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    I'd rather lose with integrity than win as a scumbag. Life shouldn't just be transactional.
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    Let’s get a grip. You could say that now about the fact that the Orioles only have eight teams. Are you moping because the O’s don’t have 16 teams and lamenting the fates of all the poor players they aren’t hiring because of it? Of course not. If the Orioles reduced to five teams you wouldn’t be weeping for the 75 “potential players” without jobs from three contracted teams anymore than you are now in my hypothetical 16 team scenario.
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    He did, but I dunno. That Pennington homer was just different. That swing was a controlled, furious violence that was unlike any of the other swings I've seen. It made a Nike commercial, which I can't find anymore. I can't find it anywhere, really. I want to see a video of it now but no such luck. EDIT: Nevermind. Shortly after the 2:15 mark
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    I've got him on /ignore, I only choose to see maybe 25% of his posts.
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    You grade them on the reasonableness of the picks. Whether or not they become solid major leaguers is a combination of development and luck, which has nothing to do with drafting. Example: you can grade the Orioles' 2009 draft poorly since they took Hobgood at #5 when the consensus was that he was more like a #20-30 pick.
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    When I drive past the kids They all spit and cuss 'Cause I've got a bitchin' Camaro And they have to ride the bus
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    Stats or not...this play is sick. I am looking forward towatching this guy pick it.
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    Finally got one to fall!!!
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    Cowan directing the offense. Shot clock running down, he calls for a screen from Scott, breaks his defender and draws help, then finds Ayala for an open 3. Buckets. As bad as Wiggins is playing, he and Stix had a nice pick and roll. Wiggins made the great pass for a dunk. Look at this team running plays! Scott and Stix playing tough defense all night. Morsell too. Gotta close it out. No open threes for Iowa please.
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    Morsell is creating!
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    The fact that the rest of the round has accumulated negative WAR. Not that difficult to figure out. 11 + X =10 X=-1
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    Wiggens has missed 9 points worth of totally open 3-point shots!
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    You figure that eventually, a team’s top 30 prospects should include 7-9 international guys. Right now our list has two, one of whom was acquired from the Dodgers in the Manny trade. The other is Leonardo Rodriguez at #24. It might be a stretch for anyone new to join the list at the end of 2020, but hopefully someone emerges.
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    It seems like the development of the minor league guys already here has been strong. His regime gets a good deal of credit for teaching John Means a new trick, too. We’ll have a better basis for judgment at the end of this year. I’m not expecting many more wins, but we’ll get some good info on how the development of the young pitchers is going.
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    Yeah. That's why I gave them C/B. Incomplete gets an honorable mention. We have have to wait and see what's what. And yes Corn, Davis is a major concern. Not this year tho. HE truly is this year's 26th man.
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    I would caution on cutting Phillips just yet. He's got a couple things going for him if you squint. In his 28 innings, he only gave up 2 home runs and his K-rate was great at 12.9 (40 Ks). Unfortunately he walked a million dudes (6.4 and 20 BBs). His ERA sucked (6.43), but his FIP was 3.96. At the very least I think he's worth checking out in ST and seeing if maybe another year under his belt leads to improvement.
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    8 is limit for 13 game plans as well.
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    This whole thread is bait and I refuse to participate. lol
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    Sadly I think we know who the 26th man is going to be.
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    Expecting a deluge of posts about how letting a hard thrower with poor control go. To which I reply: Note the forlorn look in his eyes. This must have been taken shortly after the Griffey homer. Poor Brad just couldn't ever find the strike zone.
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    "Cheaters" win all the time. The HOF is full of players using such methods which is probably true of every major sport. If it didn't pay to cheat, people wouldn't do it. It works. You only need to be able to get away with it long enough to achieve your goal. I'm not saying anyone should do it that way or anything, but let's not pretend it doesn't pay to cheat. It does... unfortunately. I don't think most folks really care about asterisks. Cheating or not, winning is hard and is a great accomplishment at this level any way it's done. Even if you set records or win championships, you still get to keep them. They're still yours forever unless you're Lance Armstrong. He had to give his medals back, but people still love him anyway and he'll always be remembered for what he did on the bike and not all the repeated and persistent denials and lies he made right to the face of all the people who supported him for many years nor the methods he used to accomplish it all. The thing that bothered me about the Astros situation is that it went all the way to the top and so did the denials. It also bothers me how much flack Fiers gets for saying something about it. I don't get why "whistleblowers" get more hate than the crimes they are exposing. I find the whole "shoot the messenger" stuff to be disturbing generally. Fiers didn't do anything wrong by ousting it and it's not hard to see why a player wouldn't oust it while being a member of that team. Would I be ok with a championship via cheating? If it was something as blatant as what the Astros did? I think I wouldn't feel good about it. Every time I heard that trash can banging from the O's dugout, it wouldn't feel good. I think I'd rather lose than get a dagger in the back afterwards knowing our new GM was complicit in this. If it was PEDs? Wouldn't care. A little pine tar on the fingertips? Nope. Using technology to steal signs and then signal the batter from the dugout what pitch is coming is too far IMO. Unfortunately, there will likely be more of this as more technology comes into the sport. It is and always will be a double edged sword that may be sharper on the undesirable side of the blade. Also, life is not so black and white that "right is right and wrong is wrong".. what is right or wrong can change dramatically based on circumstance. What I feel is right or wrong sitting at home on my couch leading a comfortable life would be much different than if I was on the front lines of a battlefield or starving to death with my family on the streets in poverty. Is it wrong to steal food if you and your family are starving to death or is it wrong to stop them? Black and white morality arguments don't work for me. A little off topic there, sorry.
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    If Elias' first draft is any indication, he's going draft mostly college guys and only draft high school kids when they've got high ceilings and are singable. I think what we're going to find is that most of the young position players are going to be coming up from the DSL academy/League and that he's going to take some chances on college arms that meet certain criteria "high spin fastballs of breaking balls." I don't think Elias cares at all about wins and losses in the GCL League, but more about how to mine through the talent. If you look over the history of the GCL League, you will see very few high school hitters that weren't drafted in the first ten rounds make it to the big leagues. If Elias continues to draft like last year (College pitcher heavy) you are going to see a very successful team down there, but that doesn't mean it will be full of actual prospects. If he hits in one of those guys that's a good haul after the first ten rounds.
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    Yeah, my apologies. Wasn't trying to make a political statement, but I suppose I did. I'll fix it.
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    Perhaps they are still under your radar?
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    What about Trevor Cahill? He just turned 31. Career 4.21 ERA. In 2018, he pitched to a 3.76 ERA (110 ERA+), which included 20 starts. Last season, he struggled, but he finished strong. He pitched to a 2.40 ERA over his last 9 appearances. Seems like a good bounce back candidate to me.
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    Hey, it's one thing to rag on an over the hill, holier than though douchebag rockstar who's been irrelevant for a few years. It's another thing to bring up someone who's somewhat polarizing in news and politics today. It's my fault for baiting Drungo (did you see how he couldn't resist? it was awesome) and getting off course here, but let's not go down this rabbit hole any further and get this thing closed.
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    Interesting, I'd like to know what the conscience of people was in the 1700s and 1800s when they owned slaves. Even up through the 50s and 60s when there were separate bathrooms for blacks and whites and blacks couldn't play in the MLB, I'm sure everything was peachy keen cause Leave it to Beaver was on TV. Was society in better shape than it is now, or are things just different, tech is moving at a rapid pace and you're scared? Who's more sanctimonious than the NFL? Easy. Bono. When it comes to someone being more sanctimonious than anyone else, the answer is always Bono. Carry on.
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    Having read both letters and followed the issue off and on the past few months, I feel MLB is largely on the correct side here. While this may harm me as my 2 favorite minor league teams may disappear, I find the MLB arguments much more persuasive.
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    He said Elias. Not Angelos brothers. 😎
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    No, seriously. A+. I like every thing I've seen and read. Elias is like a tornado that blew into town. Overwhelmed the whole organization. And I believe firmly headed in the right direction.
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    You think ownership killed fanfest over his objections?
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    Man, that's tough. Because what he has been doing thus far is building infrastructure, which is hard to evaluate. He APPEARS to have done the following: -- spent more than we have spent in years on international free agents -- had a pretty good first draft -- infused all the levels of the organization with people who use advanced metrics and state of the art tools to evaluate and instruct and develop players -- gotten rid of guys who don't appear to be "with the program" such as Brady Anderson, etc -- obviously been consistent in his philosophy of building talent in the organization from the bottom up (Bundy & Cashner & Villar for younger guys, etc) But all of that is appearance. Do I really KNOW that any of the international free agents we signed are any good? Do I KNOW he drafted well? Do I really KNOW anything about all the people he has hired other than scant biographical information? I THINK he is doing well in those areas, but that's just based on appearances. But there does seem to be a bit of a disconnect with fans. Cancelling Fanfest pissed some people off. Those who are not "with the program" of the rebuild haven't been given much of anything to look forward to, the base assumption that the fans are sheep who will flock back when we win is probably true, but in an era where in person attendance at sporting events is down all over the place, even the fanatical world of college football, getting people out of the habit of coming to to games for some period of time is treading on dangerous ground, they just might find that they don't miss baseball that much. Now that stuff might not necessarily be in Elias's wheelhouse, maybe someone on the business side might be more responsible, but at some point he's the point man for the franchise and everything that has happened falls back in his lap. The buck has to stop somewhere. I'm going B.
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    Thanks again. You say issue but I think a significantly larger one would be evident if they were this age and did not get off to a good start. There are plenty of names that could be put into that group. These are the guys who have shown well early so I want to emphasize that. In years past the overachievers are so outnumbered by the duds and I think I’m going to look at that and get specific soon. I like the way you look at the age relative to competition numbers as far as creating expectations and looking at aggregate results. Don’t ignore the winning percentages and foundations to build on. They’re both there. We saw some good teams. If we want competition to be the force that pushes players up levels, it’s already happening! I wish there were games to watch right now!
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    Who's going to turn down a junior mint? It's chocolate. It's peppermint. It's delicious!
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    It will probably be someone that is DFA'd or can be purchased for 1m or less. May not even be on this list.
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    Most intriguing guys based on age were probably Stauffer and Zebron. The pitching staff at Delmarva should be college heavy with Hammer, Lyons, Peek, Brnovich, and Lyons in the mix with Stauffer probably in there as well. McClarty and Gillespie figure in as well. I could see a lot of piggybacking at Delmarva.
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    Tons of good stuff here. The main issue with our low-level pitchers is that many of them were old for their level, particularly in the GCL. The main reason for this is that the pitchers Elias drafted were almost exclusively college pitchers, so that meant a lot of them got pushed to the GCL and also younger guys from 2018 were kept back in the GCL to make room for some of the older arms at Aberdeen. The average age of our staffs was 22.0 in the GCL (league average 20.3), 21.6 at Aberdeen (21.3) and 22.3 at Delmarva (21.8). You can see from this that our GCL staff would be older than average for the Sally League, much less the GCL. So, their stats need to be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I’m glad they had success.
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    That's.... that's exactly what I'm saying. How are you not hearing yourself? He lost the job because he couldn't hit - like AT ALL - and the mounting pressure from all that not hitting was getting to be a strain on him and the organization. So they sent him down to work on that. Meanwhile, Elias doesn't want to - like you said yourself - go to McKenna or Hays. So they just throw whoever out there. If they weren't worried about Mullins' development they would have just kept him, but you can't keep a guy in the bigs with a broken swing. Wilkerson isn't any better defensively out there, that's obvious to see. But he could hit at least a LITTLE. And let's not forget Santander and Stewart got CF looks as well. Mullins didn't lose the job to any specific person, he just lost the job because he couldn't hit. He didn't lose it TO Wilkerson, he lost it to the Orioles' CF depth, of which there was none. But that's not because Wilkerson is a BETTER CF, it's just because it was obvious you had to protect the player a little bit and send him out.
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    Just think about that for a moment. Boston spent more money on international signings in 2014 than 25 teams spent on their major league payroll.
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    How many of Fry, Armstrong, Phillips, Carroll, Kline, Sulser, Scott can we afford to keep on the 40 man? They’re typically 1 IP relievers and we need innings covered. Plus, the new rule that you have to be in the minors for 15 days instead of 10. That will affect the Norfolk shuttle.
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    Well, that really isn’t too terrible, having two guys right in the middle of the top 100 list. Obviously, that’s still below average, but we expected that. But I wouldn’t have been surprised if none of our players were on the list at all, or if they’d been well below 46 and 51. Did we have anyone on the 2018 list? Also, I’d heard about Ortiz, but don’t think I heard anything about Rangel. (Edit: well, there was this:)
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    Edgar Martinez would have had a long, successful career in a non-DH league. He just would have been a poor first baseman. Don't forget that Martinez' career was shortened by probably 750, 1000, or more PAs because the Mariners of the mid-to-late 80s were stupid. He wasn't a regular in the big leagues until he was 27, which is exceptionally late for a HOFer. It wasn't because he wasn't ready, his career AAA OPS is .944. The Mariners just believed that Jeffrey Leonard and Jim Presley and other mediocre talents were better players. In '87 he hit .329 for Calgary, and still played 32 games in AAA in '89.
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    If that gets Angel fired then ok by me.
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    Glad to provide it. I’d think that both players provide a great deal for the organization to work with. If it’s determined that Gunnar lacks the trunk turn speed to stick in the middle, having his skill set/bat at a corner is not at a problem but an asset as I see it. Hernaiz looks to be more natural around the bag and ranging for grounders but his body has yet to add weight/definition. If I had to bet now I’d say his early movement is slow but the burden to advance faster is on him and his growing skill set. He’s just so young that now I have to speculate despite seeing almost all of his intro to pro ball. Im looking forward to seeing if he bulked up a bit when minor league camp starts and if yes, does it affect his movements in the field.
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    I don't think there are many of her songs that I don't like.
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    After reading some of these posts it is clear to me why the society is in the shape it is. Apparently the crime to some folks is not to cheat, but to get caught. And while laws change, right and wrong do not. That is why the Creator put a conscience in people, to tell them right from wrong, not the State telling us what it is on certain days of the week..
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