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    Elias presser on Instructional camp:
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    I'm also thinking that some of these "grades" are quite generous.
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    I think overall you are proving to be a very easy grader. Starting pitching: A Relief pitching: B Corner IF: B+ Middle IF: C+ OF: A CA: A- That’s a B+ organization overall in terms of talent. I don’t see how we’re anything near that yet.
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    Corner Infield Current Roster: At the MLB level, 1B is packed with quality options with Trey Mancini, Ryan Mountcastle, Renato Nunez, and even Pat Valaika. Mancini's health is obviously a question mark. 3rd base on the other hand hasn’t been as steady. Rio Ruiz shows flashes and perhaps gets the first shot out the gate in 2021 again, but he’s not the long term solution. Valaika and Hanser Alberto can provide innings there as well if Ruiz struggles again. Chris Davis may unfortunately be in the fold for another season. Future Outlook: The trade for Tyler Nevin helped our corner depth a bit. Rylan Bannon could provide a 3B option as well. If Trey is truly healthy, Nunez may become expendable, but with only 2 years left until becoming a free agent himself, Mancini may not be around for our next playoff season, so 1B could be Mountcastle’s by the end of next year. The future at 3B could be a bright one with Gunnar Henderson and then Coby Mayo approaching. Toby Welk remains intriguing in the low minors too. With 3rd base, Elias has done a good job addressing a position needing depth at the minor league level. Players of Note: Andrew Daschbach, JC Encarnacion, Dilson Herrera, Seamus Curran, Patrick Dorian, Ryan Ripken System Grade: B+ The corner situation is bright, but the mix of depth and potential differs a bit between the two as 1B has solid MLB ready options but not a ton of minor league depth, while 3rd base isn’t very strong on the parent club, but has very promising prospects in the low minors with Henderson and Mayo. By 2023, Henderson and Mountcastle could be a legitimate duo on the corners. It will be interesting to see how the O’s handle 1B on the big league club with Mancini’s health and free agency looming, Nunez’ arbitration and inconsistencies being considered, and of course having Davis on the roster doesn’t help the system at all.
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    Interesting, seems like trade doesn't differentiate players who were in the majors when traded for vs. those who were acquired as prospects. Seems like it could be a meaningful distinction for a team like Miami, for example.
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    Full roster: https://twitter.com/joetrezz/status/1313150603607015425?s=21
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    Nah..it’s not the same. We were in contention in 2012 when he was brought up. If the Os are in contention in 2021 and he isn’t up and a performing, I would expect Adley to come up too. (I’m expecting it anyway but no excuse not to do it if you are contending)
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    When I was a teenager my family used to vacation in West Virginia in our pop-up camper, and Pipestem State Park isn't terribly far from Bluefield. I got my parents to drive down to a game one time, but just as we pulled into the parking lot it was called due to rain. Isn't Bowen Field the place with the basketball hoop on the center field fence, and the batter wins something if he hits it through?
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    Wow, I was thinking more like C. We've got good depth but I don't really see an elite guy anywhere in the system. No way you can give the system an A when the MLB club is at best C.
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    One of the closer 11-3 games you'll ever see. 😉
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    Thanks for comment, Frobby. Otherwise, I don't see what corn posts. It was an oversight. Kjerstad is a huge investment in the OF though I would still consider our current OF minor leaguers to be somewhat strong at the top - with really Kjerstad and Diaz, then McKenna, Stowers and Janvrin - with very poor depth IMO. Remember that while Hays and DJ Stewart and Mullins are young in terms of ML service time - it took them both a while to get to the majors - Hays for injuries and Stewart with mediocre production. And Mountcastle wasn't part of our OF depth until he was moved there relatively recently. In a couple of years, if we had had normal international investments in the last five years, we could probably add three to five prospects to the above list and it would be considered strong at the top and with depth.
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    I'm sure it was unintentional, it just needed to be pointed out. I don't think I was rude about it.
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    Our minor league OF talent is relatively thin IMO. We can get excited about Janvrin internally, but he was a later round pick and is not popping up on many prospect lists. The only investments we have made recently in the OF is Stowers. We did trade for Diaz and the only name really of note otherwise IMO is McKenna. Considering there are three OF positions, I think we are pretty thin here in the minors. Jaylen Ferguson is a fun guy to watch play and cheer for if you watch our minors, but he is hardly a prospect of note.
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    Thought I'd check in on Adam Jones. Seventy games in he's putting up a 255/330/417 slash line. He's got a 2/1 K/BB ratio.
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    The problem with this grade is what grade do you give the teams with a better OF profile? The Twins, Mariners, Angels, etc..several teams have much better ML OF and have young MiL talent to go with it.
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    I can't give them an A since I'm not convinced they have an everyday ML Centerfielder on the roster or in the minors. Mullin's glove isn't enough to compensate for his bat and Hays can't stay on the field. For me to give an A I would have to be looking at, at least, ML regular players at all positions. They do look to be in good shape at the corners.
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    It's funny how you keep saying you understand how if the offense is good enough you put up with the defense when you obviously don't.
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    C+. You've got two top flight guys like Rodriguez and Hall and then some other guys that could be interesting. But that's the thing about guys in the minors, they always could be interesting. At one time, Hess might have appeared to be interesting to some people, same with Aaron Brooks and Ty Blach. For every John Means you get, there are a couple dozen Mike Wrights. I understand why people think Lowther and Baumann have potential, they also have questions, too.
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    I do think that a Cobb, Means, Kremer, Akin, Zimmerman rotation has potential to be good. But, potential is such a squishy thing.
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