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    Everyone that picked Kremer/Lowther gets credit. Honestly, the more I looked over Akin's statcast info the more I'll give a chance that he can stick as a starter, assuming he can get his pitch counts down. Saying that, this is where not getting much info on Lowther hurt him a bit. I guess I just looked at as his late addition to the camp was a little bit of a strike against him as Elias didn't think enough of him to get in innings against good hitting competition. Plus there is still some concern that his stuff won't play at the major league level effectively, limited him to 5th starter status. Saying that, they were very, very close but at the last second I switched Akin and Lowther because I think Akin's floor is an impact multi inning reliever. I'm still a believer in Lowther a bit, but just need more information.
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    Just a little conversation starter. A possible landing spot for the 2021 season for many players. Baltimore Norfolk Bowie A+ A- GCL 1B Mancini Nevin Encarnacion Dashbach Rolle 2B Alberto Bannon Hall Grenier Hernaiz SS Iglesias Martin Henderson Westburg Servideo Placencio 3B Ruiz Welk Diaz C Servino Cumberland Rutschman Yett Handley LF Mountcastle Neustrom Rizer Sparks CF Hays McKenna Vavra Watson Haskins RF Santander Diaz Kjerstad Stowers DH Stewart OF Mullins C Sisco IF Valaika SP Means Baumann Bradish Stauffer H. Roth SP Cobb Lowther Rodriguez Litscher L. Rodriguez SP Akin Wells Hall Brnovich McClarty SP Kremer Smith Haniffee Peek Gillispie SP Lopez Zimmerman Rom Hammer Baumler RP Valdez Mattson RP Harvey Muckenhirn RP Fry RP Armstrong Lebron RP Scott RP Fenter
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    Not me..because he’s not a wild guy. He easily could have had more Ks and less walks with different umps. In such a small sample size, a few missed calls here and there greatly effect your numbers. They definitely need to come down but I think with more experience and less “nibbling”, he will be ok.
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    Here is my guess: Baltimore Norfolk Bowie A+ A- GCL 1B/DH Mountcastle Nevin Curran Deschbach Herrera 2B Valaika Urias Vavra Hall Servideo Placencia SS Iglesias Martin Grenier Henderson Westburg Herniaz 3B Ruiz Bannon Yahn Welk Mayo C Serverino Wynns Rutschman Yett Handley LF Hays Stewart Jarrett Neustrom Watson Janvrin CF Mullins McKenna Ferguson Haskins Tolentino RF Santander Diaz Kjerstad Stowers Lewis DH/1B Mancini Cumberland Escarra Evans Kehe C Sisco Roberts Burgess Cannon IF Velazquez McCoy Ogren Encarnacion Martinez 1B Davis IF Herrera Ortiz Rojas OF Rizer Fontana Sparks, Taverez SP Means Baumann Bradish Knight Stauffer Brumler SP Kremer Lowther LeBron Rodriguez Litscher Brnovich SP Akin Wells Hall Fenter Hammer Prizina SP Lopez Smith Hanifee Wilson Conroy Peek SP Zimmerman K Stewart Sedlock Rom Magee Zebron RP Valdez Mattson Pop Bishop L. Rodriguez Pendergast RP Harvey Muckenhirn Klimek Naughton McLarty Strowd RP Fry Kline Erwin Vespi Lyons Ryan RP Armstrong Hanhold Alvarado Peralta Roth Y Rodriguez RP Scott Gonzalez Jimenez Joyner Gillispie Ellicot RP Larkin Sulser Perez Matson Mcsweeney Farmer RP Eshelman Phillips Almengo Bautista Perkins McGinness RP Tate Emond Stambaugh 2 hoosiers and 86this reacted to this
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    1969 - lost the fifth and final game of the World Series to the Mets. 1971 - won a must-win Game 6 against the Pirates. 1979 - lost Game 6 to the Pirates to keep their chances alive. 1983 - Won the World Series against the Phillies. Credit to Roch with the details: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/important-orioles-events-on-this-date.html
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    o 1/2 an hour late. ) Happy belated birthday, Jimbo. ) o
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    Somewhere between league minimum and a cool million dollars. 😉
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    You have obviously gotten wiser.
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    I find myself agreeing with you much more often since you returned to the site.
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    Tillman had a really nice 4.5 year window from June 2012 (was in the minors to start that year) through 2016. In the 2012-16 window there were 163 pitchers who threw at least 400 innings, and Tillman ranked 63rd in that group with a 3.81 ERA. His 844.2 innings pitched ranked 30th during that five year span. I have a very hard time looking at those numbers and concluding that Tillman was not a 2/3 starter in that window. The fact that he fell off a cliff after that doesn’t change that fact.
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    Actually, what brings the average down are "openers" who never planned to go more than 1, 2, or 3 innings. If you weeded those out I'll bet the average "real" starter is still going significantly over 5 innings per game.
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    I think we know Lowther is 11, since he was going to be 10 before Tony had a change of heart and inserted Akin there. I’m going with Diaz here purely because he’s the furthest along and has formerly been ranked higher than this.
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    Hmmm, why would you be asking me that, you young whippersnapper? I am forever watching people on TV who I assume are older than me, only to find out they’re 5/10 years younger. That’s not because I look young, it’s because I don’t really stop to notice how old I look. And when I do, it’s depressing. But at least I have kind eyes.
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    I have relation by marriage who was a grandmother at 37 and her mom a great-grandma at maybe 54. But in my mind I still see grandparents as being about 70 and great-grandparents 80 or 90. Probably in part because I didn't have my first kid until 35. We need to get back to the important part here, that I look decades younger than Joe Altobelli, Cal Sr, or Wilfred Brimley at a comparable age. I could totally pass for, like, 37.
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    And for what it’s worth, that kind of #5 performance has been absent for several years. It will be great to have that kind of mediocrity again!
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    When bullpens go back to their previous size, I'm not sure a pitcher who only good for 4-5 innings a start is going to remain a starter. I think you need guys who are going to get you 6 and hopefully into the 7th a decent amount of times. Sure, pitchers nowadays aren't expected to go much over 100 pitches, but unless MLB wants to keep the extended rosters, I think starters will need to give you more than what Akin gave in his limited time this year.
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    He wasn't a high walk guy in the minors so I think this comes down a bit as he gets more comfortable in the majors. He nibbled a bit too much but as he gains confidence in the curveball and cutter I think we'll see those numbers come down.
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    Chocolate chip cookie dough - no question! What's your point? just kidding. It will be interesting to watch whether Kremer can harness his stuff and cut down on the BBs. The BBs are too much of an issue for me with Kremer to put him at 9. On the flip side, Akin seems to have lesser raw stuff, but comes at hitters with a more traditional lefty arsenal using the angles and speed changes to his advantage. The K rate is high-end, however, and suggests a refinement and/or elimination of certain pitches, if possible, can really solidify Akin as a reliable 4/5. I do agree with Tony that both pitchers are ready to face major league hitters. It will be interesting to see which one of these two is able to make the adjustments/refinements against those hitters. I hold out more hope for Akin here as he experiences and adjusts to what works and what doesn't while I worry that Kremer is just wild and will not bring the BB rate down. I also think recent trends in analytics asking SPs to go 4-6 IP is to Akin's benefit.
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    Now you're just messing with us. Kremer/Akins was not one of the choices. So the 50/50/50 means he has reached his ceiling and is not going to get any better inspire of not being 25 until January?
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    In related news, Joe Altobelli is only 88. When the O's decide to move on from Hyde as the rebuilding is finishing up...
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    I hope they get him a designated driver.
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    Orioles are not spending any money.
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    Game 2 thought: -- 70 O's were 40-15 in 1 run games! Another 1 run win in this one, had to come from. Behind again. -- So e good plays in this series by Tony Perez at 3B and Lee May at 1B. Never thought of either as very good with the glove. -- Promo for game 3 in Baltimore said it would be Tuesday at 12:30. So even weekday Works Series games were in the daytime! -- Frank is 0 for 9 so far in the series -- Don Gullet throwing heat out of the Reds pen at age 19 -- Dock Hall has a perfect 2.1 innings of relief to end the 1 run victory. Blair goes back and runs the last one down on the warning track. Hall, by the way, is a "40 year old math whiz"
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    Jeebus, he's 71 years old. Looking at him, 71 must be the new 40. Happy Birthday, Mr. Palmer!
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    Happy 69 (BobMc's favorite number), Cakes! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ikxkIWMwf08" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Happy birthday to Hall of Famer and MASN broadcaster, Jim Palmer! <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/IBackTheBirds?src=hash">#IBackTheBirds</a> <a href="http://t.co/Hz58UWxRUY">pic.twitter.com/Hz58UWxRUY</a></p>— Orioles on MASN (@masnOrioles) <a href=" ">October 15, 2014</a></blockquote><script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Allman Bros Live at Fillmore East.
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