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    I would have said “Stevie” at the end of Summer Camp. But Valaika put on an impressive power show this season.
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    Been thinking about last night's game. For me, it was a great reminder that baseball is at its best, most exciting and most entertaining when a ball is put in play with runners on base: fielders reacting to the batted ball, runners reacting to the fielders, fielders reacting to the runners, runners ignoring the coaches, everyone making split-second decisions based on their estimates of their and their opponents' ability and their own, taking into account the score and the inning. No other sport has that kind of panoramic activity and uncertainty, with so many possible outcomes. I'll take that kind of action over a launch-angle ball hit 10 rows into the stands, followed by meaningless trotting around the basis, any day. Baseball is losing that excitement, and nobody in authority seems to care.
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    Per Roch. Minor league deal. Super utility candidate.
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    I didn’t mean to suggest any ill intent. Here you go: “Major League Baseball is completely comfortable with the Orioles’ coaching designations for the 2020 season, which are not only consistent with the terms of the pension plan but were approved in advance by MLB and shared prior to the start of the season with representatives from the Major League Baseball Players Association. The suggestion that there is an ongoing investigation that could result in discipline is simply false.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/report-elias-and-holt-linked-to-potential-pension-fraud.html
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    Major league baseball already made an announcement, very Clearly saying that the Orioles didn’t do anything wrong. Why are we still talking about this?
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    That play is one of my favorite all time plays.
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    Journalism is a lost art nowadays in this day and age of blogging and tweeting.
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    Why even reopen this topic, if the other thread was mistakenly deleted? The original article was thoroughly discredited.
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    Well that's a BIG assumption, ain't it? But the NYDN goes ahead and prints it anyways!
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    No worries. We're all here for each other. Enjoy. 😁
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    Thank you, my brother! I will pay you back in equal measure! Anybody you need quietly killed?
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    I think this is it? https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1320228109535367168?s=20
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    Good, I was hoping this deal was in place all along. He may never be major piece, but I like Stevie.
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    Yaz was in the minors for 6 years and a well known college player. I'd say he was evaluated by many baseball scouts and evaluators for many years. I don't think you'll find anyone who thought he was a swing change and philosophical change from being an impact player at the ML level. You didn't have him ranked in our top 30 prospects. What did you miss?
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    There is a right to an appeal to the Court of Appeals under certain circumstances. MASN and the Orioles had a right to appeal to the Court of Appeals earlier because there was a dissent in the Appellate Division. That's not the case here, and although some of the grounds for that right to appeal are pretty arcane and hard to assess, I don't see any basis for saying there's a right to appeal appeal here. It really doesn't matter much, though, since that appeal probably would extend things only a little bit for the reasons you stated. I'm a little, by which I mean a lot, rusty as well as out of date on the timing, but I'll check with someone next week for an estimate of how long it takes the Court of Appeals to deny a weak motion for leave to appeal.
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    Yaz played the instrument for years and wasn’t good. He deserved nothing and didn’t earn anything.
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    Severino has lapses in concentration and can get lazy behind the plate, but he's not a very bad defensive catcher. He was worth .4 WAR defensively and threw out 31% of base stealers when the leg avg was 26%. Now do I think Severino is not replaceable, no. But he's a decent stop gap until Rutschamn is aready and should be that expensive even in arbitration.
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    I would have been shocked if MASN had won its appeal. The law is very heavily stacked to not overturn arbitration awards. The prior decision that overturned the first award was a very rare exception. MASN has one more level of appeal it can take, but it will almost certainly lose again. My recollection is that although MASN owes the Nats $100 mm in rights fees, about $30 mm of that is offset by a reduction in the Nats’ share of MASN’s profits. (Higher rights fees —> lower profits for MASN so the Nats’ share of profits go down.) Of course, by now we’re 4 years into the 5-year second “reset” period, and that one hasn’t even been the subject of an arbitration award yet.
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    Very high quality outside firms on both sides.
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    So does this mean anything real? Does it change anything? I've given up trying to fathom what the concrete meaning of all of these rulings and decisions and appeals mean. Frobby will probably come on and explain it and if I study what he writes I'll probably comprehend the words, but I still won't know what it means to the bottom line. Especially on a Friday night.
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    Baseball Ref had Ruiz as a .5 WAR in 54 games, which is 1/3 of a season. He's had 720 ML AB's. There is no one knocking down the door in AAA or AA for that matter. He was 26 last year. Instead of a young player getting his feet wet at the ML level with a chance to make improvements, many act like he's a failed experiment. He got off to a hot start in 5 games and got hurt right away. When he came back in August he put up a .580 OPS. In September, he finished with a .750 OPS. There is no reason to give up Ruiz yet.
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    The depth goes out to 25 really. After that it's get a bit sketchy but some still with upside. Honestly, I haven't even considered the new international signees because they are so inexperienced, but several of them could be on the list next year.
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    No surprize here. ESPN, the failed Socialist sports network would come up with garbage like that. I cannot remember the time I watched ESPN, and millions of others feel the same way.
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    Not of the catcher, but I think the metric is trying to judge that as "close enough" crediting a pitcher for making a batter miss. Various Pitcher List guests on Paul Sporer's (and other I am sure) podcast have described this for awhile, but not with Alex Fast "behold!" rigor. Akin's good Yankees outing got the daily Called Strikes + Whiffs prize. https://www.pitcherlist.com/akin-to-an-ace/
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    You can watch on MASN.
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