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    Signed or Resigned the following minor league free agents: RHP Marcos Diplan, RHP Mickey Jannis, C Taylor Davis, C Alex de la Cruz, C Alfredo Gonzalez, C Pedro Perez,1B Ryan Ripken, 2B Steve Wilkerson Tony's Take: Not much to see here. Diplan has some upside, Jannis is a 32-year old Knuckleballer, and Davis is AAA catching/first base depth. Wilkerson is AAA utility depth. Perez and de La Cruz must be signed as some kind of coaches/players or something because of their age and experience, because their signings don't make much sense otherwise. Ripken apparently will be signed until he sets some kind of record for most plate appearances for a First Basemen with a career OPS under .650.
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    Not to get off topic, but apparently i will again , the Davies for Parra trade was the first time I significantly hated, and I don't use that word often with baseball, a move that DD made. It still to this day feel that DD had lost so much influence the previous off season, that this was his hail mary play to try and get a .500 Orioles team into the payoffs. I also know the organization failed to evaluate what they had in Davies as I was always higher than everyone I spoke to about him within the organizations. Most felt he was a swingman, middle reliever and I always disagreed and rated him higher. After the 2014 season, I had him rated #4 overall in the system and said this: 4. Zach Davies - RHP - Full Profile (Plus Members): He's never going to get a lot of publicity due to his size and lack of premium velocity, but if he's going to pitch in the major leagues in some role. We would not bet against him pitching as a 4th starter for years to come. MLB Pipeline had Davies ranked 8th overall behind such luminaries as Mike Wright (#16 on my list), Tim Berry (#13), and Josh Hart (Not on my list). Not to toot my own horn, but I also had Christian Walker (#7) and Mike Yastrzemski (#9) in my top 10 that year. I struck out with Dariel Alvarez (#5) and Jomar Reyes (#6) though. Either way, it's always interesting to look back. I was always a big fan of Davies and overlooked his small build because of the stuff he was able to carry into the 7th inning and his ability to use four pitches in all quadrants of the zone.
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    This addition the thread is not remotely germane to the topic but I’ll add it any how. Going back about 15 or 20 years ago, maybe not that long, my parents were friends with Dick Hall’s daughter, as they lived in the same area of Harford County and had kids who went to school together(Dick Hall’s daughter and my parents, my sister went to school with Dick’s granddaughter). Someone had tickets to a Maryland basketball game and we all drove down to College Park. I had the privilege to sit in the back seat with Dick and while I don’t have experiences with many current or former professional athletes, I can tell you that Dick Hall has to be one of the nicest ones ever, as he was one of nicest guys I’ve ever met in my life. He was extremely down to earth and while I can’t tell you much about the content of the conversation(probably because my dad dominated it with Orioles talk, which was fine with me), he was happy to engage. Was an awesome experience. Feel free to remove if not appropriate.
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    Much as I disliked the Norris trade I don't think he is a good comp for 2021 Cobb.
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    LHP Brian Gonzalez was signed by the Rockies. Former 3rd round pick reportedly threw the ball well at the alternate camp as his velocity has improved since being drafted. He's getting a major league invite to spring training with the Rockies.
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    I like the idea of signing one low end guy for a little bit of a safety net but the lion's share of the innings needs to go to our prospects.
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    https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30256874/predicting-offseason-moves-all-30-mlb-teams ESPN Schoenfield guesses Taijuan and Smyly (the tier of guys to profile as 2/3 here who'd be 5/6 elsewhere, and give cover for upper minors hitters to be menaced by our top prospects). Also Trevor Rosenthal for the bullpen
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    I have relation by marriage who was a grandmother at 37 and her mom a great-grandma at maybe 54. But in my mind I still see grandparents as being about 70 and great-grandparents 80 or 90. Probably in part because I didn't have my first kid until 35. We need to get back to the important part here, that I look decades younger than Joe Altobelli, Cal Sr, or Wilfred Brimley at a comparable age. I could totally pass for, like, 37.
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