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    Diaz will be fine if he stays healthy and gets consistent at bats. If he does that, he will be up by June.
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    I don’t get why Lopez is some definite to be on the 40 man. I mean, I know he will be but he’s not good. I wouldn’t keep him over a lot of the you get players we are talking about.
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    Don’t know, nor do I know if they had a 40-man roster in 1994 and what the rules were.
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    It looks like Arthur Rhodes, Benitez, and Pennington did. 🤷. Don’t have the 40 man, but assume they were on it all season.
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    Agreed. Hoping we start/continue to be a team that can turn things around for guys that have some talent but haven't had much success. How many times do you see other teams pick up someone who we would qualify as "not good" and they revamp him to be a piece on a contending team? I feel like it happens a lot but not as much for us over the last 10-20 years. Hoping the next 10-20 years we're one of those teams that turn some of these flyers into contributors.
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    MLB.com now ranks Graffanino as our no. 30 prospect.
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    Watching the videos in recent weeks, I came away impressed that Gunnar Henderson is not in awe of anything. His body language, his comments, he’s impressive. Very athletic and smooth. He has a confident and good-natured flair about him, and I really like that. Very curious to see where he starts in 2021. It was good to read that Jordan Westburg and Andrew Daschbach are showing well. I read somewhere that Maverick Handley had gotten into great shape and was raking in instructs. We need more catching prospect depth. Hopefully, Kyle Stowers and Zach Watson make a similar progression at the plate.
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    Not to get off topic, but apparently i will again , the Davies for Parra trade was the first time I significantly hated, and I don't use that word often with baseball, a move that DD made. It still to this day feel that DD had lost so much influence the previous off season, that this was his hail mary play to try and get a .500 Orioles team into the payoffs. I also know the organization failed to evaluate what they had in Davies as I was always higher than everyone I spoke to about him within the organizations. Most felt he was a swingman, middle reliever and I always disagreed and rated him higher. After the 2014 season, I had him rated #4 overall in the system and said this: 4. Zach Davies - RHP - Full Profile (Plus Members): He's never going to get a lot of publicity due to his size and lack of premium velocity, but if he's going to pitch in the major leagues in some role. We would not bet against him pitching as a 4th starter for years to come. MLB Pipeline had Davies ranked 8th overall behind such luminaries as Mike Wright (#16 on my list), Tim Berry (#13), and Josh Hart (Not on my list). Not to toot my own horn, but I also had Christian Walker (#7) and Mike Yastrzemski (#9) in my top 10 that year. I struck out with Dariel Alvarez (#5) and Jomar Reyes (#6) though. Either way, it's always interesting to look back. I was always a big fan of Davies and overlooked his small build because of the stuff he was able to carry into the 7th inning and his ability to use four pitches in all quadrants of the zone.
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    I was playing OOTP game where I took over the 1988 Orioles and rebuilt them when I acquired Matt Stairs in a trade. It was then I started to think that if you squint real hard, Greg Cullen has some similarities with longtime bat first Stairs. They are built similarly, hit from the same side, and had some similiar type numbers in the minors though Cullens first two years though Stairs was placed aggressively by the Expos back in the day and was about a level ahead of Cullen. So I'm by no means saying Cullen in the next Matt Stairs, but I am suggesting Stairs could be his absolute ceiling as a player.
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    So now the goalpost is if makes an impact on his major league career the next season? That's quite a jump. I will say that one year of age when a player is making his MLB debut can hugely impact his future earnings. No one in this thread is suggesting that he shouldn't finish his degree at some point. Also intelligence and education aren't the same thing. Of course odds are very good that the speculation of him not being able to attend the camp and instead using his time to work on his degree is correct.
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    To be clear, Roch called it a “non-sports medical reason,” which is different from a “non-baseball related injury.” It may have been an illness rather than an injury, and whatever it was didn’t relate to sports. So for example, it appears he didn’t injure himself playing basketball or pickup football or the like. But there’s a million other things it could have been, so I’m not going to speculate about it. Whatever it was, it’s unfortunate.
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    I'm all for education but when he signed the contract he made a commitment to play baseball and in a season where he didn't get to play a lot and with uncertainty looming over next season I would have liked him to have been at the instructs.
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    Agree with multiple prior posts. Have to assume there is an injury if the Os say there is one. Still, good for Kjerstad to finish his degree.
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    The guy just got $5.2 million dollars. If he's smart with it, he'll never have to work a day in his life. So I guess it's up to him if he'd rather finish his (unnecessary) college degree or get an extra three week start on his pro career
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