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    Funny note that I'm sure has been mentioned before. Nick Markakis has the highest rWAR of the 2003 draft first round (34.2). In second place is none other than Adam Jones (32.5). After those two, it's a rather large drop to Aaron Hill (24.4). You have to go all the way to the 17th round to find someone who tops either of them with Ian Kinsler (55.2 rWAR). Max Scherzer (60.1) was drafted in the 43rd round, but didn't sign.
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    I think this weird, shortened season will help the O's deal with fan fatigue from consecutive 100+ loss seasons. Everyone is just happy to have baseball and has forgotten about how bad this team really would have been if the season kicked off as normal.
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    If season starts on schedule we open in Boston on the 24th.
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    “I remember a moment from when we were teammates in Cedar Rapids,” O’Day said. “Mark was like, ‘Hey Darren, l want to throw a flat-ground tomorrow; come out to the outfield early, before batting practice. I want you to tell me if I’ve still got the stuff.’ I went out there and caught him, and he still had it. He had a good four-seamer with late jump — the one that everybody wants now, where it kind of looks like the ball accelerates — and he had a really good changeup as well. Mark was considering being a pitcher again, but then he was able to figure out the hitting part and went on to have a good career.” O’Day couldn’t have followed a similar path. Not even close. “Casual baseball fans — people who go to the games like social events — sometimes ask me if I’m a good hitter,” said O’Day. “I’m like, ‘No,’ and they say, ‘Why not?’ Then have to explain that it’s two completely different skill sets. They’ll be like ‘Oh, wow. I never really thought of it like that.’ So for those guys — the select few that have have both skill sets — it’s pretty cool to see. They’re unicorns, man.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/sunday-notes-kyle-boddy-is-bullish-on-hunter-greene/
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    Full schedule https://www.mlb.com/orioles/schedule/2020-07/list
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    No, they wouldn't face any penalty if Servideo doesn't sign. The amount under-slot that Kjerstad signed for more than makes up for the total overage of the two over-slot signings. Our total slot allowance would be decreased by the slot amount of the Servideo pick, and we are presently under that adjusted slot allowance with all of our draftee signings.
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    I watched a lot of video of him this year and I didn't see a 40 plodder. I don't have times for him, but I think he's probably a 45-50 runner currently.
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    I think you have a wildly inaccurate/misguided view of the Angelos brothers so far. Just my opinion.
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    I was sad to hear about Markakis, though I totally understand the decision. He and Adam Jones are my all time favorite Orioles.
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    Episode 2 with guest Tim Smith, a Chapel Hill songwriter- keyboardist who sometimes is the 4th Secret Monkey. His song is about the "Worlds Largest Ball of Twine", something he read in Roadside America in the 80s and he always remembered it. Also we have Pt. 3 of our interview with producer Don Dixon where he discuss Tommy Keene, being approached by Nirvana to produce "Nevermind" (he asked for too much money), and some other relevant music biz anecdotes. Secret Monkey Weekend play a song by Let's Active, ie "Every Word Means No". Next week, we have The Veldt as our music guests.
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    I feel like we always talk about signing value contracts to trade later for prospects and taking on bad contracts plus prospects, but I’m struggling to think of instances where the Orioles have done this in the last 20 years. If anything, the trade that pissed everyone off— Jonathan Villar— was exactly this and everyone hated it. People always want to trade the underperforming players and hang onto the good ones; funny thing about that.
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    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/07/nick-markakis-opts-out-2020-season-braves.html I listed this in Orioles Talk so that everyone can see it. Mods, please move to MLB section after a bit of time. Thank you.
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    We got the 2nd hardest schedule behind just the Marlins so number 1 pick will be a battle.
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    Doesnt surprise me at all, any player with money in the bank and a family life, would have to think long and hard about playing this season.
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    you make more sense than I did, thanks. I personally do not believe this is round 2 expected in the fall, I think this spike is just people getting anzy and wanting to get back to normal, too soon, and a disregard for the role the mask plays is keeping us safe.
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    The tests are supposedly all coming directly from a lab that MLB contracted with in Utah, so the location of teams shouldn't make a difference as to the availability of the tests. There is no way that Minor League stadiums have enough office space and room in the clubhouse to allow for enough distancing with 60-man rosters and MLB on and off-field staff. As it is, the Orioles have like 6 new double-wide trailers in the parking lot at Camden Yards for additional space.
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    Imagine being the Dodgers... All that money and all those prospects for a year of Mookie Betts and some expensive years of David Price. Season gets delayed, shortened, and jeopordized by Covid, then Price opts out of playing. I mean, I don't feel bad for them, they've won their division like 7 years in a row, but they seem like the team that was most "all in" on this season.
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    Any player with a family, especially if they have already made real money, has to be thinking about following suit. The upside is just so minimal.
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    Testing is not starting off smoothly. Both Oakland and Washington have postponed today’s workouts because of a failure in returning test results. Testers didn’t show up for LAA and two other teams yesterday.
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    Putting the mound height back to where it was back in the late 60s?
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    If the quality of pitching has outpaced the quality of hitting, why isn't scoring going down? What is actually happening is both sides are attempting to achieve the optimal result in a way they didn't before.
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    Yeah, reading between the lines it sounds like he has it pretty bad. Guy's had a fever since Thursday. Not going to eulogize him or anything but it just sounds a little more ominous than the other publicized cases. What's curious is that his wife says that they never went out for 4 months, yet he still caught it.
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    Or make it harder to hit home runs - by changing the balls or moving the fences out. I'm going by the assumption that players will stop using the upper-cut swing if they're less likely to hit homers, but I could be wrong.
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    I don’t think that’s possibly true. That’s 20 guys making $10k for the whole year. The math doesn’t work at all.
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    He's getting 8% regardless of what the market is doing. That's not too bad.
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    No love for league average! Half the performances in the show are worse than that. I do find IRL I have to manage my own bias - lifelong baseball fans like me probably have better developed sense of probabilistic thinking than the, ummm, average person, to whom a label like League Average performance seems at best like damning with faint praise. I see that label, and think we just need a bunch of those around a couple of spikes from six 1st round picks to make most of the rest of the decade pretty nice.
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    Most restaurants will answer you honestly when asked where there crab meat comes from. If you are considering opening a restaurant that serves crab, you'll need to understand that some customers can tell the difference between the ill-flavored Phillips garbage of mixed species - primarily Mud Crab (Portunas armatus), the flavorless Venezuelan crab meat (which can be of mixed species also) and fresh, steamed callinectes sapidus, especially from the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries...even when covered up in crabcakes or Crab Imperial!Straight from the container, most can easily tell the difference. People who grew up eating fresh steamed Maryland blue crabs tend to have a more well-hone ability to discriminate between the real deal and the pretenders. I know about Phillips' farming operations in the Phiilipines, India and Indonesia. They have tons of customers of their crab-product throughout the state and even the country. There's a Bourdain episode where Tony hangs with Detroit firefighters who are purchasing exorbitantly priced, metal cans of pasteurized, Phillips-labeled crab-product. Later, he makes them a delicious and inexpensive beef stew that the entire station house raves about. It's important to understand that Asian and Venezuelan crab meat are treated with the anti-bacterial, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, leaving the meat bleached white, odorless and favorless. That may be preferable to falliing victim to the annual outbreaks of Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacterial infections from Atlantic equatorial crabs. By contrast, steamed, non-pasteurized, non chemically bathed fresh Maryland blue crab meat has a deep, rich aroma, almost musky with small yellow flecks of the epicurean delight, "crab mustard." I guarantee you that if I placed all three meats plain in bowls, you could easily taste the difference. You could smell the difference, even! BTW: all west coast crabs including those from Peru are from other species which are inferior to callinectes sapidus. No "beautiful swimmers" being caught in the Pacific. However, some have crossed the pond via bilge water and have made new homes from the Mediterranean shores of France to Norway. Certain industry secrets are hard to keep. It's not hard to find which restaurants purvey the crap. Sadly, you are more likely to get Asian or Venezuelan crab to U.S.A. -sourced blue crab when ordering a crabcake at Baltimore metro restaurants. If you want to be sure you are buying real fresh steamed blue crab, you can find restaurants who exclusively serve Maryland crab or others who serve Maryland crab in season, only substituting with Louisiana meat during winter months, copy this url: https://seafood.maryland.gov/true-blue-maryland-crab-meat/ Crab Hack: if you boil your crabs in salt water, I have a money saving tip for you -- Microwave a mug of water filled with salty popcorn. You'll never know the difference.
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    I guess you are defining “the flu” in a very broad way. Fine, but what’s your point? Here’s an article from a public health expert (who I heard speak last week) about what’s expected this fall when COVID-19 and common influenza hit as the same time. Clearly he doesn’t see the two as being the same thing. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2767284?guestAccessKey=6e7bf09d-55dd-4bbf-9d37-2bfc4b352828&utm_source=jps&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=author_alert-jamanetwork&utm_content=author-author_engagement&utm_term=1m
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    I think you're playing a little fast and loose with taxonomy. The family bovidae for example includes sheep, goats, musk oxen, a variety of antelopes and Elsie the cow. I advise you to not mistake a musk ox for Elsie as you stumble out bed on your way to do your morning milking. In something as dangerous as COVID-19 is proving to be, distinctions matter.
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    But they also haven't gone over. They spend their allotment.
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    I have updated the first post in this topic to reflect the current status of the roster. Below is a summary of the differences between the camp roster (i.e. 60 man player pool) now and what the spring training roster looked like when camp was halted in March: Trey Mancini has been placed on the 60 day DL so he no longer counts against the 40 man roster and is not in the 60 man player pool. So far the Orioles have announced 44 players who are in the 2020 60 man player pool. So 16 more players can be added. Currently there are 38 players on the 40 man roster. 31 of them are in the 60 man player pool. 6 who are not are guys who were optioned to the minors and sent to minor league camp before camp was suspended in March: Keegan Akin, Dean Kremer, Ryan McKenna, Ryan Mountcastle, Cedric Mullins, Ramon Urias. The other 40 man roster player who is not on the 60 man list is Evan Phillips, who was still officially in camp with the O's in March when sptring training was halted, but had not pitched due to injury. Conversely, there is one player on the 40 man roster HAD been optioned to the minors and reassigned to minor league camp in March, but he isnow back with the big league team on the 2020 player pool list issued today: David Hess There is one player who was never in camp with the the Orioles this spring, but IS on the 60 man player pool: 35 year old reliever Cesar Valdez. Valdez spent all spring in minor league camp, though he did appear in 5 innings for the Orioles as a "loaner player". The following players were non roster players who were still in camp with the Orioles when camp was halted, but as of yet they are NOT on the 60 man player pool: Taylor Davis, Jose Rondon, Richard Urena,.Yusniel Diaz, Mason Williams, Bruce Zimmerman
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    Here's the show. Don Dixon is one charming and charismatic fellow.
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    Thanks, Scott! It's a replica of one Jimmy Page used to play in the early days of Led Zeppelin. The foil design under the clear pick guard looks ridiculously psychedelic under some light situations. This is from our driveway during a concert we played for the neighbors in April (folks standing across the street, socially distanced).
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    Man that's a BEAUTIFUL Tele you played at the end!
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    I still don't buy the argument that the Rangers needed a new ballpark when the The Ballpark in Arlington was 25 years old. If you're going to make the lack of a retractable roof argument then spare me because the Rangers played over twenty years in a metal scrapheap that was a glorified minor league park. As for the stadium, by the looks of it the Rangers better hope the baseball is finger licking, lip smacking good.
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    Um....I've been doing this for the past 20 years! lol
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    Ha, thanks! Yeah, just poor decision making on my part. And thanks about the show, I updated the link. I replaced it with a better edit of the show's preview.
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