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    $10M for Schwarber with no chance to hide his glove as a DH? Yikes.
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    https://www.prospects1500.com/al-east/orioles/baltimore-orioles-2021-top-50-prospects/ Just happened on it. Don't recall having heard of the site before.
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    After reading the Steve Melewski article about this years Orioles International signing class, it looks like all but 100000 has been used. Obviously, I dont know anything about any of these players, other than Basallo and Hernandez both being considered around the top 30 best amateur International prospects this year. I was wondering if a much more experienced poster has any thoughts on any of the "rumored" Os signings and potential?
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    Similar to what other posters have said, I think 2022 is the “make some noise,” .500 or slightly better team. Then, 2023 is the start of the serious competitive window.
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    Realistically I think it's a crap shoot as to if we get there at all. The division is just too rough. The Rays are beating us in on the field talent and in the minors, the Yankees and the Red Sox have close to unlimited spending ability and the Jays think their window is currently open. Some stuff is going to have the break the O's way no matter how good a job Elias does.
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    FWIW Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel when writing about the draft put the Birds in the category of “most intellectually progressive clubs” with the Astros, Milwaukee, and Cleveland.
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