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    Getting Jahmai Jones in return for Cobb while getting rid of some of that salary is a pretty good deal overall for the Orioles. Jones is interesting because he has some upside to him, even if he ends up more of a utility outfield, second base guy. It will be interesting to see if Elias is allowed to use that money he saved to get a guy like Franco in at 3B or a veteran starting pitcher that could be potentially moved for prospects at the trading deadline this season. As a 40-man roster guy, he will get his opportunity in the spring but I imagine he's heading to AAA to start the year.
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    Interesting stuff ... Helps build optimism https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-minor-league-hitting-20210201-5sy3fldozjdovkbwfzfcpli3lm-story.html
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    Great return. BA has Jahmai Jones at #8 in the Angels system, MLB Pipeline at #7, Fangraphs at #11. Not a salary dump, the O's must be paying a significant portion of Cobb's contract to get a prospect that good.
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    Bundy, Iglesias, and now Cobb. Elias loves that Angels system (can't imagine we got much of anything, of course). https://twitter.com/danconnolly2016/status/1356259633313296385?s=20
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    If you believe that Galvis at SS and Sanchez at 2B are the most likely outcomes because of their defense then the question of who plays 3B is one of the biggest to be solved in ST. Here are the leading candidate IMO. Rio Ruiz the incumbent He will be 27 on May 22nd. His career 222/295/372/667 sets a low bar. His defense is average. He will make close to the minimum. He has an option left. He sets a low bar for someone to jump over him and take his job. Pat Valaika He will play 2021 at 28 years old. Long time utility player who got regular playing time in 2020 and hit for a 277/315/475/791. Those splits were driven by a 279/354/581/936 vs lefties. His career 230/271/420/691 is competitive with Ruiz. He has not played a lot of 3B but he may get the chance to show what he can do there in ST. My guess is his defense may be slightly below Ruiz but only slightly. He has a 825K major league contract and a split contract for 300K in the minors. He has an option left. Stevie Wilkerson 29 years old is not on the 40 man roster but will be invited to camp. Also a utility player that came through the minors as a 2B. In 2019 he showed he can hit right-handed pitching in the majors with a 264/311/472/783 split. But only a 465 OPS vs lefties which makes him a platoon player. He defensive numbers at 3B are not impressive but Stevie is an athlete. I would not be surprised to see him competing for a platoon spot at 3B this spring. He will make close to the minimum if he makes the team. He has an option left. Yolmer Sanchez Will begin the season at 28 (BD: June 29th). Won a Gold Glove at 2B and seems the favorite to start there. But he has played 3B for a full season and he could play there this year. That would move the position battle to 2B where Valaika, Wilkerson and Urias have more experience. He is not much of an improvement to Ruiz in terms of offense. He has no options left. Ramon Urias Will turn 27 on June 3rd. Starting at 3B would be a big jump for him. Mainly a SS/2B in Mexico and a 2B in the PCL, he would be trying to jump from the minors and to a position he has not played much. Probably has a better change to make the team as a utility player. He will make close to the minimum if he makes the team. Has an option left. Rylan Bannon Turns 25 in April. If Elias follows his normal path, Bannon be begin the season at AAA. TBD Elias is no doubt still looking for better alternatives. That is my take. What do you think?
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    Ma I think the most we can hope for is they use some of the savings to resign Gary Thorne.
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    Plot twist: Orioles sign Bauer and his YouTube videos are now the pre and post game shows.
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    Shaw clears waivers. Decent AAA depth.
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    He made his debut with the Angels in 2020, so there is no reason he can't play 2B for the Orioles in 2021. An actual MLB ready player instead of a 19 year old Dominican outfielder. Whether it works out or not, I really like this trade.
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    Does this mean the Angels are out on Bauer? Also, nice job dumping that contact.
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    I wish MLB could get us back to a world where contact is valuable.
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    I am happy for Hanser, seems like a really good guy. Also glad the Orioles have moved on.
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    RIP. Always enjoyed his insights on the Mid Atlantic Sports Report before Covid shut all that down. Very sad to hear of his passing. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/01/on-the-passing-of-a-great-reporter-and-an-even-better-person.html
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    A few quick preliminary thoughts. There is some interesting video of him out there. I found the YouTube video showing his at bats from AFL 2018. The first thing that jumped out at me is his grip of the bat. He is "over-gripping" and he looks as though he ties himself up a bit and cannot seem to get full extension at contact. I don't like the hands before load and at load. Reminds me of Gary Sheffield some here. Powerful lower half, but does not use it well. A big leg kick, and long stride. All of that said, I looked at the limited 2020 video. All of that is from the CF camera. Looks like they freed his hands up and got the load to where the barrel is behind his head with some wrap. He seems to have gotten rid of the leg kick and now has no stride. He does not use his lower half much in the 2020 video I saw. He has good hand-eye, and strong wrists. Is getting through the ball better now that he isn't tied up. I like him. Seems like he has tools and needs a lot of work at 2B. I like the offensive upside. He looks like he can hit gap to gap line drives all day. In one video, he hit a 99 mph 2-seam from the Dodgers Carrot Top (May) into CF on a line for a single. He looks a little uncomfortable on defense, like Richie Martin did at times in 2019. But he's an athlete and once he slows the game down some I think he'll be fine. If he can get his lower half in sync, he may be a legit starter on a playoff team in a few years. https://www.mlb.com/video/search?q=Player+%3D+["Jahmai+Jones"]+Order+By+Timestamp+DESC
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    This may be the first time I've ever seen a trade were no one thinks it's bad (on our side). Way to go O's.
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    As I said, last June Fangraphs rated him a 40+. For them, that put him on the same tier as Kremer, Akin, Lowther and Adam Hall, somewhere between 11th-15 in our system. Of course, that was before last year’s draft or Hays graduating off the list, or the nice performances of Akin and Kremer in September. So, I’d guess they would place him between 14-17 in our system now. My guess is Tony would put him slightly lower. But in any event, it seems he has some upside, so we’ll see.
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    From Fangraphs June 2020 report: “Jones had the worst offensive season of his career in 2019 and arrived in the Arizona Fall League having made yet another swing change. He ran an unusually low BABIP last year, his underlying TrackMan data was still favorable (39% of balls in play hit 95 mph or above), and he was a college-aged player who spent all of last year at Double-A. I’m still betting on Jones’ makeup and athleticism, and think he’ll find a way to be a 1.5 to 2 WAR role player who sees time at second base and in left field.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/top-31-prospects-los-angeles-angels-2/ Fangraphs had him 3rd in the Angels system in 2018, 5th in 2019, 11th in 2020. So, he’s a buy-low guy.
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    Jones minor league stats don't look too good but I just read a pretty encouraging BA article that said he hit very well in 2019 in AA after he ditched suggested swing changes and went back to his original swing. Over .300 in the 2nd half and a .885 OPS in the AFL. Described as athletic and a good kid.
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    Dan Connolly @danconnolly2016 Orioles, Angels attempting to hash out Cobb deal. Contractual situation is complicated, would need MLB approval. Source says Os will be getting at least one minor leaguer in return and Os will be paying more than half of Cobb’s $15M salary. Part will be present day, part deferral
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    Sigh. Couldn't figure out to throw in Davis, huh? 😉 The return is probably the rest of the under 22 year olds that Elias didn't obtain last two times.
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    Sports are forgetting all aspects of the game. It’s part of how analytics have hurt the game, just as much as it helps. Was having a conversation last night about Ben Simmons. His game is elite in almost every way. The way he moves, passes, gets to the rim, rebounds, etc...for a guy his size is so rare but because he can’t shoot the 3 well at all, he is always dumped on. That’s the NBA now. Analytics have made it a 3 pointer game and it has made people forget about the importance of so many other things.
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    That depends on how you define great. Here's a list of everyone by WAR in their first eight years. Only a handful of the top 50 aren't HOFers, and probably 90% of the top 100 is in or probably will be. Not too many players were epic for 6-10, then bad afterwards. Nomar, Wally Berger, Vada Pinson, Ken Boyer (I guess)... Cesar Cedeno. Sisler had the eye thing. Hughie Jennings had a five-year run of 35 wins, and an entire career worth 42. But 80-90% of the time if you're really great in your mid-20s you're at least pretty good for a while after that. Although when you put up 40-50 WAR in your first eight you might go to the Hall if you get hit by a train in year 10.
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    Other than trying to trade Cobb and outfighting Sulser, Goodeau and Lopez trying to get them to AAA they don't need to move pitchers. They need to try to find 5 or 6 out of what they have that can start in the majors. We have watched for years how young pitchers come up and don't make it. See if there are a few that can. That is what we are about to go through. Trading away young pitchers is not what needs to happen. Giving them chances and see who successes and who fails is part of the process.
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    A smattering of pre- and post-draft chatter: MLB dot com Something called baseballdraftreport Fangraphs pre-draft coverage
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    It’s almost like wins are not an accurate measure of how well you pitched 😀
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    Happy about this deal. Cobb leaving frees up a rotation spot for a youngster (hopefully) and Jones seems like he could be a good get.
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    He did have a number of outings where he pitched well enough to win, but didn’t. For example: 5/28/18 7 IP 3 R 3 ER Loss 7/13/18 6.1 IP 2 R 2 ER Loss 8/12/18 7 IP 2 R 1 ER Loss 8/24/18 6 IP 2 R 2 ER No decision 4/14/19 5.2 IP 2 R 2 ER No decision 8/5/20 5 IP 1 R 1 ER Loss 9/18/20 6 IP 2 R 2 ER No decision
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    Baseball-Reference.com projections, they obviously think he'll start the season in the minors since they're only projecting 186 AB. But, I'd take that line for a rookie second baseman. Year Tm Age PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB Rel 2021 Proj. 23 209 186 28 47 9 1 7 26 3 1 20 49 .253 .333 .425 .758 79 4 3 0 1 1 3
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    I'm pleasantly surprised with this deal.
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    If we save just $6 million that would be great then go sign Franco 1/3 million and a veteran starter or two in the $1-2 million range and start the season. c Severino 1B Mancini 2B Sanchez Ss Galvis 3B Franco LF Mountcastle CF Hayes RF Santander Dh Stewart Bench Sisco Valika Mullins Davis until we officially cut him Urias
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    I think this was the intended outcome when we claimed him.
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    Stewart walks a lot more, strikes out a lot less, has more speed, and can bunt. Shaw's minor league power numbers are better, but that comes from playing in the PCL, Stewart's Eastern League slugging percentage was better than Shaw's.
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    Yea, remember the Angels system stinks, so being a top 10 guy in that system means nothing. As was said, maybe he’s top 15, at best, in our system..probably a little lower but perhaps with more upside than others ahead of him. Good move. Will be interesting to see how much, if any, of the deferred money the Angels are picking up.
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    If he was a plus fielder, we might have kept him. But a spray hitting weak fielder isn't worth taking to arbitration. And, he did settle on a minor league deal, so no one else thought so either.
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    Very nice return.
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    Just arbitration salary players and free agents. You have to add the minimum salaries. Should have clarified that its $12 million over the minimum possible amount of money they could be spending on payroll.
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    This is welcome good news after a somewhat terrible January. This is more of a buying a prospect situation than it is a straight salary dump. That is encouraging. Jones didn't have a spot with the Angels this upcoming season so he became expendable to them. However, he's a better prospect than I think anyone was expecting when this news first dropped. Now we wait to see who we pick up to replace Cobb.
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    The O's are going to need Chris Davis as a pitcher now for this season with Cobb gone. 😜
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    They dealt Iglesias, got prospects and saved money, bring in Galvis. I think something similar will happen here.
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    That is called context which is no longer allowed.
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    At no point this year is Cobb is likely to fetch a really good return. But if it is strictly money and we get back a few non prospects, I would have rather held him and see what he gives in his first 10-15 starts and then see if you can get a better piece or 2. Of course, the injury risk is there as well, so you may end up with nothing and have to pay the full 15m
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    Wow..this is pretty shocking to me.
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    Arenado blocking Gorman indefinitely, and the Nationals seeming hesitance to let Kieboom play when Dodgers/Padres/Cardinals/Braves/Mets could be a tough field to crack in Scherzer's walk year are two possible high upside targets for the infield if Means was on the table, and toggling positions to balance the roster was something considered. Maybe we'll get a 3B Westburg, SS Henderson, 2B Vavra teaser in the first week or two of ST games, but those guys are all more '23 than '22 even if they come through.
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    Put Chris Davis at third to start the season. We can spend a month or so arguing whether the team is being hurt more by his offense or defense, and what statistics are most useful in determining and comparing the two. His ineptness will reduce the pressure on any young guys who get off to a slow start. And if he embarrasses himself enough in the field and at the plate, maybe he'll want to retire or find an injury. Then promote or pull from another system's dumpster somebody who actually can play third base. After Davis, he'll look like a current Gold Glove contender, or maybe even half as good as Brooks. 😊
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    Guys that need to be protected this November: DL Hall, Smith, Vavra Adam Hall and Bradish. Rutschman if he called up this season but if he is not he will not need be to protected until April 2022. Sedlock and Hanifee if they improve. Players that will come off the 40 man roster by Nov. Goudeau and Lopez probably be gone before Opening Day to make room for veteran additions that are signed in minor league contracts like Milone and maybe Alberto. Cobb, Sulser, Ruiz, one of Severino or Sisco (could be both) in Nov. Sanchez and Galvis are FA. Mancini if traded at the deadline. Otherwise he is probably traded over the winter. Davis is off the 40 man as soon as the O's know how many games will be played in 2022. I don't really see a roster crunch this off season.
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    I think if you make a statement like that you need to back it up with some specific alternatives you think are easy to achieve. And don’t say just hand the job to Bannon. To me, that’s a lazy statement. Bannon has played 20 AAA games and his resume wasn’t strong enough to even bring him to the alternate camp. I’m not saying he shouldn’t get a hard look in spring training and have a chance to win a job, but you don’t just give him the job because he’s not Rio Ruiz.
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    In any year a team is going to have players who have good years, and players with off years. The '17 Yankees had a payroll of nearly $200M, and revenues of over $600M. Saying they won because of home grown, cheap talent any team can and should replicate is a pretty huge oversimplification. Their 3rd starter was CC, making $25M. Could they have found a cheap alternative to replace his 3 wins? I guess, but they went with the less risky option because money doesn't matter. They traded for Sonny Gray because paying him arb-2 and arb-3 money comes out of their coffee mess. They paid Robertson and Chapman a combined $30M and they were okay... and it's fine because money doesn't matter. They traded for Chase Headley knowing full well that he was just an average guy because $13M is trivial to them, they never have to put a guy in the lineup who might OPS .620 if things go wrong and stick with him. In any given year the Yanks expect to win 90 games because they have vastly more resources than the O's or Rays or Blue Jays or most any other team. They have the ability to use a diverse set of talent pipelines because they can take on contracts without even thinking about it, that other teams would have to pass on. The Orioles have to build from within, but for the Yanks that's just one of a bunch of ways they acquire talent.
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