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    With this high-octane offense, you can blink and miss some real action. Bathroom break? Forget it.
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    I don't think Ruiz or Valaika are anything for the future, and Urias may not either, but of the three, Urias is the one that I don't have enough major league data to know yet whether he's a just a AAAA second baseman or whether he can hit enough to be something of value. Saying that, I doubt any of these three are a significant part, or can be traded for a significant part of a future winning Orioles team. So with that, I shrug my shoulder and say if Hyde/Elias have some kind of love for Ruiz and want to keep playing him at 2B, it's not like they are blocking a real prospect. But, if they want to give Urias an extended look, I'd be ok with that as well. As for Valaika, he had a nice little year with the bat last year. but he's so shaky defensively every where but 1B and 2B that it's tough to get too much behind him.
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    I was extremely pleased with the Kevin Brown - Ben McDonald team in today’s doubleheader. To me, Brown has gotten more and more comfortable over the last three years. And McDonald is a joy to listen to any time. The two of them have good chemistry when they work together.
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    Brown is fantastic. I still laugh when I think about his line when the O’s finally beat the Yankees last year “Nobody and I mean NOBODY! beats the Orioles 20(something) times in a row!”
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    If only there was a rule that allowed one guy to bat without playing in the field....
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    To clarify: I love watching Mountcastle's at bats when he gets a hit
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    That’s not on Mullins. How about not letting them hit the ball 400 ft.
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    I think it was only because he was on sale.
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    You can assume anything you want. You can not care and you can just assume everything is fine. You can make whatever assumption you want. I really don't care. I find it odd that the Orioles GM spoke out to his timeline, made it seem like he was over his issue, and then when he doesn't arrive everyone gets real quiet. It's not like any situation I've ever encountered while covering this team since 1996. Feel free to have no concern and drive on with your day or you can freak out like some and call him a bust. I really don't care. I'm just stating the facts that we know, and stating that it's odd in how the organization is handling this particular situation. I haven't made any proclamations about what I think is wrong with him nor am I bashing the organization, I'm just saying I've never encountered anything like this before. I really don't understand why a couple of you have an issue with anyone stating facts or feeling like something is not right just because they don't agree with your assumptions. Something clearly has changed since Elias stated he would start at the alternate site and was excited to get started. You assume you know why. You may be right. But it still doesn't change that this is being handled very strangely, and that's from someone covering this team for 25 years.
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    o Justus Sheffield )was a 1st-round draft pick by the Cleveland Indians in 2014, inking a $1.6 Million signing bonus. The Indians traded him to the Yankees in July of 2016, and the Yankees traded him to the Mariners in November of 2018. BALTIMORE O RIOLES )))))) (vs. MARINERS, 4/13))))))) [GAME ONE] Boyce Cedric Mullins II - CF Joseph Anthony "Trey" Mancini III - 1B Anthony Santander - RF Maikel Franco - 3B Pedro Severino De Leon - C Ryan Mountcastle - DH Demetrius Jeromes "D.J." Stewart - LF Ramon Urias - 2B Freddy Galvis - SS John Alan Means - LHP )) (1-0, 0.77 ERA) OPPOSING PITCHER Justus Kane "J.K." Sheffield - LHP )) (0-1, 7.20 ERA) https://www.baseballpress.com/Lineups o
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    Melanie Newman does not belong in a MLB broadcast booth. Lots of awesome gals out there doing excellent sports broadcasting. Just not ours.
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    Love that there's so many fans in Houston and Arlington ballparks!! Absolutely LOVE IT!!!
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    Elias wants another top pick. You don't give a manger no tools to win and then expect him to win.
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    To me Ruiz seems slimmed down and quicker this year. I noticed it on opening day when he covered a lot of ground on those pop ups on Opening Day. So it will be interesting to see whether the 2021 Statcast data backs up my impression, when it’s available.
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    I would not have slept well if we’d lost that one. Very exciting doubleheader.
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    If this rebuild is similar to the Astros' rebuild in success then Hyde may very well end up being the Bo Porter of this rebuild.
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    Others have mentioned it, bit Mancini is really slow going down the line.
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    I'm nearing my end with Hyde. Also, this team is really bad. Ugh.
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    I believe he's moved on from Twitter and is now exclusively on TikTok. He's a pretty decent dancer
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    Elias: proceeds to draft 20 cf’ers in 2021 draft.
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    Hey let's get excited for the come back led by Freddie "Babe Ruth" Galvis.
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    I'm thinking this lead is insurmountable for this Orioles offense. Try again tomorrow.
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    2021 OAA is now up on Savant; Mullins and Santander are two of the first 32 outfielders YTD to get to 1 OAA - it actually has Santander ahead for the moment. Orioles 21st as outfield team because I guess of that there LF thing.
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    He’s no Bump Bailey.
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    I like Kevin Brown him and McDonald work lot better then the other two we have.
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    And not the good pitchery kind of Kevin Brown...
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    I don’t think they gave it away they hit their fair share hard hit balls. Seattle made some nice plays on defense and we hit into some bad luck. Mountcastle has homer in 5th in July same with Mancini in the 8th. Though Seeger ball in top of eight is gone too in July.
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    Maybe this one will go, you know, a full 9 innings.
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    Travis Lakins. Check the first post of the game thread!
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    On behalf of the citizens of the City of My Birth, I forgive you for mentioning such things.
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    Can Mustard win a friggin hot dog race? Come on Orioles, give me SOMETHING.
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    This is going to be a long day/night of O’s baseball.
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    He hit Zack Greinke pretty hard too: Homer, double, and didn't swing at his eephus pitch.
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    But I think that's been par for the course for this offense for a few years now. Low OBP team, high strikeouts...they can go on a tear for a few games, bash some homers and score some runs...but if they're not hitting homers, they're probably not scoring runs. It's always been an offense that's prone to long slumps. IMO, that's about what I expected this year from this group.
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    This dude has the highest or one of highest ERAs of active pitchers with over 200 IP. He owns a robust 6.31 ERA over his AAA stints. I get that Akin had a bad ST, and we Plutko was a late addition, but we Lopez isn’t needed anymore. He’s had his chances over like 5 MLB seasons. Mike Wright is jealous of the chances this dude has had. Plutko to rotation or call Akin up. I assume Akin’s made some sim game starts at this point.
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    That's how baseball works because pitching is more effective that way. I would like MLB to tell teams they can't do that, that by 2025 you can't have more than eight or nine pitchers, total. But they don't listen to me.
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    Ok, I went back and watched his outing and here's what I saw. 1. Command was terrible: He hadn't pitched in a week and maybe that was part of the reason he was all over the place, but he threw a loot of non-competitive pitches and really struggled throwing a high strike, missing by two feet or more at times. It bares watching since command was an issue at times for him in the minors, but this outing was mostly bad command against a red hot lineup that wasn't missing mistakes. 2. Stuff was the same: I looked at the statcast info and although the spin rates were a little lower on his pitches and his velocity on his splitter and curve were down a tick, he was getting good movement at times which is why he still had a decent Whiff rate on his offspeed pitches. Overall, I'm not too worried. I still see a starter's repertoire in him but maybe Hyde needs to find a way to get him more work and not sit him in the pen for a week after pitching just 2.2 innings last Monday against the Yankees. I don't know the last time Sceroler pitched before his initial outing, but basically he's probably thrown 2.2 innings over a two week span coming into that game yesterday. That's a long layoff for any pitcher, especially a young one that is used to a starter's routine in the minors. I still like the stuff, and command could be due to the layoff so let's see if Hyde uses him after a few days off to see if his command looks better.
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    Nice dude, you were also in sync with Elias on demoting Akins. Credit is due! I do find it weird, his whole career with the O's they have given him more AB's vs RHP even though he really can't hit RHP. Only 123 AB vs LHP vs 633 AB vs RHB but reverse split.
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    That’s because they actually have all scored. 5 left on, 5 scored. That said, perhaps he should try putting fewer runners on base. 10 baserunners in 4+ IP yesterday. Three straight walks before he was relieved in his first start, three straight singles to start the inning before he was relieved yesterday.
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    Also, a minor note. Roch reported about a month ago that Kjerstad wouldn't be reporting to Florida after all. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/03/elias-explains-alternate-camp-setup-and-kjerstad-plans-plus-notes.html They thought it would be best for him to report directly to Maryland. Elias's language in that piece to me makes it seem like he was still recovering or feeling some effects or whatever. Occam's Razor to me implies that is still going on. But I am no doctor. I would expect we will get an update soon. I think it's rational for all of us to be concerned......I am too. I think declaring him a bust is a bit too catastrophic at this time based on what little we do know.
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    Another thing to love about weams is his absolute loyalty to me, but more importantly, to the Hangout and by proxy, all Hangouters. I have trusted some shady characters over the years who came back to bite me, but weams always has the Hangouts best interests in mind. He's a true gentlemen, and one of those rare people who you can actually trust 100%.
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    Well comparing them to Adley is just awful. But even if he did that, trading Severino is still pretty easy.
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