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    Well, good for Tom Davis. He's been a steady presence on Orioles broadcasts for years. He's got a job, he does it well. I think I've told this anecdote before, but my favorite Tom Davis memory was back on the HTS days. I had to be about 10 or 11 years old. Anyway, watching the game, it goes to commercial. And Davis was portly back then, certainly not the big man he is now. So they're running the commercials and someone at HTS made an error and threw it back to the studio for about one second when they weren't supposed to, they were supposed to run another commercial. But during that second you could see Tom Davis behind the desk reaching into a bag of what looked to be Roy Rogers, and doing so very excitedly. At age 10 I could spot a Roy Rogers bag from 200 yards. Anyway, it quickly went away and they played the commercial. Then they threw it back to the studio when they were supposed to and Davis was there with a big grin on his face, kinda hoping no one saw that. It's one of the enduring mental images of my childhood.
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    I think a lot of the problems would be solved if MLB goes back to a neutral baseball that doesn't turn warning track pop flies into home runs. Home runs are being incentivized and you can't blame teams/players for taking advantage. Launch angle isn't going away, but I'm curious to see how Nunez or little Yaz profiles as a hitter if you make them start hitting baseballs from 2014.
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    As this team limps to the finish line over these next few weeks, there's not much I'm really looking for. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see us get the #1 pick but I don't think we will. I'd like to see Austin Hays play well, Santander to continue to play well, Villar, Hanser, Nunez too...Means to finish strong in two or three more starts. But the Orioles play the Dodgers tonight on Fox in a nationally televised game. And we all know that Fox is not descending on Camden Yards for the Orioles. Tonight's broadcast will cover a baseball game but it will also be more about the narrative of the Dodgers and will this be the year that they can get over the hump and win the World Series? Sure, they might throw us a bone and mention Elias and how he was part of the Houston turnaround and I'm sure they'll mention Rutschman as a reason for future hope. But this broadcast tonight will be focused mainly on the Dodgers, make no mistake. Therefore, the one thing I'd REALLY like to see is the Orioles just absolutely beat the piss out of the Dodgers tonight. We've got Bundy going which means it could be a great performance or he might not make it out of the second inning. Rich Hill, a lefty, is going for the Dodgers so I'm sure Hanser will get two or three hits but I'm not sure about the rest. It stands to be a hard game. But there'd be nothing sweeter than to shut up the broadcast team on Fox tonight and have a laugher against the Dodgers.
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    Thorne and Palmer are the very best. And I don't care how Thorne pronounces or doesn't pronounce names, I don't care that he sometimes misjudges how hard balls are hit. Golden pipes. Could listen to Thorne read a phonebook. Palmer is a knowitall but he's got a right to be. He's great to listen to, as well. I actually like Hunter on the radio, but the always sunny disposition on TV is intolerable. I feel bad saying this because I think he's a genuine good guy, but Bordick isn't good. And I'm being nice. He tries hard though. McDonald is fantastic. Carpenter and Santangelo are absolutely atrocious. If I happen to catch a Nats game, I'd almost prefer to mute it.
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    Means is not a free agent until 2025. I would MUCH rather have a controlled MLB #2-3 +4 WAR starting pitcher plus the #2 or #3 pick than the #1 pick.
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    The Orioles are on pace for a nearly -300 run differential. To get to .500 they'd need to make up 300 runs. That's lowering the team ERA by 1.00 run/game, while also scoring 1.00 run/game more than they have this year. One half of that would be a pretty big leap. 30 wins is on the outside edge of what's plausible. Only a small handful of teams have ever improved by 30 games in one season. The two teams known to history as "miracle" teams (the 1914 Braves and the '69 Mets) improved by less than 30 games. The '12 Orioles only improved by 24 wins. The '89 Orioles improved by 33, and I'm pretty sure that's one of the top three or five totals in history. Calling people trolls when they're skeptical that the '20 Orioles will make an historic leap forward is ludicrous.
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    I will be there in the front row right behind home plate. It is also Mike Mussina bobblehead night. Super stoked. Good seats still available.
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    Already bought my tickets for Saturday in Hagerstown.
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    From an article when he was hired by the Rangers: This is an intriguing hire, as not only have the Rangers gone outside the organization for this hire, but they’ve gone a non-traditional route, as Blood had been the director for the USA Baseball U18 National Team. Blood was named to that position in January, 2016, after seven years of being an area scout for the St. Louis Cardinals — which means he worked for current g.m. of the Houston Astros, Jeff Luhnow, for a while. So he would have worked with Elias and Mejdal in StL.
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    My oblique reference to John Bale was because he was traded for Jayson Werth. O's first round pick in '97, was a top 50 prospect in all of baseball in 2000. The O's traded him for that mediocre LOOGY because his power was never going to develop and he wasn't a very good defensive catcher. His power developed about 15 minutes later.
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    No. Tanner Scott doesn't walk six men per nine because of a complex interplay between the makeup of the team, his fragile psyche, and the dramatically different level of pressure between the 7th and 8th innings of random games in June. Tanner Scott walks six men per nine because he has no control.
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    The shift giveth and taketh away. The anti shifters seem to only notice the giveth part. Harold Reynolds cracks me up when he only points out when a shift didn't work.
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    Yes, but apparently with a 175 PA qualifier which Alberto just passed last night. There are an awful lot of full-time players who didn't get 175 PAs vs lefties in a whole season, presumably because when someone like Nolan Arenado comes up in Denver against a lefty after about the sixth inning they change pitchers to a righty. Arenado hit .420 against lefties in 2015, but in just 165 PAs. Bret Boone hit .444 against lefties in '01, in 165 PAs. Edgar hit .433 against lefties in '95, in 169. In '96 Frank Thomas hit .403/.544/.798 against lefties. In '27 Harry Heilmann hit .464 vs. southpaws in 128 PAs (51-for-110). In '94 Jeff Bagwell OPS'd 1.639 vs lefties, but the lockout kept him to 125 PAs. Al Simmons had a two-year run in '30 and '31 where he cumulatively hit .439 against lefties in 213 PAs, and actually hit .488 against lefties in 93 PAS in '29. For his career Simmons hit .380 against lefties. In 1955, as a full time player, Hank Aaron hit .440 against lefties in 93 PAs and .284 against righties in 524. George Brett hit .437 against northpaws in 1980 in 320 PA, which is the highest mark in the bb-ref data, even going down to a minimum of 100 PAs. The vs righties list (min 100 PAs) is fun: Brett, Lefty O'Doul, Dave Dellucci, Gehrig, Babe Herman, Gehrig, Williams, Chuck Klein, Todd Hollandsworth. In the top 50 both Babe Phelps and Babe Herman appear more (twice) than Babe Ruth (once).
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    Just announced. If you live in the Baltimore area or relatively nearby...I will be performing my "one man show" about sports and entertainment at the Ceasar's owned "Horseshoe Casino" on Sept 14. Tickets are available but it is nearly sold out. For ticket information go to the Horsehoe Baltimore website. This show will feature a salute to a major Baltimore sports figure, but I cant announce that person's name now for security reasons..All tickets are reasonably priced and I will be signing my new book"Thats What I'm Talking About" before and after the show. Get your tickets now....only a few remain. Heres a preview of what I do.
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    No idea whether Blood was part of the thinking or implementation, but I know one recent Rangers innovation was their "de-load" program for high school pitcher draft picks. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2018/08/12/the-future-of-the-texas-rangers-depends-on-a-seemingly-illogical-approach-but-it-could-also-be-brilliantly-innovative/ Grayson Rodriguez has a "he's still pitching - can you believe it" reference in this article about it from August 2018. Obviously Grayson and Drew Rom pitched successfully this year without a redshirt year. Texas didn't get the results they were hoping for, with Daniels taking a mea culpa this summer. http://www.rangersrounding3rd.com/de-load-is-dea/
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    Let this be a learning experience, get your vaccines people.
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    That's a short-sighted point of view that doesn't take into consideration all the reasons why you should care about service time. Thankfully we have a GM that is well-versed in a long-term plan for this organization and is not worried about this year at all.
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    Means father has pancreatic cancer. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-john-means-kansas-city-20190831-ypgg2e4ifjbijf5y5hpdiqm5vy-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true Goes without saying all the best to their family.
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    Lemme guess, atomic was making some out of left field comments about Luck? Or questioning his manhood? Hey atomic!! Ignore feature is working wonders over here. If Davis is in camp next year, I am going to have a stroke. Frobby already said that he'd come visit in the hospital. I'm not a Mountcastle believer but the dude deserves a shot, as does Hays. Stewart, provided he doesn't have an awful September, deserves an extended look. Davis not only doesn't produce but he clogs the roster in a huge, huge number of ways. IMO, that's more damaging than his albatross salary. The salary sucks, he's not living up to it and that's that. Won't be the first player to have a large contract that he doesn't live up to, won't be the last. But I've got a big ass problem with the fact that he's getting in the way of giving younger players a shot. And it's not just like he's blocking another 1B prospect, his existence on the roster bleeds into the outfield being clogged, too.
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    Wednesday's Summary is up: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/08/22/minor-league-game-summaries-8-21-2019/
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    Would have been hilarious if Eller had been all "Yea, when Adley got here his swing was a mess, honestly I was shocked at how bad it was. But a few sessions with me straightened him right out."
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    Stop trying to be a victim and take the time to research things right. As i said, this is the big league of Orioles talk. Step it up or stop trying to at like your are so right when you don't know how to research and analyze the information at hand. We get more complaints over you then any other poster and more and more people have you on block. Maybe you need to look inward instead of playing victim when I call you out.
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    1. Release Davis. I really don't want him to have any influence on the young hitters 2. Start next year with 3 outfielders that can catch & throw (Santander, Hays(?), ?????) 3. Find/sign a plus defensive SS who can hit say .220
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    Isn't that the definition of having emotional ties to a player?
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    I just wanted to post how much I enjoyed my first Bark at Oriole Park game last night with my Golden Retriever. The Orioles did a great job with this promotion from plenty of water, dog biscuits etc. Sure if they were selling more tickets there wouldn't be enough room for all the dogs but right now it is a great promotion. It is good to see and meet everyone else's pups. The range of sizes and breeds was vast. I hope they do more of these next season.
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    I would suspect that just about all the GM's in MLB don't have "full control".
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    He and Jones have had long careers. I've enjoyed watching them.
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    There are some crazy dating site ads that show up on this site. I have no idea how the data mining that has been done on me would lead to Meet Muslim Women Near You and Singles Over 50
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    In fact, McCann's career WAR was 0.0 coming into this season, and he's 29.
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    I've said it before but I guess I'll have to repeat myself. If you think a second round pick that makes it to the majors was a waste of a pick you don't understand the MLB draft. You want to see what a wasted draft pick looks like? https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=hart--001jos
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    What Ernie said, or is quoted as having said, is "We've got the setting: sunshine, fresh air, and a team behind us. Let's play two!" I'm not sure how effusive he would be about a double-dip inside the Trop.
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    I might have forgot someone, I put guys with relief risk in relief because of the number of #5 SP profile guys who wouldn't fit well in relief. SP - DL Hall SP - Grayson Rodriguez SP - Zac Lowther SP - Bruce Zimmermann SP - Drew Rom Swingman - Alex Wells RP - Blaine Knight RP - Gray Fenter RP - Cody Sedlock SU - Keegan Akin SU - Dean Kremer CL - Michael Baumann C - Adley Rutschman 1B - Ryan Mountcastle 2B - Rylan Bannon SS - Darell Hernaiz 3B - Gunnar Henderson RF - Yusniel Diaz CF - Zach Watson LF - Kyle Stowers DH - Josue Cruz? Backup C - Brett Cumberland 4th OF - Ryan McKenna Utility IF - Adam Hall Super Utility - Toby Welk
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    So he stopped walking? Geez, once I started to get my hopes up.
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    I think you are misreading it. Look next to Mountcastle, under Rule 5, it says Dec '19, which is when he would be eligible if he isn't added to the 40-man roster by then (he will be). Above that is Martin Cervenka, which just says R5, which means he was eligible last season (and will continue to be eligible until added to the 40-man roster). All the players that have "Dec '19" (or "R5") next to their name need to be added this December or will be eligible for the upcoming Rule 5 draft. Those that have "Dec '20" will need to be added after the 2020 season, and so forth.
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    He is a converted starter coming off two days off. The 33 pitch inning isn't that risky. If he was pitching around the two batters, that is 8 low stress pitches. You are just seeking out evidence to support your already established beliefs.
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    Great points. I have two things to say in response. 1. If MASN has been holding the money awarded the first time that wasn’t paid to the Nats (which would have been prudent), they should have enough cash on hand to find a way to secure an appellate bond. 2. While the agreement contains some terms that might have been more favorable to the Orioles with regard to specificity of the formula to determine rights fees and the forum to resolve disputes, it always has to be remembered that the O’s basis to sue MLB to stop the Expos from moving to DC was a longshot. They simply did not have that much leverage to push MLB on these kinds of details. I certainly regard the fact that Angelos got this deal from MLB as semi-miraculous, even knowing the outcome of the arbitrations.
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    Aiken turned into Bregman. Aiken’s problem was a medical one that couldn’t have been detected until he was chosen and the Astros had access to his medicals. Once they identified the problem they reacted appropriately, only offered Aiken the minimum necessary to preserve their right to compensation if Aiken rejected it, and used their compensatory pick to draft Bregman. So I’d say that worked out for them in the end.
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    Second that! Pricey but you have waitresses to bring you food and drinks. Plus you get to walk around the Club Concourse and see all the amazing displays! Here's a stadium diagram. Club level is Sections 204 thru 288 by even numbers. 220-250 are the BEST. Great elevated view!
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    Harvey, Mountcastle, Hays, Akin, Zimmermann, Bannon, Tanner Scott, Hess, Phillips, Tate, Ortiz and Cervenka, Highly recommend The Athletic, great deal for $30 or $36 a year, depending on which promo code you use.
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    That's an eye-opener and pretty much says it all about his role going forward - assuming good health. .
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    I think the mono situation was underrated.
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    The kid just refuses to get it.
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    My team #2 is Philly... a total no go on the Nats.
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    These have become so important for me. While we are not where we should be, we are definitely seeing some success in the lower levels and that is exciting.
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