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    I think you're playing a little fast and loose with taxonomy. The family bovidae for example includes sheep, goats, musk oxen, a variety of antelopes and Elsie the cow. I advise you to not mistake a musk ox for Elsie as you stumble out bed on your way to do your morning milking. In something as dangerous as COVID-19 is proving to be, distinctions matter.
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    Nobody is claiming that signing amount didn’t factor in. They are suggesting that it’s possible ME thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. Drafting/Signing a player with comparable talent AND having more money to work with. to put it simply, he signed player A for ~$2M less than he would have player B. He thinks the difference between players A and B is far less than 2M
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    This guy would be perfect if the L and M were switched
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    Westburg is an interesting pick in that he's never really put up the college numbers that a Elias/Sig college pick generally has put up. He's a guy with a plus raw power grade who has never been able to take it onto the field, and that's concerning a little bit. He's also a fairly aggressive hitter who in several scouting videos was seen chasing sliders away and watching inside fastballs for strike three which could suggest some guessing. Defensively, although scouting reports seem to indicate he has enough arm to stay at SS, the videos I watched did not show plus arm a strength and at 6-3 and nearly 200 pounds right now, the question is whether he will outgrow SS and end up at 3B. It actually appears his best profile in my limited looks could be a Jonathan Schoop like second baseman. Elias and his staff have seen a ton more than me on this guy so I will hope their looks suggest he can stick at SS, or will hit for enough game power to play 3B. I have concerns about his plate discipline and pitch recognition based on some limited video work. If he can stick at shortstop than I like this pick more, particularly if he's going to be able to tap into his raw power more after some development.
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    That really hampers what you can do the rest of the draft. To me you only do that if Martin was the no. 1 guy on your board and you feel blessed that you got him at 2.
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    I will go to my grave holding fast to the idea that signing a 34-year-old DH to a four-year contract is a dumb thing to do. And signing injured fan favorites who's OPSing .700 as an everyday right fielder might feel good, but won't do anything to help your push to the playoffs. If I had both those choices to do over I'd make the same call.
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    This is the only intellectually honest opinion possible in this situation. None of know more than Elias, a NASA data wizard, and a room full of people who do this for a living. Right? Right. So...just see how it plays out. Would love a Luke blurb right now.
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    Yes they know where they’re ranked. That’s why you can say “Hey, we want to take you at 2. We see you’re ranked at around 10. So we’ll pay you slot for 7 and call it a day, good?” You can do this because he’s afraid if he doesn’t agree he will fall to 9 or 10. Even if you think he’s really #2 you can do this. This works best when you think the market undervalues the guy you love.
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    The great thing about it, he looks like a powerful left handed hitter. This is rare.
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    Not sure if this was mentioned but Elias and Sig put a high emphasis on USA baseball team results. For the 2019 team: kjerstad Avg. 396. Oba .426. Slg 691. Ops 1117 at bats 47 martin. 250/. 321 / 396. Ops 717. At bats 48 Maybe this is a good side by side comparison.
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    “First round talent” is one of those phrases that means different things to different people. No. 3 overall pick Max Meyer was chosen in the 34th round out of high school - was he not a “first round talent” then? Asa Lacy (no. 4) - 31st round. Emerson Hancock (no. 6) - 38th. So I think in many cases, calling a high schooler a “first round talent” means he’s someone who would have a good chance of being drafted in the first round if they went to college for three years and developed as expected. Then there are guys who slip due to money concerns, or who are very talented but have injury concerns. Lots of ways to look at it. For me, I’m happy to call our two late picks second round talents, if it makes people feel better. And there is plenty of pitching talent in our minor league system. We are above average on that front. The real problem is that our major league pitching is terrible so it’s not like the rising minor leaguers just need to fill in a couple of holes.
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    I too was extremely disappointed to see both Bitsko and Walker gone by 30. Not sure I saw any mock with that scenario. I think our draft room was probably when the BoSox popped the HS 2B in the first round. At the time, it seemed pretty obvious that Crowe-Armstrong, Mitchell, Sabata, Wells and Soderstrom would be taken before 30, and I believe there is a good chance we would have taken one from Walker, Bitsko, Miller, Shuster, Jarvis and Cavalli. I think our draft room probably felt comfortable with our possible choices at 30, esp with speculation that the LAD would taken a position player in multiple mocks I saw. As with most here, I probably would have taken Martin and then chosen from among Bleeter, McMahon, Van Eyk and Fulton at 30/39 and then taken Petey Halpin at 74. Not sure what other $ would have been available after that or if I would have had to take senior signs in the fourth and fifth rounds. Greg, you contribution to the OH for the 2020 draft has been outstanding - probably the best among posters. Well done!
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    Quick, hack Elias' radar and make Wilcox a subpar college outfielder.
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    I don't think people remember this is the MLB draft. Guys rise/fall all the time. Signability and having the opportunity to pay more for premium talents that fall due to $ demands is a thing. They still took a guy with an elite power tool with a good hit tool that was viewed by plenty as a top 7-10 prospect in this class. Why'd Miami and KC pass on Martin? Acting as if he doesn't have his own questions regarding his tools or his ultimate upside/position...
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    You’re correct. It was Stargell. I played a game on Sporcle last week and I thought that Aaron had done it. Not true. He led the NL in the 60s. Going back and looking at it, Aaron had the most homers over the course of the 60 and 70s, but not the 70s alone. 20s Ruth 30s Foxx 40s Williams 50s Snider 60s Killebrew 70s Stargell 80s Schmidt 90s McGwire 00s Rodriguez 10s Cruz
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    Pretty sure @atomic blocked me after I didn't agree that the NWSL should take over the Orioles spot at Camden Yards
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    The Padres went underslot with their first pick and got Cole Wilcox in the third round. The Nats went underslot in the fourth and fifth round and got Cole Henry in the second round. The Mets went underslot in the 3rd and 5th to get J.T Ginn in the second round (and exceeded their pool by $324K). The White Sox went underslot in the third, fourth AND fifth to add Jared Kelley in the second round. The Orioles went underslot and signed Mayo and Baumler but will likely leave $300K+ on the board. Of the 13 teams that have signed all their draft picks, per Sportrac, only the Braves ($131,000) and Mariners ($304,400) have left more than $7,300 of their pool unspent. 7 teams exceeded their pool. If the Orioles sign Servideo at slot it is either (1) an indication of cheapness, (2) a screw-up in drafting philosophy and/or knowing what it would take to sign draftees, (3) a belief that the Orioles have some hidden insight in scouting and are better at recognizing talent than the other 29 teams, or (4) a combination of the above.
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    Will air on MLB Network tomorrow, starting with game 1 at 7:00 AM. From 7AM to 6PM.
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    I think maybe they had their eye on someone with the first round compensatory pick who might have been a bit more expensive than Westberg, but that player didnt last until that pick.
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    Why wouldn't they have that conversation? Why wouldn't they say we want to draft your guy and give him more than what he was expecting but much less than slot? It is the exact same conversation the Astros had with Correa's agent. Guess what you do not seem to understand - one should have that discussion with Kjerstad's agent regardless of whether you are telling the truth (and have Kjerstad rated somewhere fifth through fifteenth) or whether your internal analysis has Kjerstad as the best prospect to come along in 50 years! That discussion has NOTHING TO DO with where you actually rate Kjerstad and everything to do with talking his agent into accepting as low a signing bonus as can be negotiated.
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    I'm sure you're aware that in three-plus MLB seasons Benintendi is already at or above the median value of a #2 overall pick. He will almost certainly be worth more than 80% of #2 picks when all is said and done. People want every high pick to be a cornerstone, but reality is more like 10%. The draft has been going on since 1965, and you know how many HOFers have been taken #2? One, Reggie Jackson, in 1966. The third-best #2 ever is Will Clark, 4th is JD Drew. Greg Swindell and Lloyd Moseby are in the top 10%.
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    Great post. I wish I had written it!
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    Yes, but being on the taxi squad won't accrue service time. Only the subset of guys on the taxi squad that actually get promoted to the ML roster due to injury would accrue any service time. Maybe 10 of those guys tops. That still leaves 20 spots where you can put a Rutschman or GRod or Hall and get to see them playing intrasquad games under team control in Bowie or Aberdeen. I see no reason the O's won't do this like any other team would.
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    This underscores what very few on either side of this debate are saying. This virus is going to run it's course no matter what us mere humans do. Masks and social distancing were NOT EVER meant to stop the virus. They were simply meant to slow the explosion of cases that could and would happen in a normal virus situation if it went unchecked. So that hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed with cases like Italy and other places were. Unless we truly can find a bona fide cure, this virus is stronger than humans. Viruses and bacteria were among the VERY first organisms to evolve on this planet. They will be one of the last to go extinct.
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    The Orioles traded with the same team your Ravens did in your hypothetical situation.
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    Like a whole lot of things...this is not an issue where one side is right and the other is not. There is more than enough blame and greed to go around here. And in fairness, both sides have merit to their arguments. The issue here is neither side is committed to the game. They are committed to beating the other side. Its a very familiar bad tale....
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    https://www.prospectslive.com/mlb-draft/2020/6/15/prospects-live-in-depth-mlb-draft-grades Interesting.
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    LOL, "your two cents"... I'm pretty sure you are at about 17,846 cents right now.
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    Saying that someone is more athletic than another player doesn't necessarily mean they are a better prospect.
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    No one can argue with a straight face that Kjerstad was best player available. He hit .319 in the SEC last year. Martin hit .424. Kjerstad struck out 65 times and walked 21 last year. Martin walked more than he struck out. Kjerstad is a corner OF. Martin will play CF, 3b and/or 2b. Kjerstad was rated about 10th on most mocks and player rankings. Martin was 1 or 2. So, we have decided that getting the best player available at 30 is more important than finding the best player available at #2.
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    #50THANNIVERSARY On this day in 1970 the Orioles beat the Californai Angels 2-1 behind a complete game effort from Jim Palmer (8 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 9 K). Don Buford went 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored and Davey Johnson went 2 for 4 to pace the offense. Jay Johnstone's homerun off of Palmer was all the scoring the Angels could manage. BOX SCORE
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    I agree, I'm against it for normal seasons but this is the season to do some @DrungoHazewood$#*% where you can push the pitchers mound back so they pitch from second base, make it so the ball falls apart after it gets hit really hard like they did in the 1870s, have a left field fence that's 230 feet away but 475 down the line to right field, 15 seconds between pitches unless a pitcher farts and then its 10 seconds, expand the rosters to 57 players and the visiting team gets to pick the fattest guy in the stands to be the DH for the home team, in bases loaded situations a batter can choose between a regular bat or a tennis racket or one of those fat red wiffleball bats, a third baseman can tackle a runner one time per game if they round third and head for home, switch hitters can change sides of the plate during an at bat, if you're playing after 13 innings you have to run the bases in reverse order, penalty kicks if it goes past 16 innings and other shenanigans. Sure, 16 teams in the playoffs. But one of the things that makes the NBA and NHL ridiculous is that half the league makes the playoffs. Which, if you're a Wizards fan can keep you engaged as you can watch your hapless team try to vie for a playoff berth only to get trounced by the 1 or 2 seed. I don't want to see a 78 win team make the playoffs in a real baseball season...it kinda cheapens the whole thing, IMO.
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    I learned to strike out. Doesn’t that help now?
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    Bonilla's total contract value would have been lower had he taken all the money during his career. Deferred payments increased the contract's total value.
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    Cast in this unlikely role, ill equipped to act, with insufficient tact, one must put up barriers to keep oneself intact.
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    Someone like DJ Stewart, or Mountcastle, or Sisco are going to hit .290 with 11 homers in 210 PAs and that'll be nice but we won't have any confidence that it is sustainable.
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    There you go, common ground! Enjoy your day.
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    Only because there has been so little else going on to distract us. The negotiations really only lasted around a week, the league just spent several months before that dithering about an issue that was already resolved and no longer up for negotiation.
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    I wonder how this will affect baseball's possible return: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/phillies/phillies-coronavirus-outbreak-clearwater-players-staff
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    Right, if they didn't have clearly the consensus best overall draft of the 30 teams then they've failed. So they failed. Oh well, there's always next year.
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    Those players that go undrafted are free agents and can sign with any team. Here is an article that rates the top ten organizations that have signed these types of players over the years. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/top-10-mlb-organizations-at-identifying-undrafted-free-agents/
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    This would be a bad opinion, even from a 105.7 caller
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    Everything Elias has said has been hedged to some degree. I think he’s likely to go BPA, but I won’t be surprised if he adopts an underslot strategy. And I guarantee you that, no matter what he does, he will say he took the player he liked the best of the available choices, regardless of whether it’s true.
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