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    At least according to mlb.com.... https://www.mlb.com/news/predicting-future-world-series-winners I'm assuming all of us would take this right now, correct?
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    We’ve had this question a few times over the years. Most posters say they’d prefer the WS win. Most of them have never experienced one. Me, I’d prefer the regularly competitive team. I’ve experienced three WS wins, and they were great, but I get more enjoyment from being in pennant races year after year. A season is far more enjoyable when your team is in the race than when it’s not. Having that sense of urgency and excitement on a regular basis is better to me than having one year of ultimate thrill surrounded by many years of mediocrity.
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    I don't belong... I try but......
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    I have a feeling we'll be looking to fill multiple holes with 2+ WAR players from outside of the organization. Creating another one just makes that harder. But this is all a bit premature, IMO. Right now the org has nobody at 3b, ss or 2b that isn't in the low minors. We have 1 SP with ML success and a couple of ok relievers. We have a SSS successful CF plus two good hitters. We're relying on the farm to fill a lot of spots. Some aren't going to work out. How we handle Santander will be decided in light of all of that. He's one of the few who has shown he's capable at the ML level, and he may even have more upside. He could certainly be trade bait, or he could be the guy we rely upon as the veteran presence in a young lineup.
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    Lots of guys were not caught by test. Could be enough to make one doubt the effectiveness of the tests. Ever notice when someone does test positive it's for a horse steroid from the '70's?
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    I guess "somewhat ambidextrous" is a good way to put it. I eat with the fork in my left hand, can throw reasonably well lefty. Occasionally batted lefty. I've taught myself to use a computer mouse left-handed. Sometimes I'll sit in boring meetings writing left-handed, but it's pretty bad. I'd guess that I can throw a baseball about 100' left-handed, and can pitch from 40' or so lefty and get most pitches reasonably near the strike zone.
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    2012, 2014 and 2016 were a LOT of fun. One tragic end but still, 2012 was the most fun I can remember. Of course we all want the WS win but competing, every year, is the best.
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    I was 26 and figured the same thing. And why wouldn’t I? They’d had a winning record in 17 of the 18 seasons I’d been a fan, and they had a 23-year old Cal Ripken and a 28-year old Eddie Murray. I had no idea what was about to happen.
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    At some point in the next 2 years they need to spend money. We aren't going to compete on pure home grown players alone.
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    We still have our chance to sign Bauer, LeMahieu and Colome and win the series next year
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    Good luck Brandon. Doubled up Steve on the Oriole Kline rWAR leader list. Wahoowa!
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    How many years are we talking about here? I'll take a decade of solid ball over one title and nine years of suck.
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    I was pretty young in '83 and just figured the team would keep on winning.
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    I have been in Branden's corner since he signed. We graduated from the same high school many, many years apart. Sorry to see him give it up. I thought he could make it as a reliever. But I guess at 29 his options became limited with MLB organizations.
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    I'll take a WS win, please. I don't care about much else.
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    Considering we haven’t been to a World Series in three consecutive decades, yes, I’d take a WS win any time in the 2020’s.
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    I don't think you can assume that $80M was rebated to people. It's dependent on provider. I was not given back a single cent by Directv for MASN not broadcasting Orioles games.
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    I think we should recognize that he is meeting fairly high expectations in a difficult situation. He's managing most of the aspects of a $1B company with $250M in annual revenues that was a train wreck when he took over, and with a fanbase that mostly measures everything in today's wins and losses. He's not running a lemonade stand on the sidewalk. I run a reasonably large division at work, and I'm quite happy that my boss and my employees seem to understand that meeting difficult expectations is a very good thing.
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    I heard Elias was Waiting for Goudeau.
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