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    1969 - lost the fifth and final game of the World Series to the Mets. 1971 - won a must-win Game 6 against the Pirates. 1979 - lost Game 6 to the Pirates to keep their chances alive. 1983 - Won the World Series against the Phillies. Credit to Roch with the details: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/important-orioles-events-on-this-date.html
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    Everything is sunshine and roses with our new draftees who are playing at the Fall Instructs (per Matt Blood, via Roch). https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/draft-selections-impressing-in-fall-instructional-camp.html “Jordan Westburg has been really impressive. Just size, athleticism, skills, tools and makeup. Looks great. A real exciting guy. “Hudson Haskin is a really good athlete, moves well. He’s pretty much what we heard about in terms of his scouting report. Just a really good all-around player. Servideo is a really, really nice defender and has got bat-to-ball skills and we’re going to keep working there. And the two high school kids are even better than I expected. “Coby Mayo, just big, strong, big-time power. He and Adley (Rutschman) can compete every day with exit velocities and power numbers. And Carter Baumler is an advanced high school kid. Really good athlete, delivery, demeanor, and above-average stuff. I saw him the other day for the first time against hitters and it was really exciting.”
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    We’re pretty lucky that only one extra win/loss separates #5 from #12.
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    Tillman had a really nice 4.5 year window from June 2012 (was in the minors to start that year) through 2016. In the 2012-16 window there were 163 pitchers who threw at least 400 innings, and Tillman ranked 63rd in that group with a 3.81 ERA. His 844.2 innings pitched ranked 30th during that five year span. I have a very hard time looking at those numbers and concluding that Tillman was not a 2/3 starter in that window. The fact that he fell off a cliff after that doesn’t change that fact.
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    The Orioles are getting ready to open their fall instructional league down in Sarasota. The Ed Smith Stadium complex is operating again after being shut down for more than six months. * * * A complete roster of participants will be available soon and figures to include the draft selections who were denied a minor league season. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/a-few-thoughts-on-fall-instructional-league.html Talks a bit about who might attend. Sounds like it’s starting pretty soon.
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    Elias said on the team podcast the hope/expectation was a lot more combine stuff in the late spring/early summer. Believe the draft being pushed back to All-Star break will also help clubs catch up on their looks.
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    No, we would have picked #4, leaping Boston due to a tie-breaker. Detroit would have still edged us out for #3.
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    Fair tradeoff for how much fun I had during the season. If Elias can't build something picking 1-2-5 he's not fit for the job.
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    About 1.5% of people in the US have the last name Johnson. About 2.4% of US males have the First name David. So, figure .00036 chance that an American male is named David Johnson. Sounds small, but with 165 mm American males, there are probably 59,000 David Johnsons roaming around the US today. It’s certainly one of the most common names, but not that common. The odds that two players in Orioles history would have that name are extremely small. I don’t know how many players have played for the Orioles, but it’s probably under 2,000.
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    This is a piss poor post! Feel better?
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    I just can't understand the massive pressure the O's are under to cut payroll. I believe their payroll is either 29th or 30th in the majors. The only major contracts they have for 2021 are Davis $23 mill and Cobb $15 mill. That's $38 mill total on the books. It gets better for the O's. $7 mill of Davis's salary for 2021 and $4.5 mill of Cobb's salary for 2021 are deferred. That's only $26.5 mill on the books. From cot's baseball contracts: if Cobb does not pitch 130 innings in 2020, an additional $5.5M of 2021 salary is deferred, to be paid $1.75M annually each 11/30, 2033-35 So, that's a total of $21 million on the books for next year. Please someone explain how the O's are in a finiancial bind with all the national TV money, licensing money, internet fees, local TV money, money redistributed for small markets, without even counting any money from in person attendance. A case can be made that some of the clubs who are near the luxury tax and don't have huge revenue streams like the Yankees and Dodgers could have cashflow problems, but I can't see any reason the O's would.
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    You have obviously gotten wiser.
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    I just have a feeling that payroll will be reduced this offseason. They don't need fans. He would improve the team.
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    I just have a feeling that payroll can't be added this offseason. They need fans. He does make sense though.
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    I read about him a few days ago. Seems like a very nice player that could help a team and yes, he's young. I think there is close to zero chance the O's are in on him.
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    Wow, 37 years ago. I can remember where I was like it was yesterday. The TV lounge of Femoyer Hall, a dorm right across the sidewalk from my dorm, Major Williams. A friend of mine lived in Femoyer, so I watched it over there with him. There was no cable in the dorm rooms back then, and TV reception was spotty (NBC & CBS were in Roanoke, about 30 miles away and in a different valley than Blacksburg, and ABC was in Lynchburg, about 50 or 60 miles away. I can't remember what network the World Series was on, but if it was ABC I would have to have watched in a dorm TV lounge, which had "cable" bringing in the 3 major network channels and PBS and nothing else. Because ABC from the dorm room was unwatchable. Even if it wasn't on ABC, watching on a "big" 30" color screen in the TV lounge would have been preferable to my 19" B&W in my dorm room. Femoyer is not a dorm any more, got converted to an academic offices building years ago. And it MAY have been town down by now, I know they have demolished a bunch of the older (early 20th century) buildings on the Upper Quad and put in newer buildings. Afterwards, we didn't have any champagne to celebrate with so we doused ourselves in cheap beer. The first championship ever for a team I followed, there wouldn't be another until the Ravens beat the Giants in the Super Bowl. And there wouldn't be another Oriole postseason game until years later. I remember going out the next week and buying the Sports Illustrated with Rick Dempsey on the cover and titled "The Hero". I remember Dempsey talking to President Reagan and telling him to "tell those Russians we're having an awful good time here in America playing baseball". I remember Eddie hitting his name on the scoreboard. And of course the line drive going into Cal's glove. Some of those details are more clear to me than any game I've watched in the last few years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Edward_Femoyer
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    I think we know Lowther is 11, since he was going to be 10 before Tony had a change of heart and inserted Akin there. I’m going with Diaz here purely because he’s the furthest along and has formerly been ranked higher than this.
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    It was said of Westburg that people believe his talent far exceeded what he accomplished. Thats always a risky profile to me but it’s also a profile that could hit big relative to his draft position.
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