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    Yep, in a print media that always shied away from making valid criticisms of the Orioles and Angelos, Schmuck was never afraid to speak up. He's a good guy to boot.
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    Granted from 2016, but I think it shows a big comparison between the haves and some of the have nots. I have no clue if these figures are correct, but just for discussion sake. Some teams have no problem making money in MLB. https://www.thesportsadvisorygroup.com/resource-library/business-of-sports/minor-league-baseballs-valuable-teams/
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    If a chunk of people cant be bothered to wear a mask when they go to the grocery store, I am dubious that they are voluntarily going to submit to get tested. Particularly if they have to pay for it.
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    I went to two Jackson led playoff games. They were not fun.
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    Tony Clark and the player's union are going to have to get their heads our of their ass and realize that baseball needs a salary cap like every other major sport. Baseball can not continue to exists with the haves and have nots. If the player's union block the baseball season this year, this will be a major hit for a sport that can't afford bad publicity. They have the opportunity to be perhaps the first major sport to start play for a country in need of normalcy, even if it's a no fan or limited fan in stadium experience. Baseball has to be willing to change and that means the Player's union has to be willing to understand that when players are making a minimum of 570K a year while stars are still be handed out $30 million a year contracts (guaranteed despite awful performance sometimes), that they still have it pretty damn good. They are not going to win the fans approval if they destroy a season over greed.
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    Good lord yes. They are literally the two worse places to watch MLB. I like the idea of perhaps rotating Divisions a bit, year by year. I do agree though there's a decent chance the players union will end up causing this season to go down the drain. It will be ashamed and I'm not sure MLB can recover from missing an entire season.
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    There's a good Twitter thread from Sean Doolittle about some of the health concerns the players will want to be addressed in MLB's proposal. A few things he mentions: Worried about the long-term effects if someone gets COVID. "On top of respiratory issues, there's been evidence of kidney, intestinal, and liver damage, as well as neurological malfunctions, blood clots & strokes." Also lung scarring and possible fertility complications for men. Sharing indoor spaces increases the infection risk, so will MLB make any modifications to clubhouses or other facilities to mitigate this? How frequently will everyone be tested? Not just players, but all support staff (coaches, umps, security, grounds crew, media, hotel workers, transportation workers) How does MLB plan to get those tests? What's the plan if someone tests positive for the virus? Will there be added healthcare benefits for players and staff? What happens if there's a second wave in the fall? All good questions. Hopefully MLB has some reasonable plans to address these issues, or I'm not sure their plan will pass muster with the MLBPA.
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    I consider myself pretty lucky. I've been working for the government for 24 years, and I had the luck or discipline or whatever to put 10% into my 401k from the day I was eligible. Never touched it. So I have a fair amount in there, although I purposely haven't looked at it in the last few months. I probably have about 15 years to retirement, so I figure I'll be okay unless the stock market does historically badly for a very long time. But even then I'll have my FERS pension and social security. So for me to have real financial problems in retirement the United States government will have to collapse. In which case, my family has a small farm in rural Virginia, so I can probably eke out a subsistence existence there.
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    I came here to see if anyone was discussing the proposal to restart the season in early July, but I see we are still talking politics and Covid virus. All these "experts" but yet no one knows anything. Guess I'll check back in a few days to see if we can actually talk baseball again.
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    Lucky for you we traded Villar, so maybe this will be somewhat reduced this year. I like watching everyone that puts on an Oriole uniform, even the most flawed players. There is always something there that's intriguing, these guys are some of the most talented to ever play the sport. Do I think Stevie Wilkerson is an everyday ML player? Absolutely not, but I can find admirable qualities there. I can't wait for them to be back and to cheer them on again, warts and all.
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    Unlike leaders in other countries Boris has covid anti bodies. No reason for him to be fearful.
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    Premier League approved to start backup on June 1st with no fans.
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    If you're going to use this interview as yet another way to bash Lamar then lets actually listen to the interview rather than cherry pick one part of it. He also said that if the Ravens passing game doesn't evolve it won't be because Lamar can't do it, but because this offense emphasizes the run so much and doesn't utilize the WRs much. He went on to praise Mark Andrews but said it's a lot easier to take away a good TE than a good WR. He also doesn't think it would be a good move for the Ravens to sign Antonio Brown because of the locker room implications.
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    I'd like to know. Some back-of-the-napkin guesses: - The Blue Crabs drew 200k fans last year. If they got $15 in revenues per head, that's $3M in revenues. - If they have 20 employees that average $30k each that's $600k - 25 players times six months times $1500 = $225k in player salaries - 60 hotel days times $125 a room times 12 rooms (everyone doubles up) = $90k - If the bus is rented at $5000 per trip, 20 road trips = $100k - Stadium rent? Facility maintenance? Player equipment? - Fees to the league for umps, league salaries? - Costs for promotions? - Revenues from stadium advertising? - Costs for insurance? - I'll assume most minor league teams have near zero media revenues. I'm sure some of that is off and I've missed some things. So I guess it's plausible that they make a decent profit of several hundred grand a year. But the margins can't be big. And certainly this year the revenues are near zero, while at least some of the expenses continue.
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    It appears that MLB is intending on having fewer and fewer affiliated teams that are subsidized by not having to pay salaries. I doubt the current plan of eliminating 40 teams is the end goal. Without MLB paying salaries there are fewer markets that can support a team. If localities didn't provide free stadiums the number would be vanishingly small. Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf cost $25M, if the locality didn't pay for it the Blue Crabs wouldn't exist. Many localities wouldn't pay $25M for an indy league team. I fear that minor league baseball as a stand-alone business doesn't work in most cases. They heavily rely on taxpayer-funded stadiums and MLB-funded salaries. As MLB draws down the number of affiliates it's going to be awfully tough for a lot markets.
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    If you dig enough, this drug, too looks promising or dreadful, depending on whom is writing the article and what their hidden agenda is. Im optimistically hopeful that it does work well, gives the doctors another tool in their toolbox to use.
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    I can’t speak to how much money they make in normal times. I do think a lot of MiL teams may go bankrupt. But going bankrupt and going out of business are two different things. If revenue levels return to normal at some point, it should be possible to reorganize or sell the teams. The question is, will revenue return to normal?
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    You also cant trust the WHO, who agreed to keep us in the dark for 2 months, not sure why the World Health Organization is suppressing major world health news, I am at the point of information overload, there are so many people point fingers and writing articles. Hydrochloroquine will save your life, and others, say it will kill. I saw an article. NYC was putting people on vents to kill them. Reduce the population. Really? SMH I think outdoors, should be safe. But, they also said, if you was under the age of 60, healthy, with no underlying medical conditions, even if you catch covid, you wont die. Well, look at wrong that was. You cant trust the major news outlets these days, either. CNN, MSNBC, CBS and NBC just to name those off the top of my head, have all knowingly published false information. One news boss resigned, said his news outfit was a front for the CIA and their propaganda. Which I seriously doubt.
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    Going to have to be a pretty big fire if they are practicing social distancing. 😉
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    A constantly moving 13 foot sphere. Everyone should watch the rest of that Mythbusters episode. They rigged up Adam with a fake runny nose (basically a little tube covered by makeup, along his glasses to his nose that dripped at the same rate a typical nose runs. Filled with something that had a fluorescing dye that glows under black light). He sat down with a bunch of people and played games, ate dinner, etc. Afterwards they let the group in on the project, shut off the lights, turned on the blacklight. The fake snot was everywhere. They redid it with Adam trying to not shake hands, avoid touching, etc. And things got better. But if you're reasonably close to someone with a bug you don't want... good luck, you'll probably get exposed. Someone should redo that with a mask, or everyone wearing masks.
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    Smuck was one of the few Sun reporters to write about Angelos and his failings as owner.
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    Well, my brother was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy. Does that count? But he tended to deal with pretty ephemeral issues.
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