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    Nobody wonders why attendance is down right now. It was a point of useful discussion in 2016-17. Since then, the equation is simple: losing —> lower attendance. And guess what? It will continue going down until the team starts winning much more often than it is right now. Elias knows that. The Angelos family knows that. We all know that. And if you don’t want to pay to watch the team as they go through the demolition stage of their rebuild, then don’t. Nobody’s going to take your Oriole fan card away if you don’t want to pay to watch this. For me, I’ve decided to trust the process for at least a couple of years. I like going to baseball games too much to stop going. Will I go to fewer games than I would if they were winning? Sure. But it’s not because I feel betrayed. It’s not because I think the team is being greedy, or disloyal. For me, they’re doing what they think they need to do to turn the team around in the most efficient way possible. It’s not pretty. I hope it works.
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    Your impatience is almost laughable. We knew what we were in for when Elias was hired. There’s no guarantee his plan will work, but you have to let the guy do what he said he was going to do. I’d much rather give his approach a shot than endure the half-measures of 1998-2011. This team lacks a critical mass of young, major league ready talent right now that is a necessary ingredient for us to build a winning ball club. When we have it, I’ll expect them to make the moves necessary to win. Until then, it’s a waste of resources.
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    What does Davis have to do with Villar? Trading Villar means saving about $10M. Releasing Davis doesn't do anything besides keeping people from talking about him. You'll still owe him over $60M. It's all style over substance.
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    Some value exists in freeing up a slot on the 40 and 26 man rosters.
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    Lucas has some interesting traits, but the stuff is pretty blah, average slider, everything else fringe. Average command, strikethower, including his offspeed pitches. The changeup inconsistent but could get to average as well. Gets some hop on his fastball, so it plays a little above it’s sitting velocity of 89-91, but it’s going to have trouble playing in the upper minors without some improvements. The body and delivery are better than the stuff and he’s missed serious time fairly recently, so there could be more stuff in the tank. As a total package, it’s like Bruce Zimmermann with a bit more ceiling but significantly more proximity risk. Would be somewhere in the 31-40 range of Orioles prospects for me. He’s better than his draft status but nothing to be excited about.
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    Here’s a part of what Elias actually said: “It’s very difficult,” Elias said. “He was a tremendously exciting player for us all year. Played in every single game. We’ve all seen the numbers he put up. He was a joy to have, certainly my year here, and from everything we’ve seen and heard dating back to 2018 when he came over from the Brewers. And he’s a fun player. He’s a switch-hitter, he runs, he plays hard, he’s a great guy and I’ve personally known him for a long time, so it was hard to let him go. But we’ve got to keep an eye on our strategic objective, which prioritizes the future right now. “With a guy who’s going into his last year of arbitration with the team, facing free agency, who is set to command a large salary that he’s earned through his play and in years past, when we have an opportunity to use that playing time on other players who may be around longer, to use that payroll on other players and other objectives that fit more tightly with our strategy and get a young pitcher back that we view as a prospect, a potential future piece for the team, it’s something you have to do.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/12/elias-on-trade-tenders-and-more.html How did I do? 😎
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    Because they don’t care, they see only the surface, and every writer loves to have a good team to love, an evil team to hate, and a stupid team to laugh at. It SHOULD be the Marlins, but everyone is so in love with Jeter they give him a pass.
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    Elias was hired to do a full rebuild that would take 3, 4, 5 years. He was hired to trim payroll and focus investments in infrastructure, scouting, analytics, and development. Everyone knew he was signing on to execute a process that wouldn't put the team into contention until at least 2022 or 2023. Ownership knew all of this, endorsed it, and agreed to it. It's laughable that he's been executing exactly that plan for about a year and you're advocating that he be fired for it. You got an Uber to take you from Oriole Park to Towson. When you get three blocks north of OPACY you demand to be let out and refunded your money because he didn't go the way you wanted, he took a wrong turn at Pratt, his car wasn't the car you wanted, the music was all wrong, the air freshener smelled a little too strongly of pine, you're sure that he doesn't know where Towson is, you're pretty convinced that he's really a kidnapper, you don't know why an Uber costs so much, why doesn't the driver speak better English, you could have hitchhiked and got a better deal...
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    There's the idea that pitchers at Camden Yards as currently configured change how they pitch in ways that might make them less effective on the road in order to try to counter the barrage of relatively cheap home runs. Also, pitchers like Dylan Bundy may have less value on the trade market because of the degree of difficulty in facing 3-4 top teams 20 times a year in a park with a 120 HR factor. No matter how much analytics breaks down park factors it's hard to convince someone that your guy with a 5.00 ERA and nearly league-leading home run rates is any good. And this may not be as relevant as it was a generation ago, but the Fenway Effect. The idea that for generations the Red Sox overvalued their hitters and undervalued their pitchers because of the extreme effects of the wall in left. Jim Rice became the Most Feared Hitter In Baseball despite being about as valuable as like Aramis Ramirez or something, while they were constantly trying to fix their pitching. Also, it can be difficult to establish yourself in the early stages of your career and gain confidence if you're pitching in a park where a fairly routine fly ball to RF or LC becomes a home run.
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    I agree with this. For me I understand why people enjoyed watching Villar, but to me I never saw him long term. It always seemed he was here to be moved. Guys like Hays and Santander following and seeing what they do means more to me. While I have a level of expectation that Bundy goes and less so Mancini, the guys we follow for years are tougher to see go. If we see Hays, Diaz, Harvey, Mountcastle, Akin with Means and Mancini (and maybe others) I'll find my happy place. Even with the losing I watched almost every game (not west coast games I cant handle...haha) on MASN and got enjoyment. Only went to 1. It's not winning, but there are still things that lead to me enjoying orioles baseball.
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    This. Right now I stream it through a free T-mobile MLB.tv subscription and a free VPN service. I would gladly pay MASN like $10/month to watch it legit on my TV, but instead they get $0 from me. Idiots.
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    I have little control that I've noticed...
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    The Shorebirds had 15 pitchers (over half) that were age 23-26 this year. Seems like a virtual lock that Easton will start out there.
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    Giving Villar $10M dollars would have been like putting expensive rims and a high end stereo system in a '92 Hyundai Excel. Whether you like the return or not this was the right decision and a terrible one for the Marlins, who seem to have zero direction under Jeter.
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    Let’s face it, Easton Lucas — not a baseball name. A left handed Hayden Penn.
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    They're very likely to trade Bundy and Givens within the next 2 weeks. And there won't be an immediate MLB contributor coming back either. I don't believe the Angelos family is in dire straits or "so greedy". I believe the plan was to strip it to the studs and build a quality organization. And that will take years.
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    Is anyone doing that? Praising it as a masterstroke that is.
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    The Untouchables "Ma Barker and Her Boys" --> The Untouchables The Untouchables - Stephen Burrows--> She's Having a Baby---> Kevin Bacon
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    I'm not super sold on Ripken, either. That guy's too boring to not be hiding something dark. lol
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    We’ll flip him next December at the non tender deadline.
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    You're free to do as you see fit. But you're going to be the crazy uncle sitting in the corner at Thanksgiving complaining about everything and explaining how if he were in charge it would all be awesome. We get it, life sucks and everyone else is kind of dumb, and nobody can understand why they're not following your plan to glory. And we'll hear about it every single stinking day until they hoist a trophy. But then you'll complain that it took seven years instead of like two or three because of their stupid plan.
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    Steve Adams, MLBTrade Rumors chat ongoing: https://www.jotcast.com/chat/chat-with-mlbtrs-steve-adams-12-3-19-6526.html Good on the Marlins for actually picking up a player who'll make them better in 2020, by the way. The Orioles should take way more crap than they did for making such a blatant cost-cutting move that was plainly designed to lose more games in 2020. I'd be pretty pissed off if I were an O's fan.
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    I bet this correlates closely to what all cable companies have lost in the last 8 years.
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    If the money is being banked for future use on a winning team or reinvested into the team to give it an advantage, then I can't argue with that assessment. If it's to just line the owners pockets then they are discounting the paying customers. Say what you want about Villar, he was a fun player to watch last year and helped make a bad team tolerable to watch.
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    It's trading wins 56, 57, and maybe 58 in 2020 for wins 92 and 93 in a few years. Hopefully. You should care about the payroll if that's taking resources away from building the organization and redirecting them to a few extra wins for a 5th-place team next season.
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    Sustained success, it doesn't have to be contention every year, but most. And the permanent retirement of the term "once proud franchise" in all media - even the laziest.
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    For me personally, it's 7-10 years (hopefully more) of competitive baseball, in the running for the postseason every year. Something like the Cardinals have going over the last several years - either making the playoffs, or just missing but being in contention. Elias' talent pipeline, if executed correctly, should accomplish that. WS would be great, but it's a crapshoot, as the Nats showed this year.
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    Oh no, Davis may stop us from acquiring that 3rd Rule 5 pick this year.
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    Source for him not being regarded as a potential left fielder?
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    I can see both sides of this, but I ultimately don't like the idea of trying to improve our pitching staff by making the park bigger. I'd rather have better pitching. When this team is competitive again, we're going to shred teams that come and play in our park. Our offense will out-benefit our opponents more time than not. "Our pitching sucks" is not a good reason to alter the ballpark any more than "our offense sucks" is a good reason to bring the walls in and lower them. Also, as pointed out by someone else, we still don't know what ball we will be using. Until MLB stops changing the balls every year and even mid-season or for the postseason, it's hard to even get an idea about anything. How good are these offensive players and how much is the ball? How bad are these pitchers and how much is the ball? MLB is stupid for continuing to change the ball every damn year. They didn't even wait until the end of the year last year to change them again. This needs to stop. I don't care which ball they use even if it's last year's ball. Just pick one and stop changing it because it's NOT good for the game and it makes analytics less useful. The ball has to be constant to get accurate numbers on anything.
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    I think that if Villar had been traded before last season folks would be more understanding. I think folks are looking at this as a step back.
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    I doubt that. Delmarva had a very strong staff this year and almost all of them will be promoted to Frederick. No room there for Easton, who will compete for a spot in the Delmarva rotation, I expect.
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    So that’s kind of tricky, he’s more likely to stay a starter than any of them. Most of them profile as relievers although I’m sure player development might try and change that. I’d put him behind the other likely starter McLarty because McLarty is notably younger and has a better out pitch. I’d also put him behind Gillispie who has a chance to a leverage reliever or opener with premium spin. So he’s right with Hammer who has a bit better stuff but less command and right ahead of McSweeney/Strowd, who are very relieverish IMO and have some command issues.
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    Depends on what "is" is 😉 "Next decade" for Mancini could mean either 2020 or 2021 (there wasn't a year 0 A.D.) .... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/28/us/what-is-decade.html
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    So tune into 105.7 FM The have a quote from Elias “It made sense to make this deal as opposed to moving forward with the arbitration process”
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    Honestly, It depends I will say that I'd like some clarification for certain if there were claims. It seems to me there must have claims because Villar would have been granted free agency. If there were claims, I think we sold Villar for pennies on the dollar by doing the waiver process. (or by announcing we were going to nontender him). ****IMO they should have tendered him and tried to trade him. They likely could work out a contract that they could live with and hope to trade him later in the offseason or at the deadline**** With that said, I am happy we got something and hopefully Lucas blossoms into a piece for the future. I enjoy watching Orioles games and have been a fan since the 70s. I hate losing and am hoping for some entertaining baseball this summer. As I mentioned Villar was my favorite current player and I think he had a hell of a year. Finally, I think he is young enough to still be here and productive in a few years when we are playing meaningful games again. Now I have to turn the page and find a new favorite Oriole I hope this answers your questions and allows us to move forward Cheers!
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    What do you call a team with a low payroll who cuts a guy because he might cost 3-5 more million a year? What do you call a team that insists on keeping their $20 million plus albatross on the roster but gives away it's 28-year old middle infielder coming off a 4-win season? I guess you call that part of the process. I believe the process was on target with or without Villar so why not allow your fans to have a little enjoyment while you rebuild? I believe this is all about the bottom line of making money for your owner while you rebuild, perhaps so they'll pay later. The question is will that work? Again, it's not the end of the world that Villar was given away, but let's call it what it is and that's a bottom line move that only makes the owners more money.
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    My lottery ticket is still Elio Prado! If he is the next JBJ -
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    I guess I don’t understand why we would want Villar next year. I couldn’t care less about losing Villar or what we get for him. Didn’t expect anything. Fine with salary dump no reason to spend 10 mill on him.
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    Agree with this 100% and they really should be much more creative with their marketing, but I'm not sure the current regime has it in them. They need to get as creative as some of the minor league teams do try and fill the seats.
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-20-mlb-international-reviews-baltimore-orioles/ Really good piece highlighting 11 of this year’s J2 signings. Includes first mention of some bonus amounts (although Venezuelan bonus amounts are not advertised because of the turmoil in that country). Besides Luis Ortiz, who looks like a stud, the most interesting guy for me is Raul Rangel. Venezuelan RHP up to 93 despite being super skinny, arm action needs to get cleaned up a little bit, but it’s a sit upper 90s guy if development goes right.
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    I posted some time ago that the most obvious way to lower the 2019 payroll is to move Villar. I support this decision by Elias with the following thoughts: - arbitration is about figuring out a player's value under that system and then comparing that number to the one provided by the team and the one provided by the player. Villar was probably going to be paid between $8M-$10M under that process. Not a big incremental jump. The incremental Ws provided by Villar to this team would improve our w-l record and hinder our ability to have a poor record and top 2020 draft position. - Someone posted that Villar's 4 WAR season was impacted by a very large number of at-bats. I doubt teams valued Villar at 4 WAR. Probably they valued him somewhere around 1-1.5 incremental WAR over their best internal option. - I trust that Elias has been trying to trade Villar since last year's trade deadline or before with no takers so far. Holding onto Villar with the intention of dealing him during the season is too big a risk IMO. - I don't know if there are other internal investments to make or if the savings from losing/dealing Villar will be reinvested in the team, but it would not surprise me if the value of a Rule V pick plus the saved $ has more value to the post 2020 Os than Villar's production. - there will be plenty to enjoy next year at the major league level including the 2019 performers plus Hays and the expected early promotion of Mountcastle, possibly Diaz and hopefully a couple of pitchers. This is what a cold-blooded (soul-less) front office decision looks like.
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    I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the opportunity I have been afforded by @Tony-OH and @weams to contribute to the Hangout with my writing. I also am thankful for all of you who have checked on and read the work all season long. As all of the responses to Tony's thoughts on his future and the future of OH show, this is a strong and passionate community of Orioles fans who support the team and value the exchange of opinions and thoughts this site provides and that is something we all should be thankful for. I thank all of you for your support and wish you all a wonderful day spent with family and friends. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
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