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    The beast is done. https://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/12/11/lukes-2019-rule-5-draft-preference-list/
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    The back to back outings of Akin and Kremer, and emergence of Mountcastle the last two weeks and even the short outburst of Stewart just has me feeling like maybe this team has a future.
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    The Hangout will always be a politics free area. The question now is whether the Hangout will continue. It is something I've discussed with Michael and will sleep on as I consider all of the reasons why I want to take the time and energy to continue to support a sport that wants to be political. I support people of every race, sex, religion and sexual orientation. I have tried to make a place where none of that mattes, but now we exist in world that demonizes those of us who just want to celebrate what brings us together. I have a son who is a police officer now and I have to decide whether I can support a sport that glorifies an organization that hates police officers. An organization that has members/supporters who have shot and killed police officers for no other reason that they were doing their job. I was going to make a decision but now have given pause. I will take some time to hear from trusted sources and then make the decision I can live with. At the end of the day, I have to look myself in the mirror and be able to like what I see and know I'm doing what's best. I am trying my hardest to take my political opinion out of this decision but when baseball is forcing this upon us, I have to decide whether I can come to some kind of decision that takes many peoples best interest in mind. I respect so many people on here, but in these times, as a leader of this community and site, I have to make the final decision. Do I continue to provide a politics free place where people can focus on baseball? Does that help? Or am I supporting a sport that hates my son and everything I stand for? Without getting more political, there is so much more to BLM than social justice, and the fact that major league baseball doesn't realize this has given me major pause. All my life I've been about being as fair as possible to everyone I've met. I've hired and led people of all races, religion and sexual orientations. I've prided myself that I've never treated anyone unfairly due to any of those reasons. Now baseball wants to shove politics down our throats. In the past baseball has helped integrate this country by rightfully integrated baseball with Jackie Robinson and although it was just the first of many things they needed to do to be truly inclusive, it was a huge step in this country. Like MLK, Jackie Robinson was a true hero who fought against true racism within this country. Their fights and struggles for equality make them absolute American heroes. We are all better off because of their struggles to help this country get past true racist policies. Now, we have people who have hijacked "social justice" for political causes and major league baseball has decide to support this and I'm struggling with this decision. I will always be the first person to support peaceful protesting but it's clear that these same forces have joined forces with groups like ANTIFA to bring their political ways to the fore front while using "social justice" as a mechanism to hide behind. MLB has now chosen a side. They have decided they will choose the anti-police, the anti law and order, and anti Capitalism side. As someone who has served under this flag in hostile countries, I can not idly stand by while MLB not only allows, but celebrates those who kneel during our national anthem, the song meant to bring us all together as Americans. Notice, I didn't put a color in front of that term. There should be no color to being an American. But we have forces in this country that hate that term and hate this country, and now MLB is celebrating this in the name of "social justice". I realize I have strayed into politics in this post. But I wanted you to know all of the things I'm struggling with as I decide the future of this site. I want you to know that any decision that I make will not be in anger or because it was emotional, but because I ultimately had to do what I feel is right. I will realize that no matter what I decide to do their will be a group of people who will not approve. I hope at least you will at least understand where I'm coming from and understand why I decided to make the decision. Regardless, thank you for all of you support over the years.
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    No offense, I think you are way off base about what BLM represents. I will not go further except to say that it is not about hating police. Regardless I don't see folding the site as the answer. Hope you reconsider and we can move on.
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    Cant say I'm thrilled with the offseason "upgrades" but it is what it is, I guess...Instead of lamenting though...I thought I'd share a little holiday cheer with a medley of my favorite singing impressions I performed on LA morning TV. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!
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    How about a "letter", signed by all participants here, directed to the appropriate executive in the O's organization (with copies to Mike Elias and any other relevant high-level decision-maker) detailing the rationale for the Orioles organization recognition and support of the Orioles Hangout? I'm confident that there is sufficient talent among the readers and posters of OH to formulate a successful appeal.
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    Without access to Baseball America, I compiled rankings from MLB Pipeline (MLB.com), Keith Law ($), and ESPN ($) to create a Composite Top 100 MLB Draft Prospects list. Reminder, the O's first four picks are #'s 2/30/39/74: Wrong thread... mods feel free to move it to the Amateur Draft forum.
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    After a long, gloomy winter in which I have exuded realism about the Orioles’ near term future, spring training has arrived and I am growing more optimistic daily based on the incessantly positive remarks coming from Brandon Hyde, Doug Brocail and a litany of players. Lord it makes me happy! The hell with realism, there will be plenty of time for that later!
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    Surprised his shadow didn't have him on "Ignore."
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    His “spin” rate isn’t very good...
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    We had a dude once named Villar. He was @Roll Tide's favorite star. He hit for the cycle, played 162 But Mike said Easton Lucas would do.
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    I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the opportunity I have been afforded by @Tony-OH and @weams to contribute to the Hangout with my writing. I also am thankful for all of you who have checked on and read the work all season long. As all of the responses to Tony's thoughts on his future and the future of OH show, this is a strong and passionate community of Orioles fans who support the team and value the exchange of opinions and thoughts this site provides and that is something we all should be thankful for. I thank all of you for your support and wish you all a wonderful day spent with family and friends. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
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    The fact that Luke is the only person I've ever allowed to really affect the rankings and allowed him to have his take on every profile speaks to how highly I think of him. I enjoy the back and forth with him and he's been a great add to the site and hopefully for many years to come!
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    “Surprisingly, I don't miss it. I've come out of retirement two times to fill in for a team that needed a player so bad or they were going to forfeit, but after pulling my hamstring in my last game, it was clear father time had claimed another victim.” When you get to a certain age, you have to learn where the line is to keep you from pulling a hamstring or calf muscle. You can run at a certain speed but if you accelerate too fast, you’re a goner. Despite my inability to hit a hardball, I was (and still am, sort of) a pretty good slow pitch softball player. Once my kids came to watch me play and I came up with the bases loaded and crushed a ball over the LF’s head. That was great, except that I pulled a calf muscle charging out of the batter’s box. I managed to limp my way to 3B on what surely would have been a grand slam. I kept playing, and lo and behold the bases were loaded my next time up. I hit a long liner that perfectly bisected LF and CF and kept rolling. I’m limping along, but my biggest problem is there’s a woman ahead of me on the bases who didn’t know what to do, so I’m having to lag behind her. As she finally heads towards home, I head to third and by now a relay throw is coming in there. It sails over the head of the 3B and I hobble home. Just after I touch home plate and peel off behind the backstop, my 6/7 year old daughter leaps into my arms and says “Daddy, you’re amazing! You’re the best dad in the whole world!!!” If I had died just then, I would have died a very happy man. Of course, at this point I had to keep playing, even though my leg was a wreck. Later in the game I was playing 1B, the other team had a runner on 3B and the hitter hit a slow chopper towards me. I charged it but the catcher had wandered off so the runner headed for home. I raced him there and managed to tag him just before reaching home, but further pulled my calf in the process. For the next three days, I had to use a cane to walk, and for more than a year, I could feel that calf muscle threatening to pull again even when I just chased my kids around the back yard. But it was worth it for that great moment with my daughter — who by the way doesn’t remember it at all.
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    Nobody wonders why attendance is down right now. It was a point of useful discussion in 2016-17. Since then, the equation is simple: losing —> lower attendance. And guess what? It will continue going down until the team starts winning much more often than it is right now. Elias knows that. The Angelos family knows that. We all know that. And if you don’t want to pay to watch the team as they go through the demolition stage of their rebuild, then don’t. Nobody’s going to take your Oriole fan card away if you don’t want to pay to watch this. For me, I’ve decided to trust the process for at least a couple of years. I like going to baseball games too much to stop going. Will I go to fewer games than I would if they were winning? Sure. But it’s not because I feel betrayed. It’s not because I think the team is being greedy, or disloyal. For me, they’re doing what they think they need to do to turn the team around in the most efficient way possible. It’s not pretty. I hope it works.
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    Figured I will give it a separate thread. Giving back to the community is nice. Good to see this because many of the new Orioles have little to no attachment to the Baltimore area. Mostly because they are new to the area or are not making the big bucks yet. Orioles first baseman Chris Davis and his wife Jill donated $3 million to the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital on Monday, the largest gift the hospital has received from a Baltimore sports figure. The money will be spent on building a state-of-the-art facility described as a hybrid catheterization and operating room to treat children, according to a release. “This is a cause that is close to our hearts," Chris Davis said in a release. "Everyone at the hospital has inspired our family — from the patients and families who show such courage in the face of overwhelming challenges, to the medical professionals and caregivers who dedicate their careers to saving and improving lives.” The space will be called the Evelyn Kay Davis Congenital Hybrid Catheterization Suite, named after the Davises’ daughter, Evie, who was born with a ventricular septal defect in January 2018. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-chris-davis-donation-maryland-childrens-hospital-20191104-4wcvuuzy3vbb3f7ejwlef63e24-story.html
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    Maybe being drunk brought out that particular outburst, but the reporting is that this guy had a ongoing grudge against a reporter who was holding the team accountable for acquiring a domestic abuser. That's a guy I wouldn't want in an org, even if he remained sober at all times. Let's forget about the acquiring of a domestic abuser for a minute, which I definitely do not condone. Let's just look at this Taubman guy as a cold-blooded asset valuation specialist. Even from that perspective, he is a failure. Here's why. He pushed to acquire a "distressed asset" as he put it. A player whose value was depressed by his off field actions. So the pitch is that you can get this guy for less than fair market value in baseball ability terms. That's true, whether you like it or not. But where Taubman failed was not expecting and being prepared to deal with the predictable blowback from acquiring such an asset. The guy thought that the move was being covered unfairly in the media, how ignorant do you have to be to not predict that outcome? The failure to predict and maturely handle the wide-ranging consequences of such an action is a huge red flag for me, people like that make dangerous decisions because they only see the benefit without seeing all the cost.
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    Dan Duquette was a good GM for the O's. There is that what you are looking for? Dan had a tough job. Peter Angelos was not easy to work for and did not give Dan a free hand to do what he wanted. Peter sometimes directed player signings. And Buck didn't not report to Dan. Buck could go around Dan any time he wanted to the owner. So the two butted heads at times. It was a different time and a different organizational structure and in spite of that Dan was Executive of the Year in 2014 for getting the O's deep into the playoffs. Elias acknowledges that many of the players now with the O's where drafted by Dan. Elias is not trying to take credit for that. However Dan never had the player development system that Elias has built nor the analytics. That is probably not Dan's fault because the money went for players not infrastructure under Peter Angelos. But acknowledge what Elias is doing. I am happy for Dylan Bundy but trading him was the right thing to do in a rebuild. Dylan's fastball was 96+ in his early years. Injuries took there toll. His fastball now averages 90 now according to Brook Baseball. He is not same pitcher he was and probably not good match for Camden Yards and its 318 down the right field line and 365 to left center. Angels Park is 350 down the right field line and 390 to left center. Most of the other parks in the AL East are small also. Dylan pitched 5 times at home. Twice in Oakland and once Seattle. All much larger parks than in the AL East. And in those 8 starts Dylan has given up 4 homers. In 2018 for the O's Dylan gave up 41 homers in 31 games. Its hard to win that way. And I don't know how you can say that Dylan was traded for nothing. Maybe your scouting ability is really good but three of the players received were 22 and 23 years old. Elias puts them into his player development system and who knows how good they will be. I think Elias probably scouted some of those players for the draft. So Dan was good, Elias is good and Dylan is doing well. And all is right with the world.
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    I think if Mountcastle gets ahead in the count 2-0 in his first MLB at bat, they stop the game right there and sell Stewart to the Chunichi Dragons.
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    I think you're playing a little fast and loose with taxonomy. The family bovidae for example includes sheep, goats, musk oxen, a variety of antelopes and Elsie the cow. I advise you to not mistake a musk ox for Elsie as you stumble out bed on your way to do your morning milking. In something as dangerous as COVID-19 is proving to be, distinctions matter.
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    It’s not perfect, but it’s 1,000,000 times better than having no baseball. And these conditions aren’t permanent. So, go to it, I say!
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    There are more than hundreds for me. When I was a young child (5?), I locked myself in the bathroom at my doctor’s office trying to avoid a blood test prick. They had to unhinge the door and remove it and had some assistance from a handsome dude who told my mom he was T-Bone and his kids were brats too. When we got the autograph on a prescription pad, my dad translated it to-John Shelby. I remember standing next to the bullpen for Dylan Bundy’s first career start above Delmarva. He was so focused and so ready to seize his career. He was also pretty chatty and friendly. I told him I’d see him at the World Series. He said ‘you’re damn right you will’ as he took his tosses and got sweaty in a second before sprinting towards the mound. My dad took me to wrestling as a kid to the Baltimore Civic Center. I was probably 5 here too and in our aisle, barely visible through the lights was Johnny U. My dad is quiet and deliberate and measured but he basically left me to mess around with the younger Unitases and kids as he met his all-time hero and talked his ear off. I’ve never seen him act that way ever before or again and it made an impression on me more than any story/legend/30 for 30 could. But the reason why I love the O’s so much and never won’t is outfielder Ken Gerhart. If you know me you’ve heard the story of how good he was to me. My old neighbor was a floor manager for Leaf Candies and he was a great guy-I miss his entire family. He would give out Chunkies, take us to the bus stop and let us stay in his car when it was cold plus didn’t yell when my dog ran down to their lawn. One day he took a piece of paper out of the console from his Chevy Monte Carlo and told me to bring it to my mom. It was a free pass for a dugout tour/bullpen party with an Oriole, Cal Ripken. When we went they told us that Cal wasn’t available and I honestly didn’t care, I wanted to see Eddie Murray in person somehow. I didn’t get that either. Gerhart walked in, saw the situation and told my folks he’d have me back to the desk in a few minutes. He held my hand and took me into the batting cage and I saw Larry Sheets in sweats banging out line drives with the biggest bat I’ve ever seen. Then into the trainers room where I saw guys I don’t know being bent and reading the paper and laughing-there was Cal. Finally, he took me to the field and I got to walk out the dugout onto the grass and see the stadium seats go up to the sky. I remember thinking that he was going to come out the same entrance and how special the dugout was. He told me to never stop watching what happens on the field, even in the dugout and bullpen. Then we walked out there, took a ride in the cart around the outfield and my tour was over. Gerhart didn’t play that game and didn’t make an impact on the field but he was so nice and welcoming. That impact, that lack of separating me from the sights and sounds and putting me in a place where I could witness them locked it up for me forever. Baseball was my life and my favorite activity and how I evaluated people and what I loved to learn more about than anything else. Who knows if I would have turned out this way if there was no Ken Gerhart to do his part and pass it on? Ive had so many interactions with O’s players and people they’re connected to but this is the one that shaped me as a baseball fan and O’s guy for life. Great idea for a thread-thanks. I’m having trouble with no baseball.
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    I actually don't mind Hunter on the radio. Give me Palmer and Thorne all day. Kind of insulted by the fact that they're using this press release to say that it's a "diverse" team. As someone who doesn't care if my baseball broadcast teams are "diverse" just because you're including a woman here doesn't make it so. Don't pee on my shoes and tell me it's raining.
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    In other words, an average team should get a 40+ WAR guy about once in 30 years, one other 30+ guy in that timeframe, and a 20+ every 6 or 7 years.
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    Well, that's good. Two things: 1. No one likes watching pitchers hit. 2. Not many more annoying fans in sports than National League fans who think the double switch is the absolute pinnacle of baseball strategy.
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    The Rays used 9 pitchers in last nights playoff game. The Orioles used 4 pitchers total in winning the 1966 World Series.
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    The question becomes "where do you play him?" We have a CF in Mullins who is 2 for his last 4
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    Francisca is from Curacao, turned 18 two weeks ago. Bencosme is from the DR, turns 18 in December. Signed on August 14, according to his Instagram.
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    Nobody is claiming that signing amount didn’t factor in. They are suggesting that it’s possible ME thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. Drafting/Signing a player with comparable talent AND having more money to work with. to put it simply, he signed player A for ~$2M less than he would have player B. He thinks the difference between players A and B is far less than 2M
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    This guy would be perfect if the L and M were switched
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    Today it’s freezing by FL standards and in the way to the fields coach Tim DeJohn and I compared layers. He told me where and when they’d be doing high rate double play drills today, field 2 if you’re around. The players did a great short burst explosion contest this morning and I’ll go through my footage. Highlights include JC Encarnacion beating Mason Janvrin who gets to top speed in 2-3 strides. Right now they’ve moved to sliding drills. I don’t want Ripken or Zach Jarrett coming for my legs! I’ll have more soon. 10:30am Update-Just got a nice little tidbit talking to a starter. He told me that the guys who are here early as far as pitchers are all starters whose throwing programs include 30 mound pitches and a live BP every 3 days. I had thought something like that but he confirmed it, he went yesterday so after calisthenics and stretches he was basically done for the day. Kind of like most baseball fans he wanted to go to the O’s game and ‘watch Chris Davis. I reminded him of his .800 spring average and he cracked up. 2:30pm Update-I left the complex after a few talks with coaches and team staff discussing some issues I was unsure of. Today was chilly but so many drills and pitchers establishing a usage schedule. I am starting to like the practice environment more and more the more I see but the best part is seeing the bits of improvement that pave the way to more confidence/success. I watched more than I filmed today as the pitchers showed similar attributes and stuff as they did two days previous. I got some more looks at Jensen Elliott and he’s starting to warm up a bit. Brnovich too was a focus of mine and he’s got his stuff rounding into form as he harnesses control in this early camp setting. Fans haven’t heard or seen much of him but he’s going for the K and his arsenal is going to make people watch. There were diving catch drills in the outfield and that was awesome. Guys showed some range and as usual, Zach Watson has lots. Nuestrom showed good stride length and positioning too, it was my first look at him. Also in the cage he was smashing soft tosses into the stratosphere testing the strength of the nets. I realized looking through the note pad that I am formulating profiles on each and every guy here and several have really made a strong impression with skills, focus, attitude and especially effort. There is not a single player out here trying harder and getting more out of what he’s got than Willy Yahn. I haven’t figured him out totally but he will not stop busting his ass or going all out so I really just want to watch. You would too. His teammates absolutely love him because they see it too. He’s less blessed than other guys here but his name is William Wallace and it’s fitting. Also Cadyn Grenier and his grounder stopping skills and body are just made for fielding. His swing is leveling and his contact ability better than before but not complete. His defensive positioning, motions and feet are just natural and coaching is only helping shape these skills into a pro-ready package. He can play D. From my pad ‘every Cadyn defensive movement demonstrates natural ability’. I want opponents hitting it on the ground near him today. I watched drills, hit the cage and then saw live BP’s and here are my observations: -Joey Ortiz throwing fundamentals are his best defensive weapon. -Darell Hernaiz gained a few lbs but it didn’t affect his foot quickness in the slightest-good sign for more weight. Also he likes his own sliding technique In the cage I watched Zach a Jarrett again. He has a good initiation of motion and strong hands force the action to start happening. I don’t know about the plane, I need to watch more. Also he’s not big guy so perhaps morphing into more of an uppercut may really help him. I focused more on hands with a few guys and not much to see but I saw Thorburn with a few good knocks in a row and was using the top hand as guidance, turning it into the ball’s path. In the live BP’s I noted that Hammer worked in tandem with Gillispie today again. Brnovich steps on to the hill and has slide in his first throw. It’s great to see a guy whose straight isn’t even that straight. Escarra laced a double off him past RF. He’s pretty much on everything with timing. JC is the hottest hitter through week 1 and it works because he’s got a good attitude and lots of chatter. I wrote Brnovich is maybe even moving more then he wants at this point because they’re not all strikes and he got touched up a little. He’s got stuff to work through to get placement but it’s a good assignment for the coaches and he seems like a good project to want to fulfill. Houston Roth not only threw a water bottle into the trash from 18 feet away, he had significant depth on off-speed and corkscrewed Hernaiz into the dirt. Next guy Roth whipped a cut fastball down under Ben Brezeale’s bat (nasty) but Brezeale laced a high velocity return past the SS hole. Great work not getting stuck. Grenier was next and he waited out everything that wasn’t straight-I dont think there’s a count yet, and then he hit the cage low with a liner. Good work on both sides of the ball here. I got to another field in time to see Connor Gillispie and his battery mate today Cody Roberts finished off Joey Ortiz looking with a breaking ball that stayed tight even if high and Joey was not going to be able to swing. Nice finish. Roberts again is an excellent communicator. More Jake Lyons and I noticed he’s already looking svelt-er and we haven’t truly hit sweating weather yet. Stuff wise he’s yet to show me a lack of anything. Today I was directly behind the catcher and I noticed his breaking ball goes heavy on the third base side even almost outside a righty. That angle made it pretty clear. He and Cannon worked together, TX and OK. My last note for the day says ‘Escarra took a step in the box and laced one to deep RF/wall...he’s on fire! Before leaving I talked to a few more guys and got some good info on the upcoming games. I didn’t want to talk about the MLB pipeline list that came out last bout because it’s just another list and feel like I have some disagreements. But it was on my mind that each name on it was either at major or minor league camp and some of those guys are starting off really well. We’ll see who is throwing tomorrow and I’ll study some video and read some hitting stuff until then.
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    MLB is seeing a fairly dramatic exodus of guys dumping the current broken system for better times in Japan and Korea. Honestly, if you're Jones, why WOULDN'T you just say "to hell with waiting until March to get a minor league offer". Go hit some dongs off some sub-par pitchers, play the hero for another couple years, eat some interesting food for your instagram, and witness fans in the stands who actually care and pay attention to the game and cheer. There's literally only one downside if you're Jones and that's moving your family.
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    Didn’t see this posted yet, O’s with the 31st pick in the 1st round https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/2020-competitive-balance-draft-pick-order.html
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    What does Davis have to do with Villar? Trading Villar means saving about $10M. Releasing Davis doesn't do anything besides keeping people from talking about him. You'll still owe him over $60M. It's all style over substance.
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-20-mlb-international-reviews-baltimore-orioles/ Really good piece highlighting 11 of this year’s J2 signings. Includes first mention of some bonus amounts (although Venezuelan bonus amounts are not advertised because of the turmoil in that country). Besides Luis Ortiz, who looks like a stud, the most interesting guy for me is Raul Rangel. Venezuelan RHP up to 93 despite being super skinny, arm action needs to get cleaned up a little bit, but it’s a sit upper 90s guy if development goes right.
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    I get the impression that Rob Manfred doesn't even like baseball. He should go become the commissioner of an e-sports league.
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    We're finalizing our official Top 30 prospects list and will start putting it out next week. I'm thinking of doing something different this year and go from 1-10 with us putting out a poll and then releasing two prospect at a time until 10. then five at a time afterwards until we reach 30. We will also be releasing a "Keep an eye on" group for guys that just missed the Top 30 or were in consideration. In the meantime, let's see you guys put out your top 30 lists in this thread. Luke and I will try not to comment too much in this thread after this so we don't give away too many hints.
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    That really hampers what you can do the rest of the draft. To me you only do that if Martin was the no. 1 guy on your board and you feel blessed that you got him at 2.
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    This is the only intellectually honest opinion possible in this situation. None of know more than Elias, a NASA data wizard, and a room full of people who do this for a living. Right? Right. So...just see how it plays out. Would love a Luke blurb right now.
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    Breaking News: Tony Pente placed on 7 day IL (concussion protocol) after slamming head into desk repeatedly after seeing the box score.
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    But they have a locked in price of 550K or so for the first three years. So it's 15M a year for the last three which is way more than he is likely to make in arbitration.
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    I spent a little time putting together a spreadsheet of some of the income/expense numbers published by Forbes for 2018, so I could compare the O’s to other teams. I note, up front, that I don’t consider their revenue and operating income numbers to be that reliable, as I believe they omit equity payments from team-owned RSN’s, obviously a huge factor for the Orioles. But, I worked with what I had. I added one line item for each team: non-player expenses. That is derived from a simple formula: Revenue - Operating Income - Player Expenses = Non-Player Expenses. This should include all the front office expenses, scouting, development, analytics, Latin American operations and other “infrastructure.” Here is where the O’s ranked in various categories, with some commentary. Keep in mind this is 2018. Revenue: $251 mm, 26th in MLB, ahead of only Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Miami and Oakland. It is only 38% of the revenue earned by the Yankees and 49% of the revenue earned by Boston. The league-wide mean in this category was $330 mm and the median was $289.5 mm. Operating income: -$6.5 mm. The O’s were one of only three teams operating in the red in 2018, the others being Toronto and Miami. The mean operating income was $39.6 mm and the median was $32 mm. Player expenses: $161 mm, 13th in MLB in 2018. Forbes’ figures include not only salaries, but benefits, so they run higher than the payroll figures you read elsewhere. In any event, $161 mm in player expenses for 47 wins is laughably bad. The mean player expenses were $156 mm and the median was $157.5. Non-player expenses: this is the category I calculated as explained above. The Orioles were dead last in this category in all MLB, at $96.5 mm. The mean was $133.8 mm and the median was $113 mm. So if you want proof that the Orioles weren’t spending enough on infrastructure, there it is. It will be interesting to see how much this figure is increased when Forbes publishes its 2019 figures. I will make a separate post getting into this topic in a little more detail. Gate receipts: $42 mm, 26th in MLB, ahead of only Cincinnati, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Miami. By comparison, the Yankees had gate receipts of $284 mm and the Red Sox $221 mm. The mean in this category was $94.1 mm and the median was $71.5 mm. I have a number of thoughts and comments on this data that I’ll post later. These include some thoughts on how MASN impacts these numbers, and some of the “noise” in the revenue and non-player expense figures league-wide. But the raw numbers are pretty interesting in and of themselves.
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    Bradish Peek (highest ceiling, but we don’t know how he’ll handle a pro workload) Brnovich Mattson Lucas Peek and Bradish, same tier for me, definite top 30, probably around high teens to mid 20s. Brnovich and Mattson, maybe 26-30 range, maybe off the 30. Lucas, somewhere in the group that just missed, similar to Hammer who I mentioned in the Beyond the 30.
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    As for the statement about building around Baltimore and the stadium area. As i have said before ,the city is expanding rapidly in some areas and dying in others. Port Covington is one of the biggest HQ and revitalization projects on the East Coast. On the other side of the stadium near the casino, they are building a Top Golf and now two concert halls.,the Paramount and Hammerjacks reopening. Also Canton.Harbor East, Woodberry and other areas keep getting new condos,apartments and restaurants. https://www.southbmore.com/2019/10/11/plans-revealed-for-3750-seat-the-paramount-baltimore-music-venue-across-from-mt-bank-stadium/ https://baltimorefishbowl.com/stories/50-million-3750-seat-concert-venue-proposed-for-south-baltimore/ https://pc.city/development/ https://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-liberty-harbor-east-20191014-q56ifdkwjff77p3erpgazbzmaa-story.html
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