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    You are going at this backwards. They are not going to look at the 2020 team that is not expected to win, and notice that it has a deficit of talent in the middle infield, and use that as a reason to try Mountcastle there (which would be about his 5th position to try in the last 5 or 6 years). They are going to look at Mountcastle as a player, determine what is best for his development and what position he has the best chance to perform well and have a good major league career at, and that is where he will play. The fact that the 2020 major league team has a need somewhere will have absolutely zero impact on that decision. The only way he would play 2nd is if they decided that was the best place for him to have a quality major league career.
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    For those curious (I think these are right): Mets get: Mike Bordick (resigned with the Orioles as a FA that offseason) Orioles get: Lesli Brea (RHP, 26yo then thought to be 21yo), Melvin Mora (Util, 28yo), Mike Kinkade (1B/LF, 27yo) and pitching prospect Pat Gorman (RHP, 22yo) Braves get: B.J. Surhoff, Gabe Molina Orioles get: Trent Hubbard (reserve OF, 36yo), minor leaguers Luis Rivera (RHP, 22yo) and Fernando Lunar (C, 23yo) Cardinals get: Will Clark (Orioles paid half his remaining $2M salary) Orioles get: minor league 3B Jose Leon (23yo) Chicago White Sox get: Harold Baines & Charles Johnson Orioles get: Brook Fordyce (C, 30yo), minor leaguers Miguel Felix (LHP, 18yo), Juan Figueroa (RHP, 25yo) & Jason Lakman (RHP, 23yo) Cardinals get: Mike Timlin & cash Orioles get: Mark Nussbeck (RHP, 26yo), Chris Richard (1B/OF, 26yo)
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    The Cardinals trace their origins to the old St. Louis Browns of the AA. They were great in the 1880s, bad from about 1890-1910, but haven't had more losing seasons than winning in a decade since then.
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    Houston has also been able to acquire arms late in the draft or cheaply in the international market and develop them into trade assets. I'm prepping for Rule 5 draft stuff and it's unbelievable how many good arms they have in the minors that came out of nowhere (10+ round pick or older international signees). They all throw hard and miss bats.
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    Thankfully I think they mostly are today.
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    What if it means that we don't have to be berated by Sports Guy ever again? Because his banning was the most significant outcome of that deal. The 80000 page thread on Eveland, Jarret Martin and Tyler Henson was taking process over results to an absurd level. No, you don't trade anything of value for a replacement-level arm. But neither Martin nor Henson ever appeared in a major league game, and weren't particularly close. Martin finally got to AAA this year and allowed 12 runs in five innings, before going back to indy ball and giving up 19 runs in 16 innings.
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    Dan needs to write a juicy tell-all book. There are tens of us here that would buy it.
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    That has to be one of the worst-executed fire sales ever. Offloaded Surhoff, Bordick, Baines, Clark, and Johnson, and every one of the trades netted someone 28 or older. Plus some spare parts and minor leaguers that never worked out. Syd's going in position for all of this must have been "Hey, who''s your 7th-best infielder? That's who we want." Who acquires a 30-year-old catcher, multiple 27-year-old AAA first basemen, and a 36-year-old outfielder in a fire sale?
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    Still the most massive player in the baseball-reference database. Or at least most mass anyone would admit to.
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    Or letting guys get hit with a fine coat of rust. I don't think sweeping leads to any advantage.
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    While this was true, it also showed the Orioles attempt to try and find a position that would maximize his value. I don't think it was necessarily a bad thing to try him at 3B first, even though I didn't think his arm had any chance of succeeding there either. The most absurd thing I heard was that the Orioles had to keep Mountcastle at SS because Duquette insisted upon it because it "maximized his value to other teams." This is absurd because no scout that saw Mountcastle though he could ever play SS effectively in the majors so just because the Orioles played him there did not mean other teams viewed him as such. The player development folks wanted to move him from SS after his Delmarva year and some after instructs after he was drafted. The Orioles were never very good at getting guys experience at potential positions they would play at the major league level. One of things I liked what I saw this year was them moving guys around a bit when they didn't have a guaranteed set position.
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    The grievance is filed if they send him down to work on his defense but he never leaves the major league team. That's what was outlined above, and it's a complete sham. If a player is sent down, he at least has to report to his new team. He can't sit on the taxi squad for two weeks. The CBA doesn't allow for that.
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    Utility guys are like backup up quarterbacks. Everyone loves them until they play. Robert Andino. I'll pick him for the five year run.
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    I liked McLemore, too. It's strange to think that he only played three years in Baltimore, but 15 elsewhere in the majors. Also... he wasn't so much a utility player as he was the only person I can remember being a 2B-RFer. For the Orioles he only played 26 innings at third, and no other field position than second or right. Think about it... that's a weird combination. RF is where you play if you're not fast/quick enough to handle center but you have an arm. Second is where you play if you're real quick on the pivot but don't really have an arm. Before the O's he played short and third a little more, after he left he played all over the place. He was also one of those guys who either couldn't hit lefty/lefty at all, or shouldn't have been switch hitting. Against southpaws he had a career OPS of .621 with a .294 slugging.
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    It would be more awesome if the Nationals totally fell apart.
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    Hopefully the Nats finish this thing off today. They have gone I think 81-40 since starting 19-31. That is remarkable. The Cardinals do what they always do in October....overachieve. Thankfully, they are about to get stuffed by the much better team. This will be a really good WS matchup regardless of who comes out of the AL.
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    Eh, I don't really buy that in this case. Liberatore is a lefty, has better mechanics, and more projection remaining, so I think there is a fair case for Liberatore then and now. It's really close though, Rodriguez is the better pitch at the moment, but no one really cares who is the better pitcher at 19 in low A ball.
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    So you don’t sign an aging slugger to a 175 million dollar deal and then trade off your assets right away. You clearly think you own a window.
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    I liked Rene Gonzalez...he was friends with my brother and we got good seats...lol.
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    I don’t think so. He’s helped in the past with BA’s Orioles top 30 lists but not the league wide lists.
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    The BA rankings have been mentioned in a couple of threads, but Melewski has posted a comprehensive set of quotes from BA about all the O’s in their league top 20’s, who are: Mountcastle (7, International) Akin (20, International) Diaz (14, Eastern) Baumann (15, Eastern) Hall (1, Carolina) Rodriguez (3, Sally) We’ll see about the NY-Penn and Gulf Coast Leagues. Quotes from BA about each player here: https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/10/where-the-os-were-ranked-in-league-top-20-lists.html
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    Mine would be Woody Held,” swing hard just in case you hit something.”
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    This is part of my sense of what a utility player is as well--not an outfielder, catcher, DH or 1st baseman. Two of my favorites were: Chris Gomez, who always hit for a high average (.279, .341, .302) and played all four infield positions in each of his three seasons with the O's (2005-07); Bob Johnson, who played all over the diamond for the 1963-66 O's, but mainly back-up SS and 2B and could hit once in a while.
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    That's the scariest idea I've read this year.
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    https://www.mlb.com/news/major-league-baseball-tests-robot-umpires-arizona-fall-league Yesterday, I was at the game played at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Here's what I noticed: Slight delay by home plate umpire calling balls and strikes Seemed that more strikes than usual were called on the following pitches: inside fastballs and breaking balls; high fastballs; low breaking balls The home plate umpire wore a device belted over his left rear hip, in a custom protective pouch (somewhere around the size of large cellphone or very small tablet) A "civilian" attended the umpire between 1/2 innings (6th or 7th) to make an equipment change -- perhaps, a battery replacement I was unable to spot any wires or an earpiece There were no obvious batter/pitcher objections to any of the strike/ball calls I do not know whether or not this is the same system that was tested this year in the Atlantic League. I am strongly in favor of the MLB adopting this type of technology ASAP (as soon as practical/possible).
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    Me too brother! Ever see the documentary on him? Beware of Mr. Baker! NSFW or around fragile peeps.
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    You get the sample you get. I just wish we had statcast information available to us from the minors. Until then, we do it like we always have and it's mostly be traditional scouting and interviews of other scouts and baseball people.
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    A more useful comparison is Torkleson's 2018-2019 vs Vaughn"s 2017-2018 so their ages match up. Here are Torkleson's stats over the last two seasons: 2018: .320/.440/.743 25 HR 38 Walks 44 Strikeouts 2019: .353/.449/.702 22 HR 41 Walks 43 Strikeouts Here are Vaughn's same age seasons: 2017: .349/.414/.555 12 HR 19 BB 24 Strikeouts 2018: .402/.531/.819 23 HR 44 Walks 18 Strikeouts
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    Here are Torkleson's stats over the last two seasons: 2018: .320/.440/.743 25 HR 38 Walks 44 Strikeouts 2019: .353/.449/.702 22 HR 41 Walks 43 Strikeouts Here are Vaughn's stats over the same two season period: 2018: .402/.531/.819 23 HR 44 Walks 18 Strikeouts 2019: .374/.539/.704 15 HR 60 Walks 33 Strikeouts Vaughn hit for a higher average (.389 v. .338), walked more (about 25% more) and struck out less (about 58% of the frequency that Tork k'd). Torkelson, obviously, hit more homers (47 v. 38).
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    He's a great bat, huge power and I'm not aware of a better Fresh and Soph year statistical performance in recent history. That said, I like up the middle talent and would prefer that type of player if they grade out similarly overall.
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    One thing important to mention is that when you project command improvements, the main things you look at are arm action, violence of the delivery, and the pitcher's athleticism (and age of course). Hall has a clean arm action and plus athleticism. There is some effort in the delivery but he sustains he stuff late in outings so he has the physicality necessary to repeat his delivery.
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    Orioles sign Infielder Albert Calderon. It was announced by his trainer/league on Instagram as 75K on July 2nd, but not official until 9/10.
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    OK, so the DSL season is over. The DSL1 O’s went 34-36, while DSL2 went 28-34. Considering that we were diluting our talent among 2 teams (something only 10 of the 30 franchises did this year), that seems like a respectable showing to me. We did have two of the older teams in the DSL: the teams were 6th and 8th oldest in the league among hitters, and 4th and 5th oldest among pitchers (out of 45 DSL teams). However, we were much younger than last year, when we had the oldest hitters and pitchers in the league by a wide margin. So, from a macro level, I think we made a lot of progress. We still have a long way to go but I expect we’ll make a lot of progress next year, too.
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