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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-20-mlb-international-reviews-baltimore-orioles/ Really good piece highlighting 11 of this year’s J2 signings. Includes first mention of some bonus amounts (although Venezuelan bonus amounts are not advertised because of the turmoil in that country). Besides Luis Ortiz, who looks like a stud, the most interesting guy for me is Raul Rangel. Venezuelan RHP up to 93 despite being super skinny, arm action needs to get cleaned up a little bit, but it’s a sit upper 90s guy if development goes right.
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    What do you call a team with a low payroll who cuts a guy because he might cost 3-5 more million a year? What do you call a team that insists on keeping their $20 million plus albatross on the roster but gives away it's 28-year old middle infielder coming off a 4-win season? I guess you call that part of the process. I believe the process was on target with or without Villar so why not allow your fans to have a little enjoyment while you rebuild? I believe this is all about the bottom line of making money for your owner while you rebuild, perhaps so they'll pay later. The question is will that work? Again, it's not the end of the world that Villar was given away, but let's call it what it is and that's a bottom line move that only makes the owners more money.
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    No, he was claimed by multiple teams and the Orioles worked out a trade. Never passed through waivers.
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    I guess I don’t understand why we would want Villar next year. I couldn’t care less about losing Villar or what we get for him. Didn’t expect anything. Fine with salary dump no reason to spend 10 mill on him.
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    Yes, in fact, Bleier was never used last year in a way that the new rule prevents. Paul Fry was used that way 6 times.
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    https://www.thecubreporter.com/book/export/html/3525 This was the newest of all the Waiver Rules that I could find. they were update in November 2019.
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    Honestly, It depends I will say that I'd like some clarification for certain if there were claims. It seems to me there must have claims because Villar would have been granted free agency. If there were claims, I think we sold Villar for pennies on the dollar by doing the waiver process. (or by announcing we were going to nontender him). ****IMO they should have tendered him and tried to trade him. They likely could work out a contract that they could live with and hope to trade him later in the offseason or at the deadline**** With that said, I am happy we got something and hopefully Lucas blossoms into a piece for the future. I enjoy watching Orioles games and have been a fan since the 70s. I hate losing and am hoping for some entertaining baseball this summer. As I mentioned Villar was my favorite current player and I think he had a hell of a year. Finally, I think he is young enough to still be here and productive in a few years when we are playing meaningful games again. Now I have to turn the page and find a new favorite Oriole I hope this answers your questions and allows us to move forward Cheers!
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    Nobody wonders why attendance is down right now. It was a point of useful discussion in 2016-17. Since then, the equation is simple: losing —> lower attendance. And guess what? It will continue going down until the team starts winning much more often than it is right now. Elias knows that. The Angelos family knows that. We all know that. And if you don’t want to pay to watch the team as they go through the demolition stage of their rebuild, then don’t. Nobody’s going to take your Oriole fan card away if you don’t want to pay to watch this. For me, I’ve decided to trust the process for at least a couple of years. I like going to baseball games too much to stop going. Will I go to fewer games than I would if they were winning? Sure. But it’s not because I feel betrayed. It’s not because I think the team is being greedy, or disloyal. For me, they’re doing what they think they need to do to turn the team around in the most efficient way possible. It’s not pretty. I hope it works.
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    Moving on to the next domino, here's guesses at roles for Bundy on 2020 teams. As #1 starter: Blue Jays As #2 starter: Phillies, Brewers As #3 starter: White Sox, Twins, Nationals As #4 starter: Astros, Angels, Rangers, Braves, Cardinals As CBT-friendly #4 starter: Red Sox As #5 starter: Cubs I don't really think this role exists anymore, but the Cubs have Darvish/Hendricks/Quintana/Lester and have been public about browsing for a 2nd Tier FA starter, so Bundy could be in their mix. The incumbent 4th starters in Atlanta (Bryse Wilson or Kyle Wright assuming Newcomb is RP now), and the AL West (HOU Urquidy, LAA Sandoval, TEX Allard) are kind of an interesting basket of even-up scenarios with guys who can both pitch some 2020 innings and might be good in 2022 and beyond.
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    I would guess, yes at least two teams thought he was worth $10 million, but One team would only pay it if he were free, And the other team was the Marlins. So I think Mike wins this.
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    Gotta give it to Elias, he at least tries to sell these guys unlike DD. 😆
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    So let me get this straight. We put Villar on waivers so any team in the league could take him for free. No one does, so then we trade him to the Marlins for a prospect, regardless of how good of one. Am I missing something in the fact the the Marlins gave us a player when they didn't even have to?
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    Not gonna say I called it or anything but I did say let's wait until the deadline to judge. It never looked like a straight non tender to me. Elias did good to get anything. Doubt it amounts to much but it's something.
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    That number is one. And the level is cash money.
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    You're wrong. This isn't the day you were wrong. You were wrong the other day when you said what happened today wouldn't happen......
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    Lucas on the baseball cube - I am guessing that 1-inning sophomore season followed by a redshirt sophomore year is a TJ surgery. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/profile.asp?ID=201257 His K/BB did spike as he got back to a full-time starting role in 2019 (looks like he also started regularly as a 19-year old freshman in 2016).
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    I like the direction the team is headed with Elias and company, but this Villar move seems to have been mishandled. I'm disappointed.
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    I always feel that a left handed college pitcher has a puncher's chance to make a ML bullpen for a season or two.
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    All the quick to find prospect stuff is years old. I'm guessing Luke will look at some video and post something about him at 5 in the morning.
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    ESPN has their playoff machine running if you want to project how the playoff picture could be. http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine
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    2019 14th rounder out of Pepperdine. Maybe Elias liked him on draft day.
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    A) Surprising on Santana for a rebuilding team. B) Could the Orioles have interest? (Answering my own question, probably only if they get rid of Davis).
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    Projections aren’t everything or perfect but Steamer projects Profar better than Villar in 2020. I’m sure other projection systems (no others are out yet) will see it differently depending on how they weight different things.
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    I think we can all agree the gamble that I would always be right did not pay off.
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    If they play Mountcastle all year they won't be able to non-tender him before the 2026 season.
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    And play Hays and Mountcastle all year instead of Dwight Smith Jr and Stevie Wilkerson.
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    That definition can be quite subjective. MacPhail said it would be obvious when the cheap young talent would be ready to win, but I don't think he would have tried to win as early as Duquette did. I have said that a rebuilding team, particularly a small market one, needs to have eight or nine pre-arb contributors and another few pre-FA contributors from its top 17 players consisting of the 8 starting position players the top five SPs and the top four bullpen arms. We should have at least a cheap Mountcastle, Santander and Hays as starters and likely AR and Diaz in the field with a cheap Means and in the rotation and Harvey in the bullpen. IMO, we should be young and cheap in 2021 and starting to ramp up the winning (toward 65-70+ wins) with free agents in areas where we lack productivity with an eye toward competing in 2022 when Hall and GrayRod should be ready to contribute in the majors.
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    And a long fly ball, deep to right field it's on Eutaw Street. The Orioles never announced or confirmed this. It was everyone retweeting each other.
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    From Roch's post today: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/12/deadline-arriving-to-tender-contracts-to-arbitration-eligible-players.html
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    The 1pm deadline was for a team to claim him on waivers. That didn't happen, so now the 8pm non-tender deadline is next.
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    I think that's a good sign for you. Likely means you're a logical thinker.
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    To me its not about keeping him, its letting him go for nothing. If the O's can't get a trade because of his salary you eat salary in a deal. Or you trade him at the deadline if he is playing well when his salary is now only for two months, where again you could eat salary if you have to.
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    I am assuming that is why when he telegraphed this at the first hotstove that he said he was shopping for a middle infielder.
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    The one knock on Villar that people seem to not argue is his average at best defense. Considering we were far worse at preventing runs than producing runs, maybe they target a defensive first guy. Doesn't mean it needs to be a Richie Martin like project either, but I could see a desire to have better team defense.
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    Another way to look at this: if another team had put Villar on waivers, would you want the O’s to claim him and be bound to arbitrate with him? If not, then why be upset that we put him on waivers and might non-tender him?
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    Rob Zastryzny has to be in the mix too if Bundy departs. Some notes I have on him in 2017 from his days in the Cubs organization RHSwing Rob Zastryzny 6’3” 205 Lbs. (199203) [2013-02] [2014 Cubs BA 20; 2015 Cubs BA 14; 2017 Cubs BA14] After getting shelled in 2015, 48/28 K/W with 0.310 BAA and 6.23 ERA in 60 AA IP, he rebounded in 2016 improving as the year went on posting a 42/20 K/W in 54 SL IP with 0.245 BAA and a more impressive 77/31 K/W in 81 AAA IP with 0.229 BAA; he finished the year in the majors. Split time between the majors and AAA in 2017 missing two months with an injury. AAA numbers: 40/14 K/W in 47 IP with 0.270 BAA and 5.94 ERA. Ended season in majors getting hit hard; he finished with a 11/7 K/W in 13 IP with a 0.352 BAA and 2 HRA. The following was taken from MLB.com in 2018. MLB.com Scouting grades: Fastball: 55 | Cutter: 50 | Curveball: 40 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 45 | Overall: 45 A starter throughout his career since signing for $1.1 million as a second-rounder in 2013, Zastryzny got summoned to Chicago as a reliever last August. He posted a 1.13 ERA and 17 strikeouts in 16 innings and earned a spot on the National League Championship Series roster, though he was left out of the World Series to make room for Kyle Schwarber. The key to his success in 2016 was coming up with a cutter that kept hitters from sitting on his fastball. Zastryzny lacks a plus pitch, and while his fastball and changeup can be solid offerings, they also lack consistency. He throws both two- and four-seam fastballs, ranging from 87-95 mph and sitting around 90. In the big leagues, he mostly abandoned his changeup in favor of his cutter, which generates groundouts, and his curveball, which lacks depth but had surprising success in a small sample size. Zastryzny's crossfire delivery gives him deception and is tough on left-handers, but it also hurts his control and command. He could wind up as a back-of-the-rotation starter or a middle reliever, filling whatever role the Cubs need a lefty in just like Travis Wood did for five seasons before departing as a free agent. A lat strain cost him most of May and June this year, however.
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    Tony and Luke went to a lot of trouble to bring us all up to speed on each of them It's a great read and I suggest it. Right here it is.
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    They say you can’t Hever Bueno and eat it too
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    @Tryptamine COME TO THE DARK SIDE! we have cookies.... seriously, I joined, and I still can lead a normal life. My T levels are back up, my hair is growing back in, I can run a 4.0 40 and hooked-on phonics wurked fer me.
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    Your thinking is not very clear. At the deadline Villar had a 747 OPS, was error prone and didn't entice anyone in the league to pay up. If he ended the season that way he would not been worth much more than 5M in his final year before FA. Elias could decide to tender him and then trade him or not. But Villar did the unexpected. He had a 843 OPS in the 2nd half raising he arbitration value so high Elias couldn't tender him and now has until tomorrow to trade him. Elias may be good but he is not psychic.
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    I see people stepping up with their wallets, and that's all well and good, but Tony said a couple times this isn't about money. T can correct me if I'm wrong, but it's more about a 25 year dream, a dream for a scouting job in baseball. That's what I'm reading in you posts. Baseball is moving away from old school scouts like Tony. Calls aren't getting returned, no thank you's, even if done politely, don't hurt any less. My unsolicited advice to Tony is this. If you still enjoy scouting, have at it, but realize your audience is this board alone. That's the harsh message the Orioles have given you. If they don't appreciate you, then say, "SCREW YOU, your loss" and walk away. Make baseball a hobby not a second career. If that hobby means managing a message board, fine. If it means not dealing with that headache and relaxing watching the games, do that. Get on your cycle and go for more rides. You already have a solid career, put your focus on that. Focus on the job that pays the bills, puts a roof over your head and food on the table, and provides for your retirement. BTW, 50? Hah! Been there, done that at the beginning of this decade. If that milestone is making you reevaluate your life, you would hardly be alone.
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