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  1. Once there is a handle on this pandemic and people start assessing this act, there are going to be so many stories of fraud, waste, and abuse. I don’t have a small business, so I haven’t really paid attention, but I have a friend who runs a nonprofit who couldn’t get his application processed. He said that there were no safeguards in place to prevent forgery of payroll records. The banks pretty much said, if you want us to get the money out quickly, then we can’t perform due diligence on the recipients.
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  2. Proof? You mean those models that have been wrong right from the beginning? What will you be saying when a depression hits and millions die from lack of food? It's right around the corner, unfortunately. No one is picking the fruit and veggies cause the workers are from out of the country and Americans won't do those menial jobs. They'd rather sit on their butts and collect unemployment cause that check is more than they would have made if they were working. Wally World, Target, HD etc are still hiring. No one wants to work. It's almost at the point where cattle will need to be sla
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  3. #31 Samuel Basallo Dominican Republic C Notes: Born: Aug. 13, 2004. B-T: L-R. Ht.: 6-3. Wt: 198. Report: Basallo is one of the youngest players in the class—he will be eligible to sign once he turns 16 on Aug. 13—and was once connected to the Yankees, but he's now expected to sign with the Orioles for a bonus near $1.5 million. Basallo is a tall, physical catcher with a plus arm, above-average raw power and a sound swing from the left side. Already 6-foot-3 at 15, Basallo might outgrow catcher if he keeps getting bigger, but right now
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  4. https://www.orioleshangout.com/2020/04/18/orioles-royals-send-orioles-down-for-their-3rd-straight-loss/
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  5. That is distressing if a hedge fund manager gets money and the cities and states have to lay off policemen and firefighters because they haven’t given money to cities and states that have less tax revenue. Really we are all going to pay for this for a long time with the trillions of debt this has added.
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  6. #50THANNiVERSARY On this day in 1970 the Baltimore Orioles split a double-header with the New York Yankees, winning the opener 4-3 and dropping the nightcap 8-5. Mike Cuellar pitched a 4-hit complete game to win the opener. He struck out 6 and walked 6 while hurling 2 wild pitches. Dave Johnson led the way with a 2 for 4, 1 run, 1 homerun and 3 RBI effort. BOX SCORE In game 2, Jim Hardin was the hard-luck loser. He gave up 4 runs (3 earned) on 6 hits with 1 walk over 3.0 innings of work in the start. Andy Etchebarren and Chico Salmon both hit their first h
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  7. I think I was at this doubleheader.
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  8. I wonder if Santander's Brit fans are still pulling for him! Now that you've got the chance to drop Davis, you have to put your roster moves where your mouth is man! Maybe it will draw the FO's curiosity to see the O's take off after the Mountcastle for Davis switch and once Mancini is back. When is "Three Left-Hands" due to return?
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  9. Hey, I'm just glad someone cares enough to follow them! haha I guess we had to imagine that an offense that lost Mancini and Villar and didn't really add anyone was going to struggle. Hays has been a pleasant surprise and he'll be back early next week. I'm trying to find out the exact time Mountcastle can come up and will promote him and see how things go. Not sure, but I may release Davis when that happens, but trying to be as realistic as possible.
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  10. O's lineup without Mancini, Hays, and Villar--and Sisco and Santander hitting below Mendoza Line and Ruiz threatening to--is very weak. Glad to see Santander seeming to heat up though. Can't believe I'm posting about details of a sim game....
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  11. So for people who think it is just the flu,my friend who looked like he wasn't going to make it had a promising day.10 days at home and now 15 days in the hospital. Good health before this and not that old. All, In the last few hours Carl was transferred to a new nasal cannula that is much less invasive & indicates that his oxygen saturation levels are coming back strong. This may be an indication that he'll be moving out of the ICU & that we will try to determine & share with you. Carl's receiving a powerful blood thinner to ward off any new pulmonary embolisms &
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  12. When i saw this post I immediately thought of a Mike Myers SNL sketch ~1992 Lowthar Of the Hill people
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  13. Some, but it's trumped by other metrics. Allie Reynolds and Jon Lester have about the same W/L records. 182-107 vs 190-108. By rWAR Lester leads by 45-25. Reynolds had a 109 ERA+, Lester a 120. Pedro Martinez was 219-100. Which isn't terribly different than Bob Lemon's 207-128. Pedro's ERA+ was 154, Lemon's 119. Pedro has more than double the WAR. Subjectively I don't think many folks would put Lemon in the same zip code as Pedro. CC Sabathia and Bob Feller have almost identical W/L records. Feller has, at times, been described as one of the best pitchers ever. Not sure
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