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    I have at least three questions/concerns about Jake Cronenworth: 1) He's 27 in nine days. That's a concern. 2) Why didn't he hit until 2019? As recently as '18 he had a .668 OPS as a 24-year-old in AA. 3) Is he really a MLB shortstop? He started playing quite a bit of 2B/3B in '18, and was primarily a 2B last year. On the other hand, he apparently was Michigan's closer in college, so maybe he can pitch some mopup relief.
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    The thing is, the networks pay the bucks they do for the high ratings of the postseason, not for regular season. Regular season national TV games get miniscule ratings. The loss in TV revenue for not playing games in April is a tiny, tiny fraction of salary saved (assuming they pro-rated again). So your financial assumptions are dead wrong. I can't speak to your assumption that there is a benefit to making nice with the union.
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    Realistically I think it's a crap shoot as to if we get there at all. The division is just too rough. The Rays are beating us in on the field talent and in the minors, the Yankees and the Red Sox have close to unlimited spending ability and the Jays think their window is currently open. Some stuff is going to have the break the O's way no matter how good a job Elias does.
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    Mike Elias has already stated that 2021 will not be a year to go for it. The switch will not be flipped this coming season. But what kind of a team is he looking to build for his non contending year? This off season he has referred to Ryan Mountcastle as a left fielder more than a first baseman. Hyde often used Austin Hays in left and Cedric Mullins in center last season which gave him a better defensive outfield. But Elias has referred to those two as competing centerfielders. This sound like an offense over defense approach. What about Yusniel Diaz? He has been called close. Someone that will debut in 2021. The timing of his call up is unknown and since he has not played AAA yet he will probably begin the season there. Its will probably be up to him to push his way to the majors. Mountcastle in left opens first for Mancini. It also allows two offensive players to compete for DH -- DJ Stewart and Chris Shaw at least until Diaz is promoted. Now we hear the hint that Elias may considering Jonathan Villar if the price is right. Villar's best position is second base. But second is also defensive minded Yolmer Sanchez best position. Its also Pat Valaika and Ramon Urias best defensive position. But if they sign Villar it would be for his offense over defense. It would push the other three toward SS and 3B to find playing time. Richie Martin, Sanchez and Valaika are all probably better defensive SS than Villar. Also Elias could acquire more than one infielder. Villar to the O's is just a rumor. But Mountcastle in left is something Elias has stated which may make room for Stewart/Shaw. I have to wonder whether offense in 2021 will be priorities over defense. Time will tell.
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    John Means was asked and responded to what has been the difference between player development under Duquette and Elias. He says that the difference is communication and he thinks there is more of a plan now how be become a major league player. How to improve. He says that coming up he didn't not know what he had to improve to become a successful major leaguer. Under Elias/Holt now everyone knows what it takes to be a big leaguer. Now its all about repertiore, its all about pitch development, its all about spin rate. And these guys have all the tricks in the world to do that. Here is the whole interview: (response to this question at the 6:00 minute mark) https://www.mlb.com/orioles/video/hot-stove-john-means
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    I'm not really taking too much out of his major league numbers at SS because he only played a handful of games there. But, the fact that he was moved around a lot in the minors suggests he's probably not an everyday shortstop defensively. I have never seen him play so I really can't say, but I'd certainly give him a look there in the spring. He's worth a shot in my opinion, but I wouldn't trade Hays for him even though Hays has been injury prone. I still think Hays ends up a solid every day outfielder who can play center.
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    I'd take him and would be willing to give up Diaz for him as well, but he's most likely a 2B, not a SS. His offensive statcast percentile rankings are crazy good, but he did struggle a bit over his last month. Here's a good take on him: https://www.eastvillagetimes.com/padres-jake-cronenworth-positives-negatives-outlook/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=padres-jake-cronenworth-positives-negatives-outlook
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    I think this year brings into focus the baseline (core) for a competitive team. After that Elias will churn a million bodies in trades to supplement. We may add a couple of FA's, but we're in la la land if we think their names will be Lindor or Seager. This is a franchise that will grow or trade for elite talent. We'll only sign elite talent on the market if/when it's really depressed for one reason or another, which does happen here and there.
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    You don't have to define "outfielder" any more than we had to define "major league catcher". Anyone who plays in the outfield is an outfielder, just like Sisco is a major league catcher.
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    Are you sure about that? Looking at 2019, the only team in the AL east that had a "fourth OF" with 300+ PA as identified by bbref was the Orioles and that was Stevie Wilkerson. Making my way through the other divisions now, but it doesn't appear that the "typical" 4th OF gets 300+ PA.
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    He can play above average defense, pinch run, and bunt. I’m not saying he is the best 4th OF in the world but he has plenty to offer a good team. He just isn’t an every day type of player. I feel like you’re being overly negative on his skill set.
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    This reads as just a knowledgeable fan, but it's interesting how this person ranks Tyler Nevin so high. For the most part, I've treated him like a fringe prospect and most rankings seem to bare that out as he's at the bottom of a top-30, but this person has him at 14. I've basically written him off as a bench bat at best, but I wouldn't mind seeing what he can do this year before some of the better prospects start to reach the big leagues. If either him or Bannon can show themselves to be a capable option at 3B that would be a nice surprise.
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    That’s why I wanted to see them add a real piece or 2 now. OrioleDog made a point that said whenever GROd/Hall/Kremer/Baumann/Akin make 5 straight starts. Do you know how unlikely that is? We are sitting here just waiting and assuming, that these prospects are going to be good MLers and that everything will be fine. When does that happen? The upside is certainly there for it to happen but you could probably say that about a lot of teams.
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    That's the winner! All of the guys in Wildcards op have low cost in common. That's all it comes down to this season.
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    From Fangraphs: “Per Statcast, Schwarber has been 29 runs below average as an outfielder in his career. That’s the fifth-worst mark in the majors over that period, ahead of only noted butchers Nick Castellanos, Matt Kemp, Melky Cabrera, and Shin-Soo Choo.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/kyle-schwarber-is-the-newest-national/
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    On the flip side, the team added Yolmer Sanchez to the roster and jettisoned Nunez.
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    I think until Diaz arrives, your alignment sounds right. I would hope once Diaz arrives we have Diaz in left, Hays in Center, Santander in right, Mountcastle/Mancini at 1B/DH. With Stewart sprinkled in and Mullins getting starts in CF from tiem to time.
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    This is part adrenaline from a Ravens 90th percentile weekend, and part going for a personal best at the Wagnerian staring out window waiting for baseball, with a pinch of just because the Internet can. Here's Elias's 2006 senior year Yale team. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/college/schools/stats.asp?Y=2006&T=20314 He had missed a year to injury so was a mature 23 that last spring. The team's youngest member, Age 18 Ryan Lavarnway,, nonetheless became the catcher, and was 2nd on the team in OPS. I guess that's what big league talent can do. On the old pitcher/young catcher thing, this makes me want to say Alex Cobb can pitch to Adley in Week 2, and like it! 2006 Elias got 6 starts and 5 relief appearances, averaging 3 IP/gm. That's some Zac Lowther/Kevin Smith/Keegan Akin stuff a couple years out if most of our A guys can keep it together. He seems to have had his best season at his youngest before he missed a year. 2002 freshman year team: http://www.thebaseballcube.com/college/schools/stats.asp?Y=2002&T=20314 Craig Breslow was a Senior, is now a Cubs AGM, and he and Elias were the team's two IP leaders, so there's the in to get Bryant, Baez and Hendricks this July if the Orioles can beat the 90th percentile thing.
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    LOL on Harold Reynolds talking about difficulties for starting pitchers preparing for last season and then asking Means “what about a reliever like yourself?” (1:42-1:54). Glad to see you know what you’re talking about, Harold! The other interviewer mentioned that Chris Holt was pitching a no-hitter in the 7th inning one time when Drayton McLain decided to show off to a friend how the stadium roof could be closed. Never heard that one. Unbelievable!
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    I think Martin should go to AAA and work on his hitting. Sanchez can probably play SS though he may be the backup SS to whoever Elias brings in.
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    I have no problem with Ruiz, Martin, and Sanchez if that is what they decide. But there is no way Chris Davis should be getting regular starts at first base this year. It should be Mancini (health permitting) or Mountcastle. Davis playing first likely means that one of Mancini, Mountcastle, Stewart, and/or Santander is on the bench.
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    Its a profile where I'd hope for Gregg Olson/Mike Leake things to happen. The polish of his entire life experience is I think why he performs in this stratosphere at 20, 21 years old. You look at Grayson and can dream the Jonathan Ogden dreams the fastballs go on forever, and I don't think there's any of that here. That said, its a demographic I'd find encouraging for the hope Elias plans to flip the switch for '22. And then in the '22 draft I'm good with the full-on Gregg Olson type guy for the mid-decade crescendo. If we're full Astros/Cubs mimics though, its more likely bats and buy the pitchers later. Some of why I'm rather optimistic for the peak Rutschman teams is we have Hall/Rodriguez/Baumann so far so good before the blueprint Bryant/Rizzo/Schwarber/Springer/Bregman/Correa/Rutschman/Kjerstad the world's best 21 year old hitters are a good place to start hoping for the world's best 25 year old hitters you chase rings with.
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