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    Umm, he’s a tough one because the best role for him IMO is a once through the order opener. He’s a better version of Sedlock, the arsenal to start but lacking some of the other traits. He has a really unique trait, which could push him higher. He has a higher Bauer Units (RPM/MPH) on his fastball than anyone in the majors other than Dillon Maples who is about the same.
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    The beast is done. https://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/12/11/lukes-2019-rule-5-draft-preference-list/
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    Looks like we took Brandon Bailey. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/2019-rule-5-draft-results.html From Luke 7. BRANDON BAILEY – RHP (ASTROS) https://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/12/11/lukes-2019-rule-5-draft-preference-list/ Bailey can do a lot of things. He’s a 5 pitch guy, with a fastball, cutter, slider, curveball and changeup. He can really spin the ball, and I believe his fastball has the highest Bauer Units (RPM/MPH) of any available pitcher. This give the pitch big vertical hop and allows it to miss bats at the top of the zone despite only being a fringe average pitch velocity-wise. The problem is that he has fastball command issues and the pitch can really get squared up in the bottom half of the zone. All of his offspeed pitches can miss bats but his feel for each comes and goes. He’s being developed for a multi-inning relief role and I think if he’s used as a once through the order guy with a simplified repertoire, he could make the jump from AA.
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    MLB already has updated to add Bailey to our top 30 at #21
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    That was the exit velocity on Jason Garcia's pitches too...
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    Here's a good article on Rucker. https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2019/10/10/the-sleeper-cubs-pitching-prospect-with-the-rapidly-rising-fastball-velocity/
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    Two picks from CLEV in the MILB portion. Kolby Perez connection.
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    Elias is a high fastball fan. You know how you have L/R splits? The same things happens with ground ball/fly ball. Ground ball pitchers are more susceptible to launch angle guys.
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    Manfred's a meatball. Don't like nothing bout 'em.
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    This is pure speculation by Connolly. I seriously doubt the Angel's would have dealt a highly touted prospect just to get rid of Cozart. Then Connolly uses his speculation, to try and make a case for something that isn't there. I see no evidence the Angel's would give up a top draft pick to get rid of Cozart. I also see no evidence the Orioles wouldn't take on money to get a prospect, if that prospect was indeed available. Seems Connolly has taken a playbook from Ken Rosenthal. If nothing's there...make something up.
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    MLB is seeing a fairly dramatic exodus of guys dumping the current broken system for better times in Japan and Korea. Honestly, if you're Jones, why WOULDN'T you just say "to hell with waiting until March to get a minor league offer". Go hit some dongs off some sub-par pitchers, play the hero for another couple years, eat some interesting food for your instagram, and witness fans in the stands who actually care and pay attention to the game and cheer. There's literally only one downside if you're Jones and that's moving your family.
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    If you’re going to pick someone in rookie ball, it better be someone who hits the ball harder than Aaron Judge! (Oh wait, he does)
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    Bailey is a really interesting dude. 5'9" guy who is really thoughtful and curious about all the technology. Connolly has an article on The Athletic about the Rule 5 results but there's a link in there focusing on what the Astros have done developmentally and how Bailey is really kind of a perfect example of what they do. Really good Jake Kaplan article.
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    Indifferent really. Garcia has a nice arm, but wasn't a prospect for me.
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    See my post last page sort of in the middle. Has most of the vegan options and areas from last year. Burgers & Basics Veggie Burger 105, 109, 304, 308 Veggie Dog 103, 111, 113, 305
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    If I was capable of the emotion I'd feel sympathy for those poor lost souls.
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    Loved going to Stallions games with my son, Eddie. He was about 12 years-old at the time. I was ranting about something one game and the guy sitting in front of us looks back at Ed and asks, "is he always this bad?" Eddie looks at the guy and says, "you should see him at Orioles games, he gets a lot worse than this." Little bugger.
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    Thought I might sneak that by you! Let's stick to sports and talk about the hockey stick 🙂
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    We don't do religion and politics at the Hangout. I think climate change qualifies as both.
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    This Week in OH Threads: The Orioles could win the World Series if they simply sign Strasburg, Cole, and Rendon. The Orioles are being driven out of baseball by the Nationals; relocation inevitable! Stay tuned for more!
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    You are correct, I expect even less out of posters after reading his post.
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    Fair question. However, If you read this board regularly you shouldn't have to ask it.
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    Rucker video: https://2080baseball.com/draft-prospect-video/michael-rucker/
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    Unfortunately it seems there's some serious survivor bias here. Not only does this fail to account for players who left MLB between the ages of 30-36, but, as I understand it, the sample is limited to players who are still top 100 players at age 36+. How do you know that Rendon will be a top 100 player at age 36+? That's part of the question your seeking to answer, so it really can't be used as an assumption also.
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    Young guy with a chance to start, I just thought there was a combination of too far from ready and not enough upside. I have a brief note from the video I watched, “Low 3/4 delivery, 91-96 as a starter, solid slider, want to see in relief, was 94-96 early before losing velocity and stuff 50 pitches in” He was one of the last 10 or so cuts. I was put off by his HR prone tendencies. He made half of his starts at Trenton which suppressed HRs to an extreme level. He gave up 2 HR/9 in AA road games (still in a pitcher friendly league).
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    It's not entirely clear if he tested positive or was otherwise implicated. He was suspended 50 games for violating the joint drug policy. But no, he hasn't tested positive since his one-time lapse in judgment. I'm sure he learned his lesson and had an age 39 peak just based on hard work driven by a sense of honor and redemption.
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    Come on, someone could be the next Randor Bierd!
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    Agreed, but I was more curious about how he felt the team was misleading us in terms of the money. Maybe he thinks they're pocketing it all and not reinvesting it back into the team? I'm personally willing to give the sons the benefit of the doubt, until they prove me wrong. I know it's hard not to make assumptions based on Angelos, Sr's reign, but I think almost everything I've seen from them (so far) has been mostly positive. They recognized they're was a need for complete change/shift in culture, they hired a young up and coming GM to lead the charge, and they seem to be heavily investing in the infrastructure of the team. Even something minor like allowing concerts at the stadium sends the message that this is a different more modern ownership era.
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    I don’t know him, but especially with 2080baseball not doing a Rule 5 preview this year, his is the only comparable Rule 5 Draft preview in the public domain. He’s been doing it for a lot longer than me and he has sources, so it’s a solid measuring stick for my work on the subject.
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    Oooooooooohhhhhh!!!! It's like Christmas Eve! I feel giddy. Wonder what Santa is going to have for us under the tree tomorrow afternoon!!!
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    The piece almost feels like a hatchet job by Connelly. How many GMs have rubber-stamp authority to increase payroll by $10M to obtain a quality prospect? I would like to see our GM have the ability to take such options to the owners and see how that goes, and Elias said he would be comfortable doing that on a case by case basis. How much more should we expect than that? Not much IMO, but Connelly seems to paint all of this in such a black light. Connelly doesn't even dwell on what type of regard our front office has regarding the prospect's value. Maybe our FO didn't value the prospect very high or at least worth eating Cozart's salary for. Not a great article IMO.
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    Okay, 3 NBA players and the Terps won what with them? Tons of talent, no results. Huerter in particular made the NBA at their Combine. Looked like a totally different player.
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    Shark isn't the same as insulting. I read your comment as a shot at me. Still do actually.
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    So the Angels trading Cozart and 2019 first round pick Will Willson to the Giants isn't enough evidence for you?
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    We got: @Moose Milligan mocking the R5 choices and fallout ad infinitum Bullpen coach Villar's arbitration figure and @Roll Tide's followup Mancini's arbitration figure FA starter signings Cobb's newest injury Hunter Harvey's condition Austin Hayes' condition International money not used Davis Davis Davis @Frobby's polls @Luke's commentary to name a few subjects
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    Today is a halfway point, of sorts. 73 days ago the Orioles ended their 2019 season in Boston, with the last out recorded by an Oriole pitcher for the season coming on Stevie Wilkerson's incredible catch in RF. 73 days from today they take the field at Atlanta's new spring training ballpark in North Port for the first exhibition game of the new decade.
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    I wouldn't really say the article is reporting, it's more editorial-ish. His only "source" is that he heard that Elias instructed scouts to look into poorly performing players with expensive contracts to see if they had something left in the tank. He doesn't have anyone on record saying Elias can't do what he wants. He doesn't have anyone on record saying Elias wanted to trade for Cozart. Quite honestly, Dan Connely has seemed like he's had a bit of an anti-Elias angle ever since he fired a bunch of longtime Orioles employees.
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    People are going to use this article to either prop up any of their preconceived notions or brush things they don't like to the side. I'm not sure what the reality is, nor do I really care. The offseason is just beginning, I'm more interested in seeing who's on the roster come spring training rather than hand wringing about taking on Zack Cozart's contract because there was a shiny prospect attached.
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    That's not my point....my point is they don't sock away money to be used later. Our payroll was 80-100 million light in 2019. You will never see that money spent later. They may spend but they won't overspend by the money they are saving.
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    This is a good point - whatever happens with Villar probably isn't going to have any impact long-term. I don't think anybody expects Villar to bring back some mega-prospect or for the Orioles to extend him. So, it's not like this is going to push back the rebuild a year or something. The controversy surrounding this issue has more to do with opinions on tanking, the health of professional baseball as a sport, and whether fans really want to engage with a really long rebuild. Which stirs up emotions and really goes beyond inside-the-lines baseball stuff. It's been really interesting to hear everyone's takes; I think they're all valid. Ultimately, it's up to the Baltimore Orioles to be able to feel the pulse of the fanbase and whether they think they can come out the other side of a scorched-earth rebuild in better shape than they were before.
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    Well you might be right Tony! Both the other things that he's done doesnt matter until they start paying dividends. We don't know whether any of that stuff will ever work. I have not been impressed with the roster management up to this point. He got little done last off season, nothing at the deadline except some 18 year old Dominican lottery tickets for Cashner, and then this. I will say this over again, if he wasn't prepared to tender Villar then you take what you can get at the deadline. I won't believe he didn't know the budget restraints imposed (if there are any) or that he didn't know whether he was not prepared to tender Villar. In my mind you have 4 options 1)Trade Villar at the deadline 2) Extend him last season 3) Tender and trade him or 4) Tender him and trade him at this coming deadline He's too good to give away and there is no excuse except incompetence, poor planning, or something like that!
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    This move probably means nothing in the long run, but I think it sucks in the short run. Even great movies have scenes that could have been better.
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    There should be a “one similarly named hot dog vendor per state” rule. I don’t think I’m alone on thinking this.
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    They really shouldn't have kids meals come with sodas. This is a state run facility they should have healthy options for both kids and adults. That would include Milk and water as the main options for beverages. Things like carrots and apple slices as snacks to go with a meal. The American Heart Association and American Pediatric Association both recommend not giving your children sugary drinks.
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