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    been a fan for 50 years...we always had a class act team...even when we sucked we still had a great announcer in Jon Miller that made the games interesting...and great players...now we got crap announcers and crap players...Austin Hays!...yeah right...Chance Cisco!....nope...Ryan Mountcastle?...yawn....Mullins?...gawd help us...and basically most of the pitchers are AAAA at best...so, why should I care about an organization that now is putrid but once was great...I need hope
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    Maybe you shouldn't. If you can't get any joy out of even the young players with some promise perhaps it's time to move on to something else.
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    I have hope that at some point posters will learn how to spell Sisco's name and use proper capitalization. If I can hope for that impossible dream anything should be possible.
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