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    I didn't see it posted but Tom Davis is back with his weekly Wall to Wall Baseball show on MASN. Even though Tom is no longer with the Orioles broadcast team I am glad he continued this show. I enjoy the weekly baseball chat. I know he produces this show with his own sponsors.
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    This is the last weekend without an Oriole game until October. (November if we make it to the World Series).
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    2 Words... Trey Mancini. Our season is a success the minute he takes the field.
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    Clearly, they're trying to win the 2013 World Series. Look for a Koji Uehara reunion next.
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    I like the timing of this... I don't trust Cobb and his health enough to wait until the deadline.
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    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-conversation-with-orioles-pitching-prospect-dl-hall/ A fairly expansive interview following up on the Fangraphs rankings, including the now standard semi-technical note on work with Chris Holt sure to give us the fuzzies. Hopefully he'll keep those bits about the Royals and Mariners passing on him on his bulletin board when things get down to business in a few years. I can imagine the Orioles, Yankees, White Sox, Royals and Mariners being the ones able to surpass the Rays 88-win default circa 2024. Baysox Opening Night can't get here soon enough; other than Baumann's health I'm not sure there's a ton of really interesting stuff to see between now and May 3rd outside of crazy longshots. Maybe April Swing Decisions crawling out of the MLB basement if they can.
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    Although you are completely correct in the result, the problem was that the free-agent signings were stupid the trades were stupid. Grant Brisbee wrote a hilarious and very perceptive article about the Royals and the Orioles after 2014, useless every single move the teams made or didn’t make and the result was that the Royals win the World Series and the Orioles had to struggle to finish at exactly 500, and now both teams are horrible. We could have remained good after 2014, the problem was that the moves that were made were, Almost without exception, stupid. edit: https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2018/8/31/17768472/kansas-city-royals-baltimore-orioles-bad-no-good another edit: this line always makes me guffaw... Drafting has been a miserable failure since Machado, yes, but there’s also the strange case of the Orioles and the international market. The Orioles approach the international market as if owner Peter Angelos was told by a fortune teller that he would be murdered by a prospect from a different country.
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    Not to split hairs, but he was not hurt at all in 2019. He played 141 games between the majors and the minors that year, and was never on the IL.
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    This is actually the second time they have acquired Konner Wade. They traded $500K in bonus slots for him after the 2017 season but released him at the end of spring training, before the 2018 season started.
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    Sure. Giving the money to TradeAngelos instead of Davis would have made the team a bit easier to watch.
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    If he's ready, he's ready. I don't see the need to make a thread about this. I'm sure we'll see him in Baltimore at some point this season.
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    An average player peaks at 27. It wouldn't be that unusual if an individual peaks several years before or after that. Nick Markakis had his best season at 24. If they don't even let Rutschman get to the majors until 24 because of service time and contention windows and whatever, it's possible they're missing out on part of his peak in exchange for seasons in his 30s when he might be in steep decline.
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    Maybe this is the issue you don't understand. The goal is NOT to learn how to hit AA pitching. The goal IS to learn how to hit major league hitting.
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    Why is it such a challenging concept that the Orioles staff has had years to look at Mountcastle and decided that he is not a major league third baseman?
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    Anything is better than strikeout, walk, home run!
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    I had forgotten about Dewey. I just had to re-check his numbers... his power was mostly gone, but he was still a decent player with a good eye. Even at age 39, he had a .393 OBP. Which was basically Randy Milligan’s OBP in his prime years.
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    When teams average 5-6 strikeouts a game, watching a pitcher strike out 12 guys can be pretty exciting. Watching 10 strikeouts every frigging game is incredibly boring. As to walks, I find them no more inherently boring than strikeouts. The count is 3-2, do I think it’s more exciting if the next pitch is a strike instead of a ball? No. Do I think having one out and nobody on base is more exciting than having a runner on first and nobody out? No. I’m not a big fan of watching walks, but the way the game is right now I don’t find them more boring than strikeouts.
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    Do you disagree that other teams are superior candidates to move? It seems clear that the stadium situations in Tampa and Oakland are significantly worse. Regardless, MLB has made it clear that they are more interested in further expansion than relocation.
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    Why? A week means nothing. All it does is make his life less comfortable as he deals with the hassle of moving and different team mates and coaches. He has three years of college ball and a half a season of instructional camp that they can base things off of. I honestly can't wrap my head around why you think he should go play in A ball. He wasn't some toolsy but unrefined project they picked. What could possibly happen in a week or two at A ball that would mean anything?] If he goes 0-for, it means nothing. If he hits .500, it means nothing. When he inevitability does something between those two poles, it means nothing.
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    My body is ready. Like, I like football but I friggin' love baseball. I can't wait to see how the young guys that have already been promoted to the Major League roster and might actually be a part of the next good Orioles team like Mountcastle, Akin, Kremer, Hays, Harvey, Santander, etc. do this year, and who plays well enough on the farm to earn promotions to the big league club as the season progresses. This is the first year in a few years where I am VERY excited about the beginning of the season since we're finally beginning to emerge from the most tedious part of the rebuild where a large portion of the roster is comprised of stopgap scrap heap guys (not that there aren't still a decent number of those for the time being) and the actual prospects are finally starting to arrive and claim jobs.
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    Looks like he fits right in the competition to me. Lopez 6.03 career ERA in the majors Eshelman 6.27 ERA as a MLB starter Goudeau Has hardly pitchers above AA and when he did his ERA in over 7.00, The reason he was claimed was a 2.07 ERA in AA in 2019 Zimmerman 4.89 in 7 starts at AAA: IMO could use some time at AAA like Baumann, Lowther and Wells. LeBlanc 8.35 ERA as a starter in 2019: 8.06 ERA has a starter in 2020 Wade 2.64 ERA in 2019 at AA in 13 starts I hope Elias keeps adding to the competition.
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    It’s a good deal if only to ensure the #1 pick this year. All good with that. Our window for success is in two years anyway. Just keep loading up on 23 year olds like a cougar at a dive bar.
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    Here’s the part I care about: “To get Cobb rather than a free agent, the Angels sent Jahmai Jones to the Orioles. Jones, who we pegged as the Angels’ No. 11 prospect last year, is a speedy second baseman whose prodigious athletic talents have landed him on several Top 100 lists. Jones came up purely as a second baseman, but the Angels experimented with using him as an outfielder in spring training, which he took poorly to. When he returned to the minors, his bat fell off a bit as well; after scorching Low- and Hi-A in 2017, he’s been an average or worse hitter in two years of action at Hi-A and Double-A. “Why is Eric still optimistic on Jones? His natural bat-to-ball skills remain excellent. Even in a down 2019, he made solid contact and frequently hit the ball with authority. He’s also a plus athlete with frequently-praised on-field makeup, two traits that help offset the disappointing hitting numbers of late. One thing that doesn’t bode well: Jones has become a chronic swing tinkerer. He’s altered pretty much everything at this point: hand position, initial load, leg kick, and stride. In his most recent game action, a cup of coffee in 2020, he showed his most conservative swing yet. Eric projects him as a bat-first infielder, one whose offensive contributions offset his middling defense, with the total package looking like a role player or utility infielder.”
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    So Perry Minasian became the Angels GM in November 2020. He has been Mike Elias favor trading partner ever since. First with the Iglesias trade, now with the Cobb trade. I was wondering with 29 other clubs why the Angels? It takes a level of trust to make some trades. What do these two have in common and how do they know each other. They are peers. Elias 38, Minasian 40. They both were scouting directors. Elias for the Astros and Minasian for 6 years for the Blue Jays. They both became Assistant GMs. Minasian with the Braves two years before he became GM for the Angels. I just wanted to understand the interaction between the two. A side point is the Minasian was staff assistant for Rangers Manager Buck Showalter. One thing I can't find is what degree Minasian graduated with from the U of Texas. Anyone have that answer?
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    Hope its cool to bump this. Cobb is off the list. Santandar and Mancini are the only others that could potentially be dealt before the season started. We can also add Freddy Galvis to the list fulfilling the 13 Slot. There could be another free agent pick up added to this list before the season begins. It will be interesting to see who builds value for themselves this season and who Elias chooses to shop.
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    Will that be balanced out with huge bonuses for players who put up MVP numbers but are making $500k a year? In Mike Trout's 2011-14 seasons he was worth 28 wins (rough equivalent of Brian Roberts' entire career) and was paid $2M total from a team bringing in $250-300M a year.
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    When I squint real hard through my orange colored glasses, and catch a vision out of a mirror in the corner of the room, I see a guy who still has his velocity, converted to a sinker ball pitcher, is comeback player of the year material, dominates in a couple starts heading to the trading deadline, and some really good prospect in some other team's system gets a phone call and he looks at his girlfriend, and says "Baltimore?"
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    Anyone watching this on TV?
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    Just saw video of Diaz HR yesterday, and did notice he is wearing 23.
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    Announced attendance today was 1,705. better than I was expecting. I know Melewski or Roch wrote that Norfolk and all the MD teams were both being limited (for now...) to gatherings of 250 max.
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    That was not a homer. It was a bomb according to the announcers.
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    I say that whoever sets the record for total RBIs by a switch hitter is worthy of all the praise he got and a lot more. So he was an introvert, I always said that he let his bat do the talking, and talk it did. He should not have been held to a different standard than any other Oriole, period. When the topic comes up as to my favorite Oriole, that is easy. It is the person who hit 3 run homers and won ball games from both sides of the plate for years.
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    Even more than Baumann's regular health, just a look at whatever Rodriguez has become will tell us some of how improved our development practices have been. Everyone of course, but the most at stake with him If no double jump to Bowie, I think he has a shot to flat out embarrass Carolina League hitters. On not missing bats, I heard Longenhangen on a podcast after his list talk about alternate sites in the context of, "You all know about the Third Time Through The Order Penalty, but can you imagine getting your eight PA a day against the same eight guys two solid months?".
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    The geographic realignment of the leagues makes plenty of sense. I wonder if teams will play exclusively within their divisions, or if there will be some interdivisional play. I do think they should come up with non-generic names for these leagues. How about the Crash Davis League, the Nuke Laloosh League, etc.? PS — I’m very glad to see the players are getting pay raises.
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    I saw a report somewhere else ...6:30 for weekday home games. It’s more likely that I’ll go to a game during the week as it gets done earlier
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    Highest OBP player on the 1991 Orioles and it was a bad Orioles team, but Cal did win the MVP while hitting .323 that year.
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    Since we have the best pitchers of all time now, I'm not sure how much room there is for immediate improvement.
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    The worst parts about OPaCy are the limited view and obstructed view seating, especially in the lower reserve. But, I don’t think there is anything you can do about that. Outside of that, keep focusing on better concessions (food and drinks/beer). I don’t think the park itself needs anything unless you want modernize the look of the concession stands or if any work is needed to the suites/club level.
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    Don’t forget Jimmy Key! And you might want to forget Vlad 😂
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    Smoltz didn't notch his first Save until he was 34. No injury thing though to get a great starter not to be insulted by the notion. LaRussa didn't fully form Eck until his Age-33 season. He is sort of a guy where a whole year off from the job of pitching it probably does him more good than anybody else. You know he knows how to pitch, it is just the question is anything left?
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    Grayson's Change Up was honorable mention. I like a good change up
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    RIP. Always enjoyed his insights on the Mid Atlantic Sports Report before Covid shut all that down. Very sad to hear of his passing. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/01/on-the-passing-of-a-great-reporter-and-an-even-better-person.html
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    I have to imagine all the unknowns to the start of the major league season as well the possible split start to the minors could affect the people invited: Sayin that, these are some people under contract right now who could get invites in my opinion: Pitchers: Tom Eshleman Kevin Smith Kyle Bradish Conner Greene Marcos Diplan Fernando Abad Claudio Custodio Zach Muckenhirn Catchers Austin Wynns Taylor Davis Nick Ciuffo Adley Rutschman 1st Base Chris Shaw Utility Steve Wilkerson Terrin Vavra Now typically the Orioles pull over multiple minor league players not on official invites and this year it might be weird depending on whether they can employ an advanced minor league camp like they've done in the past. Did I miss anyone obvious?
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