camden Yards last year so the PR department has not denied me anything until the strange incident in Sarasota last year. They have always been supportive up until then so it was more of a surprise and disappointment. As for the message board, I can say right now that I ave decided after reading all these comments that I will not shut down the board no matter what, so let me alleviate any concerns there. Thanks again and sorry for any concern I caused.
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    Chiming in very late, apparently, and I haven't contributed much lately, but I have to express my gratitude to Tony for the outstanding website and its content and the wonderful community he has built here. I joined the OH and started posting during the discussion of why Mike Fontenot was holding out in the summer of 2001. I was wrong in my opinion and Tony actually accused me of being a second account for a poster creating trouble during that period. Things turned around quickly and I was in charge of writing draft profiles for a couple years and several articles about our drafts when we were selecting the likes of Brandon Snyder. Tony managed to get me a couple of 15-20 minute phone calls with Joe Jordan to discuss the drafts and Jordan's thinking - pure gold to a draftnik like myself. I was at a pre-season OH contributor meeting at Tony's house one year. I have personally met RZNJ (watched a minor league game together in Brooklyn or Staten Island) and Frobby (watched a game at Camden Yards a couple years ago also with my son). I belong to other fan sites and the administrators at those are so concerned about revenue that the worst and attacking posters can dominate the board. Not here. Folks get kicked off or learn to be civil here and the relative "we get along here" at OH is something every other fan board can only hope to approach. I have spent 90+% of my days since 2001 here. I would suggest to Tony to see what level of commitment he has for the upcoming year and then see what posters can fill in the gaps - whether it is in articles and contributions, tracking things on the business end or whatever. I would also caution not to shut down or end the business in a time of non-competitiveness by the Orioles. Things will perk up again, but obviously a real turnaround is still a couple of years away - don't sell or quit at a low point. All the best to Tony in whatever direction the OH is taken. And this is an early - Have a Great Turkey Day.
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    I'm confident Elias will do the legwork to know what each interested team is willing to offer. If he's non-tendered, to me, it means no one would offer anything of any value at all. I'm confident that won't happen. But if it does, I don't think the fault lies with Elias. Think about what Elias said with Cashner....there's a difference in how he's valuing trade proposals on an asset he's going to lose, like he was going to lose Cashner. If the alternative is a non-tender, it would be similar.
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    Yeah, I haven't posted Suicidal in... 5 or 6 days now. I try not to irritate Corn too much.
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    Bailey is like Brown but with a premium spin rate fastball and 5 quality pitches. He has a 12-6 curve and a really good changeup. He’s a reliever or opener type who just hasn’t been moved to that role yet. His issues are holding stuff and flyball tendencies. Moving to a different role would let the fastball sit 93-94 where it’s unique plane and + ride would play much better. I agree there isn’t any real MLB ready starters available. The best chance for a non-stash #5/6 starter seems like Ljay Newsome - kind of like a slightly lesser RH Lowther with a whippy arm action that’s tough to pick up Sterling Sharp - Low 90s sinkerballer, GB machine, above average slider, athletic Steven Fuentes- mediocre stuff command guy, barrel missing life on the 90-94 mph fastball. Leo Crawford - kind of like another Nestor Cortes but a little more stuff but further away Anthony Misieswicz - athletic 4 pitch lefty with blah velocity but solid offspeed stuff, strong finish in PCL Griffin Jax - Command and feel righty 90-92, average-ish offspeed, probably gives up too much contact, pitch efficient strikethrower Luke Bachar - basically Sedlock’s stuff with a better arm action and more stamina but less pedigree and lesser 4th pitch
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    Thank you all for the comments and words of support. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and will take them all into consideration. The Hangout has never been about making the most money we could make as it's never been my primary source of income. I realize i started this off by talking about ad blockers and the lack of revenue, but I don't want people to get the wrong impression and act like this is a financial decision. There are lot of factors going into this decision and trust me, knowing how much this place means to so many certainly is a plus one for keeping it alive. Thank you again and I will try to have a final decision by the new year.
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    2019 has seen a steep drop in our revenue for the site, particularly our ad revenue and membership requests. While I realize ad blockers can make some experiences better on the internet, we strive to not add intrusive advertising like pop up ads or videos that cover our content. Unfortunately we are seeing a rise in people using this site that use pop up blockers which in turn means you are using this site for free. Unfortunately it's not free to bring you this site since we have to spend money on servers, licenses and trying to give folks like Michael, Luke and Shane some money for their time and effort. So what does this mean? I've been producing this site since 1996 and that makes us the longest running site to cover a professional team. It's been a great run. At some point though you have to determine whether the juice is worth the squeeze. The internet has changed immeasurably since I started up this site and the amount of information available for free has made a lot of what we've provided over the year redundant. About the only thing we provide at the point is this message board, where you can talk about the Orioles and other things in an adult manner that's different from the wild wild west of social media, and the scouting reports that Luke and I provide. While many sites have popped up and some have gone away, I have to ask myself do I have the energy and desire to keep up? I've personally covered the Orioles for the last 24 seasons (minus one year in Afghanistan where I had to do it from afar through boxscores) and I've enjoyed the vast amount of the experience, but as I'm coming up on my 50th birthday next year, it's time for me to seriously re-evaluate the future of the Hangout. While I still love scouting and evaluating prospects, along with talking about them on the radio, I have to seriously consider whether I have a 25th season in me. This is not a fund drive effort nor have I made a final decision one way or the other, but I wanted to keep those of you that have been part of the Hangout for so long in the loop. It's hard to believe that I started this site when I was 26 years old and now have two children older than that. As John Coffey once said, "I'm tired boss!" I always thought I would be able to parlay my experiences into professional baseball when the time was right, but by the time was right, baseball has changed and old guys like me aren't valued or wanted. Sure, I've been an associate scout for a couple of AL teams and had an offer once to join a National League team, but now they have young guys with a lot more time and energy ready to step in and do these kinds of positions and they rather surround themselves with their buddies. No one cares about some retired military guy no matter how many hours I've spent doing what they do or how much I've kept up on analytics and new technologies. As we finish up our Top 30 prospects for 2019 and start looking at 2020, I want to make sure I'm able and have the desire to do this for another year. Maybe I'll take some time off or maybe I can find someone willing to take over the reigns and continue, but I also have to consider whether it makes sense to shut down completely and allow the Hangout to fade into history. Whatever I decides over the next few months, I'll still be around and putting in my two cents. I'm sure Luke and weams will be here as well. Regardless of how this ends up, I do want to thank you all for all of the support over the years. Whether the Hangout in this form is done after this year or sticks around for many more, I'll always be eternally grateful for what this site brought to me because of all of you!
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    True and good point, but right now I have confidence that Elias can convince ownership to make moves based on value and not just about money. Other than not spending all of our international money, we haven’t really seen Elias hamstrung yet.
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    Why would you lose confidence in Elias? It wouldn't be him, it would be ownership.
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    That's a good move by the cubs and indicative of the quality of Cotton that someone thought that they should give up something, anything for him.
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    There is a spectrum of Rule 5 players from immediate contributors to pure stash guys. On the spectrum of immediate help types, you have Sam Clay and Trevor Megill. Clay had a 70% GB rate, 0 HRA and a 2.80 FIP between AA/AAA. 91-94 mph sinker, slider, change. Average command. Megill is 6’7” and gets great extension, kind of what Adam Stauffer might be if he goes to the pen adds weight. 92-95 FB 12-6 Curve. The one projection system that’s out for 2020 projects him for a better ERA or FIP than any Orioles pitcher. He performed solidly in AAA in probably the most hitter friendly environment in pro ball.
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/commissioner-rob-manfred-comments-on-minor-league-reorganization/ Kyle Glaser interviewed Rob Manfred. Nothing really new here but to summarize: MLB has 4 issues with the current set-up 1) More than 40 facilities are inadequate and it is up to minor league teams to upgrade them. A list of the facilities was leaked by MiLB. 2) Teams within each league need to be relatively close to each other to minimize "school bus rides" 3) Minor league players need to be paid more 4) Too many minor league players and teams. Many do not have a realistic chance of making the majors. MLB plans to support 120 minor league teams. Left out towns would be encouraged to have professional teams but they would not be directly affiliated with MLB.
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    As I have said before for many folks who are overly negative, it's no way to live your short life. Having hope can bring joy when none is present. Having fear is always a dark corner.
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    That would be Sharp but yeah, 24 innings, 11 hits and 24 K's sounds real good. “He’s one of the guys that maybe has taken one of the biggest jumps,” Collazo noted. “Obviously, he wasn’t in our top 10. I’m not even sure we ranked him in the top 30 prior to this year. Drafted in 2016. With Sharp what stands out with him is just exceptional athleticism.” MLB.com did not have Sharp in its top 30 in 2017, but ranked him at No. 11 in 2018. “He might not have a plus tool in a sense of his pitches or his control at this point, but his athleticism is elite,” Collazo added. “He was recruited to play basketball at the college level and could’ve played there, so I think he’s probably the most athletic guy in this entire system. Maybe Victor Robles has an argument there as well, but we went with Sharp.” Collazo says Sharp’s fastball is 90-92 mph, but has a real good boring action down to the lower half of the strike zone, which makes it difficult for hitters to loft. Sharp features the fastball, slider and changeup. “He’s a fastball, slider guy, kind of a sinking fastball,” Collazo said. “With his body control and the groundball rate that he has, and a really exciting arm, in my mind, and I heard nothing but good things about Sharp when I talked to scouts and Washington officials this year.” https://www.masnsports.com/byron-kerr/2018/12/nats-top-prospects-no-8---rhp-sterling-sharp.html A 22nd round pick in 2016, Sharp has gotten finesse outs at every level and was promoted to Double-A Harrisburg after being named to the Carolina League All-Star Game. Extremely thin and wiry at 6’3’’ and 170-pounds, the 23-year-old righty isn’t particularly strong and won’t blow anyone away. He works in the 88-to-91 mph with his fastball, dipping into the mid-80s at times later in outings. His ability to get ahead in the count and hide the ball from a deceptive, closed delivery play the fastball up a bit—but it’s still a fringy pitch at best. A low-80s changeup is his best secondary, thrown with the same arm action as his fastball with diving action down and away from left-handed bats. The deceptive moving parts in his delivery make it hard to pick up the ball, but Sharp’s plungy arm-circle is long in the back and gives him issue snapping off a spin pitch. A below-average slider is his third, sitting at 80-to-82 mph with soft and gliding tilt. Deception and control are what gives Sharp a chance at the big leagues, though it probably won’t be as a starting pitcher. Double-A will be a good test for him, as he won’t be significantly more polished than his competition with Harrisburg like he was in the Carolina League. The best-case scenario is a funky longman that throws strikes, but I see him closer to a FV 30 player—one with the chance for cups of coffee, but lacking a carry tool to carve out a 25-Man roster spot for a full season. https://2080baseball.com/spotlight/sterling-sharp/ Scouting grades: Fastball: 55 | Slider: 45 | Changeup: 55 | Control: 50 | Overall: 45 A 30th-round pick by the Braves out of high school in 2013, Sharp opted not to sign and instead honored his commitment to Eastern Michigan, where he pitched for one season before transferring to Division II Drury University and sitting out for all of '15. Taken by Washington in the 22nd round the following year, Sharp is looking like a Draft steal after making steady progress in each pro season en route to his first taste of Double-A in 2018. A two-sport standout who could have played college basketball, Sharp's tremendous athleticism translates and gives him big upside on the mound. The 6-foot-4 right-hander has an exceptional sinker -- it has an average spin rate of about 1900 rpm -- that sits in the low 90s and nets him ground balls at an elite clip. His 59.7 percent ground-ball rate in 2018 was tops among qualified starters in the Nationals' farm system and ranked inside the top 10 in the entire Minors. Sharp pairs his heater with a quality changeup, giving him two above-average offerings, and the Nationals have been pleased with his development of a slider. Sharp possesses average control and command because his athleticism allows him to repeat his delivery and arm action so well. That feel for pounding the zone allows for Sharp's three-pitch mix to play up, and he's never had issues keeping the ball in the park. Sharp is still a work-in-progress, and therefore his ceiling is still coming into view, but his impressive development and remaining projection portends to at least a back-end starter role at the highest level. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/sterling-sharp-643532?stats=career-r-pitching-milb
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    Yeah, I was just reacting to the quote, not to you.
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    My proposed deal for Bundy would be a organizational 7-12 range and a 25-30 ish guy. I proposed Steiver and Sanchez. i saw someone suggest Sheets. I’d be all over Steiver and Sheets.
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    I thought you were joking. Madrigal is basically 2012 Dylan Bundy. You aren’t getting 2012 Dylan Bundy for the 2020 version.
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    This would be fantastic. Hopefully the Orioles offer streaming games in the local market. Everyone has been waiting for this for a long time.
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    He’s worth more than that, by a fairly conservative projection he’s worth 12M in surplus value. A prospect of McKenna’s quality is 4-8M depending on how you see him.
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    I don't think that matters. Not all 38 players have to actually be playing in AAA, just like not all 40 players on the 40-man roster have to be actually playing in MLB.
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    Ooooh....maybe Chris Davis has had an aspirin or two without the club's approval...let's watch. Billionaires vs. Millionaires.
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    Yeah I doubt the Orioles let you watch any streamed games locally legally. I would pay $15 a month to stream Orioles games. That is money the Orioles are not receiving that they could be.
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    OK, I will exhale now. Have a great Thanksgiving, Tony, and enjoy your time off!
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    I was surprised how many decade bests occurred in 2019: runs (Villar 111), triples (Villar 5 - tied), stolen bases (Villar 40), BA (Alberto .305), pitcher WAR (Means 4.5 - tied). Villar also played 162 games, tied with three others for best.
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    Davis missed by a single homer matching Eddie's record for Oriole homers in a decade.
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    Right and a 4 WAR player should be worth a couple of a teams top 30. Perhaps not 6 & 9 but you continue to act like he's worthless. As a fan that watches the games Villar is my favorite player. If they can't get value I'd rather they work our a reasonable extension than give him Away.
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    Gurgi. Initiator of best O's Hangout Thread ever, in my humble opinion. Glad to have you back!
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    Thanks, but one of the reason I never moved to one of those networks is that I didn't want to charge people that kind of money. Trust me, I feel bad enough about plus memberships and prefer to have ads make this place completely free. There is a just a lot behind the scenes that goes on with ad networks bugging me with e-mails, our ad networks adding in crap ads that cause people problems (and then I get hammered for them), upgrades and patches on the message board constantly, and then add in we have a ton of new people in the organization and I'm not sure I have the time and energy to renew my contacts and sources. Mike Elias has been great with allowing me access to him (More access I've had with a GM since Flanagan/Duquette) but last year was a struggle to get information out of the minor leagues with some people ignoring my texts and others telling me to go to the PR department for easy information. Last year, I spent my own money to spend an extra day to go down to Sarastoa to see the GCL players about a week before their games started and was told to go through the PR department who then told me I could have "fan access" to the players. After doing this for 24 years and having full season credentials to Camden Yards since 2002, that was a slap in the face and told me what the new PR folks think of me and the site. Some times you have to read the tea leaves to understand when your run is up. Typically when I would get ignored I'd work doubly hard to develop a relationship elsewhere, but honestly, I just don't have that drive anymore when it comes to this. I'm at a point in my real career where I have a lot of responsibility and influence over very senior people in the government (The part not effected by poisonous politics) yet the PR team is treating me like a fan? Maybe it's a bit of ego or maybe it's because I feel like I've earned more respect than that, but that has left a major bad taste in my mouth. I guess I feel my time, like many people in this organization over the years, may be up. I really don't know. I'm just trying to be as open and honest with you all since I respect each and every one of you. Weams has always made things as easy as possible for me and Luke has been breath of fresh air for me and the site, and has taken a lot of burden that I felt to keep you all up to date and answer questions. Without them, and Shane from a technical side, this site doesn't continue. Honestly, the business and technical side is more of the pain then anything else. I can do a ton of scouting at home on my laptop sitting in my recliner while watching the Orioles game, but I feel like I'm not doing my due diligence if I don't get out more and talk with more folks like in the past. I just need to work through all of these things and also realize I usually get more excited come spring time. Thanks again for the notes of support.
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    What a gut punch it would be if the OH closed up shop. I'd be absolutely devastated. I've read this board almost every day since the Syd Thrift days--it's a part of my everyday life. I've been a plus member in the past and would happily do so again, or contribute via Patreon, if that would help.
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    I understand the complicated decisions you’re facing, Tony. And just to throw another two cents into the pot, this is the main site that I turn to for the only team I care about in the only sport I follow. So this message board is something I deeply appreciate. And obviously a lot of others do too. As others have said, if the money makes a difference, I’m willing to pay more. But I know it’s not just about the money. Either way, it’s important that you know how much gratitude many of us have for the OH, an oasis on the Internet where I don’t have to read through ignorant or outright hateful comments, where politics are put aside, and it’s just about our beloved Birds and not much else...as it should be. I have always disliked posthumous tributes... if you like someone, celebrate them while they’re here. So thank you, and I hope you find the energy and motivation to keep this site going for many more years.
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    I hope you keep this around. If you need any technical assistance to work toward reducing costs, feel free to DM me.
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    Life has really been showing me lately that I am old. I used to post a bunch at one time. Now I usually just read what posters have to say. I am in the process of moving from Florida to Wisconsin complicated by having a heart problem a week ago. When I get settled up there I will renew my long overdue subscription. I will probably never post like I used to as I coach football and in Florida that is basically year round. I do really miss the conversations with bunch of guys on here that I used to participate in. Just haven't felt like I had kept up well enough to contribute much. But this is the best site on the Web and has been for decades.
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    I've been a member of this site for 12 years now, and before that I lurked for quite awhile. This was the go to site for me. Through this site I learned so much over the years, and the shared experiences I had here are priceless, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Tony (and the staff), thank you so so much for everything you've done throughout the years. I hope that this site can continue and wouldn't mind at all a raising of the plus membership price if it means the site could continue. If it doesn't, I will understand Tony. You've brought me and countless other users knowledge, joy, and companionship. For that we are very blessed.
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    Hate to see it go. Had fun in the very beginnings helping with the IT side of things. Whatever you decide, a heart felt THANK YOU for doing it for all these years.
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    I have had to fold a couple of businesses. Never an easy decision or experience. I have enjoyed the Hangout since I found it. The Scouting and Minor League coverage is great. That being said, are there any alternatives you might consider? I would be willing to kick in more money or help in some other way. I haven't lived in the Baltimore area for 20 years but I can use a computer. If the Hangout shut down it would be a hole in my days. I surf the site pretty regular. I might even miss some people I argue with, lol. It's your decision Tony. But it would be a shame to miss out on what the next 5 years will bring to the Orioles and the Hangout. Either way, thanks for providing much enjoyment and learning. It's been fun whatever you decide. Doug
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    I am probably the ultimate ghost reader on here, I have checked this site every day since around 2005. I would be sad to see it go but I understand. I just underwent surgery and once I get back on my feet and medical bills paid I will be signing up for plus membership as well. I still probably wont ever post but this place is a big Orioles family, I hope it sticks around!
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    I am now a plus member again. I think the Orioles being so terrible has hurt the traffic on the site.
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    I will sign up for plus membership when I get home tonight.
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    This makes me sad. I only recently became an orioles fan. I'm 25 now, the first time I properly watched baseball was the 2016 Orioles. Watching baseball finally made sense to me. My Father and Grandfather were huge Oriole fans, and I truly never understood why they enjoyed it. I remember getting a Red Sox hat as a kid when they won the world series, and my Dad hated it. My father passed away, and I started watching the Orioles to find some connection to him. We never got to discuss baseball as a way to connect and that makes me sad. The Orioles seem to be at a low point now in fan engagement and I seem to have started following at an odd time for the fan base. Hopefully the future is bright for the Orioles and even if this website goes away or transitions into something else, the people who contribute to it will continue to do so.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Tony. Needless to say, I and many others would be devastated to lose the Hangout. If there is any form of support you feel you need (not necessarily just financial) to make this worth the time and effort you put into this, please let us know how we can help. In the end, I know you have to do what’s right for you and your family. God bless you for giving us Oriole fans such a great internet home for 25 years (“only” 16 for me).
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    "I cannot tell a lie your honor. scOtt was possessed by pandora and made me do it!"
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    Country with a tad bit of rockabilly
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    MLB raises its ugly head every so often to prove just how powerful they are, and the results are that they screw up the grand old game of baseball more every time.
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