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    Tony, I'm sorry, but this is an incredibly dangerous and ill-informed take. I must speak up. We are talking about a very serious virus. Someone's decision on how to protect themselves has direct consequences for someone else who is trying to protect themselves. I can't believe this needs to be said, but viruses are contagious. If someone were to contract the virus through risky behavior in a crowded bar, they have absolutely no ability to stop themselves from spreading it to other people. Absolutely none. This isn't like wearing a seatbelt or a lifejacket in a boat - the decision has direct consequences on other people. As Abraham Lincoln said, "My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins." Or, the more direction version, "The liberty of one citizen ends where the liberty of another citizen begins." America is not a land of infinite freedom. It is a society, just like anywhere else - with rules, laws, and public health policy intended to create a safe society for everyone. My grandmother died of COVID-19. She would only leave home to go to the grocery store and pickup her medication. She always wore a mask. She'd always complain about how many people were completely reckless, did not wear masks, did not respect social distancing. I'm sorry - but I must speak up. It absolutely astounds me that people are so resistant to wearing a piece of cloth that takes two seconds to put on - when it could save the lives of others. No one wants to be stuck in the house, but as a society, we must do what is right to fight this virus. The world does need to start reopening soon, but it needs to reopened in a smart way that is based on science, facts, and information - not Ben Franklin quotes taken completely out of context. So, WEAR A MASK. PS - This is a baseball site and the amount of misinformation here is astounding - and quite frankly dangerous. I encourage everyone to stick to commenting on MLB and the reports surrounding the plans for resumption in play.
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    He was the O's beat writer from 1986 to 1989 for The Sun. Kurkjian would also do pregame sometimes on Home Team Sports Orioles broadcasts. HIs appearances on Sportscenter with Scott Van Pelt are legendary.
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    Does this talk about Toronto in particular? I’ve read that traveling across the border could be an issue. And when I say “read”, I mean I saw a headline. lol.
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    To get back to baseball...Ken Rosenthal has the latest on MLB's preferred plan for 2020 (though nothing is official yet). The highlights: A season starting in early July of somewhere from 78-82 games. Games in as many home parks as possible (with no fans, obviously). Teams that aren't able to open in their own cities would relocate either to their spring training ballparks or to other cities. A regionalized schedule where each division plays only its division and the same division in the other league (so the O's would play only the AL East and NL East). Possible expanded playoffs to seven teams in each league (top overall seed gets a first-round bye; two other division winners and top wild card play against three wild cards).
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    Last year their post-10th round overslots were guys already in college, like Andrew Daschbach (11th round $250k), Dan Hammer (13th round $150 k) and Houston Roth (29th round $150 k).
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    There have been 93 deaths among just NYC MTA workers alone. But we’re worried about people being told to wear a mask because it infringes on their rights?
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    Roch wrote a very nice tribute to Schmuck in the second half of his blog post this morning. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/05/long-staying-connected-to-his-hitters-during-shutdown.html
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    Schmuck wrote his farewell column yesterday after more than 30 years with the Sun. It was a great article. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/schmuck/bs-sp-schmuck-farewell-column-20200508-mhq2c4dxgfg7hoeeawuh6fmvou-story.html
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    He was good. I liked Britt Ghiroli too. She was not in her home market, I'm not even sure baseball is her #1 sport. But she dove into it and was again, knowledgeable about the WHOLE system. Aside from being very easy on the eyes Britt was (is still) a VERY good writer. Always technically perfect (like Roch) but very clever and insightful. Saw details and angles that no one else did.
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    5-rounds confirmed. I guess supplemental picks get proportionately more valuable for those that have them with so few rounds. https://www.rotoworld.com/baseball/mlb/player-news It is a little sudden this is just 5 weeks off. Martin or not is the biggest driver I see for if we are Lindor Cohort bidders in 18 months if the world gets back to normal and the Orioles to relevance.
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    But it's not your decision. It's up to MLB and the MLBPA. And they've already indicated that they're going to emphasize player/staff safety if and when they start the season, based on the advice of medical and safety personnel. That means frequent testing. You can't simply put a bunch of people in close quarters while a pandemic is going on without making sure they're healthy and not at risk of spreading the virus. I don't think there's any medical expert who would sign off on that. No testing, no season. That's the bottom line. You're entitled to any opinion you want to have, but MLB has to be much more careful. They're responsible for thousands of people.
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    I never get the flu shot. Partly because I think it's just a "Can't someone think about the children???!!?!!!!" overreaction. Partly because I don't believe it helps. Mostly because I just never get the flu. Just the way my body is for some reason. (I get stomach flus which are kind of worse, kind of better.) Saying all that... I guarantee if and when they get a vaccine for COVID-19 I'll be the first in line. I don't know why but this one scares me.
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    Are we sure that's not the top prospects for the lacrosse draft? Those names. Wow.
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