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    “At instructional league, we had Gunnar Henderson playing all over the field,” said Blood. “We had Vavra playing all over. Joey Ortiz played a lot of positions on the infield. Hernaiz got some time on the infield and the outfield. That will be a general theme: to get guys exposure to positions they could legitimately play at the major league level.” Blood said these players were not just taking reps and/or going through the motions in a new spot. They were getting in quality work and, in some cases, thriving. “Absolutely. Gunnar Henderson is such a great athlete and he’s got incredible aptitude. I believe he could play any position on the field except for catcher or pitcher. Wherever we need to put him. He could play seven positions,” he said. And after all of that, there are scouts, coaches and others within the game that feel strongly that Henderson may stay at shortstop. At 19, he could outgrow the position, but there is the also the chance a few years from now that he’s still right there. “Yeah, that’s one of the seven (positions). If that is where the most value is for the organization when he makes it to the big leagues, then, yeah,” Blood said. “But you never know. You might have someone else who is a great shortstop and we need someone to play center field. Having that flexibility and versatility is a major plus.” https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/12/on-the-os-farm-versatility-with-be-a-real-key.html
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    You don't need 4+ years of top 4 draft picks to rebuild.
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    You quoted Cronenworth 767 OPS in the minors but you ignored the 375 OBP. He is a on base guy, not a power hitter. He's a #2 hitter in a good lineup. He hit for a 949 OPS in 406 plate appearance in the International League at age 25. That is more than a hot month. He followed that with a 354 OBP in the majors at 26 as a rookie.
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    Davies doesn't have anywhere near the value Means has. Davies is a year from free agency, and is looking at a $6+ million salary. Means has just over 2 years of service time. Last year, in 12 starts, was the first season that Davies had a season nearly as good as Means 2019 season.
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    Is there any reason to think he's available? This is the type of deal the O's almost certainly won't do, but that which I could agree we should consider. I don't know. Barring injury or poor performance, by 2022 we should have Means, Rodriguez, Hall, Lowther, Kremer, Akin, Baumann, Mountcastle, Rutschman, Diaz, Hays, Harvey, Scott, Mullins (as 4th OF), Mancini and Santander. That's 16 (should be) solid or better contributors and I didn't even look critically at other bullpen guys/backup catcher/UIF types that are likely in house. That's a team that could make a run with a few additions. It's why I'm not a pure "no" on spending now. I just want that spending to fit into the plan. Tell me That Justin Turner has 2-3 good years left in him and I'm ok with it (I haven't looked). The A's FA middle infielders. Taijuan Walker. There are names, but are they good enough to be real contributors on that next good team? If not, they're wasted money on a bad team, IMO.
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    If he hadn't of had the physical issue that caused the Astros to not sign him he very well might not have been a "miserable failure". The Astros had no way of knowing that the issue existed when they selected him.
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    Yes OPS reveals more than OBP. But you also have to take into account the needs of your team . We have so many players who fit the Adam jones mold of a baseball player . Good player can slug with the best of anyone on any given night but have a career obp of about .320. Do you know how much better our offense would be if we had just 2 or three guys that could get on base ahead of Mountcastle , Mancini , Santander and later Rutschman ? Think Markakis , roberts types and not jones Trumbo . I believe Cronenworth could bring some of that . And if not we have dealt from surplus , we have a guy that could be a super utility player all over the field and could help us some in the near term . I really don’t see the downside here . This is all based on mutual interest of the padres of course .
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    Prospects fail all the time. The important thing is to have as many picks (and as many higher picks or higher budgets) as possible. Think of the 2012-16 run made by the Orioles and the large number of pitching prospects we had that did not pan out appropriately - starting with high picks Matusz and Bundy (maybe not failures, but not really successful picks). Sure, the run was fueled by low cost, young players drafted and acquired via trade - Jones, Wieters, Machado, Tillman, Britton, Davis, etc. One can always point to failed draft picks across many teams and high up in the draft. Strength in numbers is critical - imo - since one never knows which players will pan out and which won't - (which separately is part of my criticism for the Yaz trade).
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    I am not sure what to make of Cronenworth. He was a .769 OPS hitter as a minor leaguer. About a week before the Rays traded him to the Padres, Fangraphs listed the Rays’ top 56 prospects and Cronenworth wasn’t even listed. He was amazing in his first 31 games through 8/31 (1.034 OPS), then went ice cold the rest of the way (.543 in his last 23 games). So is he another Yaz, or is he a guy who had a hot month and was fortunate that the short season ended when it did? As to Hays, there’s lots of uncertainty there too. His track record in 272 PA spread over 2017, 2019 and 2020 is not as good as Cronenworth’s in 192 PA, all in 2020. But his MiL pedigree is significantly stronger, and he’s younger. Overall, I doubt I’d trade Hays for Cronenworth even up if I were making decisions for the O’s. But that may be the homer in me talking.
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    On a contending team? Seems to me that Hays has much more upside. I'm not trading that for a lower division starter.
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    You've made this point just about every way it can be made, but I still think you're wrong. I don't see how this team gets to 80 wins without spending pretty big, unless our young guys are really good. In that case, we're better because of the product that will be on the field for THIS team anyway. Sure, you could keep Iglesias or pay 20-30 million for a "good" starter at SS, but if I'm Elias or ownership, to what end do I do that? I go from 72 to 75 wins, at best. Is that worth it? No, well add a "good" starting pitcher too. And a "good" 3B. Before you know it we're at +$30 million in payroll all for a decently competitive team that has absolutely zero chance to defeat the monsters in our division. And in that context, I think we can get within say 5-7 games of the same mark and save a ton of money doing it. That's a similarly competitive and enjoyable team, IMO. I get from the fan perspective that we want a more competitive team, but from an ownership perspective I don't see the cost-benefit. I do believe that some savings can go to future spending in theory, but more likely that lower financial commitments means a better sale after PA passes away. In that context, this all makes perfect sense. The hardest part about smoking, going on a diet, working out, etc., is not the beginning, it's seeing it through over time. That Phillies article is really instructive in that regard. They never got their drafting/development in order and that meant they didn't have a pipeline to support the team. They assumed they had the depth they needed. I don't want the O's to be that team, and that means I still want them trading pieces and drafting high to build that depth. The real future roster is coming through Norfolk, not Cincinnati.
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    My apologies, and thanks for the clarification
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    My over reaction is to this quote: I love that he refers to when Gunnar gets to the big leagues, not if.
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    Tough to say. Bell's high level performance was MVP like and higher than Mancini, but his lows have been replacement player. Mancini is much more consistent very good player with better defense but coming off the cancer treatments. I think the Pirates sold too cheap on Bell but that is what I would expect if Mancini were traded this year. (I.e. a higher level but flawed prospect and a low level high potential ceiling prospect.)
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    Don't tell me my thought process.
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    As I have said, I’m fine with him tanking for a few years. In that time, he traded away what he could, lowered the payroll for the short and long term and added to the system. I wanted that. I’m glad he did it. I was perfectly fine watching a terrible product for a few years. I called for the team to do that 12-15 years ago and everyone on here said they were rebuilding. Now you all see what rebuilding actually is, which is not what the Os did in the 2000s. He doesn’t need to do that anymore though. He can go out and win 80 games this year and still do everything people are asking him to do..the only difference is that in 2022, the draft pick will be in the 11-16 range instead of top 5. That is literally the only difference outside of your draft pool and most of that pool is the difference in where you pick in the first round anyway. Nothing else you guys talk about requires the team losing 95+ games. That’s my issue. The way everyone is accepting a crap product when it’s not needed. If you have faith in Elias as a scout, developer, etc..you should have faith that he can draft outside of the top 10 and still get quality guys. Anyone can pick a top 3 talent. That’s not hard.
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    There have been negotiations between Tampa/St Pete and the Rays for years that have went no where. The team can not win in court if they case is that they could make more money elsewhere. The terms of the lease are legal and they are holding the team in Tampa.
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    The Angelos family has made it very clear that they are committed to keeping the team in Baltimore and that a new lease will be signed soon. I have zero reason to doubt that. The lease does not expire until the end of next season and it’s not particularly surprising to me that it isn’t signed yet. Negotiations like that are complicated and take time. I am not at all concerned about the other stuff either. Mike Elias made it very clear what he was going to do when he became GM, and that’s what he’s doing. It may work or it may not, but he’s following the course he laid out and it’s got nothing to do with moving from Baltimore.
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    Suki Min-Yoon, who was once in our minor league system, is now pursuing a career as a professional golfer in Korea. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/12/npbkbo-notes-dice-k-mengden-almonte-yoon.html And there it is, on the 356th day of the year, I win the prize for Most Obscure Ex-Oriole reference of 2020.
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    Signed or Resigned the following minor league free agents: RHP Marcos Diplan, RHP Mickey Jannis, C Taylor Davis, C Alex de la Cruz, C Alfredo Gonzalez, C Pedro Perez,1B Ryan Ripken, 2B Steve Wilkerson Tony's Take: Not much to see here. Diplan has some upside, Jannis is a 32-year old Knuckleballer, and Davis is AAA catching/first base depth. Wilkerson is AAA utility depth. Perez and de La Cruz must be signed as some kind of coaches/players or something because of their age and experience, because their signings don't make much sense otherwise. Ripken apparently will be signed until he sets some kind of record for most plate appearances for a First Basemen with a career OPS under .650.
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    WTH? Elias is in control of the Roster, not Hyde. Iglesias quote:
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    Again, you probably aren’t impressed because they aren’t top 100 guys or something like that. Its likely tough to find someone to take on that contract right now. The Pads system is loaded and to get 4 top 20 guys in their system is probably like getting 4 top 7-15 guys in a lot of other systems. They all could flame out or all could be knocking on that top 100 list soon enough. But no reason to get wrapped up in the meaningless rankings. What matters is if the Cubs scouts like the players and the upsides of them.
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