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    You are a douchebag. Happy Holidays.
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    That Grayson Rodriguez comment was funniest thing I've read on here in a LOOONG time. Well done!
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    NICE new avatar! That's far out!
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    Thank yooouuuuuuuu! But I'm beyond saving.
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    Quality avatar choice with the new format.
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    <p><p><p>Hi OFFNY: Got your email and added you to contact/friend list. Hope we win series this weekend. Oriole1940</p></p></p>
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    <p><p><p>Hi..Its Roy Firestone. Is there ANY way I can get a DVD of what you posted? Id be willing to pay for your trouble. I would like to download it on my Mac...but I dont belong to the link site you belong to...</p></p></p>
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