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    The beast is done. https://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/12/11/lukes-2019-rule-5-draft-preference-list/
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    How about a "letter", signed by all participants here, directed to the appropriate executive in the O's organization (with copies to Mike Elias and any other relevant high-level decision-maker) detailing the rationale for the Orioles organization recognition and support of the Orioles Hangout? I'm confident that there is sufficient talent among the readers and posters of OH to formulate a successful appeal.
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    The fact that Luke is the only person I've ever allowed to really affect the rankings and allowed him to have his take on every profile speaks to how highly I think of him. I enjoy the back and forth with him and he's been a great add to the site and hopefully for many years to come!
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    Nobody wonders why attendance is down right now. It was a point of useful discussion in 2016-17. Since then, the equation is simple: losing —> lower attendance. And guess what? It will continue going down until the team starts winning much more often than it is right now. Elias knows that. The Angelos family knows that. We all know that. And if you don’t want to pay to watch the team as they go through the demolition stage of their rebuild, then don’t. Nobody’s going to take your Oriole fan card away if you don’t want to pay to watch this. For me, I’ve decided to trust the process for at least a couple of years. I like going to baseball games too much to stop going. Will I go to fewer games than I would if they were winning? Sure. But it’s not because I feel betrayed. It’s not because I think the team is being greedy, or disloyal. For me, they’re doing what they think they need to do to turn the team around in the most efficient way possible. It’s not pretty. I hope it works.
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    I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the opportunity I have been afforded by @Tony-OH and @weams to contribute to the Hangout with my writing. I also am thankful for all of you who have checked on and read the work all season long. As all of the responses to Tony's thoughts on his future and the future of OH show, this is a strong and passionate community of Orioles fans who support the team and value the exchange of opinions and thoughts this site provides and that is something we all should be thankful for. I thank all of you for your support and wish you all a wonderful day spent with family and friends. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
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    Didn’t see this posted yet, O’s with the 31st pick in the 1st round https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/2020-competitive-balance-draft-pick-order.html
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-20-mlb-international-reviews-baltimore-orioles/ Really good piece highlighting 11 of this year’s J2 signings. Includes first mention of some bonus amounts (although Venezuelan bonus amounts are not advertised because of the turmoil in that country). Besides Luis Ortiz, who looks like a stud, the most interesting guy for me is Raul Rangel. Venezuelan RHP up to 93 despite being super skinny, arm action needs to get cleaned up a little bit, but it’s a sit upper 90s guy if development goes right.
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    MLB is seeing a fairly dramatic exodus of guys dumping the current broken system for better times in Japan and Korea. Honestly, if you're Jones, why WOULDN'T you just say "to hell with waiting until March to get a minor league offer". Go hit some dongs off some sub-par pitchers, play the hero for another couple years, eat some interesting food for your instagram, and witness fans in the stands who actually care and pay attention to the game and cheer. There's literally only one downside if you're Jones and that's moving your family.
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    I was expecting the 29 plane crashes theory..
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    Bradish Peek (highest ceiling, but we don’t know how he’ll handle a pro workload) Brnovich Mattson Lucas Peek and Bradish, same tier for me, definite top 30, probably around high teens to mid 20s. Brnovich and Mattson, maybe 26-30 range, maybe off the 30. Lucas, somewhere in the group that just missed, similar to Hammer who I mentioned in the Beyond the 30.
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    He thinks player development can create quality from certain raw attributes. So he grabs as many with those attributes as possible.
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    1. Gennett 2B L 2. Hays CF R 3. Mancini 1B R 4. Santander S RF 5. Nunez R DH 6. Ruiz L 3B 7. Davis L LF 8. Sisco L C 9. Russell R SS
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    I was very wrong, and depressed that I was. I would have been happy to trade him for something of real value, but if nobody was willing to do that, I’d rather have kept him. He was an entertaining player IMO and we are less watchable without him.
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    I understand the complicated decisions you’re facing, Tony. And just to throw another two cents into the pot, this is the main site that I turn to for the only team I care about in the only sport I follow. So this message board is something I deeply appreciate. And obviously a lot of others do too. As others have said, if the money makes a difference, I’m willing to pay more. But I know it’s not just about the money. Either way, it’s important that you know how much gratitude many of us have for the OH, an oasis on the Internet where I don’t have to read through ignorant or outright hateful comments, where politics are put aside, and it’s just about our beloved Birds and not much else...as it should be. I have always disliked posthumous tributes... if you like someone, celebrate them while they’re here. So thank you, and I hope you find the energy and motivation to keep this site going for many more years.
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    Today is a halfway point, of sorts. 73 days ago the Orioles ended their 2019 season in Boston, with the last out recorded by an Oriole pitcher for the season coming on Stevie Wilkerson's incredible catch in RF. 73 days from today they take the field at Atlanta's new spring training ballpark in North Port for the first exhibition game of the new decade.
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    Good question, the main reason to pick Alemais rather than Hechevarria is you have nothing to lose and Alemais will cost 655K (100K Rule 5 fee + league min) and is controllable for 6 years if he works out while Hechevarria might get similar to the 3M he got last year and if he's good, he's either more expensive or gone. That said Alemais isn't at the top of my list or particularly close, I just think he's worth thinking about and I haven't heard him mentioned anywhere else. For the Holt question, it could either be guys that fit the same profile that I mentioned earlier. So vertical spin angle, hop on the fastball, high 3/4 arm slot, above average spin. Or it could be guys that have some fixable pitch arsenal things, like a guy whose curveball and slider are too similar, or whose curveball doesn't mirror fastball spin, or who unintentionally cuts his fastball. Guys that fit the profile include Joe Barlow, Trevor Megill, Brandon Bailey, Hever Bueno, Jordan Sheffield, Bryan Baker, Wladimir Pinto, Scott Engler, Kevin McCanna in a rough order of preference. Some of these guys aren't legit options, I'm just pulling all the guys I have notes on fitting that profile. Guys that have some correctable flaws include (this is a limited list because I don't have time to extensively study video on every player) in no particular order Luke Bachar (more seperation of breaking balls), Daniel Alvarez (fastball spin angle), Cam Hill (spin efficiency of the fastball), Eric Marinez (release consistency), Andrew Lee (cuts his fastball), Kurt Hoekstra (cuts his fastball).
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    You come at the king, you best not miss.
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    Also, Gausman wasn't released by the Orioles, he was traded. And Gausman and Bundy had the 6th and 8th highest rWARs of all #4 overall picks of the last 30 years, so they weren't even failures. You can be disappointed that they didn't do more, but they were not close to failures. They were both legit Major League starters for several years.
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    Tony, Thanks for this thoughtful update. What you’ve done here is amazing and you should be extremely proud. I’ve spent 16 years around here, even wrote game stories for a short time, and it has never been lost on me how much work has to be involved in something this extensive. I don’t post nearly as much as I once did, but I still read the board a lot and I’ve read every one of the new scouting reports the same day they came out just like I have for many years. It is just great stuff and the time spent, knowledge, heart, and passion come through in every report. You and I are basically the same age so I can completely relate to how you’re feeling from an energy perspective. I’m not sure how you feel, but I find myself wanting to focus my efforts more these days because I know my energy isn’t nearly as boundless as it used to be and there is less time to waste. Regardless of your decision, thanks so much for being so open and for all you’ve done over the years. Orioles Hangout has been a significant part of my life and that won’t ever change. If I can do anything to assist you, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you again.
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    Why is it notable that Elias has to check with ownership before taking on a poor contract with a prospect attached?
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    Let's not forget, Richie Martin did slash .296/.333/.408/.741 over his last 107 PAs last year. Grant it, it was mostly against left-handers, but he did make some nice adjustments.
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    63 hours until the real action at the Winter Meetings -- the Rule 5 Draft. Everything else is just foreplay.
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    If he was still speaking to me I'd probably get a text telling me to delete this and ban you! But Frobby caused him to go ballistic last off season and he stopped talking to me and unfriended me on everything after I told him I don't suppress thoughts good or bad about anyone. As long as you don't name call you are good here, but he didn't like that response. Just to set the record straight, I still sleep soundly at night.
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    I don't care. I only really care how the staff looks in 2021 and after. Who the Orioles have on the mound for 2020 is inconsequential when it comes to considering pitchers who aren't being looked at as possible pieces of the future. Quad A types, Rule 5ers, retreads, I'm not interested.
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    Wandisson Charles is 6'6" with a loose, quick arm and has a fastball that sits 99-101mph. His offspeed stuff isn't consistent yet, but both the slider and the changeup will flash. He's got the most athletic actions of any of the available 100mph types. Command is below average, but I think strikethrowing will improve. He was 22 for the entire 2019 season and had a 2.89 ERA and 13.4 K/9. Hever Bueno has dealt with injuries and missed all of 2018 with TJS, so this was his first healthy pro season and he sat 96-99 t100 with a nasty curveball. Control/command not back yet, but improved as the year went on. Buddy Reed's value is defense and baserunning, I think it's unlikely that the bat turns into much, but if it does, there is raw power, so it's kind of a lottery ticket. Cody Thomas is a bet on bat speed and athleticism, he was a two sport athlete so he could be a late bloomer. It's like poor man's Cody Bellinger if the bat control can tick up a little bit. Steven Fuentes, hard to tell how it will translate, a RHP who only sits 90-94 isn't exciting, but he gets good sink and locates well. The slider probably needs to tick up for a backend rotation role. WIth Megill, there isn't a ton of velocity or a dominant out pitch, so you are looking at middle relief I'm not sure what the Orioles are looking for, when my rankings come out, they aren't rankings of best guys for the Orioles, just best overall.
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    I picked the wrong day to not keep checking in on Orioleshangout.com and to quit sniffing glue.
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    For me it wasn't about the expectations, those went out the window the second he had TJ. It was all about the amount of dingers he gave up. And when he was bad, he was BAD. Sure, he turned in some nice starts and had a great slider but a 4.67 career ERA....I'm not upset.
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    Don't know if there's more than Mattson, don't really care. If we're talking about enjoying watching Villar playing and how the team is less interesting without him...well, I never really liked watching Bundy pitch that much and won't miss him. Pretty sure the Orioles HR rate just got a little bit better.
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    I posted some time ago that the most obvious way to lower the 2019 payroll is to move Villar. I support this decision by Elias with the following thoughts: - arbitration is about figuring out a player's value under that system and then comparing that number to the one provided by the team and the one provided by the player. Villar was probably going to be paid between $8M-$10M under that process. Not a big incremental jump. The incremental Ws provided by Villar to this team would improve our w-l record and hinder our ability to have a poor record and top 2020 draft position. - Someone posted that Villar's 4 WAR season was impacted by a very large number of at-bats. I doubt teams valued Villar at 4 WAR. Probably they valued him somewhere around 1-1.5 incremental WAR over their best internal option. - I trust that Elias has been trying to trade Villar since last year's trade deadline or before with no takers so far. Holding onto Villar with the intention of dealing him during the season is too big a risk IMO. - I don't know if there are other internal investments to make or if the savings from losing/dealing Villar will be reinvested in the team, but it would not surprise me if the value of a Rule V pick plus the saved $ has more value to the post 2020 Os than Villar's production. - there will be plenty to enjoy next year at the major league level including the 2019 performers plus Hays and the expected early promotion of Mountcastle, possibly Diaz and hopefully a couple of pitchers. This is what a cold-blooded (soul-less) front office decision looks like.
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    I'm not sure why this move is such a surprise to you. This is the modal that Elias used in Houston. You burn it to the ground then rebuild with a strong foundation. The idea is build the team for sustained success. Whether or not we have Villar on the team next season isn't going to matter and it's not going to move the win/loss needed. He a complementary player, not a difference maker. Right now I'm operating under the assumption that the money saved by releasing Villar will be reinvested into other facets of the organization. The Orioles, even under Angelos, Sr., never had a problem spending; they had a problem spending the "right" way. Now if all this turns out to be a mandate to strip payroll before they move the team to Nashville then I'll be the first to say I was wrong.
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    If Villar is ultimately traded, I’ll change my mind. Until then, I hate it. And if they lose him for nothing, I’ll hate it more.
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    2014 for me. Delmon's double was the most memorable great play of my Orioles lifetime fandom. Loved 2012, of course. Honorable mention to...2019. Yeah, I said it. First time I've seen this team with a smart, coherent, plan since Pat Gillick was GM. If he's good, ten years from now we'll all be saying how important the Elias hire was (which happened in 2018, but you get the point).
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    For what it's worth, I gave it a good laugh.
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    I'd leave Jeter off my ballot and vote B-Rob.
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    That's a good question. Defensively I'd go with McKenna because Mullins' arm is so poor that runners clearly takes extra bases on him that they wouldn't if even an average arm was out there. They both can go get the ball side to side well, Mullins goes back a little better for me but not significantly. Offensively, I like to try and look at how they performed at the same levels at the same age if I can. Both were at AA at Bowie at 22 years of age: Name slash WOBA wRC+ BB% K% ISO Mullins .265/.319/.460/.778 .342 109 7.7% 16.6% .194 McKenna .232/.321/.365/.686 .315 104 10.4% 21.3% .133 Both had decent platoon differences, but Mullins gets the edge there because he hits right-handers better. and there are more right-handers (Mckenna slashed .215/.313/.345/.658 against righties this year.) At 23-years old, Mullins had a decent year at AAA and ended up in the big leagues where he hit well for a few weeks before major league pitchers found his holes and he's struggled since. They have similar tools outside of the arm where McKenna gets a big nod, but Mullins brings a little better hit tool and a little more game power. In my mind they are both close as players so it's hard to say. The arm is so weak for Mullins that it makes him a problem in CF, so his versatility in the outfield is a question where as I could put McKenna anywhere out there and feel ok. I think they both could end up 4th/5th outfielders but neither will be starters on a good team. Basically it's what's your preference. Does the team need a platoon guy? Which side of the platoon? Are you looking for an outfielder that can fill in on all three? Depending on your answers would be the guy Id' want.
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    I get the impression that Rob Manfred doesn't even like baseball. He should go become the commissioner of an e-sports league.
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    Yep, that's who to blame. I blame the guy who left his car unlocked for my uncle getting charged with grand theft auto. My uncle never got charged with Grand Theft Auto, sorry I don't know a lot of criminals, I'd apologize to him but I was thinking about the one that was dead.
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    Manfred's a meatball. Don't like nothing bout 'em.
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    I care more about what our rotation looks like in September than what it looks like in March/April.
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    From an O’s fan point of view, I really like this quote. That’s the Angels GM telling us right there that this type of deal is a little risky for the trading club. Let’s say they would have given us their #4 prospect in AA with a 50 value. Well that player is so heavily scouted, and there’s such a book on him, that team’s pretty much know what they’re giving up. By getting these recent draftees, we’re getting guys that have a little bit of an unknown ceiling because there are question marks. I like Elias’ strategy. It shows me that they must have really dug into the 2019 draft to know this much about a lot of players. What else did they have to do? Also, I like that he’s trusting his “system” and targeting guys that fit that system. Plans fail, like others have said, but at least we know Elias has one.
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    Depends on how narrow you want to make your niche. There might be 12 to 16 people of just the right age in just the right part of Baltimore who get a small twinge of satisfaction when they hear Drungo.
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    Agree to disagree. He could continue to talk about domestic violence, he could donate time and money to efforts dedicated to eradicating it. There are real concrete steps he could take to seek redemption. But it is true I don't give him credit for sitting in an uncomfortable press conference one (1) time before the start of Spring Training and the requisite flowery quotes issued by the people who are financially and professionally dependent on him seeming remorseful and having grown. A person who spends years as an abuser (while paying another woman child support in coins) doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from most people after a single press conference. It is great that you are so forgiving and believe that he has changed. Other people want more evidence.
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    This is the right number of year in my opinion. He is invaluable to this team. Training another FB alone in these schemes would take 2 years. Not to mention his benefit on defense. National media (NFL network did a piece on him) has already started to pick up his story. He is a great example and ambassador for that Ravens (frankly now football as a whole) mantra of "Next man up." His efforts go a long way in creating the culture you want on your football team.
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    I swear this is the hardest group I've seen to evaluate. It's a good problem to have. I think our minors has a lot of ML contributors in the fold, or at least guys with a reasonable shot. I would rank many slightly different, but the write-ups really are most important and very appreciated.
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