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    The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME) has put out a tool that estimates hospital resources - beds, ICU beds, invasive ventilators per day through the summer. It shows peak use on April 15 with a more gradual decline through mid June. It also shows estimated deaths per day. They loaded it on April 1 and will update on April 4. Based on JHU data, the number of deaths yesterday were slightly less than IHME’s low end estimate. This assumes full social distancing through May.
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    Staples and Office Depot have paper towels you can order online.Not that cheap but free delivery.Mostly have industrial brands left now like Boardwalk. Not sure of the quality. Actually Office Depot has Marcal.At least for now
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    The bigger question is why on earth are you wearing pants that require a belt! It's the frickin' apocalypse. Joggers / sweatpants are acceptable work attire.
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    No. Can't do it! Oriole born and bred since the early 60's. Every other team can kiss my aspirin!
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    No way. I mean if I'm watching a non Os game there is usually a team I'd rather see win and may cheer for them in that one game, but to actively follow a different team, never. To chime in with others, I hate the Nats... 🙂
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    Im the opposite. Home all day means unfettered grazing and beer drinking. Instead of the Freshman 15 I’m just calling it the Covid 19.
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    I am looking forward to the first "big" Oriole signing...and hoping it isn't followed by internet pictures of the lad's High School Prom...in 2008.
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    Search Results Featured snippet from the web Maikol Hernandez, SS, Venezuela He's a physical, athletic shortstop with a chance to be power/speed threat, running plus underway in the 60-yard dash with a fairly easy swing, a fast bat and over-the-fence power from the right side. Hernandez trains with Jhoan Hidalgo. Looks like a big boy for a shortstop!
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    I thought the one Mesa Brother was ranked #1?????
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