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    With two games to play, the Orioles could still end up picking anywhere from 3rd to 10th. To pick 3rd they would have to lose their final two games while Boston and Detroit win their final two games and Washington wins one of their final three games. We currently have the sixth pick as we jumped Arizona yesterday to move up from seventh. If we were to win our final two games we could drop to 10th with one win by Arizona and two wins by Kansas City, Colorado, and Seattle.
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    been a fan for 50 years...we always had a class act team...even when we sucked we still had a great announcer in Jon Miller that made the games interesting...and great players...now we got crap announcers and crap players...Austin Hays!...yeah right...Chance Cisco!....nope...Ryan Mountcastle?...yawn....Mullins?...gawd help us...and basically most of the pitchers are AAAA at best...so, why should I care about an organization that now is putrid but once was great...I need hope
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    Maybe you shouldn't. If you can't get any joy out of even the young players with some promise perhaps it's time to move on to something else.
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    I think you mean two losses.
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    This is the Orioles' fourth losing season in a row. Someone who's been a fan for 50 years undoubtedly remembers that the team went 14 seasons in a row with losing records from 1998 through 2011. Then the next year they made the playoffs and won their first round game and all of a sudden it was a lot of fun again. The good times will come again. Can't guarantee it'll be next year, but they will come.
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    I have hope that at some point posters will learn how to spell Sisco's name and use proper capitalization. If I can hope for that impossible dream anything should be possible.
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    I hope Hays can learn to stop diving a balls 2-3' away from him that he has no chance of catching. Its great he plays all out, but hes a liability to his own future.
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    Eddie Gamboa did make the majors with the Rays in 2016 and Baseball Reference has him wearing an O's hat. Does that count?
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    From what I've seen in the past, Mullins is a better defender because he gets betters jumps and takes better routes overall. McKenna suffers from losing focus in the field and on base paths, things you rarely if ever see from Mullins. McKenna will throw to the wrong base on occasion or just be lackadaisical out there at times. Mullins is better hitter overall though McKenna does have some occasional pop that teases scouts sometimes.
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    He is a Mainer (MainAH!) Their accent is like Bah-ston squared up there. 😛
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    Hays has always been successful when he gets regular playing time over a decent amount of time. He's probably better suited for LF at Camden Yards than center where he could be a plus defender, but he's fine in center overall. Botjh his barrel% and Hard hit % have been creeping up to MLB avg after being well below average earlier in the year so I think we are just finally seeing what a healthy, in tuned Hays looks like at the plate finally. I still see him as one of the players that will be part of a winning future here.
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    Between the title for this thread and @Can_of_corn talking about dongs in another post, I’m starting to think I’m not paying enough for this site...
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