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    Without access to Baseball America, I compiled rankings from MLB Pipeline (MLB.com), Keith Law ($), and ESPN ($) to create a Composite Top 100 MLB Draft Prospects list. Reminder, the O's first four picks are #'s 2/30/39/74: Wrong thread... mods feel free to move it to the Amateur Draft forum.
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    I scrolled through Akin's Twitter feed and didn't find him tweet or like anything else even remotely this disturbing. The most upsetting thing I found is that he's a Nickelback fan. So I'm hoping this was an accidental like (which I've done myself a few times). However, I do think this is something the Orioles should look into, and perhaps they will or already have. That said, there's not much use in trying to hash it out on this board.
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    https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/06/a-closer-look-at-the-os-draft-preparations-with-video.html Good article and (I am told) pretty accurate from an insider perspective. "A good window into the process"
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    Just lay off the over the top tragedy porn that the NFL embraced this year.
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    No you didn't directly accuse him of anything. You said that if he liked this tweet he should be released, since in your mind clicking like on a single offensive tweet years ago is the same as Delmon Young's multi-year series of incidents that include throwing a bat at an ump, being arrested for aggravated harassment (while drunk) that included anti-Semitic slurs, and later being arrested again for battery in an incident where he attacked a man while yelling racist comments. Sorry, but what may well amount to a two-second lapse in judgment isn't the same as an extended record of racism and violence.
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    We (I at least...) haven't heard much if anything from John Angelos since the hiring and introduction of mike Elias. Found this interview (posted yesterday) and thought I'd post it.
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    Me too. He's well spoken but also seems to consider carefully what he's going to say before he says it.
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    Just a side note... one of these 5 he is talking about is surely Eric-OH.
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    Yes I think you’re correct. The solidarity, the opportunity, the motive, a clear enemy and a clear message. The message is that the players don’t care about anything except making sure they get their money, and minor leaguers, fans, and the game be damned, and the owners don’t care about anything except keeping their money, and minor leaguers, fans, and the game be damned. oh what fun... In other words, things that really need to be dealt with won’t be.
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    One thing I’ve noticed is that Manfred makes all the announcements himself. Who wants to see such bad teeth over and over? Why not have let each team send their own representative to make the pick? A former player great, or a significant member of the community, or even the mayor or the local congressman or something like that? The possibilities are endless, and all of them are better than what we currently get.
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    Allow trades with very little restrictions, with the NFL Draft being a guideline. While it'll never rival the NFL, they could do a better job of promoting the draft and the prospects, since most viewers are unfamiliar with them. See #1.
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    I wish the Commissioner would give some serious thought to how to make the draft more interesting. One great way would be for him to be absent.
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    Right. But historically the certainty is at the very top of the draft. The consensus is pretty much that 3 players are separate from the rest. So, IMO, one near certainty and the bpa at #30 is a better value than someone outside those 3 plus a guy who slides from #15 or whatever. 😏
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    This is really something you will want to look at.
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    I am really looking forward to the draft. First time since mid-March I’ve had anything baseball-related to really care about. I don’t have strong opinions about who the O’s should pick, but in general I’d rather go with whoever the O’s think is the best player available than try to play some underslot strategy to improve the quality of our subsequent picks. That’s way too speculative for my taste.
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    https://prospects365.com/2020/05/18/ray-butlers-2021-first-year-player-draft-rankings-may/ Between the mock draft provided by Roll Tide and the rankings above, these prospects365 write-ups are excellent and well-reasoned. This appears on paper to be a deep draft with high upside HS arms available even in the third or fourth rounds - if they will sign. Regarding our pick at 30, I could probably list 20 names and still might not include who our front office takes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have no idea who the FO grades higher among middle infielders - the HSer Ed Howard who might be taken at the end of the first round, the college 2B Justin Foscue who is listed in most mocks between 22 and 29 and someone I mentioned a couple weeks ago Freddie Zamora - a college SS who has been injured and suspended. Foscue's Mississippi State teammate SS Jordan Westburg is rated 35th on the prospectslive list. We be in on one of the injured, high upside pitchers mentioned previously like JT Ginn or Dax Fulton. Or any of a number of healthy arms HS Jared Jones, Georgia RHP Cole Wilcox, Florida State RHP CJ Van Eyk, HS RHP Jared Kelley, Louisville RHP Bobby Miller, Miami RHP Slade Cecconi, Duke RHP Bryce Jarvis, Miami RHP Chris McMahon and Wake Forest LHP Jared Shuster. Elias could stand in front of the microphone after the draft and say he was shocked that he was able to draft one of the names above at 30 and that it was a high upside arm with a delivery needing a little tweaking to unleash spectacular results. There are, of course, reasons these guys are listed in anyone's top 10, but these pitchers would be very good value at 30. There are still at least a half dozen hitters on the prospectslive list who would be excellent selections at 30. The player I have not seen taken in the first round in any mock, who is highest rated on the attached list, is Zach Deloach - a Texas A&M OFer who made a timing adjustment to his swing before the Cape Cod league last summer and produced dramatically improved results in that league and in 77 at-bats early in this spring season. He is rated 19th on this list. Rated 20th, Daniel Cabrera LSU OFer. Rated 23rd is a name many people on here really like HSer Jordan Walker - 3B - and is "young for his class" in the same mode as our top two HSers taken in last year's draft. There are some good catcher prospects, but I am assuming we pass on those. Perhaps the best bat among them (and least likely to stick at C - is projected to the NYY late in the first round - Austin Wells. I would not be surprised at all if we popped Wells if he made it out of the first round. So, that's 19 names above - several with first round projections in mocks I have seen, but many who will be available at 30 and several who will likely be available at 39. Our FO could go in any direction obviously and the requested signing bonuses will have an impact. If we ended up with two of the pitchers listed above at 30 and 39, it would be two high quality arms. If we took Jordan Walker at 30 and an arm at 39, I think most here would be absolutely thrilled. All of this is because we won the supplemental first round lottery and it has positioned us very, very well to add an elite talent besides our normal picks that are second in each round.
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    When the ship is sinking is too late to ask who missed the iceberg. It’s June. I was telling my wife, “today is the first really hot day.” And as I said that I thought that the only thing that compensates for the intense heat of North Texas is baseball. I don’t think we’re going to see baseball again and it makes me so sad.
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    *raises hand* I don't think it's really that easy to like a tweet. Keep your thumb away from the heart button.
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    So any one of the three would benefit the O's. Martin is the leadoff hitter the O's need. Though I would like a #2 to have a better arm, more power and/or faster speed, he does fill a hole a 2B with soft, quick hands and good range. Consistent 100 run scorer in a good lineup. Dustin Pedroia comp. Lacy would probably be the second best starter in the O's 2023 rotation behind Rodriguez. Rodriguez, Lacy, Hall and Means would be a quality rotation. Law says a future #1 if there is one in the class, but there may not be one. Tork's power would help any lineup. He would make a powerful middle of the lineup with Rutschman. Combined with Mountcastle to make a powerful 1B/DH duo.
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    Excepting the most extreme situations, which this is not, someone should not be penalized for expressing an opinion. In this case he didn’t even express an opinion, he merely agreed with someone else’s. I don’t know what it was and I don’t care. I usually don’t have a problem with atomic, but I take strong exception to his position, and I lament that there are many people who agree with him. People must have the freedom to express themselves. Drew Brees did not say anything wrong. He has nothing to apologize for. Kapernick doesn’t have a need to apologize either. Reactions to expressing of opinions are so rapidly over the top that soon no one will express any opinions at all except those who loudest and most extreme. Akin Did not do anything wrong, he didn’t do anything for which he needs to apologize, And people really need to look very closely at what they are advocating.
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    1. Austin Martin, 3B/OF, Vanderbilt, Age on draft day: 21 Martin may not be the first overall pick this year, but he’s the best overall prospect due to his combination of performance, athleticism and all-around quickness. There’s some Javy Báez to his hand speed, although unlike the young Báez, Martin rarely strikes out. We haven’t seen a top college prospect this athletic since George Springer in 2011, although before the draft Springer had the two-strike approach of a turnip. Martin punched out barely 10 percent of the time in 2019, and just twice in 69 plate appearances before baseball shut down in March. . He’s going to end up at a skill position — center, third, second, maybe shortstop if his arm is back to normal — and hit for average with developing power. That’s the kind of probability with upside you want at the first overall pick. 2. Spencer Torkelson, 1B, Arizona State, Age: 20 Torkelson hit everyone’s radar in the spring of 2018 when he hit 25 home runs as a freshman to lead all Division I hitters, then hit 7 more on the Cape that summer to finish one off the league lead. Torkelson is extremely strong, hitting for all this power with almost no stride and a two-handed finish that makes his swing almost short by comparison to most power hitters, and while he’s shown some swing-and-miss he’s also been willing to take walks, leading the country this spring before the shutdown. He’s a good enough athlete that he might be able to handle left field, although I’d bet on him spending most of his career at first base. ... but even if he’s a 50 hit/70 power guy in the end, that’s someone who hits fourth and makes a handful of All-Star teams. 3. Asa Lacy, LHP, Texas A&M, Age: 21 Lacy separated himself from the rest of this year’s very strong college pitching... , showing he could hold 93-94 mph deep into games, touching 98 mph, with a plus changeup and above-average slider. Lacy’s got a great starter’s build and his delivery works, with a big step-over stride and good timing. He works well to both sides of the plate, although his command and control are still inconsistent; the ability to reach back for 97-98 mph is great, but his stuff is good enough that he could just hold 92-93 mph all game and probably throw better strikes. If he’d had a full spring, and kept this up, more people would likely see him as a candidate to go 1-1. If there’s a future No. 1 starter in the class, I think it’s him.
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    And back off the internet I go.No honest discussions about things anymore.People don't even use factual data.Good luck everyone.
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    The response should be based on Akin. If he says it was an accident, it's over and we move on. If he comes out and says he liked it on purpose and agrees with the sentiment, then some kind of response from the organization is necessary.
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    @hoosiers Good response. I agree that it would be very unlikely. We may not see either one make it to pick 30. This hypothetical scenario is the only way I would not take Martin or Lacy at pick #2. We would be fortunate to take Martin and get Fulton at #30, and that is what I hope for. We could take Martin, and then a college starter at #30, like a Cade Cavalli or a Bobby Miller, if either is still there. And then hope Fulton is still there at #39. We’d have to go underslot somewhere, maybe the remaining three picks.
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