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    We concentrate on who the O's may protect or expose to the Rule 5 draft but the other 29 teams have to remove player(s) from their 40 man roster to clear space for young players they want to protect also. To me Elias seems to be more fond of claiming players off waivers then selecting players in the Rule 5 draft. He selected two in the Rule 5 draft last year and sent them both back. He cited roster flexibility for sending them back. Needing to keep Rule 5 players on the roster all year is not something he likes that much. There will be a lot of player movement today. I am sure Elias and his staff have been analyzing what players may be waived today and how they could fit with the O's. It will be interesting.
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    He kept Martin and has benefited from Santander. I wouldn't read anything into what he did last year. Just depends on who is available, what the needs are, and roster capacity.
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    I'm talking about the draft right now. Do you believe they were told to save 200k out of an overall budget of $13,894,000? They went for a signability pick at 2 because they weren't big believers in Martin and wanted to spread the overall money around to get the most they could out of the draft. If they succeeded will be debated for years. If the chief aim was to save money, they would have gone slot in the 4th and 5th rounds. To believe they were told to save $200K and their strategy was geared towards the financial constraints defies logic. They could have drafted Martin and still saved 200k overall with no problem.
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    He was a fun player on bad teams. I hope he catches on somewhere else and goes on to produce.
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    By mid-season, Santander, Hays, and Diaz in the OF, Mountcastle at 1B, and Mancini DH (or vice versa).
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    I think the more likely scenario is that you're just straight up wrong, homie.
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    Wow! Insert dreamy eyes emoticon 😍. Your thread posts are alike to good prose with not an ounce of superfluity! And all written whilst wearing a smoking jacket with a glass of merlot in one hand! Here here! 👏
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    94-96 with a hammer curveball. Sounds a little like the description of a young Dylan Bundy!
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    Nats are inhabiting our old stomping grounds. Apparently they were hoping to move to Richmond, but the Giants re-upped there. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/11/19/rochester-red-wings-washington-nationals-class-aaa-affiliate/%3foutputType=amp
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    Yes, the position is plentiful but that doesn’t mean you dump production for nothing.
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    Glad they are keeping Mattson and Wells. A little surprised but I like it. Will miss Nunez but not that much. Much prefer to lose Nunez than risk losing anyone with prospect value.
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    He originally looked like me might become an average defensive 3B. Unfortunately, he regressed in that area the last two years and didn't look very good at 1B either. That and a 2M salary as a DH did him in. This is good news for D.J. Stewart who looks to have a shot at the DH job.
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    Not a surprise in the sense that it is the right move, but it might be a little bit surprising that they actually did the right move. The times they are a changing’...
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    6 pm deadline approaching soon. I can hardly breathe! 🙄
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    Ditto. But we’ll never know. I’ll just say this: build me a good team worth rooting for. Do that and I don’t care exactly what you spend and where you spend it. Draft or sign players who turn into good major leaguers and I don’t give a damn if you spent your allotment or not. Spend it all with crappy results and I won’t be saying “at least they spent all the available money.”
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    We've already been given the reasoning by Elias why he might not have spent his entire allotment on the international side. The O's are playing catchup on the big money guys who have committed to teams years in advance. He has pretty much said he's not going to spend the money just to spend it. Now, your theory is just that with nothing really to back it up besides the fact that the Orioles did not spend their entire allotment in both areas. I just think your theory looks silly, in particular, on the amateur draft side. You're suggesting that Elias didn't have the full allotment available or had to suck 200K of that money to spend on the international side and in doing so drafted differently than he would have with the extra 200K. I can't disprove your theory because such things are pretty much unprovable. If Elias were to come out and debunk your theory I don't believe you would accept that either. So, have fun with your theory.
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    These threads are fun because they offer an opportunity to discuss: to cogitate and evaluate, to bloviate and pontificate. And for some, to agitate-and aggravate-for others merely to regurgitate. 🙂 Meanwhile, yes, the favorite time of the year is “dumpster diving in other teams’ discard time”! I’m heading for Tampa to see what the Rays are throwing away, maybe also New York Los Angeles and St. Louis.
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    Corn, You have been been vocal about Orioles' management and finances for years. In general I agree that the Orioles need to spend money to acquire talent, both in the draft and internationally. Previously ownership has restricted the teams ability to do that. But the current argument really doesn't make sense. IF the Orioles "restricted" the draft spending pool by 200K or so and the Orioles still signed 6 players. I would think that was a win. IF your thoughts are that the Orioles should have spent the extra 200K even if it meant they only signed 4 players...that's fine too. Either way you argue it, it seems that Elias is the one who made the choice and it would seem to me that his choice was to get as much talent as possible for the full allotment. Which he clearly did successfully. Whether that pays off is certainly debatable. I just don't see the hand wringing over 200K. Chris Davis made that much while you read this reply. Also, the financial implications of Covid are real and I do not doubt that if fans are kept out of games next spring, that teams will continue to cut expenses. Not just the Orioles. It remains to be seen if the Sons will or can spend. I think you and anyone else is correct to remain cautious as to their plans. But it seems that Elias is getting pretty wide run to implement his plan. 200K unspent doesn't really change that in my opinion.
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    @Wildcard, I agree. Every team picks up waiver claims on occasion. Good teams would do it more often if players they liked were still available when they would have an opportunity to claim them. A piece here and there, even if it is for minor league depth. The Yankees picked up Alberto, for instance, and then waived him before the Orioles picked him up. Although they weren’t waiver claims, Taylor and Muncy were scraps before they got to the Dodgers and made swing changes. There is value out there, and while it may not be exciting for some, it potentially adds to the talent base of this team. As for the Rule 5, Elias kept Martin, but has sent back the other three players taken in his time here. Elias has to take shots like this to acquire talent. Take a look, see what you actually have and if it will stick on your club. We may well get to a point where we do not take a player in the Rule 5, but we’re not there yet. I would be surprised if they do not take at least one R5 player.
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    Elias needs to get his big boy pants on and go get some real major league players for this team. I dont want to hear that the teams finances are in flux. This is year three and a playoff contender isn't built in a year so if you had a five year plan its time to start getting meaningful players in here.
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    For those saying Pop won’t be taken due to coming off TJ, Santander was taken after shoulder surgery too.
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    Here’s hoping for a shiny new 28 y/o AAAA MIer and 31 y/o BP arm battling for the 26th spot on the team! Woohoo!
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    Twin paradox. The effect of putting Minnesota Twin Nelson Cruz in a spaceship traveling near the speed of light, and when he returns he's still in his prime and all of his peers are long since retired.
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    Sounds like what Matt Blood said. If he turn out to be special Elias will have done quite a job on the Bundy trade.
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    If I were the O's, I'd contract Delmarva before Frederick just because I'd prefer that footprint in Frederick. Don't want the Nats to take it.
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    Here’s a bit from departed prospect Brian Gonzalez about Kyle Bradish, via Melewski: Gonzalez told me he forgot to mention one other pitcher that stood out to him: right-hander Kyle Bradish, one of the four pitchers the Orioles got from the Los Angeles Angels for Dylan Bundy. On Aug. 3, Bradish, 24, was added to the O’s Bowie site. Bradish was drafted in round four of 2018 by the Angels out of New Mexico State. He made his pro debut in 2019 as a starter for high Single-A Inland Empire in the California League. Bradish went 6-7 with a 4.28 ERA. Over 101 innings, he walked 53, fanned 120, posted a .235 opponent batting average and a 1.42 WHIP. “That kid has some unreal stuff. If he can just get the experience at the upper levels and still continue to work on his stuff, I think he’s going to be unbelievable,” Gonzalez said. “He has some nasty stuff. He’s quiet and calm and then he gets on the mound and it’s like thunder out of his hand. It’s nice and easy and it explodes. Great guy, super nice guy. Calm and just goes about his business. On the mound, it’s 94-96 (mph) with some cut and ride and this hammer curveball. That’s why the O’s got him. They saw something special and that is a credit to the organization in knowing what they want.” https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/11/a-former-farmhand-with-thoughts-on-os-prospects.html
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    Or Elias is given a budget that is less than the allotment allowed them and he makes draft decisions (going underslot in first round perhaps?) based on those constraints. I'll accept that your scenario is possible, but I think mine is as well. As to international, they managed to spend their full allotment the period before but they couldn't find enough players this period? Did you see the Dodgers just signed a 16 year old that had ties to the Yankees? I might very well be wrong about all of this, but I might be right and if I am it's going to be very hard for Elias to build a winner.
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    I feel you are making a mountain out of a molehill. The team has a certain amount to spend on the draft. They choose 6 guys believing that they can get them signed within that budget. They do a good negotiating and sign all six but end up spending a quarter million dollars less than their budget. To me that isn’t a problem. As to international, they are still catching up to the other teams that had commitments from the big ticket guys before Elias and Perez were in our organization. We knew it would take three years to fully ramp up here. We made a lot of progress in year one even if we didn’t spend all our allotment because there weren’t enough good players around to spend it on. Year two is reported to be better than year one but we haven’t seen the results because of the postponement of the signing date. To me we are moving in the right direction there and making excellent strides. I am not going to judge success or constraints based on whether they spent every last dime.
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    The Astros are making the Sugar Land Skeeters their AAA affiliate. Recently a part of the Atlantic League, the ballpark in Sugarland holds 7500 spectators. Sugar Land, TX is just outside of Houston. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/astros/article/Sugar-Land-Skeeters-to-become-Astros-AAA-team-15732133.php
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    Was he older than you when he was playing and you've somehow passed him?
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    I don't think there is a clear upgrade to Ruiz at 3B. I am of the belief that after 500-700 AB's that he has that there is still a little hope that he makes advances offensively. I agree he is average at 3B but that's not a bad thing. He had a nice second half in 2019 and had the hot start, albeit very SSS, last year and then got hurt right away. I hate to give up on him prematurely when there really is no clear upgrade out there.
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    I think of his change up about like you do. I said he didn’t throw it much. Here’s Palmer’s own description of his repertoire: “I was a fastball pitcher with three other pitches: a slider, a curveball, and a changeup. I had a four-seamer and a two-seamer… four seams early on. I didn’t turn my two-seamer over, but it had a little different look, so it was a pitch I could use. If you throw enough four-seamers away to lefties, it is a pitch you can throw where the ball has a little different movement to get them to maybe roll over, especially when they’re trying to hook a ball in the hole with a runner on first base. But I was primarily… even when I was throwing 90-whatever, upper 90s or upper 80s, I was still pretty much the same pitcher.” https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/8883/prospectus-qa-jim-palmer/ One other thing I have to say about Palmer: he had the most fluid, beautiful, mesmerizing pitching motion I ever saw. It seemed so effortless even with a really high leg kick. The ball seemed to just flow from his motion.
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    Palmer was a four pitch guy with terrific command. Could throw any pitch in any count. His delivery was very over the top and his CB a pretty pure 12/6. Nice slider that broke both down and away. To my recollection he didn’t throw his change much, but he had it in his arsenal.
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